Ride With Me, Part IV: All Over Me

Previously: Part III – The Mile High Club [XXX, NSFW]

I am so the best beta ever. Because look what I have for you all: even more festive smut! Okay, so it’s not set at Christmas and has no festive connections at all. What’s your point? It’s smut!

Disclaimers: Lynch. MTV. N.
Rating: PWP. Hot. Adult. XXX-rated. Not safe for anywhere. Genuinely, DO NOT READ IN PUBLIC.

* * * * *

Ride With Me IV: All Over Me

Three months. It had been three months since Ashley had last touched her, tasted her, made her feel so damn good it wasn’t funny.

Spencer didn’t get it: how could you sleep with someone three times – three amazing times – and then just not even touch them for three months?

It was insane.

Of course, Spencer could have done something, made the first move, but she just wasn’t sure how to do it. Or, for that matter, whether or not she should do it.

There was still the issue of sleeping with your boss never being a good thing. And then there was the issue that Spencer couldn’t look at another woman now without mentally comparing them to her incredibly sexy boss. And, finally, there were the dreams – the intense, sexual, mind-blowingly good dreams – that ended in Spencer waking up sexually frustrated and unable to get back to sleep.

Her own hand wasn’t doing any good lately, either. Neither was the random girl she’d picked up, most unsatisfyingly, three weekends ago.

God damn it, Ashley had gotten under her skin.

Spencer bit her lip and stared at the clock. It was seven o’clock on a Friday evening and she was still at work. That was lame now, wasn’t it?

Oh, she had had work to do, but then, she always had work to do. There was a never-ending supply of work if she wanted it. But she was on top of all the urgent stuff, and she could go home for the weekend. She could go out, maybe; have a drink; catch up with a friend or something. She could try and find a cure for the Ashley Davies syndrome.

Maybe they’d declare it an official disease one day, or just set up support groups.

Hi, my name is Spencer Carlin and I’m obsessed with Ashley Davies. Ever since she fucked me half to death in an elevator, on my couch and in an aeroplane, I’ve….

There was a thought.

A movement from the office next door caught her eye. Spencer frowned. Ashley had been conspicuously absent from work for the afternoon, although that was not entirely uncommon. Half the time, the brunette would turn up in one of her recording studios at the most insane times, random times, like three in the morning on a Wednesday, and then they’d have a new hit on their hands. In her defense, she never woke anyone else up for these late-night recording sessions, doing all the work herself.

It drove the mastering people crazy because it took so much more work.

So was it Ashley? Or just…

She’d better go check. You never knew who might be in the office.

Spencer opened the adjoining door carefully and peered through the crack.

Ashley was indeed at her desk. In fact, she was sitting in her chair, head down on her folded arms, looking like she was asleep. Except that she’d been walking around a minute or so earlier.

Spencer let the door swing open and leaned against the frame. Things hadn’t been easy for her gorgeous boss of late. The papers had been sold some story about her childhood and it had turned out that it had come from Ashley’s own mother. The only photo ever in print of Ashley was now one of a sullen, angry eight-year-old. The story had been some cry-in-the-bath bullshit about how difficult the musician had always been and how she was cutting Christine Davies out of her life.

Or, as Ashley had so pithily put it, out of her bank account.

It was unfair and, while Ashley was lucky to have an extremely loyal staff and set of friends that rallied around her, Spencer knew it was getting to the brunette. And here was perfect proof in front of her.

“You look like you could use a whisky,” Spencer remarked dryly from the doorway.

Ashley looked up and gave her a wan smile. “I could use the whole bottle, I think.”

“Can I do anything to help?”

“Probably not,” Ashley sighed. There really must be a lot going on in her head if she couldn’t even use the most obvious opportunity to make a pass.

Spencer moved until she was perched delicately on the corner of Ashley’s desk. She let one hand come out to gently stroke across the brunette’s arm.

“Ashley, come on, this is a silly place to be on a Friday night. Let’s go out to dinner or something.” At that moment, Spencer would have done anything to take the girl’s mind away from where it currently sat.

“Not hungry,” Ashley mumbled.

Spencer blew a strand of hair away from her face. Okay, this might take some careful manoeuvring.

Or, you could just seduce her.

Spencer nearly hit her head at the thought.

“Ashley, you can’t just sit here like this.”

“Try me.”

“Hey, hey, it’s really not all that bad.” Spencer winced at her own platitude.

Ashley looked at her, “Carlin, go be crazy somewhere else.”

Spencer chuckled. “Well now, I’m fairly sure you want me right here.”

Ashley raised an eyebrow at her. “Oh really,”

Seduce it was, then.

Spencer trailed her finger up Ashley’s arm again. “Uh-huh, you look like you could use some distracting and, uh… I like to think of myself as a distraction.”

Ashley swallowed.

Spencer shifted sideways, knocking a stapler off the desk and, frankly, not caring. She was still leaning on the side of the desk, just resting, but now in front of the slightly bemused brunette. She let her hands come up until the buttons on her jacket were undone.

“Spencer…” Ashley swallowed again.

“Mmmm?” Spencer smiled, her hands slowly undoing the top button of her shirt.

Ashley’s mouth fell open, as another, and then another, button fell aside. “Oh God.”

Spencer reached her hand out, ceasing her undressing, and cupping Ashley’s face. “It’s okay, Ashley, you can…”

And then she was there, standing between Spencer’s legs, her mouth hot and wanting. Spencer moaned, opening under the onslaught and panting into Ashley’s mouth. A warm tongue pushed in gently, rubbing and tasting, sweeping softly and making Spencer’s heart race. She duelled, tangling her own and angling her head for more.

Hands grasped and clenched, as mouths fused over and over. Spencer could feel Ashley’s fingers smoothly making their way inside her shirt, in across her skin, creating trails of sensation and fire. Spencer threaded her fingers through Ashley’s hair and pulled her in close.

‘At least she’s distracted’ was Spencer’s last coherent thought before want and need overcame her.

Ashley was suddenly everywhere, and even Spencer was a bit taken aback by the brunette’s sudden burst of energy. Not that she minded – she was right there with her – but Ashley, who had taken her by surprise so many times, was suddenly very, very determined.

Strong hands ran up her skirt, along Spencer’s smooth stocking-covered legs, until they found bare skin above. Spencer heard and felt the vibrations of Ashley’s moan against her mouth, and then murmured her own mumblings back as hands cupped her ass.

Then she was being lifted, placed more firmly on the desk, as Ashley stepped even closer into the circle of her legs. Spencer wrapped them around the brunette’s waist and pulled her in.

“Please,” she groaned, feeling her boss’s mouth trail delicately down her neck towards her collar bone. “I want you so much.”

“God, yes,” Ashley moaned back. “Fuck, do you know how many times I’ve dreamed of this? Taking you here, like this, on my desk?”

Spencer’s head flamed with the vision and desire. A strangled gasp was cut off by Ashley’s mouth making its way back to her own. Ashley’s hands were fumbling with her skirt, pulling down the zipper and shuffling until it was off.

And then Ashley’s hands were full of breasts, cupping, kissing through the black lace bra Spencer had on. Spencer’s head reeled. She’d almost expected to be in charge on this one, not taken all over again. She loved being taken by Ashley, revelled in it, and it always made her head spin, but it was a tad unexpected.

She cupped the back of the brunette’s head, pulling her closer, loving the feel of Ashley’s warmth on her skin.

Ashley’s hands skimmed down, finding the suspenders holding up her stockings and letting out a choked cry. The brunette pulled back slightly, her eyes burning with desire as they swept over the blonde laid out in front of her.

Spencer was, by this point in time, leaning back on the desk, her legs still dangling off the edge, slightly parted. Her jacket had made it to the floor, but her blue blouse was still there. It was fully undone now and parted, showing off her black lace bra, the black lace bra that so perfectly matched the panties and suspenders she also wore. As Ashley’s eyes grazed over her skin, Spencer felt it flush.

“Jesus, Spencer, you’re enough to make someone lose consciousness,” Ashley swallowed again.

“Don’t faint on me.” Spencer smiled.

“Hell, no.” Ashley ran her hands up the outside of Spencer’s thighs, rubbing her thumbs across the bare skin at the top, before leaning down to snare almost bruised lips in a quick kiss. “No fainting, just fucking.”

Spencer felt her own quick intake of air before Ashley’s hands came up, running over her hips and under her blouse until it was lifted off and thrown across the room.

Spencer fell back against the desk. Ashley was up on her knees now, perched over her. The brunette was running her tongue down Spencer’s neck, across a collarbone and swell of a breast to suckle one nipple through the rough lace covering.

Spencer whimpered, her hips twitching in response. A hand came down again, sliding to her hip, and then across to cup her warm centre.

“Oh, fuck, you’re wet,” Ashley groaned. Spencer’s head fell back as lazy circles pressed in, heightening her arousal.

Moments, mere moments later, she was so out of control she was thrashing, arching her hips into the touch and her neck into Ashley’s mouth. Another piece of stationary went flying, and they didn’t care. Ashley was panting now, her fingers rubbing harder and harder.

Spencer was vocally incoherent, but expressive. She wanted so much but her head and tongue wouldn’t form words. Ashley seemed to understand anyway, her fingers now briefly leaving the blonde bereft before sliding under the side of her underwear and rubbing through wet folds.

She stroked more purposefully, making Spencer groan, and then pulled away. It took some few seconds, but then she realised that Ashley had unclipped her suspenders and shed the attached underwear faster than lightening. She backed off the desk, dropping to her knees and pulling Spencer back until her hips were on the edge.

Here she sat, tousled and panting, in nothing but her bra and stockings, legs spread, wet and waiting, with her boss between her knees. She looked down at Ashley who was staring at her centre hungrily. And then that magical tongue was on her, tasting, exploring and teasing, but ever pushing her higher and higher.

Before she could ask, one, then two fingers pushed into her.

Spencer let one hand grip the side of the desk before the other clenched gently in Ashley’s hair.

A third finger was added, filling her so much that her eyes flew open and she gasped. She was wet enough to take it, and probably more, but it was definitely more than she was used to. And yet, as Ashley began to thrust again, Spencer thought her eyes might roll back in her head. It was so damn good.

God almighty, it was good.

She panted, whining and moaning as her climax approached. Her clenching hand became less gentle, involuntarily, as the horizon appeared.

And then she came, hard and loud, pushing down with her hips and crying out into the empty office space.

She fell back, her hand on her forehead, feeling the sweat there.

Her whole body was weak now, still shaking as Ashley stood up.

Spencer swallowed, trying to regain some control over her trembling body and completely muddled thoughts.

“Hey, whoa, are you okay?” Ashley’s concerned voice found her ear.

Weakly, Spencer got to her elbows, and then to a sitting position, aware of how very disrobed she was. “Uh-huh…just give me…a second.”

Ashley grinned. “Take your time. I’ve got a nice view here.”

Halfheartedly, Spencer swatted her. She did appreciate Ashley, despite the wicked smile, finding her clothes and helping her back into them.

“Shit,” Spencer said, once she was dressed and standing, albeit shakily.

“Mmmm.” Ashley pressed a kiss into her hair. “You, girl, are the best distraction I’ve ever had.”

“Glad to be of use,” Spencer smiled. She was leaning into Ashley’s shoulder for a bit of support. It felt good there. They stood, not saying much, but just pressed against each other. Spencer’s brain finally sorted itself out and she realised that she hadn’t returned the favour.

Another thought came to mind, and she voiced it. “Ash?”


“Take me back to your place.”

Ashley pulled back and looked at her, brown eyes serious. “Really?”

Spencer nodded.

Ashley smiled. “I’m sorry, what were we waiting for?” She feigned impatience.

Spencer raised an eyebrow and then reached down to pick up the one piece of clothing Ashley hadn’t returned to her: her underwear.

“I just needed to grab these and my bag.” She gave the brunette a wicked grin. “I won’t need to be wearing them on the drive home, will I?”

Leaving Ashley gobsmacked, she walked into her office to retrieve her things.

* * * * *

Next up: Part V – Rocking Ashley’s World [XXX, NSFW]


  1. peanut
    Posted 19 December 2008 at 4.57pm | Permalink

    No fainting, just fucking.
    Best line ever!!!

  2. Heart-san
    Posted 20 December 2008 at 7.05am | Permalink


    *picks jaw off desk*

    *wipes drool*

    That was hot.

  3. Serenity6982
    Posted 20 December 2008 at 5.28pm | Permalink

    omg i love this story, i think it has a plot too it’s not alll smut lol. please keep posting so much it is such a nice surprise! the stories i mean are the surprise and not that you’ve posted at all :o)

  4. Payne N. Uranus
    Posted 20 December 2008 at 5.40pm | Permalink

    Yeah, this story NEVER gets old…

    I love all the soft, warm moments you squeeze in. Like here:

    “Glad to be of use,” Spencer smiled. She was leaning into Ashley’s shoulder for a bit of support. It felt good there.

    It just makes me sigh like a romantic fool that…is…foolish. Yeah….

    Thank you, Dev! *hugs* Thank you, Clom! *hugs*

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