Something Borrowed: Chapter 5

Previously: Chapter Four [A]

This one is for Dev, cos I love her more than Potatoes. And for Payne because dammit if the girl ain’t entertaining.

Yes, I’m aware Mother Theresa was a nun… but Kyla is a little.. *wiggles hand*

Rating: A. Fluffy and light, like the best soufflé.

Beta’d by Dev for a nickle and a prayer.

* * * * *

Chapter Five

It was a terribly lazy way to spend a Saturday, but Kyla felt like comfort and laziness. She’d always thought of her bed as her sanctuary, so spending the day reading was part of that comfort.

Ashley’s weight dipping the end of the bed pulled her out of it though.

“I called Sean,” the older girl said. “Talked to him about it all.”

Kyla said nothing. She’d expected Ashley to check up on her story, and pretty much understood why she’d had to. Kyla hadn’t exactly been reliable lately. It still hurt, though. The younger girl really hoped that they’d gotten to a stage of trust.

Of course, she’d betrayed that trust.

She stayed silent, so Ashley continued.

“He backed you up.”

Kyla shifted, still silent.

“I’m sorry I thought you -”

“It’s okay,” the younger girl finally cut in. “I don’t think my behaviour has exactly given you reason to trust me lately.”

She looked at Ashley and Ashley looked back.

“He’s a worm.”

“I know.”

“I don’t want him near us again.”

“I know.”

“We cool?”

Kyla nodded.

And then it was done. Just like that.

It took Ashley leaving to room for the younger brunette to be able to exhale. She considered her recent actions and decided she liked her new self better than her old self. Maybe she’d turned over a new leaf. Maybe it was time to keep on this new path.

No more boys.

Definitely no more Aiden.

More… sobriety and kind actions.

Perhaps she could become some kind of nun-slash-Mother Theresa, tending to the poor of Los Angeles.

That might have been taking things a little too far. Perhaps she should just find a new hobby, another play to be in or something. That was an idea.

A whole new leaf.

It gave her the energy to get up off the bed and decide to do something with her afternoon. She was considering asking Ashley and Spencer what they were doing when she found them in the living room. Actually, she more saw them in the living room. On the couch, making out. They looked so damn into each other Kyla didn’t dare make a sound or interrupt them. She was fairly sure they were staying in for the evening.

Backing in to her room she considered her options.

She could stay in.

But then she’d get the Spashley chorus all over again.

She could go out, but where?

The only places she could think of were bars, and they had both too little and too much appeal right now. She was determined to stay sober and that meant avoiding such places. Maybe she could go see a movie.

Sneaking past Spencer and Ashley she caught a cab to the nearest cinema and grabbed some popcorn. Sighing at her own solo ventures she found a seat in the cinema and propped her feet up on the chair in front of her. A glare from an usher made her take them down again.

The movie sucked. She had expected that it would.

Despite her new-found decision to be a new woman, she was hating her evening. There were plenty of fleeting thoughts about going to a bar and getting as drunk as possible. She was so close to doing that when she left the cinema that it was only a passing cab slowing down that saved her.

She traipsed up the stairs to the loft she shared with her sister. The door was about an inch open when she realised that Spencer was staying over, and they were reprising the symphony of love from the night before.

Kyla shut the door again.

Now what?

There was no way she was going to the movies again. Dammit.

Fine. Bar it was. Grey would be good.

Slamming closed the elevator doors, she hugged her bag to her chest and closed her eyes. It was only when she got down to the street that she realised she wasn’t really dressed for a bar. Perhaps that was a good thing. Perhaps she’d just have a drink or two. God knows she didn’t need to pick up any more losers.

The address she ended up at was not what she remembered giving the cab driver. Apparently it had come out of her mouth without her thinking about it.

She paid the cab driver and stepped on to the footpath. It was scarier now that she was alone out here. A car came screaming around a corner in the distance and made Kyla jump. She scurried down the path and pulled her phone out.

It rang twice.


“Uh, hi, it’s me… Kyla.”

There was a moment of silence.


Great. Carmen sounded less than glad to hear from her.

“I was just… um… wondering if you wanted to head out again tonight. Or something.”

“Where are you calling from?”

“Oh, just… out.” Kyla cringed.

“Can you hang on a sec?”

“Sure… sure.” She turned around and looked up at the sky. It was a pointless exercise. Thanks to the smog, LA hadn’t allowed a star to shine in a long, long time.

She heard Carmen’s voice. “Where were you calling from again?”

The voice was coming through her phone. It was also coming from behind her. Kyla turned around slowly. She cringed once again as she watched Carmen lift her cell phone up and the flip it closed. The younger girl winced and put her own phone away.

“So, if I’d said no, what were you going to do?” the artist drawled as she leaned against the door. “It’s usually considered polite to ask before coming over.”

“Yeah, I know…” Kyla contrived to look embarrassed, which wasn’t too much of a stretch. “I figured if you said no, I’d just leave.”

A perfectly-sculpted eyebrow lifted.

“Uh, you want to go out?”

The older girl shook her head. No.


They stood looking at each other in what had to be the most awkward situation Kyla had ever been in. Pretty significant since Kyla had once turned up to her father’s memorial service and had been forced to tell Ashley who she was. She thought that had pretty much taken the awkward cake. Apparently not.

“Uh, okay, I’ll call a cab. Thanks for, um, talking,” she said guardedly.

A loud sigh came from the doorway. “Woods, get your ass inside.”

A little stunned, Kyla complied.

“Ashley and Spencer busy?” Carmen asked as she closed the door behind them.

“You could say that.”

Another silence followed.

“Damn. Those two are busy little bees.”

Kyla rolled her eyes. “I wish they weren’t so loud. I wish I could sleep in my own bed.”

“Dude, if that’s your lullaby, I’ll sleep in your bed.”

Kyla didn’t say anything.

“You sure you don’t want to go out?”

“No, I’m painting.”

Now that Kyla could see Carmen in the light better, the paint spots were more obvious. The older girl was dressed in a set of loose cargoes splattered with coloured paint and an old shirt. One for a male.

For a bunch of old clothes, they looked fucking good.

Especially since the shirt had the top three buttons undone.

The younger brunette tried to hold her breath.

“Do you want me to leave?” Kyla pointed to the door.

“Naah, you’re here now. You can hang.” With that, Carmen walked off through the living room, still clean from her ministrations of earlier in the day.

The young brunette followed her, not really sure why she was doing so. Carmen’s room smelled of paint, more than previously. It wasn’t the horrible, unpleasant smell of house paint but a stranger scent. Not horrible.

Since Carmen had walked back to the easel and appeared to be back to painting, Kyla put her bag in the corner and sat down on the bed. After a few moments she felt comfortable enough to slide so that her back was against the wall.

For a long time – God only knew how long – she watched the brunette paint. She spent half her time watching the brushstrokes on the canvas and the other half of the time watching the other girl’s face. She had the most incredible set of expressions, mostly serious with concentration. Kyla found it hard to drag her eyes away from the set of lush lips that seemed to be constantly worried by perfect white teeth.


Kyla swallowed.

She liked this. She liked watching her.

In fact, when Carmen finally put her brush down and stretched, Kyla found herself somewhat dismayed.

“You want a beer?”

Kyla jumped. “Uh, sure.” To hell with not drinking. It was only one beer anyway.

Two minutes later, Carmen was leaning up against the window sill and Kyla had a cold Heineken in her hand.

“Expensive beer,” she commented.

“I don’t like the crap stuff. I’d buy Stella, but it’s just a shade more expensive.”

Kyla nodded. “I’ll buy you a six pack.”

Carmen regarded her with cool eyes. “I don’t need you to buy me.”

Kyla did her best not to spit out her mouthful of beer.

“I don’t think I was buying you,” she corrected. “I believe I offered to buy beer.”

“You can stay here without having to buy me things.”

“Well that’s nice to know,” Kyla retorted. She frowned. Putting the beer gently on the floor she shuffled off the bed. “I’ll be going now.”

“Wait.” It was Carmen’s hand on her arm, soft and gentle but also holding. “Don’t go.”

Kyla looked at her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that,” Carmen said. “I just didn’t want you to feel obligated.”

“Look, I like hanging with you. You’re cool. I buy my friends beer. You know.” Kyla shrugged. “If I buy you some beer, I’m not paying you off.” She picked the bottle up off the floor and waved it. “I’m just paying you back.”

Carmen nodded. “Sounds okay to me.”

Kyla grinned.

* * * * *

Next up: Chapter Six [AA, kissing!]


  1. Posted 6 August 2008 at 3.30pm | Permalink

    yeah! new-spamm-thread ;D

    ok, you corrupted me last time – so a obscene spashley-fanart is in progress … and you corrupted me with this one – now i have to think about kymen naked … i’m not quite sure if i can do this … but i’ll could try … and if there’s time i will ;D

  2. clomle4
    Posted 6 August 2008 at 3.31pm | Permalink

    you wait for chapter 9… it’s fairly corrupting. Don’t believe me? Ask Dev or L…

  3. Posted 6 August 2008 at 3.43pm | Permalink

    ok, i’m patient B)

  4. dev0347
    Posted 6 August 2008 at 4.05pm | Permalink

    You don’t have to ask. I’ll just tell you: I feel totally corrupted by Chapters 8 and 9.

    I like this chapter. It’s a nice set-up for things to come.

  5. Payne N. Uranus
    Posted 6 August 2008 at 6.37pm | Permalink

    Want to hear something else that’s scary???

    I’ve never had a souffle. 0_0

    Yup yup, deprived, I know. But I’m still entertaining! Er, according to Clommy (that should be a new saying or, something, “According to Clommy”)

    Ah, buts I do luvs her. Even if she teases mercilessly. About corruption. As for this chapter, I’m kinda chuckling (evilly) at the slow transformation that Kyla is undergoing…haha, turn to the dark side…the dark side…and jump Carmen! Carmen, who is being such a softie at the moment. Over beer. Yup yup. Good story, me want more. So I can be corrupted, apparently.

    Yeah. So. Peanut, draw, woman, draw! Draw, you varmint! And I mean that in the most loving way possible.

  6. Posted 6 August 2008 at 8.17pm | Permalink

    i know you love me, Payne. You can call me everything and i would never mind :*

    but ok … this is not even funny … since my girl went watching a soccer match a few hours ago … i was busy sketching and drifted off to sleep over my drawings … and i had a bad dream – there was someone stalking me on your blog, clom … first he/she/it stole my sketches and then pass it off as his/hers … and then he/she/it knocked on my door and said something about killing me … and when i opened the door, ready to tell him/her to fuck off … i woke up … all sweaty and heavy breathing … i’m still kind of distracted by all of this … i know it sounds weird … but it’s true … *brrr*

  7. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 6 August 2008 at 10.59pm | Permalink

    New chapter! Yay!

    I think Nun Kyla will be corrupted soon! Very soon! The whole watching Carmen painting and thinking about her lips is a good start! Maybe, in the future, Spencer and Ashley will be the ones unable to go home because Kyla and Carmen are always having sex. On the couch, in the kitchen, on the floor;)Kyla will have her revenge. I’m sure of that!

    I’m glad Ashley talked to her. Maybe it wasn’t really a talk but..yeah..we all know Ashley! That was the best she could do in that situation! I think Kyla appreciated it anyway!

    She heard Carmen’s voice. “Where were you calling from again?”

    The voice was coming through her phone. It was also coming from behind her. Kyla turned around slowly. She cringed once again as she watched Carmen lift her cell phone up and the flip it closed. The younger girl winced and put her own phone away.

    Man, that cracked me up!

    Can’t wait for chapters 8 and 9;)

    Payne, you never had Gratin and Souffle? Poor baby. We have to fix that!

    Peanut, That was a bad dream! Just realx, OK!:)

  8. gilmar
    Posted 7 August 2008 at 1.01am | Permalink

    –Perhaps she could become some kind of nun-slash-Mother Theresa,–

    *sigh* *shakes head*

    –“Dude, if that’s your lullaby, I’ll sleep in your bed.”–

    Me too! lol, poor kyla, she can’t even sleep in her own bed. They should def consider getting some walls, specially since she is too gonna be doing the dirty with Carmen!

  9. Madam Bitch
    Posted 7 August 2008 at 1.38am | Permalink

    I believe Mother Kyla is very close to being corrupted :) Poor girl never stood a chance. I’m glad that Ash and her their chat at least it seems Ash isn’t mad at her.

    I have to say I want to see how Carmen reacts to this whole thing, she seems cool, but I want to see how she’ll be once Kyla shows some interest.
    I have to to agree with Carmen on 2 things , first I would definitely sleep in Kylas bed if that her lullaby and Stella Heineken :D

  10. abbeyroad
    Posted 7 August 2008 at 3.25am | Permalink

    –“Dude, if that’s your lullaby, I’ll sleep in your bed.”–

    Loud spashley…*passes out*…

    I liked this chapter; it was a good set up for their relationship. Good job. I can’t wait for more.

  11. jbs10/J-Crew
    Posted 7 August 2008 at 1.20pm | Permalink

    I think Kyla is starting to form a little crush.

    At least we know Spencer and Ashley are active.

    Thanks for updating.

  12. L
    Posted 7 August 2008 at 3.47pm | Permalink

    I can also attest to chapter nine’s abilities to corrupt, but it’s the kind of corrupt I like!

    I love this even more now I read it here, something about it’s online-ness makes it all the more awesome.

    Banter = win!

  13. smurfturkey
    Posted 7 August 2008 at 10.52pm | Permalink

    I leave for a few days and come back to purrre wonderfulness in the form of carmen and Kyla. i should leave and coem back more often

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