Something Borrowed: Chapter 14

Previously: Chapter Thirteen [A]

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Rating: HOT SEX! NC-17. Not safe for.. well, anywhere!

* * * * *

Chapter Fourteen

Kyla crossed her arms.

There was one Davies sister who hadn’t gotten angry yet today and she felt like now was her time.

“I refuse to have you date me just because my sister pushed you up against the wall.”

“There are four million reasons why I should and shouldn’t date you,” Carmen replied, a wry smile on her face, “however, Ashley’s violent tendencies are not one among them.”

“Someone’s tune’s changed in the last twelve hours.”

Carmen let out a breath and looked down at her feet. “I missed you.” She looked up at Kyla and grinned. “I really missed you. And it’s been what, hours?”

Kyla took a step forward. “I missed you, too.”

A hand moved into her hair, sliding gently and tickling in just the right way. “How long has it been since I made you come?”

The younger brunette’s breath hitched.

Carmen stepped closer, so close she was millimetres away from touching the brunette. Her hot breath slid across Kyla’s ear and made her shiver. And then Kyla pushed the older girl back.

“I won’t do this.”

That produced the shock she had expected, and she so enjoyed finally seeing on Carmen’s face.


“It can’t just be about sex.” She’d always intended to be with the older girl, but took her chances anyway. “I can’t handle that.”

Carmen, to her credit, took a step back. Gently cupping Kyla’s face with one hand, she looked into her eyes.

“Kyla Woods, I am in love with you. And I have never said that to another person in my life.” The nervousness on her face was evident. “No, this is not about sex. But I can’t deny that you get me hotter than a volcano and right now I really, really, really want to be pinning you down on my bed and making you come so hard you can’t breathe.”

Those, as it turned out, were the magic, magic words.

Their lips were so hot on each other’s that Kyla could have sworn they were about combust. The way that Carmen’s hands were rapidly divesting her of her clothes, it also looked like they wouldn’t make it to the bed.

Soon, her shirt was on the floor and her jeans were unbuttoned, while Carmen’s hand was up under her bra, making her nipple harden. Her own hands were down under the older girl’s pants, cupping her fine ass over the top of her underwear.

“God, I’m going to keep you up all night,” the artist groaned in Kyla’s ear. “Seriously all night.”

She believed her, and was about to help the older girl follow through when the door to the house opened.

While they managed to extract their hands, and Kyla had just enough time to button her jeans back up before both of them were looking rather guilty in front of a middle aged, drawn looking lady.

“No friends tonight Carmen,” the lady said in a sharp yet weary voice before disappearing down to the kitchen.

“Fuck,” the artist said, trying to button her own shirt while leaning down to grab Kyla’s and failing at both.

The younger girl helped her out, grabbing the top and putting it on in record speed. For all she knew, it was inside-out but she just wanted to get it on. She could feel the heat pulsating in her face, and, yet, the now-uncomfortable dampness between her thighs hadn’t quite receded.

“Your place?” Carmen asked.

Looking up into the brunette’s smouldering eyes, Kyla shivered and nodded. “Uh huh… I’ll call a cab.”

“Call it fast.”

She’d just snapped her phone shut from making the call when she felt Carmen’s hand grab her own and literally drag her out of the house. Before the younger girl could say a word, she found her pushed up against the door, mouth smothering her own.

The kiss had no introduction, no sweet beginning. It was hot and wet and searching for a response. All thought fled Kyla’s head as she returned the embrace passionately. Her mind spinning, she drifted her tongue across Carmen’s and moaned.

They pulled apart as air became an issue.

“Fuck, Carmen! We’re standing on your street.”

“Don’t care,” the brunette replied, her mouth leaving small kisses along the younger girl’s jaw, heading for her ear.

Despite her verbal protests, Kyla’s hand crept into Carmen’s hair, cupping the back of her head as kisses bruised their way up her neck towards her ear. She groaned again, pushing her body up off the door into the older girl’s. She wanted this so much.

But they were in public. But she was so fucking ready.


It was the horn of the cab driver, who could well have been enjoying the show, that pulled them away from each other in the end. They dived in the back of the taxi, practically rattling the address off like rifle fire before their lips met again. Making out in the back of a cab was something that Kyla hadn’t done for a long time. Carmen’s mouth was so good on her own. She kissed so fucking well and her tongue did things… Oh God, the things her tongue did!

She was so wrapped up in the kiss that she barely noticed Carmen’s hand sliding up her jean-covered thigh. She pulled back to say something, breaking off the kiss, but didn’t get her breath in time to say anything before a strong palm had cupped her centre.

There was too much material for it to have a huge effect but it did make Kyla gasp and then grab at Carmen’s wrist, pulling back.


“Mmm.” There was amusement in the artist’s tone as her lips began to caress the younger girl’s ears.

She pulled back again. “Jesus, not that I mind but you’re really… um… yeah… today.”

To her surprise, Carmen blushed and then buried her head in Kyla’s neck. It wasn’t, for the first time in many minutes, in any way sexual. Kind of liking the sensation, the younger girl left her there for a little while, stroking the back of the artist’s neck, before eventually pulling her out gently and looking in her eyes.

“Look, I had a shitty afternoon. I really didn’t think I’d get to kiss you again and now I can… I kinda feel… um…”

“Electrified?” Kyla supplied.


The younger girl grinned. “That’s okay. You’re not the only one.” She leaned in, starting a kiss that this time, was more sweet than sexy. Their lips brushed softly across one another, gentle and warm. Kyla felt her head start to spin, the soft hairs at the nape of Carmen’s neck so fine under her hand.

It didn’t stay innocent for long. Before long, she was moaning again into the artist’s mouth. Their hands got a tad more frantic, sliding over the top of clothes, building tension and need. The only thing stopping them was the cab jerking to a halt and causing Kyla to thrust far too much money into the driver’s hand before dragging Carmen from the car.

In fact, she dragged her all the way into the building and into the lift, slamming her hand on the button for the loft. The second the doors had slid closed, she had the artist pushed up against the side of the elevator, kissing her for all she was worth.

Their tongues clashed, teeth scraping in an effort to be closer to each other. Kyla could feel a hand urgent at the base of her spine, pressing her close. She couldn’t get as close as she wanted, as close as she could feel that Carmen wanted. There was too much between them: clothing, air, molecules. Anything preventing them from touching was too much.

It was a miracle that they made it through the door into the loft, and even more of one that they made it to Kyla’s bed. It was impossible for the younger girl to keep her hands off the artist. She wanted her naked and right next to her now. It wasn’t that she was after a quickie: she’d be happy with anything so long as they were touching. She just needed more.

Her hands frantically worked at Carmen’s top, a difficult task given that their mouths were fused together. More than once she had to stop as her hands naturally drifted to grip gently in hair or cup the back of the artist’s head, the kiss making her melt.

They got down to underwear, fumbling as lips and tongues tangled, occasionally sliding off to press delicious kisses to other places: jaw, ears, neck. When they were both finally down to bra and underwear, Kyla could take standing no longer. She gently pushed Carmen back on to the bed and lay herself down on top, full body to body.

This time, they both moaned.

“God, you feel so good,” said the ever-vocal artist, her hands running with fingertips from Kyla’s ass to her shoulders.

She would have said more, but she was cut off by the younger girl’s hot, insistent kiss. They rolled, and rolled again. Barely would their mouths drift apart – slinking to make open-mouthed, burning kisses to the neck – before one of them would pull the other back.

They moved together, bodies refusing to separate, until they were both covered in a light sheen of moisture.

For her own part, the younger brunette was on fire. The moisture building between her legs was hiding a pulsing need to come, and come soon. She was moving her hand around from Carmen’s exquisite abs to the catch of her bra when she found herself rolled on top again, effectively halting her movements.

To her surprise, the older girl then wiggled out from under her and moved back up the bed, until she was sitting, propped against the headboard. The artist then raised her eyebrows suggestively and patted her lap.

Feeling more than a bit bold, Kyla crawled up the bed on her hands and knees, loving that it made Carmen’s eyes widen just slightly. She found her way to the artist’s lap, straddling the older girl’s thighs and biting her lip, her hands moving to the headboard either side of that beautiful head.

“Kiss me,” she whispered huskily.

Their lips met, lush and full from their previous kisses, sliding across each other in a way that made Kyla want to whimper. Carmen took it slow, holding the younger girl’s head in place while she proceeded to blow her mind with every single movement of her tongue and lips.

Before she was done, Kyla found herself moving, without even being aware of it, up and down. Her body trying to grind against the other girl. Carmen pulled back with a throaty laugh,

“You feel damn good.” She skimmed her hands up the young brunette in a sensual demonstration of her words before bringing them around to unhook the lacy black bra that was in the artist’s way.

Kyla watched as Carmen bit her own lip ever so gently, and then let her eyes drift to the younger girl’s full and luscious breasts, which were conveniently at eye level.

The younger girl’s head fell back, a moan tumbling from her own lips as she felt Carmen’s slide along her breast bone. They moved, sinuously and slow, to the aching peak of one breast where they latched on. Panting, Kyla wound her hands through Carmen’s long tresses as first teeth and then tongue ravaged and soothed.

When she thought she could take no more, the other girl moved and then changed to the thus far neglected breast.

The way that Kyla’s heart was beating her chest, the way that her skin was responding to Carmen’s touch, it was like this had never happened before. She was anticipating without knowing what was coming, she was ready without knowing what she was ready for. When the artist lifted her knees up one at a time, removing her underwear, the younger girl became acutely aware of her own nudity. She blushed, feeling almost like a virgin.

Carmen’s half-gasp, half-moan gave her enough reassurance, though. Hands skimmed down Kyla’s sides, across the curve of her hip. The younger brunette leaned forward to press an urgent kiss to the other girl’s mouth. As a set of nails scraped along the top of her thigh, she pushed her tongue between the artist’s lips and moaned.

An effort to roll them sideways, to have Carmen push her into the bed, was denied.

“I like you here,” the artist growled. “Fuck, I like you right here.”

Kyla rocked her body, the throbbing between her legs starting to ache acutely. She whined a high-pitched wail as Carmen’s hand swept between her legs but then trailed down the inside of her thigh instead of helping with the ache.

“Please…” she whimpered.

“Mmm, soon,” Carmen promised.

Kyla’s head threw back, her hands now positioned on the artist’s shoulders, gripping. A hand slid up her inner thigh again.

“Jesus, Ky, you’re so fucking wet.”

All she could do was nod in agreement. She was – she could feel it – but then that’s what Carmen did to her. God, all she wanted was…

A loud moan pushed from her mouth.

Instead of aiming for her clitoris, where some of the pleasure could at least be channelled, Carmen had simply pushed two fingers straight into her wet, aching core.


She arched as the fingers slowly withdrew and then plunged straight back in. Rising on her knees, she thrust back down, helping Carmen to fuck her. She could hear the harsh breathing of the artist as she literally rode her.


“Ungh,” Kyla groaned out. “Pleaaaase.”

A thumb came up and brushed her rock-hard clitoris, eliciting a jerk of the hips and another series of moans.

“Sweet Lord, you’re so incredible,” Carmen whispered, almost in awe.

“Fuck me!” was the only response that Kyla could think to make.

In response, the two fingers inside her pushed deeper and harder, making sparks fly out behind her eyelids. She was hurtling towards an orgasm faster than she thought possible, especially since most of the focus had been on fucking her and not her clitoris.

But the things Carmen did to her.

The pressure of that thumb.

The incessant push against her g-spot.

Fuck, she was going to come.

“Oh God…”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Oh God, I’m going to…”

“Fuck, yeah…”

Their cries mingled together as Kyla convulsed, her whole body shaking against Carmen’s as the artist thrust incredibly deep and helped her ride out the orgasm, thumb slowly circling.

When it was finally over she slumped, at first on Carmen’s lap, and then unable to even hold herself there, she rolled slowly off, breathing hard. She felt the press of the older girl’s body on her own and wrapped her arms around.

“You make that happen so hard!” Kyla groaned. “I don’t know how you do that.”

Carmen chuckled. “I have mad skills, what can I say.” She stroked a piece of hair of Kyla’s face. “That’s skillz with a ‘z’, by the way.”

The younger girl smiled. She moved her hand up Carmen’s smooth back until it was resting on the rear of her head and then pulled gently. The kiss she started was subtle and warm, but just enough. She pulled back and closed her eyes, happy just to be where she was.

It took a few moments before the older girl rolled sideways and took Kyla with her. Tucking her head into the crook of Carmen’s neck and shoulder, the younger brunette sighed in a contented manner and entertained herself by trailing her fingers lightly over the rock hard abs under her hands.

“Do you work out?” she murmured after a little while.

Carmen shifted under her slightly, chuckling. “Sometimes. I do crunches most days. What can I say? I like my stomach.”

“I like it, too.”

Kyla grinned, leaning up on an elbow. Sliding down the bed, she got level with the discussed part of Carmen’s anatomy and kissed it gently.

“It’s sexy,” she whispered, pressing another kiss to the soft skin over hard muscle. She caught the barely-audible hitch in Carmen’s breathing, and grinned.

For the next few minutes, she enjoyed running her lips from side to side, up and down, until she got bold and began to use her tongue. When she finally gently used her teeth to leave a little love bite, and then soothed with the tip of her appendage, the moan from Carmen was enough to give her a bolt of courage.

Sliding even further down, she continued kissing, along the edge of the older girl’s panties, which were still annoyingly in place. Hooking her fingers into each side of the offending garments, she slide them south, not ceasing her kissing for a moment.

Tender love bites to the top of each thigh, followed by a gentle run of her tongue all the way from one hip, down the crease of a leg to just near the edge of the artist’s damp curls earned her cursing and praise.

“Fucking hell, Ky… that tongue is… fuck… magical.” Carmen’s hips shifted upwards, bucking slightly and the younger girl knew what was being sought.

Though they’d had sex nearly countless times, there was that one place that the less-experienced girl hadn’t gone. It hadn’t been a deliberate decision on either part, it just hadn’t happened.

But now she was so close.

So fucking close.

She wondered, like she had so many times, what Carmen tasted like.

Shifting even further south, Kyla left open-mouthed kisses all along the inside of one thigh, and then the other. Little gasps and moans from further up urged her on.

She could see Carmen’s open centre. The artist was wet, and fascinating. Trying not to stare in amazement, Kyla slid a hand down the older girl’s thigh and then back up. Slipping a finger north, she carefully parted the folds in front of her and breathed out.

So fucking wet.

The scent was heady, foreign but enticing. Leaning in, she tentatively touched the tip of her tongue to the protuding clitoris she could see and closed her eyes. Carmen jumped under the touch and moaned. Emboldened, Kyla tried again, this time more purposefully, firmer. The second moan was even more guttural than the first, and was accompanied by a hand sliding down to the back of her dark curls.

Urged forward, she wrapped her lips around the swollen bud and sucked it into her mouth.

“Oh, goddamn fuck, Ky…”

The younger girl smiled, and flicked her tongue over Carmen’s clitoris, once, twice, and a third time for luck. Before long she’d settled into a comfortable rhythm, and one that seemed to be working. With every stroke of the younger girl’s tongue, the artist would arch into the contact, moaning or swearing, sometimes both.

A second hand came down, gripping in her hair. It wasn’t tight enough to hurt, but Kyla loved the way that Carmen wanted her, how she must be doing the right thing.

She sped up the movements of her tongue and was surprised when the older girl suddenly went stiff and then literally screamed a completely earthy cry into the air. Kyla kept her mouth in place as the convulsions racked the artist until the girl went limp under her.

Grinning, she made her way back up the bed till she was back to cuddling.

“Fuck,” Carmen said, hoarsely.

Kyla grinned. “I’ve got skills too?”

The artist nodded. “Uh huh. Mad skills.”

“With a z?”

“Totally with a z.”

The younger girl grinned.


* * * * *



  1. LAJ
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    I think you reduced the readers to melting pools of liquid.

    I should put shoes on..dont wanna get my socks wet.

    Thank you for the update..very nice imagery

    nice progression, it wasnt forced, but natural..smooth.

    *hands Clom mop* your gonna need this in a while*

  2. Valerie
    Posted 26 August 2008 at 12.44am | Permalink

    god, clom, that was…..mind-blowing.

  3. Posted 26 August 2008 at 12.59am | Permalink

    *puts gumboots on* thx for the warning LAJ!
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  4. ballgirl10
    Posted 26 August 2008 at 2.14am | Permalink

    God, the sex life you must have! You have an amazing ability to write the sex scenes. I literally feel as if I am there – I wish! These two are actually very adorable in that they cannot even stay away from each other for a whole day without totally losing it. Something I think we all would like to have.

  5. clomle4
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    It’s just too Much L Word, i swear!

  6. Payne N. Uranus
    Posted 26 August 2008 at 2.42am | Permalink


    LAJ and Peanut stepped on me…

    But that would mean I read it before they did, which I didn’t, which I’m unhappy about, but will get over soon, which, if you hadn’t noticed, is pretty easy since I has myself a fiance. =D Which, in fact, all ties back to the fact that I did not, actually, get stepped on by LAJ and Peanut. Which means I can put away the weapons the gooey remains of my arms have picked up. Which, in turn, means they can stay around and provide entertainment and art for you, Clommy Lovely-kins, to enjoy.

    Don’t you love how things work out? Like this story. THAT’S what I call a happy ending. =D Mad skillz indeed, yo. I loves it.

    *puts smiley rainbow face by story title*

  7. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 26 August 2008 at 3.13am | Permalink

    I just want to say that Clom is EVIL! Yes, Evil! She made me read THIS chapter while my brother was in the same room! I don’t know how I’m still alive and not melted in a pool of liquid!

    I had to stop reading several times because my head was spinning!
    I fidgeted through the whole update! And my brother kept wondering why I kept waving my hand in front of my face, like I was under the hot sun of August(it’s 5am right now)! Well, in my defense: IT WAS HOT IN HERE! I’m just glad my fiancee promised me a sleepless night;)

    I loved this chapter and this story! I love everything you write Clom, and you know it! I especially liked the sweet moments between Kyla and Carmen! If you ever will feel like writing another Kymen story, I’ll be the first in line waiting to read it!

    Now, if you all will excuse me I need to..aehm..I need to talk to my fiancee! There is an urgent problem that needs to be discussed! I think it will take us all night!*winks*

    Fantastic job Clom!

  8. Gilmar
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    Ok, first of all, FINALLY kyla had some sense and lay down some law man. Even tho it was for like two seconds… i guess it’s a good start. See what happens when you speak up ky? you get a girlfriend!

    Carmen’s declaration was VERY sweet, yes that’s right sez i said it, carmen was sweet.


    Annnnnd let’s not forget the sex, boy was that hot! Seriously sez, you could make anything hot, even a toaster operating manual!

  9. lilcam2525
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  10. peanut
    Posted 26 August 2008 at 8.39am | Permalink

    muha … dreamweaver XD
    and i’ve read it again … and it’s really some kind of smut-masterpiece *kisses clommys cheek*

    but you guys should learn how to control yourself! it’s not that hard … i’ll teach you, buddy! ;)

  11. Seriesaddict/Sassy
    Posted 26 August 2008 at 12.21pm | Permalink

    Buddy, How could I control myself? Clom’s smut and Payne’s hotness? It’s a letal mix!

  12. Posted 26 August 2008 at 12.49pm | Permalink

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  13. yeahbutno
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    Ok I read this hours ago at lunch and I have only calmed out enough now to do a fb.

    I felt VERY uncomfortable rading this as was on a park bench, I may very well have splinters in my arse from said park bench due to my extreme fidgeting.

    In a strange way, Merci muchos Clom.

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    I agree with Dev, I never thought I would like Kymen, but then that needs to be balanced against the fact that I love everything Clom writes. This was really sweet and sexy and I really enjoyed it. Thank you Clom.

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    Posted 10 September 2008 at 5.07am | Permalink

    holy. fuck.

    *Is drooling*

  19. Kat
    Posted 20 September 2008 at 8.20pm | Permalink

    I loved this it was so awesome the whole story. You have to do a sequel or at least another Kymen fic cuz even though I love Spashley i think Kyla and CArmen would make a pretty good couple

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