28 Days: Chapters 7 & 8

Previously: Chapters 5 & 6 [U]

The Boss felt that the songs needed to be even more gay, but I’m vetoing her suggestion of Right Said Fred. Instead, let’s do soundtracks from gay / gay-adjacent movies:

I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you / For all my life / When you’re with me, baby the skies’ll be blue / For all my life

Rating: AA. We’re progressed towards not safe for work. In other words, there’s sexual content.

* * * * *

Chapter Seven

Ashley realised pretty fast that she needed to get a grip. This girl was driving her crazy and they’d known each other two whole days. Two days and yet it felt like forever in Ashley’s mind. Spencer had become a friend, one who looked like she cared; and even though it had only been two days, Ashley, as she stalked across the field to the bathroom, realised that Spencer was a friend she didn’t want to lose. Especially over something as stupid as sex.

Christ on a bicycle, Ashley Davies, the girl had no idea what she was doing! In fact, she wasn’t doing anything, so get over yourself. Sex indeed. It became apparent that the voice in Ashley’s head had developed a derisive snort. She really needed to do something about that.

Unfortunately, Madison and her cronies were already in full occupation of the amenities block which explained the crowd lingering outside the door. Ashley ignored them and pushed on through. Inside, the bitch crowd had set up court. There were several shower stalls free, but Madison had ordered everyone out and, too scared of the queen bee, they had stayed out; hence, the crowd outside. Ashley ignored her, never one to back down from a Madison challenge.

“We don’t like lesbians watching us take our showers,” Madison flung at her, unamused.

“Convenient,” retorted Ashley, “since I don’t want to watch you take a shower. I’d rather not spend my morning vomiting bile.” She walked into a stall and slammed the door closed, bolt lock causing sparks with the amount of force she used to thrust it home.

Her shower was necessarily quick since Madison’s little minions weren’t stupid enough not to realise that turning on and off all the taps in the bathroom would leave Ashley’s shower running hot and cold. Ashley didn’t care, she was running hot and cold all by herself anyway. She dried and dressed quickly, throwing all her things into a bag and slamming the door open with the same force she used to close it. She marched past Madison to the sinks, finding one at the very end and taking up occupancy. She ignored the various jibes and catcalls from around her, finishing off her morning routine as quickly as possible. She wheeled round to find herself face-to-face with Madison.

“You think you’re so great, don’t you Davies?” There was pure hatred in the sentence, and Ashley took a step back, not sure where this was going. “You and your little girlfriend, and your big, hulking bodyguard -” That had to mean Aiden. Where the hell was this going? “I’d watch your step, if I were you,” Madison hissed, lashing out with the palm of her hand, shoving Ashley backwards, then turning and walking off.

Ashley looked a little stunned, but gathered herself and her things and made her way back to the tent. Spencer was just stirring. Ashley threw her stuff in the tent and considered running away again. Something in the venom of Madison’s threats had rattled her – actually rattled her – and she couldn’t shake the feeling. She also had no idea what was behind the sudden vehemence in Madison’s dislike of her. They hadn’t gotten along for a very long time, but the anger in her tirade had been unexpected and a lot worse than usual. Ashley crawled into the tent and sat on her mattress, mostly oblivious to Spencer’s awakening. She pulled her knees to her chest and rested her chin on them, trying to calm her newly-pounding heartbeat.

Spencer sat up, regarding Ashley carefully.

“What’s wrong?” she said softly, watching the brunette carefully. Ashley moved her head slightly to swing the blonde into view. “Are you okay?”

Christ, even when she just gets up she looks beautiful. What happened to bed hair?

“Yeah,” the curly-haired brunette lied. “Fine.”

“I don’t believe you, you know.” Spencer got to her knees and shuffled over to Ashley, laying a hand on her shoulder. “What’s wrong?” She was still gentle, but sounded determined. Ashley wished she could freeze this tableau in time, with Spencer on her knees so close next to her, hand on her shoulder, the tingling sensation she felt under her skin just where the contact was made. Ashley was acutely aware of the soft brush of Spencer’s little finger as it rested, slightly off her tank top on her bare skin.

“Madison just being her usual bitchy self,” Ashley offered, flippantly.

“Well, as far as I can tell, this isn’t Ashley Davies’ usual response,” pointed out Spencer, obviously unwilling to be put off.

“It just gets a bit much sometimes,” Ashley admitted. “Jesus, even I have feelings! Sticks and stones, y’know.” She smiled weakly.

Nice move, Ashley. Now you look like a pathetic moron. Aw, widdle baby Davies can’t handle Madison. Nice. Ashley felt like the voice in her head was a little too honest for its own good.

Out of the blue, Spencer wrapped her arms around the brunette and pulled her into a strong embrace. Ashley found her head buried somewhere in the soft crook of the blonde’s neck and felt, for the first time in a very long time, safe. She returned the hug with uncertainty, new emotions flooding through her. It had been a lifetime since anyone but Aiden had given a damn about her. And he could be fickle at the best of times. Ashley had gotten used to being self-sufficient and depending on exactly no one. It wasn’t the greatest existence, but it kept her alive. All of a sudden, though, she didn’t want to do that anymore. She wanted to depend on someone. She wanted to depend on Spencer. This was crazy. The riotous emotions that were coursing through her had nothing to do with sex. She actually liked Spencer.

Oh, that can’t be good.

Spencer pulled back slowly, her cheek sliding down Ashley’s in a delicious way that changed the atmosphere almost palpably. Suddenly her face was inches from Ashley’s, breath soft on her lips and…

Spencer blushed madly and pulled away. Fumbling around the tent for her things, she mumbled something about a shower, and scrambled out of the tent. Ashley stared after her, bemused.

Whatever had gotten into Spencer was washed away with the shower, because she seemed calm and back to her normal sunny disposition as they packed up the tent. Ashley took her cue, and soon they were laughing, completely at ease. As she helped Spencer strap on her backpack, she came to a decision. No silly games. If Spencer wanted to go off and be with Aiden, Ashley would be happy for her. Somehow, over the next four weeks she would inveigle her way into Spencer’s life and stay there. She wanted this girl as a friend. Damn everything else.

Sure, sure. You’re not convincing anyone.

She would, dammit. She would.

All in all, Ashley felt the dumb school camp was going much better than expected. She had a new friend, Aiden was hanging, and she was even warming to Pete a little, though she still thought he was a dumb jock with little-to-no brains.

The days wore on, third into fourth. Each night Ashley lay awake, watching Spencer sleep until she could no longer stand it. More than once she found the blonde holding her in the middle of the night and, true to her promise to herself, Ash extracted herself each and every time. Twice, she found herself having rolled into the same position, warm and comfortable, pulling the girl back against her. She woke up feeling so content both times that it shocked her, and she was eternally grateful that she backed off before the other girl could wake up. During the day they got to know each other better. Although Aiden kept up with his constant flirting, Spencer just lightly fobbed it off. Ashley felt the rock of jealousy in her stomach grow and grow each time she watched the blonde and her ex banter with each other, but she kept calm and remembered her promise: friends, keep this one as a friend.

So, you think the urge to take her to bed and fuck her brains out is just going to melt away eh? Ashley ignored the voice in the back of her head. Well, you’re crazy, but you have voices in your head so you already knew that. Davies, you’re never going to stop wanting this girl, and you know THAT.

“Doesn’t mean I have to do anything about it,” she muttered under her breath.

“Sorry?” said Spencer, confused.

“Nothing, just talking to myself,” Ashley grinned.

“So long as you don’t talk back,” Spencer laughed back.

Little does she know.

* * *

They were sitting around on the evening of the last day of their trek. The next day they’d arrive at the camp for three long weeks of activities. Ashley thought she could wait. She was never much of a joiner, and she could just about imagine what the activities would be. It had been too hot all day and even now, in the late evening, the heat still rolled off the earth in waves. They’d put up their tents and were sitting in the shade of a tree, exhausted and sweating. Even Aiden seemed too hot to bother flirting with Spencer, and Pete was so hot he wasn’t even moving. Ashley lay on her back in the grass, watching the light filter through the trees above, creating designs and shapes, sparkling and swirling. Spencer lay not too far away, talking to her softly.

Absentmindedly, Ashley swept her hand across the grass, feeling its rough texture under her hands, the blades sweeping across her palm. She felt her hand come into contact with Spencer’s, lying on the grass next to her, and stalled. She waited, motionless, seeing if Spencer would move her hand. They lay, side-by-side, hands just touching, for what was almost an eternity. Ashley nearly died when she felt Spencer hook her little finger through her own little finger. It wasn’t quite holding hands but, well, it was damn close. Ashley held her breath, her heart beating its own out-of-control rhythm; yet, Spencer didn’t move. Ashley let out the breath slowly, deliberately and gently, hoping no-one noticed her almost-not-quite sigh. And still the heat wore on.

By the time bedtime rolled around, Ashley felt grimy and covered in sweat. She showered, grateful for the cold water that was available. In the shower, she leaned her hands on the wall while the stream hit her face, washing over her body and cooling her. It was her last night in a tent with Spence, the last night for holding her without her knowing. Just the thought made Ashley feel unsteady, partly because she was going to miss it and partly because she still felt a little intrusive.

Mostly it’s her doing the holding. Maybe the voice in her head had decided to be friends with her. That thought was almost comforting. Of course, it is. You enjoy the hell out of it! Okay, scratch that, still enemies.

Ashley flipped off the taps with a sigh and dried off. The amenities block was deserted, and the heat still sat oppressively in the air. Ashley supported her body on the sink and stared at herself in the mirror.

One week and you’re a mess for this girl. Wow, how are you going to be after a month? Who knew. Ashley pulled herself together for the millionth time in a week, and made her way back to the tent.

Inside Spencer was lying full-length on top of her mattress, sleeping bag zipped beneath her. Her hair was wet, pulled back in a neat braid, and she wore skimpy pyjama shorts and a tank top. Ashley gulped in an effort not to stare.

“It is not supposed to be this hot. We really have to do something about climate change,” the blonde moaned, eliciting a chuckle from the brunette.

“I somehow don’t think that climate change is responsible for summer,” Ashley pointed out.

“Shows how much you know,” the blonde parried, her arm draped across her eyes. While she wasn’t watching, Ashley took in how the move made her tank top slide up just enough for a hint of skin to show.

Back off NOW, Davies! She was in agreement with her conscience this time.

Ashley lay down on top of her mattress.

“Way too hot for sleeping bags tonight,” she commented, pointing out the obvious.

“Mmm,” was the reply, “Too hot for sleeping.”

Ashley was about to agree but her yawn got in the way. Tired, she closed her eyes for a moment, planning on replying any second. It was dark when she woke up.

The second thing she noticed was that it had cooled off significantly. The thought was fleeting and almost non-existent because the first thing she noticed was that she was firmly wrapped in Spencer’s arms. No spooning, no gentle arm across the waist, this was full-on snuggling: her head was pressed into the crook of Ashley’s neck, her nose gently tickling the brunette’s collar bone; one arm was slung possessively around the curly-haired girl’s waist; and one knee was lying gently between Ashley’s. Ashley thought she’d explode with the sudden heat that flowed through her body.

The blonde girl was still fast asleep, but there was no way Ashley could extract herself without waking her up. And if she didn’t extract herself soon, she was going to go insane with need. She shifted slightly, looking down at the sleeping girl’s face, and, despite herself, she couldn’t help gently brushing a tendril of blonde hair that had escaped behind one perfect ear. Spencer moved slightly, sighing, but didn’t wake, and Ashley brushed the skin of her cheek again, reveling in the soft downy-feel of it. She felt Spencer’s hand move from her back, where it had been lying, up to her rib cage, lying just below one breast, and Ashley froze. Spencer mumbled something in her sleep, although Ash didn’t catch it, but remained dead still. Then she very nearly died as she felt Spencer place a small kiss on her collar bone, followed by another. She screwed her eyes closed, completely torn in two and having no idea how to react. The kissing stopped, and Ashley chanced a look at the other girl. She was still asleep.

Oh, Lord almighty!

They were still for a few moments only, before the hand on her ribcage moved up to her neck and Ashley found herself being pulled close, mouthwateringly close…

And then Spencer’s lips found hers. The kiss was gentle, and delicate. Ashley couldn’t help respond, moving her lips over those beautiful rosebud lips that parted just slightly. She ran her tongue over the bottom lip lightly, and found the kiss deepened almost imperceptibly. Then it was over, and Spencer mumbled something else, incomprehensibly. Ash spared her another glance, and realized that she was STILL asleep.

Great, you’re on fire and about to die, and she’s still asleep. She thinks you’re Aiden, you freakin’ idiot! God, what a horrible thought!

The hand on her neck slid down across her shoulder, down her arm, creating a trail of havoc and sensation in its wake. Ashley gasped, unable to help it. Her arm tightened on Spencer’s waist involuntarily, and then let out a choked-off cry as Spencer’s knee slid up and pressed between hers. Her brain was torn between the tandem sensations of Spencer’s knee thudding into her throbbing centre, and the warmth of Spencer’s own pressed against her thigh. She couldn’t believe the other girl was still asleep, but she was. She tried not to move, but Spencer made it impossible, shifting her body in a thousand tiny ways, each time brushing their two bodies together. Ashley gritted her teeth, as the heat inside her grew to mammoth proportions. She realised that Spencer, despite still being asleep – or doing a very good impression of being so – was also getting quite heated. She was making delicious little noises, and…


The moan was low and slugged straight to Ashley’s stomach as soon as it came from the blonde’s parted lips.

Oh God, she knows it’s you!

Ashley fought desperately for control, sinking in the vibrations that Spencer was causing across her body. But Spencer really did seem to still be asleep.

Oh God, even better. She’s dreaming about you. YES. SCORE!!! Except when she wakes up…

Ashley didn’t even want to consider what was going to happen. Spencer reflexively moved again, thrusting her knee against Ashley’s now very, very sensitive lower regions and Ashley couldn’t help burying her head gently in the hair on the top of the blonde’s head and gripping convulsively.

Don’t wake her up. Don’t wake her up. DON’T WAKE HER UP, FOR GOD’S SAKE!

Just when Ashley thought it couldn’t get any worse, or any more frustrating, Spencer moved her hand again, this time grabbing Ashley’s by the wrist. She swallowed, eyes moving frantically, and let Spencer move her hand. She held in every noise that was threatening to burst out of her as the blonde slid Ashley’s hand down her abdomen, across her shorts, and to the juncture of her thighs. She moaned, pushing her hips up against the sensation, and Ashley reached down to place her mouth lightly on the other girl’s, trying to cut off all sound. She tried to move her hand, sweat rolling down her brow as she warred with the frustration of wanting to roll Spencer over, to slide her hand deep inside her shorts and give her everything she could, and knowing that if she woke Spencer up, there would be hell to pay. She had to stop this now. She tried to move her hand again, but Spencer still had her by the wrist, and instead of moving away, all she succeeded in doing was stroking the girl in the right way to make fires light everywhere.

“God, Ashley.”

She heard the murmur and nearly fainted. Her body was a tight, highly-strung mess. She was so close to the edge of losing her control she thought if Spencer moved again, she might literally die. Her hand was still pressed against the one place she desperately wanted to be, and Spencer was moving against her, softly and slowly. Ashley pulled back, eyes wild and face flushed with exertion. The other girl was still asleep, but the brunette knew it wasn’t going to be for long. Sliding her knee back, waiting for Spencer’s hand on her wrist to go slack, she bided her time. The second she felt the hand go slack, she pulled back, flipping her body over and away from the blonde.

She knew immediately it had woken Spencer up. Ashley hoped to God that Spencer hadn’t woken until all contact had been broken. The brunette was now half a foot away, back to the tousle-haired blonde, and pretending to be asleep with every nuance of her being. She heard Spencer sit bold upright, her breathing heavy and uneven.

Please let her think it was a dream. Please let her think it was a dream. She chanted the mantra in her mind. She felt Spencer’s eyes boring into the back of her head, her breathing still ragged. She was acutely aware of the ache between her own legs, and was pretty sure that Spencer was feeling much the same thing. She waited until Spencer lay back down, listening to her inhale and exhale until she regained some regularity in her breathing. And Ashley stayed awake, all night, staring at the side of the tent.

* * * * *

Chapter Eight

Ashley didn’t sleep for the rest of the night. She heard Spencer shift, her breathing even, and wasn’t sure if she was awake or asleep. The sun dawned and Ashley lay, still staring at the side of the tent, too wired to move. The ache in between her legs had settled down to a dull roar sometime in the early dawn, but the emotions running riot through her body would not. She couldn’t decide what the best way to play this was.

Pretend nothing happened. Why else would you have pulled away? Good point. The voice in her head was starting to sound almost reasonable these days.

Unable to stand the tension any more, Ashley grabbed her clothes and scooted out of the tent. She stopped outside, taking in deep breaths of morning air. Only a few other people were stirring and the sun was just over the horizon. When she returned from her shower, dressed and ready, she ducked her head in the tent and found Spencer still asleep. Well, at least one of them could sleep. Ashley threw her clothes in the corner quietly and backed out of the tent, unwilling to be confined in such a small space with Spence again.

At least until you can do something about it. The voice in her head practically had a snicker in it.

With nothing really to do with herself, Ashley wandered surreptitiously to the boys’ side of the camp and found Aiden’s tent. Checking for teachers, she unzipped it, and ducked in the entrance. Pete was snoring in his underwear on one side of the tent, leaving little to the imagination. Ashley shuddered. Aiden was a little better dressed in boxers, his lean tanned body covered in a slight sheen of sweat. The tent smelled of boy. Ashley grabbed his ankle and shook. Aiden awoke with a start and stared down at her; Pete continued snoring.

“Ashley, what the fuck?” Aiden asked, groggily.

“C’mon, get up, I wanna go for a walk,” she replied, insistently.

“Ugh, go by yourself”

“No.” She pulled on his ankle again.

She backed out of the tent and, checking for teachers again, made her way around to the communal eating benches. She sat on a table, waiting for Aiden. It took him five minutes but eventually he emerged, grumpy and disheveled. She grinned at him.

“Why are we up so early?” he whined, stretching himself out of his sleep.

“Because it’s a beautiful day and I’m bored.” Ashley hopped off the table. “I wanna go for a walk and you have to come with me.”

“What happened to your buddy?” he asked, but started walking with her anyway.

“She’s still asleep.” Ashley kept her tone unreadable.

“Bet she’s hot when she’s asleep.”

You have absolutely no idea.

Ashley hit him in stomach gently, and he grinned. They walked off, trying to keep close enough to the camp that they could find their way back before they were missed. They were quiet, silence fairly companionable, or so Ashley thought until Aiden pulled her up short.

“Ash, what’s wrong?”

“What do you mean?” she frowned at him.

“You’re not a morning person, and today you’re practically walking on tightropes. Also you hauled me out of bed for no good reason.”

“Spending time with me is a perfectly good reason,” she pouted, her brow furrowing as she grumbled.

“Yeah,” he agreed, “but there’s still something wrong.”

Ashley sighed. She found a rock and sat on it, waiting for him to do the same. When they were both seated, she looked at him. “Do you like Spencer?”

“Sure,” he said, “what’s not to like? She’s great.”

“No,” she said, frustratedly. “I mean, like like.” She wiggled her eyebrows trying to convey her meaning.

“Ash,” Aiden began, “is this about me, or about you?”

“I can’t get her out of my head,” the brunette admitted, wincing as she said it.

There you go, it’s out now.

“Well, what’s the problem with that?”

“I don’t know, Aiden. Maybe that she’s straight?” Ashley bit at him.

“You don’t know that,” he replied evenly. “She might not be”

She certainly didn’t seem to be last night, the voice in her head added helpfully.

“I like her,” admitted Ashley. “But I don’t want to ruin our friendship. And I’ve only known her for five days.”

“Then why don’t you cool yourself down and see what happens?” Aiden responded sagely.

“I hate it when you’re rational!” she retorted.

He just grinned.

They arrived back in camp late enough to earn them a berating from a teacher who caught them, narrowly escaping dire consequenses or so he told them. Ashley couldn’t have cared less. At the moment she couldn’t decide whether or not being sent home from the camp would be the very best or the very worst thing that could happen. She stood pondering the question as breakfast preparation went on around her. She was staring off into the distance when the figure she immediately recognised Spencer wavering into view. Ashley couldn’t tear her eyes away, no matter how hard she tried, as the blonde sauntered up from the tents towards her.

Well, there you go. There’s your answer. Going home now would send you crazy waiting for her for the next three weeks. True. Very true.

“Hey,” said Spencer, softly.

“Hey, yourself,” replied Ashley, feeling like a giddy schoolgirl and still staring. She and Spencer locked vision for a moment, and Ash was sure she saw… something… in the other girl’s gaze.

Spencer moved away first, pulling herself up on the bench Ashley was standing in front of. Ash sat down next to her, not daring to look at the girl.

“Sleep well?” she asked, and cursed herself.

Great moves. That was so very, very smooth. In fact, why don’t you just turn to her and say, ‘Hey, you know that dream you had last night? That was ME!’

“Uh, yeah,” said Spencer and Ashley could hear the tension in her voice. She felt contrite straight away.

“Good, good,” the brunette replied with forced and completely fake cheerfulness. “No more walking after today. And proper beds. Well, bunk beds.”

“Heh, yeah,” agreed Spencer, easing slightly. “And canoeing.”

“No freakin’ way!” refused Ashley vehemently.

“What do you have against canoeing?” the blonde laughed, pulling her legs up and sitting cross-legged on the bench.

“Everything,” Ashley replied. “Absolutely everything.”

Glad that the uncertainty of last night was for the time put away, Ashley was determined to enjoy her last day in semi-seclusion with Spencer. The teachers had agreed that everyone could take their time getting to the camp as it was only a few hours’ walk away. The last teacher would be leaving the camping ground some time around two, and the first had already left, so it was up to everyone else when they wanted to set off. Ashley and Spencer agreed to leave pretty quickly, although Ashley suspected Spencer’s reasons were different from her own. The blonde was still on edge, although it was only simmering below the surface. For her own part, Ashley wanted to get walking before Aiden and Pete could intrude, Aiden having gone back to bed as testament to his laziness.

It was peaceful under the canopy of the trees, with Ashley walking next to Spencer in quiet contemplation. The blonde clearly had a lot on her mind, and Ashley could guess what at least half of it was. She considered broaching the subject carefully, but couldn’t think of a way to do so without giving away the previous night’s occurrences. She was pretty sure that Spencer would be a lot more comfortable thinking that Ashley was asleep and it was a dream, rather than knowing the truth. Instead, Ashley forced herself to keep up a steady stream of conversation, with occasional monosyllabic inputs from her companion. After an hour, and having shared a few stories she probably wouldn’t have otherwise, she gave up in disgust. It took her ten minutes before she came up with a tactic that was so simple it was ingenious.

“Spence, what’s wrong?” she ventured.

Spencer swung her head up, pulled out of her thoughtful absence. “Um, nothing, why?”

“Because I’m the only one talking and even though I am aware that I’m all about me, that’s pretty unusual,” Ashley pointed out.

“Sorry,” Spencer grimaced. “I guess I’m just thinking about some stuff.”

“Anything I can help with?” Ashley offered cautiously

Okay, here’s where we get delicate. Don’t push it, Davies.

“No, no,” said Spencer, far too hurriedly. “Just… family stuff,” she added weakly.

Ashley pondered whether or not to give her a pass this time. She didn’t want to force anything out of Spencer, but had a feeling that if anyone could talk to Spencer about this stuff, it was going to be Ashley. Besides, the blonde was clearly in some inner turmoil and it was messing with Ashley’s insides. Okay, so she was starting to care.

The voice in her head stayed ominously silent.

“Okay, I’ll let it go for the moment, but don’t think I’m fooled.” Ashley waved a finger at the blonde, who looked vaguely chagrined. “If you need to talk, about anything, I’m good, okay? I may be easier to talk to than Madison,” she grinned.

Spencer laughed. “I think Hannibal Lecter is easier to talk to than Madison. Unless you want to talk about Madison. Or Glen,” Spencer mock-shuddered the end of the sentence out.

“Ow!” Ashley’s reply came back, as she winced and picked up her foot. Tentatively trying to walk, more pain ensued.

“What is it?”

“Stone in my shoe, I think Help me get my pack off.” Spencer helped Ashley’s pack down, and watched as she sat on a fallen log just off the path. She had found the offending stone, and its two friends, and extracted them from her shoe. She was in the middle of checking her sock was okay when she heard voices coming around the bend. Spencer looked back around the corner, and looked back, uninterested. Must be more students off hiking up to the camp. It wasn’t until they got very close that she realised it was Madison and whomever she had forced into being her buddy. Ashley ducked her head, suddenly very interested in the inner lining of her shoe and removing anything that may be considered rock-like, including grains of sand so small you’d need a microscope to see them. She looked up to check if they’d passed on just in time to see Madison side-step across the path and accidentally-on-purpose stumble into Spencer as she stood watching Ashley.

The result was difficult to describe. Spencer, balance thrown by the shove from behind, stumbled forward trying to keep her footing. She failed miserably and, by that time, had staggered into Ashley on the log and tumbled them both off it, backwards. As they lay sprawled that way, they could hear Madison’s laughter peal through the trees, and then disappear as her group moved on.

Just before they were beyond the edge of vision, she heard Madison yell back, “We got photos of that one, puta!”

Ashley was mad, boiling mad. And she also had Spencer Carlin, full-length on top of her, awake and alert. Spencer had literally fallen into Ash’s arms in trying not to tumble, ending up staggering towards Ashley, who had opened her arms out to catch her; then, as they were both going over anyway, Ashley had tightened her arms around Spencer protectively. And here they were, sprawled all over each other, wrapped in a warm, fall-induced embrace. Okay, so Ashley did NOT want to move. Spencer’s gaze was locked with hers again and her mouth was so temptingly close.

Spencer shifted in an attempt to find all four of her limbs so that she could force them to do what she wanted. Slowly and carefully, the two girls moved apart. They stood, a little uncomfortable at the proximity into which they’d been thrown.

Ain’t nothin’ LIKE the proximity she was angling for last night! the voice in Ashley’s head pointed out with an unerring ability to produce the least helpful advice possible.

Ash pushed her shoes back on as Spencer brushed herself off and went to set right the backpacks. As she got up and turned around, Ashley heard a gasp from the blonde, who reached out and drew a finger along Ashley’s lower back, near her tattoo. Electrical storms unreported by the weather station descended into the area, localised to the parts of Ashley that Spencer was touching.

“You’ve grazed yourself. For the second time this hike,” the blonde said, face full of concentration and concern.

“I’ll live,” said Ashley. “C’mon, let’s go in case she comes back. Besides, if she gets to camp first and we get there second, we get to pick the cabin she’s NOT in.”

* * * * *

Next up: Chapters 9 & 10 [U]

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  1. WaveGoodbye
    Posted 7 June 2008 at 7.47am | Permalink

    “Spencer pulled back slowly, her cheek sliding down Ashley’s in a delicious way that changed the atmosphere almost palpably. Suddenly her face was inches from Ashley’s, breath soft on her lips and…

    Spencer blushed madly and pulled away.”

    That reminds me of Spashley in season 1.

    “They lay, side-by-side, hands just touching, for what was almost an eternity. Ashley nearly died when she felt Spencer hook her little finger through her own little finger.”

    Spashley Season 2 lol.

    “the blonde slid Ashley’s hand down her abdomen, across her shorts, and to the juncture of her thighs. She moaned, pushing her hips up against the sensation, and Ashley reached down to place her mouth lightly on the other girl’s, trying to cut off all sound.”

    Spashley Season 3.

    I can’t believe it got cancelled right when we’re getting the good stuff, sigh. But as long as you keep writing, I think we can manage. At least there’s no aiden to screw things up anymore.

    Do I have to tell you I adored this? I will, just in case.

    I adored this.

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