Ride With Me, Part I

Oookay, by overwhelming demand, I’m re-posting this while the Boss is busy working.

If you don’t know it, it’s basically the epic of smut. It is to smut what, oh, Shakespeare is to the sonnet, what Pele is to football. It is the scalding hot apex of smut. If you want smut, then smut is what you’ll get. You have been warned…

Disclaimers: Lynch. MTV. N.
Rating: PWP. Hot. Adult. XXX-rated. Not safe for anywhere. Genuinely, DO NOT READ IN PUBLIC.

* * * * *

Part I: Ride With Me

Spencer took a deep breath and pressed the button for the elevator. The lobby’s marble shone from the sunshine flooding the front of the building. The windows were slightly tinted, but the sun was in full flight today and ignoring the darkened glass. It glinted off the chrome of the elevator doors as Spencer waited.

She was nervous. She was so nervous her palms were sweating. For starters, she couldn’t believe she’d gotten this far. Her first interview had gone well, her second had gone better, but surely there were people far more qualified than her. Nevertheless, she was here at her final interview for the job.

It was possibly the most prestigious job in LA: personal assistant to one young rock star, the elusive Ms Ashley Davies.

How you could be a rock star and still have no one know what you looked like was beyond Spencer, but this girl had managed it. The daughter of the very famous Raife Davies, the young woman had hit stardom at a young age, just twenty. Somehow, she had decided that she didn’t want all the palaver that went with being recognised in public and had released four albums without her face ever making it to press. It was one of the biggest mysteries since JFK. People were constantly claiming to be her and then being publicly shamed when they turned out to be lying.

Her live shows were few, and those that she did do, were shrouded in carefully-placed light and shade, her face never shown. Her albums never had her on them, at least, not her face, and she never did photo publicity.

She was, as it were, a complete mystery.

And now Spencer was at her final interview to become the girl’s PA. A busy but incredible job. Spencer wondered if she’d have to do the whole thing with a blindfold on. Probably not.

The elevator was taking its time arriving.

When it finally opened, she entered swiftly, pushing the button for eight and then the ‘close door’ button. She was well in time, always early, but she’d rather be up there. Just as the doors were about to close, a hand snuck in between, activating the safety catch and opening them.

A slender brunette with a soft mop of curls and sunglasses still in place sauntered into the elevator car and pressed the ‘door close’ button.

Spencer, standing at the back of the elevator, couldn’t help give the girl the once-over. She was wearing simple, well-fitting jeans and a black tank top. A beaded belt was slung through the loops of the jeans. Whatever perfume she was wearing, it was perfect: alluring, warm and not too heavy. It was also wafting Spencer’s way and she had to avoid a sharp intake of breath.

It was okay: she was just stuck in the elevator with a hottie. Nothing wrong with that. Nice eye candy to take her mind off the interview, right?

The doors shut and the brunette leaned against the side of the elevator. She gave Spencer a brief smile but, as the blonde couldn’t see the other girl’s eyes, she wasn’t sure if it was genuine or not.

She watched the numbers above the door tick over: two, three, four…

And then there was a shudder, a groan and the car came to a shuddering halt. Spencer caught the handle that ran around the elevator’s edge to stop herself from falling over. The lights of the elevator flickered for a second and then settled back to on.

They weren’t moving. They definitely weren’t moving. The lights showed them firmly stuck in no man’s land, on neither floor four nor five.

“Shit,” the brunette muttered.

Spencer watched her press a few buttons and then hit the alarm button.

“Is it okay?” Spencer asked, and then cursed her own stupidity. Of course it wasn’t okay: it was stuck.

The brunette shrugged. “I dunno.”

“Damn. Damn, damn, damn!”

Through shielded eyes, the girl looked at her. “What?”

“I have an interview! I can’t be late!” Spencer said, her nerves climbing again.

Just then, the voice box on the control panel stuttered to life. “Yo!”

“Uh, the elevator is stuck,” the brunette said.

“Oh dear. Okay, we’ll get on it.”

“Wait!” Spencer said,

“Uh, this lady -” the brunette looked at Spencer enquiringly.

“Spencer Carlin.”

“Miss Spencer Carlin has an interview on floor -”

“Eight,” Spencer added.

“Eight,” the brunette repeated. “Let them know she’ll be late and why.”

“Will do ladies. Sit tight, we’ll get to you.”

Spencer let out a rush of air. Well, at least she couldn’t be blamed for being late.

The brunette finally lifted her sunglasses off her nose and perched them on her head. She had cute little chocolate-brown eyes that had a sparkle right in the middle.

“So, Spencer,” the girl said, “what shall we do with ourselves?”

Her voice was velvet smooth, like cream or possibly molasses. It travelled straight through Spencer’s ears and down her spine. Damn, the hottie was flirting.

“I guess we wait for the lift to move,” Spencer replied lamely.

“Oh, I can think of so many things so much more fun.” Those brown eyes started by staring into her own, and then their gaze traveled slowly and appreciatingly down across her body. Then they swept back up to where Spencer’s blushing face was. “So many things.”

It was a few minutes before the silence got to her.

Spencer cleared her throat. “At least they’re not playing elevator music.”

“So true,” the girl grinned. “I guess we could make music of our own.”

Spencer’s entire body jumped to life. Her face flushed but the rest of her responded also. She clamped her thighs together gently, trying not to feel the flood of warmth there. She watched the brunette watch her, and then saw those eyes drift down again. They stopped about half a foot down from her face and stayed there. Eventually Spencer also let her gaze drop, to look at her own chest. Was she unbuttoned?

No, but her nipples were hard and standing out against her blouse. Damn obviously too.
If it was possible, she blushed even harder.

“Hmm,” the girl murmured.

And she was in front of the blonde. She didn’t even know the other girl’s name and suddenly all Spencer wanted to do was kiss this stranger. Backing up a few steps, her ass hit the thick railing that ran all the way around the elevator car. The brunette advanced, too, standing in front of Spencer and placing a hand on either side of the now-trembling blonde.

“You look tense blondie.” The girl grinned. “You should let me help you with that.”

“I’m fine,” Spencer squeaked.

“You sure about that?” The girl leaned in closer. As she did so, one lean, tanned hand came up and took the sunglasses off the top of her head. The girl tossed them in the corner and then leaned back over. “Because I’m pretty sure I can help.”

Spencer swallowed.

Oh God, this girl was so damn hot, and there was no way this was anything but a come on. But she was in an elevator, with a stranger, and they were stuck, and she had an interview, and

And all thoughts flew out her head when the brunette’s mouth dipped down to her ear and whispered in a sultry voice, “Come on, I’m sure there’s something I can do to… relax you.”

And then she felt it: the hot, wet tip of the other girl’s tongue sliding around the rim of her ear. Despite her misgivings, Spencer couldn’t help close her eyes and let out a sigh. Her hands gripped the edge of the thick handle that ran around the elevator.

She felt a soft stream of warm air as the girl exhaled on her ear, and then the brunette’s lean body was pressing up against hers. A strong hand found her cheek, cupping it, a thumb pressing lightly into her jaw. Spencer’s eyes flew open to find brown eyes staring deep into hers. Then those eyes dropped to her lips. Unconciously, Spencer licked them, enticing first a groan from the other girl, and then the distance closed.

The kiss started out intense, and only escalated from there. At first Spencer was motionless, adjusting to the shock and then the pleasure of soft lips on her own. Then she parted hers, ever so slightly, angling her head to kiss harder. A hand wound its way in her hair, fumbling with the clip holding it up and releasing blonde tresses down around her shoulders. Then the hand tightened, pulling her in closer and teeth gently tugged on her bottom lip.

Spencer groaned, pushing forward into the body trapping hers and letting it all flow into her. Whatever madness this was, it was like a drug, seeping into her veins, and she was hooked. Even if she’d wanted to, she wasn’t sure she could have stopped this, but as it was all her willpower had been lost, somewhere with the elevator’s ability to move.

She pulled the girl’s head in tighter, kissing her over and over. Their mouths parted, tongues darting out. First, they tasted lightly, getting the feel of it, then, they moved harder, tangling, dueling. Spencer could hardly breathe and it didn’t matter.

Lean hands dropped to her shirt, unbuttoning it fast and skillfully. Soft lips, moist and full from kissing, traced a line down Spencer’s jaw and to her ear. Sucking one earlobe fully in, snaring it with teeth and biting gently, the girl flicked Spencer’s shirt open. Spencer hissed at the feel of those teeth, and a soft chuckled echoed in her ear.

“Oh, I can do so much more,” the girl whispered. And then the mouth whispering that promising, sexy statement drifted down her neck. As the combination of teeth, tongue and gentle sucking made Spencer’s knees go weak, a tan hand found her lace-covered breast and cupped it. One thumb delicately stroked over a taut nipple, making Spencer jump and groan. The hand squeezed a little harder, stroking again and again.

It was too much: Spencer felt her knees buckle. And then hands were on her hips, lifting her, helping her. They perched her up on the handle. It was thick, but only about half-a-foot. She couldn’t quite sit there but, by holding on with one hand and the brunette pushing her back, she could balance.

Soft hands parted her legs, enough for the girl to step between them and hold her against the wall harder. Instinctively, Spencer wound her legs around the girl’s waist, pulling her in tighter and deepening their incredibly intense kiss.

She whimpered when those magical lips slid off again, but they were trailing down her neck again, moving down, down. They hit the swell of one creamy breast as a hand pulled the edge of her bra down just enough for her nipple to be exposed.

Spencer gave a loud moan when she felt warm, moist breath linger above her. The girl under her hands muttered a “Christ” and then ducked down to snare the nipple between her lips.

It was all happening so fast, these hands on her and this mouth on her. Spencer was flooding with need. She arched into the contact, her head slamming back against the elevator wall. Teeth scraped across her nipple, making her moan some more. The constant pressure, suckling and rasping across her breast, made her barely aware of a hand fumbling on the clasp of her slacks.

Abruptly the girl pulled away, causing a rush of cold air across the wet tip of Spencer’s breast and a gasp. Then she realised why: the girl was pulling at her hips. Spencer planted her hands on the rail she was perched on and pushed up slightly. It gave just enough room for her trousers to be shed. They dangled precariously from one foot for a second before dropping to the floor.

The warmth of the girl’s body was suddenly pressed up against her again. They kissed, passionately, with fire and storm running through Spencer’s veins.

The kiss broke off, suddenly.

“Fuck,” the brunette swore. “You’re so fucking hot.”

And then she was kissing her again. Spencer could do nothing but kiss back and press, hard, into the girl in front of her.

Hands slid down, gripping her bare knees and squeezing. One moved to lean next to Spencer on the rail, the other sliding up Spencer’s thigh.

This time it was Spencer who broke off the kiss. It was too late now to end this, and she didn’t want to. Something inside her, something wild, had been released. She was about to be completely fucked in a lift. And she was loving every second of it.

“Yes,” she hissed, as fingers brushed the edge of her underwear. She leaned her head back on the elevator panel, eyes closed. A mouth came to rest just next to her ear as fingers moved tantalisingly close to her centre.

“God, I want to touch you,” the words echoed softly in her ear. “I want to feel how wet you are for me. You’re the most fucking sexy thing I’ve ever seen.”

Spencer shuddered. No coherent sentences could form on her tongue, but it didn’t matter because now fingers were pressing gently but insistently into the juncture of her thighs, over the damp cotton of her underwear. She groaned, pulsing and alive.

The girl slid her fingers under one edge, quickly moving in. She found Spencer’s damp slit, and stroked up and down, from the hard edge of her clitoris to the soft opening Spencer wanted her to plunge into.

Whimpering with need, Spencer moved as much as her precarious position would allow. The brunette groaned, and then slowly thrust one finger deep inside the blonde. That made Spencer cry out, her mouth open and panting. The girl began fucking her, slow but deep. Her hand had insinuated its way under Spencer’s underwear and was pressed against her now. A talented, clearly-practiced thumb brushed up against the hard nub of nerves in between her legs.

“More,” Spencer moaned. “Oh God, please.”

Grinning against her neck, the girl withdrew and then thrust two fingers back into Spencer.

She was so close now, so very, very close. The steady rhythm of the girl’s fingers combined with the constant pressure on her clitoris was sending her so close to the edge she could almost taste it. As the tremors began, she made out the brunette murmuring on the edge of hearing, “That’s it, come for me. God, yes, come for me…”

And then it was like an explosion of light. Her body went rigid and thousands of nerve points shattered with bliss as it filtered out through ever molecule of her. It went on and on, one of the most intense orgasms Spencer had ever experienced, not to mention one of the longest.

When the tremors finally calmed to small ripples, she slumped forward on her lover, panting and limp. The girl held her up, sliding her hand out of Spencer to hold the blonde’s hips.

“Shit,” Spencer said, when she eventually roused a little. “Holy shit.”

The girl chuckled. Spencer raised her face, her intense blue orbs staring into humoured, but warm brown ones. Then something else came over her. Sure, she’d just been taken by a complete stranger in an elevator, an incredibly sexy, bold stranger. But there was also this implication that she was somehow being gifted something. Now, Spencer would have called herself fairly reticent, despite recent events. But she wasn’t a virgin, and she wasn’t completely inexperienced. She’d had enough girlfriends to know what she was doing, and she liked to think she wasn’t exactly bad in bed.

And she had a sudden urge to prove it. Or at least to prove she wasn’t bad in an elevator, either.

She reached out one hand and tangled it in soft brunette curls. She pulled the girl’s face in and kissed her, hard. A noise of surprise escaped her lover but Spencer ignored it, concentrating instead on running her tongue over soft, full lips. The girl responded with a groan, leaning forward and deepening the kiss.

Once she knew she had the girl back in, she pushed off the ledge standing up. Without breaking the kiss she had the brunette back in a strong embrace, and then slowly but surely guided them to the floor.

As the girl lay on the floor of the elevator, Spencer spread herself full-length on top of the girl. She kissed her again, pushing her tongue inside the girl’s mouth and exploring, gently but firmly. Rolling slightly off, she undid the girl’s belt catch, and then her jeans button.

Before the brunette could say anything, Spencer had broken off the kiss and was kneeling between the girl’s legs, pulling her jeans and underwear off. She threw them into the corner, on top of the sunglasses that had been abandoned there.

The girl was aroused. Spencer could see it from where she was. She wanted to taste it. It was a bold, unusual feeling, since she usually waited a while with people that she was dating, but right now, right here, she needed to do it.

Without waiting another second, she ducked her head down and gently tasted the incredible girl beneath her.

A gasp and cry emboldened her. The girl’s hand reached down to push on Spencer’s head gently, encouraging deeper exploration. Spencer refused to be hurried, running her tongue up and down the girl’s moist slit from tip to entrance. She licked languidly, circling the taut nub of nerves and then running back down to taste more deeply, more fully.

The girl was arching her hips now, crying out with every stroke of Spencer’s tongue, begging. Feeling the wetness on her chin, Spencer brought two fingers up, moistening them before sliding them deep inside her lover. Thrusting gently, she went back to tasting, pleasing.

It didn’t take long, Spencer building the tension quickly, thrusting harder and harder. The girl was arching, moaning, pleading and writhing in pleasure. Spencer curled her fingers over and over, hitting the spot she knew would bring about an intense climax.

She felt it when it hit the other girl, muscles clamping down on her fingers and thighs reflexively tightening and then loosening on her head. She rode it out until the girl went limp, shaking.

Without removing her fingers, Spencer slid her way back up to lie on the girl again, pushing down and kissing gently. It took a moment for the brunette to respond, a hand winding its way back into Spencer’s blonde tresses and the kiss moving again. This time it was gentle, but warm. They kissed softly for what seemed like an age.

Spencer began to withdraw her fingers, slowly sliding out until they were barely inside at all. The girl watched her, eyes heavy with post-coital bliss. And then the pupils dilated and her eyes went wide with surprise and pleasure as Spencer thrust back in, filling the girl again.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” the brunette moaned. “Oh God, oh God.”

Spencer pushed back, adding a third finger and going for deep and full rather than slamming.

It was fast but effective. The previous orgasm hadn’t quite filtered away again and really it was just a continuation but the girl’s cries and arching body still made Spencer grin.

Yeah, she might have been taken; didn’t mean she couldn’t give back as good as she got.

When it was finally, completely over they collapsed together.

“Holy shit,” the girl said.

Spencer chuckled at the echo of her earlier words. Spencer sat up, her muscles aching pleasantly. Then, interrupting them in a way that was totally unexpected, the speaker on the panel spluttered to life.

“You ladies alright in there?”

Blushing furiously, Spencer grabbed her slacks and began to dress hurriedly. The girl leaned over and hit the talk button.

“We’re fine.”

“Good, it’s mostly sorted. You’ll be moving in a minute or two. Sorry for the delay. Didn’t realise it would take so long.”

The brunette gave Spencer a knowing look and grinned. “Trust me, we’re good.”

Spencer buttoned her blouse and desperately tried to look less rumpled. The brunette dressed too, and was slinging on her shoes when the lift jerked to life again.

Spencer grabbed her bag, crimson with embarrassment and confusion.

She straightened herself as much as possible, and had just collected herself enough to say something when the doors opened on floor eight.

She looked at the brunette who gave her a wink, and then left, straight down a corridor.

What, not a word? No phone number, nothing? Jesus!

Okay, she’d been played: she’d grant that.

Heading for the nearest bathroom, she managed to wash her face and hands, and get her hair and make-up back in some reasonable order. One last glance in the mirror showed her a little ruffled, but nothing that couldn’t be explained by her “innocent adventure” in the lift. The one the interviewers were going to hear about, not the one that actually happened.

Blushing a little, Spencer made her way to the desk of the secretary who was expecting her. After reassuring the lady that she was fine, and being reassured that they were all very sorry and understanding, Spencer was shown into a Board room.

A middle-aged lady and a young man stood to greet her.

“Ms Carlin,” the gentleman said, reaching out a hand to shake hers. He had been the same person who had been at her second interview. Spencer remembered his name as Todd Chambers.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Chambers. I was running on time -”

“Until our lift broke down,” he smiled, interrupting her. “Hardly your fault. It’s quite understandable. If you’re ready, though, we can start this final meeting.”

“Of course,” she said, smiling and sitting down.

“This should be quite brief. Ms Davies likes to meet all the final applicants herself and have the final say. You’re the last of our three candidates.” He smiled. “And, if I might say so, our most impressive.”

Spencer blushed. It was turning out to be her day. It probably couldn’t get any better.

Just then, a door on the other side of the room opened. To her utter shock and surprise, the brunette sauntered in. She grinned at Spencer, falling into a chair next to Todd and nodding.

“Ashley,” Todd smiled with charm. “This is Ms Carlin, the last of our three job applicants.”

Ashley Davies gave Spencer the most sexy grin the blonde had ever seen, threw her sunglasses on the table and raised an eyebrow.

“You’re hired.”

* * * * *

Next up: Part II – The Taming of the Spencer [X, NSFW]


  1. Forgetful
    Posted 22 October 2008 at 6.30pm | Permalink

    Mmm, mmm, goood! I remember reading this ages ago. Spashley elevator sex– hits me just as hard now as it did then lol.

  2. iocaste
    Posted 22 October 2008 at 6.45pm | Permalink

    I’ll never get tired of reading this story :)
    You’re the Queen of spashley smut!

  3. lilcam2525
    Posted 22 October 2008 at 7.05pm | Permalink

    I loved it then and dear hell I love it now. How wrong is it that I still need to clamp my thighs shut even after reading this before. Fucktastic I tell ya!

  4. mentalpiracy
    Posted 22 October 2008 at 9.41pm | Permalink



  5. this_years_luv
    Posted 25 October 2008 at 9.17am | Permalink

    yeah .. just as good as i remember.


  6. jmh
    Posted 27 October 2008 at 2.06am | Permalink

    I never get tired of reading this and it still effects me the same way everytime I read it clom :)

  7. evilgiraffe
    Posted 28 October 2008 at 7.12pm | Permalink

    Well I have to admit that I have read this before and didn’t comment, so I shall set about rectifying that now. Well your smut is, as always, fantastic! I love that Spencer totally lets go in this one (I don’t think I could do that on my way to an interview!) and just totally goes for it, especially wanting to show she can give as good as she gets.

    Clomle: original and best.

  8. waki
    Posted 1 October 2011 at 3.30pm | Permalink

    My favourite

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