Ride With Me, Part III: The Mile High Club

Previously: Part II – The Taming of the Spencer [XXX, NSFW]

Smut, smut, smut, smut. Retro smut, in fact.

You can all thank Serenity6982 for guilting me into preparing some retro posts of the Boss’s finest work (and, no, Sass and Yeebs, that guilt will not work for an update of my own).

Disclaimers: Lynch. MTV. N.
Rating: PWP. Hot. Adult. XXX-rated. Not safe for anywhere. Genuinely, DO NOT READ IN PUBLIC.

* * * * *

The Mile High Club

Spencer rubbed her forehead and sighed. She picked up the piece of paper off her desk and ran through the list again, mentally ticking it off and frowning, lines popping up.

“Stop panicking, Carlin. You’ve got it all down.” Ashley’s voice, with its slight note of derision, echoed from the door.

Spencer looked up at her boss and bit her lip. “There’s no harm in checking.”

“Yes, but when you do it for the eight hundredth time in ten minutes, it’s called OCD.”

“I just want to make sure it’s all right. We’re leaving in…”

“Ten minutes,” Ashley added helpfully,

“Right. And once we’re gone…”

“Spencer, you never forget anything. You’re damn near perfect and I don’t pay you enough. You know both of these things. I promise if one small thing goes wrong, I’ll forgive you. Now, stop panicking and breathe.” Ashley rolled her eyes and walked back into her own office, the one that abutted Spencer’s, through their adjoining door.

The blonde ran a hand through her hair and then hurriedly re-did the loose bun holding it in place.

Why had she taken this job? She had no idea. How she’d managed to be cajoled into it had completely escaped her, and it was only really now, after three weeks of having fun doing it, that she had stopped bothering to wonder.

The last thing she really remembered was turning up on a Monday morning to tell Ashley – in no uncertain terms – that she was emphatically NOT taking the job. And, yet, here she was, nine months later, working for the indomitable Ms Ashley Davies. And, it wasn’t that bad.

Okay, so the brunette still flirted like a lunatic; but she did that to everyone. And, in her defense, once Spencer had made it absolutely clear that she was not going to sleep with Ashley again, the musician had backed off.

And she was fun to work for. Spencer’s job was varied, busy, and enjoyable. Ashley was a surprisingly dedicated worker who treated her team with respect and intelligence: that had been something Spencer hadn’t expected. In her own perfectionist way, the blonde had thrown herself into the job and had gotten nothing but appreciation back. Of course, some of that appreciation was in the form of not-so-covert glances at her ass, but she could handle that. Ashley stayed strictly hands-off.

You wish she wouldn’t, though. You still think about it…

Spencer’s thoughts uttered their never-ending betrayal. It was unfortunately true. So, she hadn’t had sex like that since… or before… or ever, really. But you shouldn’t sleep with your boss, right? That was disaster.

No, but you want to… really, really badly, the treacherous part of her mind responded.

Spencer sighed again and looked at the clock. Five minutes until they were supposed to leave.

She reached out to pick up the piece of paper when she heard the voice from the other room call out, “Carlin?”

“Yeah?” she replied, somewhat distractedly.

“You gonna fly in that? You might want to get changed.”

Spencer looked down at her beige business suit and frowned. When she looked back up, Ashley was at her door again.

“What’s wrong with it?” Spencer asked, brow wrinkling.

“It’s a twenty-four hour flight. I’d be going jeans and a t-shirt if I were you.” Ashley smirked. “You did bring some non-work clothes, right?”

Spencer blushed despite herself. “Yes,” she snapped.

“Then get into them.”

“We don’t have time. The car’s nearly here,” she called out to her boss’s retreating back.

“It’ll wait,” came the reply.

Grumbling, she got up and closed the adjoining door, earning her a pout from Ashley, who was leaning against her own desk, watching. She got changed as quickly as she could. She was just throwing her hair back up when her boss re-opened the door without knocking.

“Car’s here.”

“Okay,” breathed Spencer.

“Are you okay?” Ashley asked, a new look of concern passing across her face. “I know you don’t like flying much…”

“It’s fine,” Spencer replied, tightly. “I just haven’t been on a trip this long that’s all.”

“It’ll be fine,” Ashley reassured her. “Come on, car’s here.”

Picking up her bag and suit cover, she walked to the elevator. Ashley was there, trademark low-slung jeans and shirt, sunglasses on her head. Spencer noted the lack of luggage. “You’re just wearing that for two weeks?”

“My luggage is already IN the car,” Ashley said in an exaggerated tone.

Spencer rolled her eyes. The lift hummed to life, making Spencer blush. She avoided being alone with Ashley in this lift: there were far too many memories trapped inside it. From the dirty little grin on Ashley’s face, she knew she wasn’t alone in thinking about it.

About the way she thrust into you against that wall and made you come so hard your fillings nearly fell out?

Yup, thinking about that.

Spencer squirmed a little, suddenly uncomfortable in so many ways. She was moderately grateful that Ashley declined to comment, unusually.

The car was a limo. That was to be expected: Ashley Davies traveled in style. What Spencer hadn’t expected – despite having done most of the bookings for this trip – was the private jet she found waiting for them at a small airfield: her raised eyebrow made that clear.

“What?” Ashley asked. “We have a lot of people coming. This was practically cheaper than flying them all first class. Besides, if I have to fly to Australia, I’m not doing it in the same space as crying brats.”

Spencer nodded, and then boarded the plane. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate the luxury: it was just that the plane was smaller than your average 747 and that made her nervous. Didn’t that make it more likely to crash? They weren’t as safe, right? Did they fly as high?

There must have been some indication of her thoughts on her face because the next thing she felt was her hand luggage being taken from her and stowed in a locker, before Ashley grasped her elbow and lead them towards a set of seats.

“Sit,” the brunette commanded, and Spencer surprisingly followed the order.

Ashley sat in the window seat next to her and then did up both their seat-belts. She took one of Spencer’s hands, pried the gripping fingers off the armrest, and then laced them into a strong hold.

“Thanks,” the blonde whispered.

“It’s okay. It’ll get better after we take off. It always does.”

Why did she have to be so nice? Why did she have to be so understanding? Sometimes that pissed Spencer off more than the insane amount of flirting the brunette did, although that was mostly because it made the girl harder to resist.

The movements of the plane jerked Spencer’s thoughts away from her boss and back to her own mind-numbing nausea. Her spare hand was still gripping the armrest and the other one was now threatening to crush Ashley’s slender hand.

“Hey, Carlin, I need that hand for work,” the brunette joked. As Spencer turned to her, white-faced, Ashley quickly added, “Whoa, okay there, Blondie. You just hold on. It’s okay, you know. The pilot is an expert.”

Spencer nodded, afraid that she’d vomit if she spoke. Ashley’s thumb was attempting to be soothing on the back of her hand but it was sending out little frissons of something else. It was also pleasantly distracting.

Great, now she was panicked AND horny! Good combination there. That was going to make it an oh-so-pleasant twenty-four hour trip.

She closed her eyes and waited for the sudden rush in her stomach as the plane accelerated. One… two… three… and there it was. She kept her eyes firmly and securely shut, with her hand grip not loosening for at least fifteen minutes until they eventually leveled out. Then she finally let go of Ashley, who acknowledged it with a slight chuckle.

“Oh be quiet,” Spencer grumped, and got a cheeky grin for her trouble.

Ashley left her in her seat to go and talk to some of the other people on the plane, her entourage, if it could be put that way. Spencer felt a little bit of the tension go out of her muscles. Once they were in the air, she was always better about flying, so long as there wasn’t too much turbulence.

She pulled out her novel and was almost half-way through when Ashley finally came back to their seats. They were pretty big seats and right at the back, away from everyone else. The leg room was amazing, and Spencer was fairly sure that they fully retracted to make a comfortable bed. Ashley certainly did like to fly in style.

Speak of the Devil: those sexy hips came sauntering back up the aisle until they were firmly seated next to Spencer again.

Ashley must have caught Spencer staring because she leaned over the armrest and whispered into the blonde’s ear, “Glad you’re enjoying the view,” before smirking and settling back to her own seat.

Nervously, Spencer tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear and tried to concentrate on her novel. It wasn’t easy with the heat that had been slowly simmering in her pelvis suddenly roaring to life. Damn, she had to find a girlfriend. This was getting ridiculous.

The cabin lights dimmed as night-time approached outside, and Spencer dared a glance away from the book she was pretending to read to see what Ashley was doing. The brunette was watching a DVD on a small screen that had popped out of her arm rest. She was smiling, earbuds firmly attached to both ears.

Spencer checked out the movie, and then swallowed. She knew this film only too well. There was something about Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon getting it on that did it for Spencer. Spencer glanced away from Bound to Ashley’s face. Apparently the brunette was enjoying it, too.

And, yet, Spencer couldn’t tear her eyes away from the screen. She would have to be looking just during the ‘good bits’, wouldn’t she? And Ashley would have to be moving her legs ever so slightly under the blanket. And Spencer’s imagination would have to throw up the image of those legs wrapped around her head as she licked her way down…

Oh God, this was ridiculous.

She tore her eyes away from the screen to find Ashley staring at her. Those delicious lips were just parted and Spencer was mesmerized. She ran her hand over the armrest nervously.

Ashley removed one bud from an ear, and Spencer could hear, ever so slightly, the noises coming from the screen. Given that the two brunettes in the movie were still having sex, the noises didn’t help Spencer’s position in the slightest.

Swallowing again, Spencer let her hand drift across the armrest, coming to rest on Ashley’s thigh. It was awkward, and she was glad when Ashley lifted the armrest up, joining their seats together.

With the brunette’s eyes still burning into hers, she trailed her fingers across one jean-covered thigh until they settled just on the inside. Spencer leaned across and let her mouth drift close to Ashley’s free ear. “Enjoying the movie?” she whispered huskily.

She heard Ashley swallow – a gulp, almost – and let her fingers drift a little bit higher. Too much further and they’d be pressing into the seam of Ashley’s trousers, hot and hard on her centre.

Ashley’s hand came up to gently rest on hers, pressing it down into the thigh beneath it. In a way, it was permission to continue, but also – staring into those dark, brown eyes, so intense – Spencer could see that it was a way out, too. She didn’t have to continue; she could pull back. They could go back to the teasing and flirting that always stood between them.

Or she could fuck Ashley’s brains out and at least get some sleep.

That thought pretty much did it. She slid across the seat, slammed her mouth into Ashley’s and pushed her hand up.

The brunette opened her mouth with a gasp as Spencer’s hand pressed into her centre. Using the opening, Spencer ran her tongue lightly along Ashley’s lips and teeth before tasting, warm and fiery. She kissed Ashley with every ounce of passion that was lying inside her, and felt it all come back as well. Ashley’s hand tangled in her hair with a low growl.

Spencer moved her hand rhythmically against the crotch of her lover’s jeans until she thought she might get blisters from the rough contact. Fumbling, she undid the catch and zip until she could slide her hand under the blanket, inside the barrier of Ashley’s jeans and into her underwear. Ashley gasped again.

Spencer moved her mouth to the brunette’s neck, nipping and sucking her way down as her hand worked its way in.

Ashley’s jeans were tight and, no matter how much they manoeuvred, Spencer couldn’t touch Ashley the way she would want to. Frustrated, she yanked her hand out, hoping to somehow get closer contact.

A tanned hand closed around her wrist and Ashley pulled away. Desire was practically pouring out of her chocolate-brown eyes. It drove to the heart of Spencer and increased her want so much she felt like she might faint. A frown creased her brown as she watched Ashley do up her jeans again.

She was stopping them? What?

Spencer watched Ashley put her finger over her lips, indicating silence, and then stood up. Blue eyes followed the sexy ass of her boss as she sashayed past the blonde towards the back of the plane, towards the bathroom.

Counting to ten as slowly as she could manage, Spencer hit the catch on her seatbelt and stood up, hoping her knees wouldn’t buckle. As quietly as possible – without sprinting, like she desperately wanted to – she made her way to the back of the plane. Passing the bathroom door, she found it ajar slightly and an arm shot out, literally hauling her in.

She heard the lock click into place as Ashley’s body pushed her back against the door. She let her hands lose themselves in dark brown curls before a soft mouth descended insistently and hotly on her own.

The kiss was incredible, like it always was with Ashley: tongues tangling, soft whimpers, and the taste of that incredible raspberry lipgloss mixed with pure Ashley. Oh God, it just made Spencer want her so much more.

“Please,” she moaned, low and hard, letting her hands run down Ashley until they hit flesh in the small of her back.

“Shh,” Ashley whispered, “we have to be quiet. But, don’t worry, I’m going to make you come so hard…”

Spencer’s eyes rolled back in her head. God, yes please, yes. Ashley’s hands pulled at her t-shirt, sweeping it off in one motion and then a hungry mouth moved to the swell of her breast. Cupping the back of Ashley’s head, Spencer bit down on her other hand, trying to quell the moans surging up inside of her.

It was all the more difficult when Ashley’s mouth took one perfect nipple inside and started to suck. Teeth and friction, heat coursing through her, Spencer moved frantically, trying to keep quiet but whimpering hard.

“Oh God,” she whispered. How did she get so hot and wet so fast?

Ashley’s hands undid the button on her jeans, pushed down the zip and yanked hard, causing Spencer to nearly keel over. Nonetheless, her jeans came off and she stepped out of them. Strong hands on her hips guided her up to sit on the side of the basin. Ashley stepped back into the circle of her legs and kissed her again.

Here she was, in her underwear, in an airplane bathroom, about to have sex with Ashley again. How the hell did she keep finding herself in these positions? Scratch that thought. Who cared? Why was Ashley wearing so many clothes?

Spencer’s hands scrabbled at buttons until Ashley’s shirt was on the floor. Her bra hit the same spot seconds later as Spencer’s hands came around to cup and squeeze. Ashley’s soft, clearly-held-back whimper made her smile.

And then she gasped, as fingers pressed under the edge of her underwear and began to stroke urgently. She was already wet, but the feel of those long digits sliding back and forth between her entrance and her clit made her shudder and get so much wetter.

Her underwear was suddenly on the floor and, although the bathroom ledge with its sink was suddenly freakishly cold on her skin, all was forgotten as soon as Ashley thrust inside her.

Leaning into the brunette’s shoulder, she groaned huskily, and heard a matching sound against the crook of her own neck.

“Shit,” Ashley whispered. “You feel so fucking good.”

All Spencer could do was moan and try to muffle that sound in Ashley. It worked for a while, as the brunette slowly began to move inside her, curling fingers and making Spencer see stars.

She whimpered, clutching at Ashley’s shoulders and shaking. A mouth roughly descended on hers again, kisses sloppy and open. She moaned into Ashley’s tongue, pushing her hips up against the thrusting and squeezing her eyes shut in response.

Ashley broke off the kiss, making Spencer gasp, and then trailed her lips down the blonde’s neck. All the sensations, the duel impression of Ashley’s fingers and mouth, were sending her into a spin that she wasn’t sure she could escape. Her fingernails were now leaving half-moon impressions on Ashley’s skin and, if she rocked any harder, she was going to fall off the basin ledge she was perched on.

Then, Ashley dropped to her knees and Spencer’s eyes slammed open. She could hear a hungry whisper from below, thinking it sounded something like, “Damn, yes,” and then Ashley’s tongue was on her.

“Oh, holy fuck,” she gasped. This hadn’t happened before, and it was good, oh, so damn good. Ashley’s tongue made long sweeps from her entrance, where fingers were still in a slow rhythm, right up to where her pleasure point was. Spencer shuddered, clenching her mouth closed in an effort to be quiet.

It was fast, once Ashley settled into one incredible pace, and Spencer came hard almost immediately. Her thighs clenched down, her whole body shaking, as the incredible pleasure spread out and tingled along every molecule.

She collapsed back against the mirror, panting and trembling as Ashley got to her feet and leaned forward to pull them into an embrace.

“God, you’re good,” Spencer whispered into the brunette’s neck.

Ashley chuckled. “I do try,”

“I…” Spencer stared into those deep chocolate eyes, feeling her insides melt just a little, all over again. “C’mere,” she whispered.

One hand found the back of Ashley’s neck, pulling the brunette in for another kiss. She loved the way that Ashley’s lips parted under her own, allowing her access, another opportunity to taste.

Pushing off the bench she walked them backwards a step and a half, mouth still firmly on Ashley’s, until the brunette hit the wall with a soft “Oof”.

Spencer let her mouth drift off Ashley’s over to her ear. Her hands dropped to the girl’s jeans, undoing the clasp and zip in one swift motion.

“I want to touch you.”

Ashley moaned.

“I’m going to feel how wet you’ve gotten for me,” Spencer continued to whisper. “Then I’m going to fuck your brains out. Okay?”

She loved how Ashley nodded on her shoulder, gasping and clenching at her waist. Spencer brought one hand up to cup a perfect breast before her mouth trailed down to find the nipple hard and waiting. She sucked it into her mouth, nibbling slightly on the rosy tip and loving the response it got. Her hands drifted south, pulling jeans down as her mouth trailed across Ashley’s taut abdomen.

Her knees hit the floor just as her mouth came level with Ashley’s centre. She pulled off the girl’s underwear and moved in, longing for a taste, longing to hear those stifled moans coming out of Ashley’s mouth.

She wasn’t denied. Ashley moved her knee up, giving Spencer all the access she needed to pleasure until finally the brunette came, tightening around Spencer’s fingers and shuddering into her mouth.

She was hauled to her feet, clasped into Ashley’s arms. They stood there, entwined, for quite some time, until the brunette whispered. “We really should get dressed and get back to our seats before someone comes looking for us.”

Spencer nodded. Before reaching down to grab her clothes, she ran a thumb across Ashley’s bottom lip and was rewarded with a kiss for her troubles.

They tiptoed back to their seats, thankful that everyone else seemed either pre-occupied or asleep. As soon as they were safely ensconced, Spencer turned to look at Ashley. The brunette was fiddling with her seatbelt, but looked up soon enough to find bright blue eyes staring at her.


“Uh… you know this doesn’t mean….” Even Spencer didn’t know exactly what she was trying to say.

“I know, Carlin,” Ashley said with a smile. “Just… it’s fine.”

Something about Ashley’s use of her last name didn’t sit exactly right, but it probably fitted with what Spencer had been trying to say.

Oh, well, if nothing else, at least she could sleep now.

She was just drifting off when she felt warm breath on her ear.

“At least you’ve joined the mile high club.”

Yes. She really had. And maybe flying wasn’t so scary now after all.

* * * * *

Next up: Part IV – All Over Me [XXX, NSFW]


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    I do write a lot of smut don’t I…

    I need a life.

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    Jesus, we’re spoiling ’em with updates this week!

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    It just gets better with age, Sez….

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    yessss it worked! i just came on again and there were 3 updates that is such a nice surprise seeing that it is such a crappy day in ri today. thanks dev! and chlom of course

  6. ballgirl10
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    Thanks for spoiling us. It is after all the holiday season!

    I love this story.

  7. Gen
    Posted 18 July 2009 at 12.44pm | Permalink

    Man. Now everytime I read this certain chapter, I think of Britney Spears’s video, Toxic. The plane and the kissing and the tasting of necks and other stuff im not going to say to makee people hot.Again.

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