Precious Things: Epilogue

Previously: Chapter 55 [A]

Well, Uh. Here. Now it really IS over. Not sure I can comment on every comment again. That took a lot of effort!

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She’s so fucking beautiful, my girl.

I hope she knows how proud I am of her. She’s up there, giving her speech, and although I should be listening, I’m really just watching her entrancing beauty in the sunlight.

Besides, I’ve heard the speech three times. She spent all of yesterday evening pacing up and down our room practicing. Very cute.

Of course, she had to give the speech. She came top of the class, whipping the rest of us with her intelligence. I mean, I’m no dummy but she’s something else, my Spencer.

And we’re graduating. Then it’s on to a new chapter in our lives. I’m so glad we’re doing it together. Yeah, we’re going to different colleges, and, yeah, we’ll be apart a lot, but we’re close enough to see each other half the week. That’s pretty good. It’s not exactly a long-distance relationship, half-way across Manhattan.

My baby got into Columbia. Of course she did. She’s such a freakin’ genius. And I got into NYU, surprising everyone, not least my step-mother who always accuses me of only having one quality greater than my smarts and that’s my laziness. She’s probably right.

Spence is gonna miss school. I won’t. No way, no how. I’ll miss my friends, my parents, my home. I’ll even miss Aiden in a way. At a stretch, I’ll even miss Kyla. But, school? Nu-uh.

I think Spencer will miss her grandfather. She forgave him for everything. I never will. I only keep my seething anger towards the bastard under my skin because I know it’ll get me nowhere with her. I’ll never change how she feels and I’ll never change how he acts, so why should I explode? I swear to God, though, if he ever hurts her again, even with words, I’ll kill him.

And I’d make it look like an accident.

I come off looking like such a psycho sometimes. I’m not. I just really love Spencer.

I’ve had a few boyfriends and girlfriends. I’ve slept with more people than I’ve dated and I’m not necessarily proud of that. I’ve never felt this way about anyone, though. Spencer, I love, through and through. She’s worried that I’ll stray at college. She’s so far off the mark.

My heart is hers. Now and forever.

I know, I know. I’m really young and things might change but it’s just one of those things I’m certain of.

Spencer finishes her speech and I join in the resounding round of applause. I like to think I clap just a little louder and a little harder than everyone else. She makes her way back to her seat, which is four down from me. Damn the Clarkes, Claytons and Daltons. Damn them.

I give her a grin, knowing she’s terribly nervous, and add a thumbs up to it. She smiles back at me gratefully.

I watch her graceful legs fold neatly as she sits down and swallow, eyes forward again. I know what she’s wearing under her gown: a nice pair of slacks and a blouse. Unfortunately, I also know what she’s wearing under that and personally I’d like to be somewhere very private with her right now.

I’ll have to wait.

Diplomas are passed out and received. I hold mine, still rather proud to have made it through high school, let alone heading off to college. Spencer gets hers and then has to return to the stage for a ridiculous number of awards.

She took out about half the school prizes. My smart ass.


Oh yeah, she’s mine. I can see it shining in her eyes as we finally get to break after getting all the presentations over. As a class we pose for our photos and her hand is warm in mine as we do so. I don’t care who sees. I never have.

Then, of course, there’s the obligatory hat throw, even though we were told not to. Followed by the obligatory scramble to find the one with your name in it so that you can return it to the gown people. Before that, Spencer takes my hand and we find our family.

Our family.

Spencer is totally part of that now. She’s lived with us for a little under a year, and my parents just adore her. She’s completely their third daughter and I think if we ever broke up they’d have serious difficulty deciding which one of us to keep.

I like to think blood counts for something, but with Spencer, it might not.

Her grandfather is there and he gives her a rare and special shake of the hand. Cathy and Dad hug us both and I shake her grandfather’s hand, too. I remind myself that I can’t break it, no matter how much I want to.

Spencer slips her hand back into mine. In a way, it’s more of a show of defiance and love than anything else she could have done because her grandfather is right there. She’s so my girl.

Graduation dinner is nice. The six of us go out to a restaurant and I’m not sure when Spencer’s grandfather last saw one but he found the lazy Susan quite amusing. I like my family. I do. But right now, I’m wanting to spend time alone with Spencer more and more.

I know we have a whole summer together. I know that we live together. But I miss her already and we haven’t even left yet.

Plus, she’s not in her gown any more and that means there’s just one less layer to what I know she’s wearing. I should know, I bought it for her.

Instead, we have to go to this stupid graduation party that Aiden is having. I could gladly have given it a miss but Spencer wanted to go.

She’s standing over there now, talking with him, laughing. He has a beer in his hand and I know the only thing in Spencer’s cup is cola. She’s such a little cola addict. Cola and Oreos. I buy them for her, stock the fridge up and she complains I’m going to make her fat. No way. She exercises too much, with her humongous walks and swims and things. Her body is to die for, and the occasional cookie won’t change that. Besides, she makes me buy her Diet Coke now.

She doesn’t drink, my girl. And that’s made me cut back on the partying, too. Not that I mind, it seems like a good thing.

She’s good for me.

She’s made me a better person.

And when she’s literally fucking my brains out, I know why I let her make me one.

That thought sends shivers through me and I know it’s time to go home. I sidle up to them and slip my hand around her, sliding it into the back pocket of her jeans. She gives me a smile and a quick peck on the lips.

Then she sees my eyes. She can always see it in my eyes.

Hers darken in response.

“Aiden, I’m taking her home.” I state it authoritatively, just in case he has any notion that it’s negotiable.

He just rolls his eyes.

It was never like this with him.

Spencer leans over and whispers “Subtle” in my ear.

I grin at her. “You don’t wanna go home​?” The hand in her back pocket flexes just so and I know she’s going to come home with me now.

“You’re such a -” She’s at a loss for a word. I really don’t care.

I hold her hand all the way home, tight and connected to me. Fuck, I’m going to have her up against our bedroom door if we don’t hurry up. I’m that needy right now.

That idea gets stuck in my head so, when we do end up in our room, I close the door, trying not to slam it, and push her back up against it.

“Ash…” She moans my fucking name. God help me.

I cover her mouth with my own, desperate for a kiss that isn’t sweet and discrete.

I get it. She opens her lips and I taste her. Our mouths slant across each other as my hands slide to her hips and press her into the door. She likes it when I take charge. I like it when she takes charge. I wouldn’t say that we have a top/bottom relationship, more that we’re both versatile and I like anything she does.

Right now, though, her hand is clenching on the back of my neck and the other one is under my shirt on the small of my back and I can’t get enough. I slide my hands up under her shirt, along her ribs to the sides of her bra. I also insinuate my knee between her legs.

Her head bangs back against the door.

“Fuck Ash… slow down…” she’s panting.

I don’t want to slow down. I want her hard and fast this time.

“Next time,” I growl against the skin of her neck. “Slow later, fuck Spence now,” I lick from the base of her neck where her pulse is going wild all the way up to her ear in one long stroke.

She gasps.

Oh yeah, she wants it.

I unbutton her blouse, incredibly proud that I manage it without popping any buttons off. Spencer complains that she has to continually sew them back on. If she’d just wear clothes that are easier to remove!

It hits the floor and her bra goes with it. I slide my lips down across her collar bone while one of my hands works the button on her slacks. I know I’m going a million miles a minute but I also know that by the time I get to my knees Spencer is going to be so fucking wet it’ll make me nearly faint.

Later, I’ll make love to her by candlelight, slow and tender. Later, I’ll take my time and kiss every inch of her body, driving her wild. Later.

Right now, I need to be inside her. I need to hear her choked-off cries to orgasm. I need to be a part of her.

I look up as I circle one of her perfectly rosy nipples with my tongue, and see that she’s arched back against the door with her eyes closed. One of her hands is still on the back of my neck, clenching and unclenching. Not pushing, not guiding, just clenching. The other is balled up in a fist against the door.

I love that I can turn her on like this.

Her head bangs into the door again as I suck her nipple into the cavern of my mouth and I realise that this is not going to work. If she bangs too many times, someone will come and investigate. My parents are thankfully at the other end of the house, but we still can’t be too loud.

Releasing her from my mouth makes us both make strangled noises of frustration. I pull her away from the door by her hips and kiss her.

Fuck, she can kiss. Her tongue tastes my lips, my tongue, everything. She doesn’t shove it in my mouth, for which I’m grateful. She just, uh, kisses me until I swear my head is going to explode. I walk us to the bed and push her gently backwards on it. Her knees dangle over the side and I decide that that’s how I want her.

Kneeling over her, I take her other nipple in my mouth.

Immediately three things happen: one of her hands flies back to the nape of my neck; her other hand grasps the blankets and starts twisting; and she moans.

Oh yeah.

I can’t handle this. I slide down her abdomen, nipping here and there and loving the way her hand clenches against me.

“Ash,” she pants.

I pull her trousers off as I go down.

And then I feel the tug on the back of my neck.

Aw, damn, I was just getting to see them. I’ve been waiting all day.

I move up her body to her face where her blue, blue eyes are dark with desire and her face is flush with need.

“Kiss me,” she whispers.

I can’t deny her that.

So I do. I kiss her. Slow, soft, languid, hot, wet. She takes it all and gives it back double.

In the end I moan against her lips. “Let me… Spence… please…”

I want her so fucking badly. I don’t want to wait. She smiles against my lips. “You can…” She moans as my hand tightens on her panty-clad hip and I thrust against her involuntarily. “But you’re wearing too many clothes.”

I take off my damn clothes so fast I’m a blur. Down to my black lace underwear.

I see her eyes take that in and, if anything, they widen. I thought she’d like. New panties, just to impress her.

What? Did she think I didn’t buy myself anything when I shopped for her? No deal!

But now it’s time for me to enjoy.

I guess you could say I bought her the wrapping to my own present. Black could be Spencer’s colour, but powder blue was definitely the right choice. Boy shorts. Skimpy. Lace-edged. Satin. Fuck.

I knew they’d look so fucking good on her.

And the crotch is wet.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh fuck, yeah.

I swallow and press my mouth against her abdomen just above the waistband. She shivers. I move it and press a kiss on top of her thigh. She shivers again. I place an open-mouthed, wet, hot, sucking kiss into her inner thigh and she moans for me.

I’m kneeling on the floor in front of her, having pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. She can’t reach my head any more, so both hands are twisting the covers. Fine by me.

Despite loving how they look on her, and the matching bra that I really didn’t take enough time to appreciate, I take her panties off and fling them across the room.

Oh, this view is so much better.

Damp curls, fucking wet Spencer.

I’m going to be fucking wet Spencer.

In about thirty seconds.

First things first.

Another open-mouthed kiss to her inner thigh, this one a lot closer to the crease. I push them aside so that I can see her. Taste her. Smell her amazing heady scent.

She moans and wriggles.

Yeah Baby. It’s time for some action.

So I give her some.

I lean in and run my tongue straight from her wet entrance to her throbbing clitoris. She bucks her hips up and I grin against her.


I work her clit with my tongue, loving the panting sounds she’s making. Her hips thrust up against me and I work a little harder. She’s making little strangled moans that do wonders for my own arousal.

I bring two fingers up and coat them in her wetness.

It takes nothing to slide them deep, deep inside her. Half of me wants to kneel up and see the look on her face as I fill her. The other half doesn’t want to take my goddamn mouth off her clit. That half wins this time. Besides, her knees come up to rest on my back as her entire body arches into the penetration.

That’s enough response for me right now.

I pull back on my tongue-lashing, keeping it light as I concentrate on plunging in and out of her. She’s so warm and tight and fucking wet I might just go crazy.

She’s also getting kind of incoherent, as little snippets of noise come out with every rise of her body off the bed. I press my mouth back against her clit and suck it in.


She comes. All. Over. Me.

Fuck, yeah. Her clit throbs in my mouth as she tightens almost painfully around my fingers. Wave after wave of pleasure flows through her and she ends up making the most keening whining noise I have ever heard.

Until she collapses on the bed.

My beautiful spent lady.

I slowly withdraw, missing it already, and climb my way on top of her.

Her arms hold me tight against her as her face buries in my neck. She likes to be close after I make her come that good. Hell, I always make her come that good and she likes to be close any time.

We make love slowly after that. I’m having a ‘do everything to Spencer’ night, even though I’m incredibly aroused myself. She takes care of that, though. She always does. Tonight, twice. I’m a lucky girl.

Afterwards, in the warm candle-lit glow of our bedroom, I hold her against me and kiss the top of her head over and over. I love her shampoo. I love the way she smells. I love the way she feels, completely naked and pressed against me, head on my shoulder. Her knee is over mine, and her arm is holding me posessively.

I love her.

And she loves me.

I know because she told me over and over as she thrust into me. God, that was good.

I stroke down her back and my fingers brush across one of the three scars there. I move away from it quickly, knowing she’ll tense and it’ll kill the mood if she notices. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want her head in bad places.

Three scars. Long, thinnish. They would have been worse if she hadn’t had stitches.

I could kill her grandfather, even now. He scarred my beautiful baby. Not that I think she’s any less beautiful for it, but I could kill him.

I wanted to.

We’ve never talked about it. That day. Those days afterwards. We’ve never spoken about what she feels or what I feel. In some way, we don’t have to. The one thing that always struck me about Spencer was that she was so together. She was so even-keeled, never falling off balance.

Except for those few days. She looked like the living dead. That nearly slayed me.

When she got her balance back, I didn’t want to disturb it, and now the conversation would seem almost artificial.

I never told her how I felt. How when she was asleep, I threw up twice. How when I knew she wouldn’t notice I was gone, I found my step-mother reading on her bed, crawled up next to her and bawled for ten minutes solid on her shoulder. How my father had to stop me from finding her grandfather and actually committing murder.

I just feel like these are things she doesn’t need to know. I knew then, as I know now, that my job was to take care of her. My feelings and anger didn’t come into it. I just needed to look after her. And I did, I think.

Cathy said she was proud of me.

I’d never been more grateful to have my parents in my life as I was those few days. When Cathy asked me who’d done this, in a brief moment in the corridor outside her office, while Spencer was lying on the table, I nearly vomited then and there. I think she did, too.

When I saw her crying over my hurt girl.

When I saw my father punch a wall.

Those were times I knew they’d care for her. Not as much as I do, but enough.

In the end, it worked out okay. Except for those three little scars.

I move my hand to the small of her back and kiss her head again.

“You stopped kissing my head,” Spencer murmurs sleepily.

“I just did.”

“I know, but before. You were thinking.”

“Could you hear the cogs moving?” I tease gently.

“Mmm, I could.” Her hand strokes my hip as she yawns against me. God, she’s cute.

“I was just thinking about how much I love you. And how happy I am that you’re here.”

She kisses my skin, where her mouth is, so that she doesn’t have to move too much.

“I’m always here.”

I kiss the top of her head. “I know, I’m lucky like that.”

She smiles against me.

“We both are.”

‘Nuff said.

* * * * *

Next up: Booty Call, the special bonus chapter [X, NC-17, NSFW]


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    [Is it incredibly dodgy that I like it when y’all lose control? Feel free to do it again.]

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    That was hot, amazing, sweet, and incredible! It was refreshing to see things from Ashley’s point of view for once. I like how you did that. I am so sad it is really over. This story was amazing definitely one of my favorites along with Finally on the Ground. I love all your stories though. I can hardly sit still awaiting your new masterpiece. I can’t wait to read it and to see what your amazing mind has come up with next! Yay! Pierced Nipples! Sorry I have an obsession. I am get help though. So wish me luck! LoL

    P.S. Olive Juice if you say it fast enough it sounds like ‘I love yous’! One of my favorite instructors at college likes to say it to us,so we all started saying it too. She got it off the movie The Other Sister. If you haven’t seen it I would recommend it. I believe that it is a very good movie!
    Olive Juice Clomle and Dev! :P

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    I finally figured the “Olive Juice” out when I realised it was probably the equivalent of my “Sandshoes”

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    I love how proud Ashley is of Spencer, and how obsessed she is with her, not that we had any doubts of that fact before.
    I love that Ashley is just as much as a nymphomaniac as Spencer it is, if not more.
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    Aw, I didn’t actually think there actually was stuff unresolved.. it just kind of felt like it.. I dunno. God, don’t listen to me, I have no idea what I’m talking about, lol. But the epilogue did help. =)

    And yes, Wave is awesomeness. But I totally got the same feeling as I did when RA ended. Like when your favorite show ends. For two days I refreshed the page over and over watching for the last chapter then when I finally read it, it felt really weird. Maybe it’s just because I spent a ton of time lurking here the past month or so and for now I don’t have a reason to anymore, lol.

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    I just wanted to say that I loved this story, as I love all your stories. I enjoyed reading it & hope to be able read a bunch more when I return.

    Oh, yeah, Saartje is a Dutch thing.

    Now I really have to run. Bye!

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    I really liked that you ended it with Asley`s P.O.V.I think we all wondered about her thoughts and feelings towards Spencer`s(especially after her abuse).The last chapter was the definition of hotness and sweetness(i need to hump something now!HAHA ;P)
    Soooo…another amazing story of yours has officially came to an end…:( I don`t have anything else to say except from “Thank you Clom for the sharing”.
    Come back soon,with a new one,ok?

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    WOW, That was soooo hot. Damn.
    Oh man you don’t know how happy I am that we got to see things from Ash’s point of view, I think that it really finished things off perfectly. It was also so good how we got some insight into how Ash’s parents reacted to what Gramps did to Spence and we also got insight into how badly it affected Ash. Gosh, this is so freakin awesome. Clom you are my hero

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    That was a good closing to this. Hot, too. I liked how this one was from Ashley’s POV. It was funny with Ashley’s thoughts and how she was talking about wanting to murder Spencer’s grandfather. Well, it wasn’t funny, because it wouldn’t be funny if she murdered him, but…yeah, you know.

    Anyway, this was a good closing. Sad to have it end, but glad on how it ended. :]

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    You own. Period.

    It’s probably you’re best piece of fan fiction. Well, actually, it’s pretty damn close to BFM but still. This was an amazing story. Really, it was quite awesome!

    Thanks for this :)

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    “How when she was asleep, I threw up twice. How when I knew she wouldn’t notice I was gone, I found my step-mother reading on her bed, crawled up next to her and bawled for ten minutes solid on her shoulder. ”

    I love this part, seeing how much she cared for Spencer. I really enjoyed Ashleys POV,thank you agian for the brillaint story.

  75. QueerEye7
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    Who knew I was here? Apparently I am. Apparently I just spent the entire afternoon finishing reading this instead of doing my work pre vacation. Apparently I also stayed up until 1am last night reading this. Apparently this is the most addictive fic ever. Apparently you are amazing.

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    [That’s some threat you’re weilding there]

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    My dear Clom, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to comment on the end of this story – it’s been a manic week (got my degree results yesterday :D). I loved Precious Things just as much, if not more, than every single story you’ve ever written – it was heartfelt, emotionally gripping, and was a complete departure from any other SON inspired story I’ve ever read. So thank you for it, and well done for writing it so marvelously. I may not be your biggest most fanatical, err, fan, but I was your first, and will always be there to read whatever it is that you’re writing :-D good luck with the novel, and also with your new fic! wub Jxx

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    I loved this wonderful story, I don’t usually make comments, I know I’m LAZY, but I really want to thank you for being a fantastic writer and for finishing this story so beautifully (makes me sad when authors let their stories undone) and also thanks to Dev!

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    Reading this for the third time, gets better with age! An awesome, smutty, gorgeous, lovely little epilogue!

    Bravo my friend, bravo!

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    That was the shit! I have read most of your ff. I think that you & Dev are brilliant.

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    just finished the whole story – tis awesome, wonderful work as always

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    For the lesbian Goddes’s sake , where the hell was I when this masterpiece was written?! I think the problem is my never functioning gaydar: it doesn’t work with girls and I guess neither with fabulous ffs involving super hot lesbians! I bet that even if there were a giant poster advertising this story, I’d still be looking at one about a new brand of tampons…mah!!Please, someone fix me up *sniff*

    Anyway I have to thank the mother of lesbians cuz there are people like this awesome half Australian and half Dutch ffs writer and her football fan Scottish beta (w football!!) for sharing all these Spashley “adventures”…THANKS!THANKS!*does the hamster dance*
    I’ve spent the last 24 hours reading this brilliant story ( I went to sleep at 5 am) and you could you say “get a life!!” or “there are more interesting activities to do at 5 in the morning!” (yep, I’m talking about sewing naturally), but it doens’t matter. It was totally worth it. I love the way you write, the way every character is well-defined and described so that you can picture them in your head.(Can I say that I even “liked” Madison? Her queen bitch comments kinda cracked me up sometimes!Confession time:I went crazy for “The Little house on the Prairie” (may you write a Spashley ff based on it?) and Pollyanna…is it bad doc? :S)
    And the fact that you deal with those kind of topics withouth being too superficial or heavy/boring just makes you one of my favourite authors. Be proud of that!Or at least try…
    What can I say? I loved the background of this story, eventhough at first I found Spencer’s obsession over Ashley a bit creepy..And fortunately there wasn’t too much Ashden or Spaiden *phewww*. I think the only scene in which I appreciated Aiden was when he made the “blow job” comment to Madison; I don’t why, but I was laughing so hard!
    And you made such a great job with Spencer, her character was heart-breaking, forced to live a life that wasn’t her choice. I felt so sad in the part where she wonders if it happened the same to the other kids. At least you’re not a sadist and let Spashley have their happy ending…and such a HOT happy ending! dang! *Hi everyone, I’m a Clomle’s smut addict and I don’t wanna be cured…EVER* *sighs* I adored the fluff too…it made all warm inside..!(or was it the smut?? can’t remember)

    Hmmm, well, I think I’ve bored you enough but I felt like you (and magic Dev) deserved some worshipping! <— Can Spencer play Laura? …Okay, okay…

    *blows away*

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    Awww, that was a nice little treat to get am Ashley POV chapter. I love your fics, I am so glad I found out about your site, I would have been missing all these new (to me) great fics

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    So a little birdie told me you guys read new comments even on really old stories so I’m going to go through and do that and gush about how awesome they are, and you are for writing them and stuff. Words don’t usually fail me but they’re doing a good job of making things difficult. It’s not that I can’t just vomit something out but I love this story so much that it’s kind of hard to come up with feedback that does it any justice.

    I’ll start off with Spencer because I think this is probably my favorite Spencer ever. I mean I love Spencer, she’s pretty much the best, and people have written some wonderful ones but here she really /is/ the best. She starts off so sad and lonely and hopelessly infatuated with Ashley but is in such a weird situation that it doesn’t seem like anything could ever change. And then it does start to change and every little thing that happens for the better in her life is so amazing and heartbreaking. I mean, eating an Oreo for the first time and limiting yourself to one just because you didn’t know if you’d ever be able to have another one and didn’t know if you could handle that. Such a minor detail in the story but it just shows how richly drawn the character is and how much thought and care went into writing her.

    Ashley is also pretty awesome once she starts opening up to Spencer, she doesn’t know at first how much the little things she does mean to Spencer but once she does learn she’s so cool about making Spencer not feel so out of place and making a place for her in her family. And her rescuing Spencer after her grandfather abused her, holy shit. That whole section I was holding back the waterworks because I don’t cry for stories, damnit, but you just wouldn’t let up so finally I just had to put it down to allergies. Stupid cats, ya know?

    Even Aiden… Well, I usually hate him but this is one of the few times where I didn’t wish he’d fall into a cement mixer or something. He was the first one to go out of his way to be nice to Spencer and even though he probably just wanted to bang “the mormon girl” it was more than anyone else at that school did.

    So, yeah. One of my favorite stories ever. Not just fic, but like all time, books, movies, anything. I’ve been putting the best stories on my iphone for portable reading and just in case the zombie apocalypse hits. Like I need to be lugging around a laptop when something dead and hungry is headed my way? No thanks. Needless to say your stories are all safely tucked away, /just in case/.

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    Excuse me? *Ahem* Excuse me, anyone??? *Taps on microphone* Is this thing on? *Stands on soap box* Ahem, everyone, I would just like to say that I absolutely and irrevocably (sorry, too much Twilight reading) love this story. This is probably my favorite fic on this site…um,I mean IN this site. I’ve read this probably about thirty times, and I just L-O-V-E it! (That’s for those who don’t know how to spell love). It’s a refreshingly new take on Spencer and Ashley, yet still keeping the shy and confident natures in check (respectfully). And even though I wanted to choke Kyla and Aiden a few times, they did provide me with a lot of laughs, while Spencer and Ashley provided me with a bunch of girlish sighs and “Awww’s.”

    Muchas gracias por eso!!!! Me encanta mucho :)

  86. laxrocker09
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    So I realize I’m a few years late on this one but OH MY GOD! Such an incredible story! Freaking emotional rollercoaster! Had me laughing my ass off and bawling through parts! Seriously you are such a rediculously talented writer and I am in LOVE with this story! Thank you!

  87. jsparky
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    great always

  88. Melissa/Noodles
    Posted 27 August 2012 at 4.13pm | Permalink

    I was missing some fic in my life, didn’t know what kind, but apparently it was this angsty/smutty goodness. Thank god these stories are still around when I want to read something well written, not the usual shit that’s out there now.

    It’s like returning to a good book, makes you feel comfortable and all good.

    That is all.

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