Something Borrowed: Chapter 8

Previously: Chapter Seven [AA]

Devlishly wonderful. That’s what I am. — Indeed she is!

Well, this is Sunday’s update. I’m just posting it at 1.30 am on Sunday, a little early. No this does not mean i’ll posting again today, just that you get it early :) If you happen to be up this late.

This is for all you highly entertaining people who keep me giggling in the peanut gallery :)

Rating: Hott – AA.

* * * * *

Chapter Eight

Kyla paced the floor.

Three nights she’d avoided calling Carmen.

Three nights she’d sat with her phone in her hand and basically stared at it. Didn’t matter what she was doing, her eyes trailed back to the phone. Her fingers had twitched, wanting to dial those digits. She wanted, desperately wanted, to see Carmen.

For oh-so-many reasons.

Mostly two, actually: the first one to find out what the fuck she’d done to Spencer; the second, to push her up against a wall and kiss her until neither of them could see straight, then fuck Carmen’s brains out. Or, really, have her own fucked out, more likely.

She couldn’t stop thinking about Carmen’s lips on her own. She couldn’t help but get a mere fleeting reminder of the tug deep inside her that the older girl had caused. That unending ache between her thighs that threatened to keep her awake at night and send her crazy during the day was enough to cause visions of the artist everywhere.

The few times that Kyla made it out of the house, she was constantly seeing Carmen. Reflections on store fronts proved to be someone else. People in the queue at Starbucks also stubbornly refused to actually be Carmen.

It was maddening.

It was making her mad. Insane. Completely obsessed.

It had taken three nights, but it had got to the point where she couldn’t take any more. She picked up her phone to call Carmen and then changed her mind. Ten minutes later, she was sitting in the back of a cab and musing on how much more money she’d spent on taxis of late.

She also hoped the artist was home.

It was late, nearing ten at night. It was a ridiculous time to turn up on someone’s doorstep but, at the same time, Kyla wasn’t feeling very sensible. She had things she needed to know, things she needed to ask. She wanted answers, and she was going to get them.

After paying the driver, she slammed the door just a little too hard and was half-way up the path when Carmen’s door opened.

“You know, I’m sure we had a discussion on turning up uninvited and unannounced.”

Normally, when such words came from Carmen, there would be an edge of teasing to them, but tonight they just sounded genuine.

“I needed to talk to you.”

“You have a phone.”

“Don’t be a bitch.”

Kyla was at the end of the path and up the stairs. She was facing Carmen, far enough away to be free from any danger of touching, yet close enough to want to slam her up against the side of the house for a bruising kiss.

Or to be slammed.

Yeah, mostly to be slammed.


“Is your aunt home?” the younger girl asked, suddenly timid.

A silence, the kind patented by Carmen, followed.

“No. She works evenings and nights at the… She’s not here.”

Kyla nodded.

“Can I come in?” The extended silence moved on. “Please, I really do want to talk.”

Grudgingly, Carmen let the door open and Kyla sidled past her. She began to walk towards the bedroom, where she and Carmen had previously hung out, before the older brunette called out, “Don’t go in there. Living room.”

For a second, Kyla wondered if there was another girl in there, until she realised that was probably both unlikely and, frankly, none of her business.

She perched instead on the old and crumbling couch that smelled strongly of a lot of things Kyla really didn’t want to think about.

“So -” Carmen sat on the only other seat in the room, an equally decrepit arm chair. Kyla couldn’t help but note that the brunette sat on the arm rather than the cushion. “What did you want to talk about?”

Spencer or kiss, Spencer or kiss? It was damned hard to decide. She did want to ask about the push. She wanted to hear Carmen’s explanation, one-hundred-percent sure that the brunette would have one. She also wanted to talk about the fact that they were so fucking attracted to each other that neither one could stop thinking about the other.

Because she was fairly sure that was the case with Carmen, too.

Kyla could see it in the artist’s eyes.

“Are you going to keep ignoring this… thing?” she finally asked.

Another pause.

“Could you be a little more specific? My psychic powers are a bit off today.”

Normally, if Carmen had replied in that teasing tone of hers, Kyla would have found it adorable. There was a distinct bitter note to the sentence, though, and she found that aggravating more than anything.

“Us. And don’t run some game about us not being an Us. There’s something going on.”

“There’s nothing going on.”

Kyla tried very hard not to growl out loud. “Carmen. You want me.”


“I want you.”

More silence. At least Carmen was looking uncomfortable now. Kyla felt that way herself and wasn’t beyond spreading it around a little.

“Why did you push Spencer?”

Segue of the month.

Carmen stood up and, at first, Kyla thought that the girl was going to throw her out of the house. Funnily enough, despite Spencer’s warning, the younger brunette wasn’t afraid of Carmen. Not even close. She knew that the older girl wasn’t going to be violent to her. She couldn’t explain why; she just knew.

In the end, Carmen just turned away from her and breathed heavily for a few inhales. Then she turned around.

“I’m not proud of myself.”

Kyla nodded.

“I was having a really bad week and she hit a nerve. I’ve never pushed a girl before and, believe me, I’ll never do it again.”

Kyla sighed. “Okay. Are you going to tell me what happened?”

Carmen swallowed so hard that Kyla could see it from the couch.

“My father got out of jail.”

It was clearly the truth. It was also honest enough that Kyla didn’t want to push any further. “I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be. I’m the one who fucked up.”

“That’s what you’re afraid of, isn’t it?” Kyla whispered. She stood up and moved towards the girl who stood with her arms crossed defensively in front of her. The younger girl didn’t move too close. She was afraid of scaring her off.

It was strange how fast the whole scene had flipped.

Kyla didn’t stop talking, though. “You’re afraid of hurting me.”

Carmen looked up. “I fuck up with girls, Kyla. I fuck up over and over and over.”

“You think you’re going to do that to me?”

“I’ve got a bad track record.”

“What if I say you won’t?”


“What if I say I’m old enough to take care of myself?” Kyla took a step forward. “What if I tell you that I’ll forgive you when you fuck up? If you fuck up. Which, I somehow think you won’t.”

“I don’t date.”

“I’m not asking you to.”

By now, Kyla was within arm’s reach of Carmen. She used it to her advantage, reaching out and drawing a finger down her cheek. The older girl didn’t flinch, but Kyla saw her shudder.

In a good way.

So Kyla took another step forward. Now she was very much in Carmen’s space, despite the older girl’s folded arms.

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” Kyla whispered. “About the way you taste, the way you feel.”

Carmen shivered, her arms sliding down to her side.

“Tell me you don’t feel that way. Tell me you don’t want me. Tell me that and I’ll leave.”

When a small moan bubbled out of the older brunette’s mouth, Kyla knew she wasn’t about to be sent home. Yet, she really didn’t want to make the next move.

She didn’t have to. Before another word could come out of her mouth, Carmen’s hand had slid firmly but gently into her hair. And then the brunette’s mouth was fused to hers, hot and wet.

Kyla whimpered, wanting more, wanting contact.

She got her wish. They kissed over and over, Carmen’s other arm winding around her waist and pulling them together. Kyla’s own hands came up to grip the tight black tee that the artist was wearing.

Carmen pulled back, her eyes burning.

“God Almighty, Kyla, you’re like cocaine.”

The young brunette laughed breathily.

Their mouths came together again, open and hot. A tongue drew across Kyla’s bottom lip and made her shudder. She’d never been quite so ready for something more in her life.

“Bedroom,” Carmen mumbled against her mouth. “Now.”

Kyla smiled, and then kissed Carmen hard. “Take me.”

* * * * *

Next up: Chapter Nine [X, NSFW, Hot sex!]


  1. Payne N. Uranus
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 5.51am | Permalink

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddd….I’m speechless. In the best of ways. Because not only did I just read a fucking amazing update!…I’m first to comment. For the first time ever. I’m, like, stoked beyond imagine. Fo shizzle. I do love me some Clommy love. =D

    Haha, Kyla was driven crazy. I can picture that. It’s funny. “Carrroh. Cairo. Yeah. Egypt. Not Carmen. Because I’m ignoring Carmen. Yup.” Yeah, I can picture that. =D And the kiss was hot. And the talk was actually expected a bit. And I loves it. And I wants more. Since obviously the next bit is gonna be steeeaaaammmmyyy…

    So I’m mostly a goof when I comment. And I could probably never express how giddy these stories/chapters make me, but yeah. My dorkiness should at least be a hint. It’s purty awesome. Yes, this is how I talk at midnight. Sue me. =P But I really wouldn’t, cause I’m poor. Night!

  2. ashesrising
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 5.52am | Permalink



    i’ll be a happy kid when this is updated. also, i like the explanation behind “The Shove.” Shit happens, sometimes you can’t take it. Simple, avoided making Carmen look like a lunatic. Your genius dazzles me, Sez, downright dazzles me.

  3. Payne N. Uranus
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 5.54am | Permalink


    I love all the possible plays on Dev’s name. It’s just grand. =D

  4. Lady Esmeralda
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 6.26am | Permalink

    Ok reading this just made me realize something. I’ve just been out with my friends so I’m a little drunk. I hope this hasn’t been said before but I’m drawing more similarities between Spencer and Kyla and Carmen and Ashley then ever before. I find this relationship even more intriguing. Can’t wait for more. I actually almost feel sorry for Carmen now “knowing” why she pushed Spencer.

  5. LAJ
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 9.15am | Permalink

    “take me”

    *chuckles…seriously I have to thank you for that one..I know it was supposed to be all romantic and I would imagine for the masses it is, but *laughs* it’s a particular phrase that keeps popping up in my life most humorously..*waves hands frantically* no disservice to you, totally all me on this one.
    *still laughing*

    *wipes tears from eyes*

    man I needed unintentional as it was…cause Im fact I redefine cranky cause my family sucks..seriously hardcore ..I cant believe I am genetically related to them…I want to return them for a functional one…I want new DNA!
    *sputters* they just *grinds teeth* and for a whole freakin MONTH I had to *throws hands in the air*

    GaH! *runs hand through hair*

    The pace of the last two chapters was interesting…kinda like a sine wave.
    and very fast, I didnt think it would tumble over so easily…it didnt, but in a way it did…but I dunno, I feel a tension..but maybe thats just me as Im kinda filled with it at the moment.

    what I did find interesting was Kyla moved past her insecurities first..well momentarily…
    the part about no relationships and dating is going to bite them both in the ass, and not in the good way I think.
    the last chapter had so many “moments” of character building..some very subtle..some not so..heh it was interesting to see Kylas, I wonder do we get to see Carmens…

    Kyla is on Spencers path, but cant react like Spencer…its very impressive that, how your keeping her distinct…not easy.

    so yeah thats it..Im gonna go back to my dark corner and watch…cause its such a very good show.

  6. Posted 10 August 2008 at 10.56am | Permalink

    ok … i read this a couple of hours ago … and then fell asleep again … oh i love my ability to control my dreams … and i love my Vertigo even more for appearing in every single one of them … i should stop reading your stuff before bed … it distracts me all the time … but then again … god these dreams … and thinking about what might happen in chapter 9 … and what i might dream after that … i’m going to take a cold shower … damn …
    corrupted peanuts, i’m telling you!

  7. yeahbutno
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 10.58am | Permalink

    So I caught up on this today.

    I had soty avoided it as I really hate Kyla on the show, I just want to slap her silly face, over and over – sorry fans.

    Your Kyla is really sweet and so awwwwwww was thar chat with Spence.

    Carmen I liked as a character just didn’t like her involement with Spence. I think Brooke Vallone is really cute looking but nowhere near the Musgrave.

    Her and Kyla are sooooo cute here, I love Carmen’s sarcasm.

    And as for the shove, yes it shouldn’t have happened and I always suspected there was something behind it but it would never be explained on the show due to the policy of “lets write this as though 6 yr olds watch it”

    And *sobs* the peanut gallery isn’t working for me, when I load it I only see half the screen.

    I guess that is a good thing as you lot are toooooo addictive.

  8. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 11.01am | Permalink

    Morning coffee -even though, it’s almost lunch time for me. Hey don’t judge. Someone here keeps me up all night, every night. And by Someone, I mean hot women in my bed and People in the Peanut gallery. – and Clom’s update is the best way to start a day!

    Thanks to Dev! I thought you didn’t work on weekends(does that mean you are writing an “If it takes forever update”? I can entertain your Mrs if you want time to concentrate. I don’t mind:) Good surprise!

    People in the queue at Starbucks also stubbornly refused to actually be Carmen.

    I loved this sentence!

    After paying the driver, she slammed the door just a little too hard and was half-way up the path when Carmen’s door opened.

    “You know, I’m sure we had a discussion on turning up uninvited and unannounced.”

    Is Carmen constantly at her window so she can see Kyla arriving?

    Bold Kyla is really..entertaining! She resisted 3 days. Wow..I’m impressed! The explanation Carmen’s gave for the shove was good, but it doesn’t redeem her completely! She should apologize to Spencer. I’m sure Spencer (and Ashley) will appreciate that and will allow their relationship! Yes I said allow, because we all know that Ashley will be against them dating! And yes, I said dating, because they will some point! This whole “I don’t date” thing is just a way for Carmen to protect herself from being hurt!

    Thanks for this update Clom! You are really spoiling us!

    P.S. LadyEsmeralda wasn’t really drunk because she spelled the word correctly! LE, remember, the code for drunk people is using the word “drink” to say “drunk”;)

    [A few small points for my darlin’ Sassy. Um, this was beta’d last week when i wrote it :) I had a small stockpile for over the weekend, so no, Dev hasn’t started working weekends. I deliberately pointed out that Kyla had slammed the door hard so that Carmen would hear her :) No hanging in windows. aaaand I kinda like the word “dunk” :). Oh, did I mention that I heart you :) Just thought I’d answer your questions, since you were so kind as to ask them!]

  9. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 11.09am | Permalink

    YBN, really? You hate Kyla? I didn’t know that (it’s just the hundredth time you say it)! Just kidding! I agree! Kyla is obnoxious in the show! Especially in season 3! But I tolerate her because she’s Aiden’s distraction! If only that would work a little better!

    And Carmen and Mandy? Not comparable at all! But I like Clom’s Carmen!

    You can’t read Peanut gallery? Damn! I’m sad for you, because something really interesting happened!

    Redhead’s lapdance, handcuffs, ties and threesome! I’m just telling you that;) Oh, one last thing. I was involvedddd!

    Find a way to read it;)

  10. yeahbutno
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 11.19am | Permalink

    Hey I thought my Kyla hate was a secret ? heehee

    Sassy you ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in a nice way hahaha, jaysus really ? ohhh I fancy a coffee now eventhough I don’t drink it.

    I have no idea why it is happening maybe an act of God? but like I say it leaves me time to sex up the swede and do my physio. Maybe I get to do both at once.

    And duh!!!! I meant to say sort of avoiding, me a pea brain.

    *runs off for cup of tea and to hassle Dev*

  11. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 11.23am | Permalink

    Oh, Yes! That and much more;)

    Hope your “physio” is going good!;)

    here, have a cup of Italian coffe! Try it. you won’t be disappointed:)

    *hands over cup of coffe*

  12. yeahbutno
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 11.29am | Permalink



    can i have one of those biscotti things too?

    *sneaks a sip of tea too*

    go and hassle Dev too Sassy

  13. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 11.37am | Permalink


    *hands biscotti to YBN*

    I’m hassling her! Just did it on the other site! Here in Clom’s update! Yesterday, n If it takes forever chapter 20! But she’s being MIA! Dev, where are you?

    pssstt.. YBN! give me her home address so I can really bug her! I need that address to try her couch and bed with Payne too!

  14. yeahbutno
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 11.55am | Permalink

    she will be loving the Mrs Dev and watching the Celtic game.

    And her address mmmnnnnn try:

    The Dev
    At Dev Mansion

    And that other site I never get on to read anymore

    *runs off to watch footie*

  15. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 12.03pm | Permalink

    You can’t read anything anymore! I’m sorry for you, YBN! Good football!

    And, thanks for! It will be very useful!

  16. jbs10/J-Crew
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 1.38pm | Permalink

    Loved the last few updates.

    The ‘shove’ was explained and now Kyla is going to get ‘shoved’ by Carmen in a different way. ;)

  17. WaveGoodbye
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 1.41pm | Permalink

    I love you :D

  18. ballgirl10
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 2.54pm | Permalink

    Okay, I have avoided commenting on this fic until now. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I never liked Carmen in the show. It is not that she was going to take Ashley’s place. I just did not really care for her personality. I am also not attracted to her at all. I know many people think Brooke Vallone is beautiful, but me not so much.

    [I’m defying you and putting this link up because yo, this girl is hot. … you obviously have the right to disagree :)]

    I am now commenting because you are developing the characters to a point where I am beginning to look past my initial biases and start to just enjoy them.

    Carmen’s explanation of the shove goes a ways towards helping to explain the situation with Spencer. I am not sure if totally clears her in my ming yet.

    Your Kyla is more strong willed while being vulnerable at the same time. I am enjoying learning about her vulnerabilities and now her taking charge and getting what she thinks she needs.

  19. SS
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 5.14pm | Permalink

    It’s very simple: They’re gonna fuck, I’m gonna watch, and I’m gonna enjoy it. No fuss, no muss.

    Sending lots and lots of good thoughts to Clom…

  20. clomle4
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 5.36pm | Permalink

    they really are.

  21. noodlesmls
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 6.36pm | Permalink

    Fuckin shit, I swear to someone you’re making me like Carmen and kyla. You’re making me care!!!

    Ugh, you’re so annoying.

    Thanks, for this chapter though. Can’t wait for the next one.

    I’m wondering if kyla realized how fast she grew them balls. She went from timid to hardcore in like 60 seconds. Good for her.

    She’s gonna analyze for a while isn’t she? Ahh well at least she get some uh, relief, before she goes into over thinking mode.

    More! More!

  22. Saartje77
    Posted 10 August 2008 at 10.33pm | Permalink

    Aww man, you just had to end it there! You’re evil, Clom! I still love you, though.

    I really like Carmen in this fic. She’s not perfect not by a long shot; she’s just human & makes mistakes just like the best of us. And the Carmen & Kyla smooches! Is it getting hot in here! Can’t wait to read more.

  23. smurfturkey
    Posted 11 August 2008 at 2.40am | Permalink


  24. Gilmar
    Posted 12 August 2008 at 11.31pm | Permalink

    ah… getting hot in here!

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