Something Borrowed: Chapter 6

Previously: Chapter Five [A]

For Sassy and Payne’s wedding. Like, a kind of wedding song.

Dev beta’d this. When is she not beta’ing. When she’s lovin’ her missus that’s when.

862 Hours till the Redhead gets here. Yes, I’m counting.

Rating: AA. Getting warmer

* * * * *

Chapter Six

“Draw me.”

She had no idea where it came from; the words just flew out of her mouth like so much dribble. Kyla was used to saying whatever was on her mind accidentally but it didn’t stop her from blushing like a rose once she’d said it.


Surprisingly, despite having originally said it accidentally, she repeated herself.

“Will you draw me?”

“You serious?” Carmen raised one of those exquisite eyebrows.

“Uh… kinda,” Kyla blushed again.

“Sure.” It was quiet. Very quiet, but confident. “Now?”

The younger brunette shrugged. “When you like.”

Carmen bit her lip again, drawing Kyla’s eyes almost like a fishing hook. “Sit back.”

Kyla did as she was told, completely taken by the girl in front of her.

“Undo the button.”

The young brunette’s eyes widened. “What?”

“The top button of your shirt, undo it.” Carmen raised her eyebrow again. “Not all of them, doofus.”

Once again, blushing, she did as she was told. She wasn’t sure but she was fairly sure there wasn’t much that she’d deny the older brunette that night. She was completely and utterly floored. So much so that she undid two buttons before the brunette’s eyebrow rose again and she realised what she was doing.

“Hair down.”

Kyla complied once again.

She swallowed, watching Carmen pick up her sketch pad and a charcoal pencil.

She sat there, staring, until the older girl frowned and leaned over. “Relax.” Then Carmen’s hands were in her hair, loosening it forward and making Kyla hold back a gasp. Carmen sat back and pulled up a chair. She crossed her legs, sitting indian style, and began to sketch.

When, despite the stunning feeling of watching the girl sketch, she shifted from ache, she was again surprised by the older brunette’s fierce growl: “Don’t move.”

“But I’m sore,” Kyla whined softly in response.

“You wanted me to draw you. Sit still.”

Pouting, she did as she was told.

She was both sad and happy when Carmen finally put the sketch pad down. Her muscles were aching but she really did love to watch the older girl work.

“Is it done?”

“Yes, Miss Wriggles, it is.”

“Hey, I kept completely still.”

“Mm, still like an earthquake.”

Kyla smiled, shifting. “Can I see it?”


That slid the smile right off the younger girl’s face. “What? It’s of me!”

Carmen chuckled and tossed the sketch pad over. “Knock yourself out. I’m getting another beer.”

First Kyla watched her walk from the room and then she picked up the sketch book. For a few moments, she thought that Carmen had drawn someone else. The girl in the book was beautiful. She had a lustre that Kyla knew did not shine from within her.

But that girl also had her face.

Perfectly rendered.

Apparently Carmen was seeing something in her that Kyla had no idea existed. Perhaps the older girl was making it up.

“Good enough for you?”

“It’s… amazing.”

“I just draw what’s there.” Carmen handed Kyla another beer. “I’m not much for invention.”

Kyla twisted open the top and nodded over to the pile of surrealist paintings stacked up against the wall. “I hate to think what you were lookin’ at painting those, then.”

To her delight, the response from Carmen was a musical, honest chuckle. “Busted.”

“When did you learn to draw?” Kyla had returned to her previous position on the bed, sideways leaning up against the wall. She did notice that her top buttons were still undone, but she left them. For comfort’s sake, she told herself.

She watched as Carmen propped herself up against the head board, at ninety degrees to Kyla. Their feet were a few inches from each other.

“Don’t know. Always have done. I loved it since I was a kid and my father kept me supplied with paper and pencils. Took it at school. I guess I just kept going.”

“You want to do it professionally?”

“Sure, I’d love to. Don’t think I will, though.” Carmen took another long swig of beer.

“Why not? I’d buy your stuff.”

“Yes, but you have more money than brains.”

Kyla choked momentarily and then began an eye-watering coughing routine. She was leaning over trying to catch her breath when she felt a warm hand moving circles on her back. “Sheesh, kid, I was kidding.”

Eventually, when she was able to draw breath, Kyla looked up and wheezed: “Why do you keep calling me that?”


“Kid.” Another cough, clearing the last of the beer from her windpipe.

“You’re younger than I am.”

“By, like, six months.”

“Still younger.” Carmen’s hand finally stilled and Kyla missed its motion.

“Still prettier,” Kyla countered, feeling playful.

She watched as Carmen’s perfect mouth formed a near perfect ‘o’. “Oh, you’re going down for that, Woods.”

And before she knew it, Kyla found herself on the end of a gentle yet determined battering with a pillow. She tried to fend the girl off until finally she ended up pushing her backwards until she was literally topping Carmen, holding her firmly, but also gently, by the wrists. The pillow was discarded.

Breaths came and went.

The feel of Carmen’s lean warm body pressing up into hers was enough. Kyla’s head swam. Her senses assaulted with the scent of passion-fruit. Swallowing, she did the only thing that was in her head, that her brain was screaming at her over and over: she leaned down and pressed her lips to the artist beneath her.

They were soft and warm. As soon as their lips touched, Kyla let go of Carmen’s wrists. She slanted her mouth across the other girl’s and kissed just a little harder.

There was a moan. Kyla didn’t know if it was her own or Carmen’s.

She didn’t care.

She didn’t care because the older brunette’s mouth had opened under hers and their kiss had become hot, wet and insistent.

It was, by far, the most mind-assaulting kiss that Kyla Woods had ever had.

And then there was nothing and she was flat on her back, staring at the ceiling, having been flipped off Carmen and left alone.


* * * * *

Next up: Chapter Seven [AA, a little light making out]


  1. Posted 8 August 2008 at 11.45pm | Permalink

    such a tease! >.<
    go on! corrupt me!!!
    hm … i have a feeling of doing the sketch carmen made … but i still need a bit more chapters to approve this feeling ;P
    and a bit more time … school is bugging me with work … damn -.-

  2. clomle4
    Posted 8 August 2008 at 11.45pm | Permalink

    Ooohhhh More peanut sketchage… *droooool*

  3. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 9 August 2008 at 12.01am | Permalink

    Portraits, Pillow fights, Kissingggg! This is the perfect chapter!

    Thank you so much for the dedication! This is better than a wedding song! I’m sure my fiancee agrees with me!

    Back to the chapter! Kyla kissed Carmen. Never thought she would be the one initiating things! And about Carmen’s reaction..maybe I get it! She wanted to kiss Kyla, that’s why she kissed back. But when she came to her senses, she got scared that Kyla was kissing her not because she wanted to, but because of the moment. She fears that Kyla didn’t mean to kiss her, that she did it just for fun, to experiment! We’ll see if I’m right!

    I wonder what will happen now! Will Carmen kick Kyla out of the house? Or will she ignore the kiss?

    This story keeps getting better and better!

    great job Clom:)

  4. Posted 9 August 2008 at 12.05am | Permalink

    well – master clom already spoiled that chapter 8 and 9 will be intensely corrupting … so i don’t think she kicks kyla out yet *rubs her hands*

  5. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 9 August 2008 at 12.07am | Permalink

    There still is chapter 7! We all know how much better the make up sex is;)

  6. Payne N. Uranus
    Posted 9 August 2008 at 12.28am | Permalink

    First line, I got excited. Obviously. Cause I love drawings. XD Oh Peanuuuuttt…! *hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge*

    Oh gosh. Warmer indeed. Honestly, I didn’t expect Kyla to be making the first move…or for Carmen to up and go like she did. This is gonna be fun. Gosh I love you Clom. But don’t tell my new fiance that — I don’t know if she’s the jealous type, and I’d rather be safe than sorry. =D

  7. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 9 August 2008 at 12.31am | Permalink

    You can tell Clom that you love her, because I love her too. Everybody here loves Clom! So no this case;)

  8. Payne N. Uranus
    Posted 9 August 2008 at 12.38am | Permalink

    Duly noted. =D

  9. clomle4
    Posted 9 August 2008 at 12.44am | Permalink

    *shrug* what’s not to love

  10. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 9 August 2008 at 12.45am | Permalink

    hahaha! That’s right;)

  11. Gilmar
    Posted 9 August 2008 at 1.10am | Permalink

    Omg she kissed her! i mean Kyla kiss Carmen, that was totally unexpected, i thought Carmen was the one to make a move.

    I totally didn’t expect Carmen’s reaction tho.

    You’re such a tease ¬¬ you had to leave it there… update now!

  12. svlo
    Posted 9 September 2010 at 9.10am | Permalink

    it does thing to ya to draw someone you like as well, i have/starting to have feelings of had) a straight-girl-crush and about two months ago she asked me to draw her. i felt really self conscious showing it to her, i had been doing a really good job of hiding it till then now she doesn’t sit next to me if she has to and has told me more than once to stop staring at her rack when i wasint even *sighs* this scene reminded me of it. what is it that makes so many straight women think that you wont to jump their bones? even if i do i wont if its inappropriate

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