Ride With Me, Part V: Rocking Ashley’s World

Previously: Part IV – All Over Me [XXX, NSFW]

This one has… extras. Packs, you’re definitely gonna blush.

Disclaimers: Lynch. MTV. N.
Rating: PWP. Hot. Adult. XXX-rated. Not safe for anywhere. Genuinely, DO NOT READ IN PUBLIC.

* * * * *

Ride With Me V: Rocking Ashley’s World

Spencer buckled her seatbelt and looked at Ashley, who was openly staring with her mouth agape.


The brunette leaned across the central console of the convertible and pulled Spencer into an open-mouthed, hot-as-hell, tongue-clashing, lip-smacking, incredible kiss, one that had her nearly melting on the spot.

When she got some of her breath back, she stared at the brunette.

“I don’t mind if you do that again, but it might make driving a little hard.”

“I’m not sure I can wait till we get home,” Ashley grinned.

Spencer brought Ashley’s hand over and ran it up the inside of her creamy white thigh until it reached the juncture – the completely panty-less juncture – of her …

Ashley gasped.

“You can wait. Because, when you get home, you get this,” Spencer purred.

She watched Ashley swallow, then sit back in her seat, swallow again, and turn the key in the ignition. As the car roared to life, the brunette winked, smiled and said, “You’re dangerous, Carlin. I hope you know that.”

Spencer just smiled knowingly.

The car trip was mostly uneventful, apart from one wonderful moment at some traffic lights where Spencer slid her hand down between Ashley’s thigh, pressed up, and whispered in her ear, “God, I want you to get me home so you can fuck my brains out again…”

That caused a near accident and some speeding after Ashley’s foot slipped a little. But, on the whole, Spencer thought the whole voyage went rather smoothly. She was surprised at her own behaviour. She was acting like… like… like some kind of sex maniac. She’d never whispered these things to someone before, never egged them on, never prayed for them to take advantage of the situation. But she wanted Ashley and, for now, the sad look that had been plastered across her boss’s face had disappeared under a radiance of happiness and lust. Spencer was just fine with that.

It seemed like less than a second after pulling into Ashley’s underground parking spot that the brunette had unclipped both of their seat belts and was halfway across the car, lips hot and wanting on Spencer’s.

They fumbled, Ashley’s hands wandering everywhere. Spencer tried to get her thoughts into some kind of coherent order, but it was hard when the sexiest woman alive was kissing an urgent line from your jaw to your ear and making rainbows explode in your vision.

It was hard enough to think without fingers trailing up the inside of your leg, finding you warm and wet and wanting.

Spencer couldn’t help it: the sight of Ashley was enough to arouse her at the best of times, but she was already on edge. Her earlier orgasm and the knowledge that they were going back to Ashley’s to – most likely – fuck all night were enough to make her wet.

And then…

Oh, God, Ashley was inside her already. She was wet and willing and those fingers were deep inside her. Oh hell, she knew all the right spots, just the ways to build her quick and hard.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, thrusting her hips against the invasion, gasping when Ashley’s thumb came up to brush on her clitoris. “Ashley, stop,”

“You don’t want me to stop,” the brunette whispered urgently in her ear. “I can feel how much you really don’t want me to stop.”

“Oh God, not here,” Spencer moaned, unable to stop her hips jerking in reaction. “Take me upstairs.”

“I want to take you everywhere,” Ashley grinned, but she did still her fingers. She slowly withdrew them, leaving Spencer feeling bereft and completely fuzzy. “Come upstairs.”

Why was it that everything Ashley said could be taken in the smuttiest of ways?

The elevator ride didn’t make things any easier. The fact that Ashley had her pressed up against the side while her mouth went from ravaging Spencer’s neck to kissing her so hard she thought she’d pass out didn’t really make Spencer’s desire wane. In the brunette’s defence, her hands stayed strictly PG. Well, maybe R. But they didn’t drift too far. That was, until Ashley typed the key code into the pad in the elevator, turned a key and basically dragged Spencer into her apartment and her arms.

The magnificence of the view, and the apartment itself, was lost on Spencer, mostly because she was now staring deeply into chocolate-brown eyes filled with desire. Funnily enough, of all the things Ashley could have done to dampen the rampant hormones raging through her body, staring at her with desire didn’t seem like the likely candidate. But it was enough for Spencer to be overcome with an urge to make the brunette scream with pleasure, and therefore allay her own.

As Ashley’s hands drifted slowly down her body, scraping nails down thighs, Spencer surprised them both by stopping her at the wrists.

“Take me to the bedroom,” she whispered in Ashley’s ear. The brunette nodded, offering to take Spencer’s coat. Spencer just shook her head. “Take me to your -”

Ashley’s mouth cut her off in a searing kiss as she was walked slowly to the other room. Dropping her things by the side of the bed, Spencer took Ashley’s face in her hands and kissed her, surprisingly softly.

She pushed the brunette back on the bed, watching her bounce gently once, and then crawled up over her, one knee between Ashley’s. She hovered over the girl, taking in the heavily breathing form beneath her.

“God, you’re so damn sexy,” she exhaled, running a hand down Ashley’s side. “Let me touch you. Let me help you forget your own name…”

“Sorry,” Ashley moaned… “Who am I again?”

Spencer chuckled, leaning down to kiss Ashley’s neck gently. She moved her lips up and down, getting harder and harder as she let her mouth ravage. The brunette moaned under her, writhing a little.

Spencer let her hands make quick work of buttons, shedding her boss’s clothing piece-by-piece. Her mouth trailed over skin, nipping and sucking, until it reached one perfectly rose-coloured nipple. She drew it into the warm cavern of her mouth, running her tongue over it and exulting in the gasp that gave way. She suckled harder, loving the feel of Ashley bucking under her.

“God, please, please touch me. I don’t think I can wait much longer.” Ashley’s words spurred her on. They had all night. They could do this over and over, so why wait?

‘Because you want to make this long, hard and good,’ her brain responded. She had definite plans for this evening and the question really was could she wait, nevermind Ashley?

She slid her hands down to the only piece of clothing left on the brunette, her underwear. Running her hands over the white cotton boy briefs, she cupped Ashley’s warmth, groaning at the sodden wet material beneath her hand.

Unable to wait, she tucked her fingers under the edge and ran one digit through into wet folds. Ashley bucked beneath her, and Spencer pushed harder, separating and teasing. Using her other hand to rid the last piece of clothing off the brunette, she continued to tease, letting her mouth drift back to Ashley’s perfect breasts.

Despite the moaning, Ashley still managed to lift her hands, trying to peel Spencer’s clothes off.

“I want… to feel you… against me…” she panted.

Spencer helped her, shedding her work clothes. She got down to her suspenders and stockings and found Ashley’s hand halting her wrists. “No, leave them on.”

Spencer grinned, and lowered her body to the brunette’s, allowing their skin to touch for the first time. Oh God, it felt so damn good.

Suddenly all the urgency was back, their bodies rolling and moulding together. Spencer let her hand drift down again, so that her fingers were rifling through damp curls. She turned them again, so she was on top, levering herself up on her knees to linger over Ashley.

There was an incredible moment when she was staring straight into the brunette’s eyes as her fingers slid surely, and deeply home.

Ashley moaned, hard. “Oh, fuck.”

Spencer began to move, slow and steady, never increasing her pace. She kept her thumb away from Ashley’s hard nub of nerves. While she intended on making Ashley come harder than ever before, ‘not yet’ was the order of the day.

Ashley was getting wetter and wetter. It was one of the sexiest things that Spencer had ever felt in her entire life, and entirely necessary, given Spencer’s next intention.

She shuffled back a bit, until she was perched on the edge of the bed. Tugging on Ashley’s hips, she brought the girl with her. With her fingers still plunging, she leaned down precariously and snared her purse, bringing it up on the bed with them.

What had possessed her to make the purchase, she had no idea. It was probably the insane level of horniness that Ashley had been causing in her. Still, that one lunchtime mail-drop trip she’d made straight past the… lesbian… sex… shop…

What had enticed her into the store had been the thought of Ashley in the corset in the window. But, still, she couldn’t account for buying what she bought.

And now… she was very glad that she had, because although she’d never used her new vibrator, the idea of using it now, here, was too exhilarating to stop.

Snaring the toy out of her bag, she opened the box and watched Ashley’s eyes widen. She had to stop her fingers moving then, making the brunette moan in frustration.

“Spencer… What…”

“Trust me?” the blonde asked.

Ashley swallowed and nodded.

“I won’t hurt you,” Spencer whispered promisingly.

She quickly used the lube and then brought the toy between them. She hoped this wouldn’t be too fumbling. She heard Ashley hiss and stopped.

“No, don’t stop,” Ashley whispered. “It was just… cold.”

“Oh,” Spencer moved forward a little. “It’ll warm up.”

It was an experience, to say the least, watching as she slowly pushed the entire thick length of the vibrator inside Ashley. Spencer was slow, careful, not wanting to hurt the girl, but the guttural moan that was torn from within the brunette nearly made her faint.

She flicked the end, turning on the vibrations to a low buzz. It pulled more moans out of Ashley, spurring her on.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” poured out of the brunette’s mouth.

Spencer shuffled forward again until the butt of the vibrator was pressed up against her thigh. Using her leg to slowly thrust in and out of Ashley, she let her mouth descend, swallowing all kinds of sexy sounds.

Her thigh inadvertently kicked up the tempo, making Ashley thrust back and forth. They moved, sensuously, sinuously together, an absolute symphony of love and lust. Spencer’s hand slid between them, finding Ashley’s clitoris and stroking across it.

Slowly but surely, the tension built until Ashley arched off the bed like a bowstring, screaming Spencer’s name and shuddering hard.

As they collapsed together, panting and whimpering, Spencer let her knee slide aside and then slowly withdrew the toy. She tossed it aside, to return to lying full-length on Ashley. Pressing her forehead down into the brunette’s, she enjoyed the feel of lean arms and legs wrapping around her as they stilled.

“Oh God, that was incredible,” Ashley finally said.

“So glad to be of service,” Spencer grinned.

Ashley rolled her sideways so she was leaning over the blonde. “Service? Oh really?”

“Uh-huh,” Spencer said, her voice rising an octave or two at the feel of Ashley pressed into her.

“Well, if it’s a service,” Ashley leaned down, planting a soft kiss on Spencer’s lips, “then I guess I’d better pay.”

“Pay?” It was almost a squeak.

“Oh, in the sexiest way,” Ashley grinned, and pulled Spencer in.

That sounded just fine.

* * * * *

Next up: Part VI – We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday [XXX, NSFW]


  1. clomle4
    Posted 20 December 2008 at 1.30pm | Permalink

    this again.

    I’m really REALLY starting to regret it.

  2. peanut
    Posted 20 December 2008 at 4.30pm | Permalink

    Clommy, I just don’t get it.
    Why would you regret something that is just too good for words?

  3. Payne N. Uranus
    Posted 20 December 2008 at 5.15pm | Permalink

    Meeee gustaaaaa….

    *sighs in bliss and continues reading again..and again..and again…*

  4. lilcam2525
    Posted 20 December 2008 at 6.23pm | Permalink

    I love it how my brain completely stops functioning while reading and 20 minutes after.

    I will be rereading this all day today.

  5. iocaste
    Posted 20 December 2008 at 6.47pm | Permalink

    that was freakin hot!

  6. Posted 21 December 2008 at 1.36am | Permalink

    OH NO!!!! Sez dont never reget this one the fic is still hot as hell :)and its a pleasure to read again

  7. Gilmar
    Posted 21 December 2008 at 2.52am | Permalink

    Dude why would you regret this?

  8. Heart-san
    Posted 21 December 2008 at 6.37am | Permalink

    *Sighs in bliss*

    *Reads again*

    Why on earth would you regret this hot ass story?

  9. mentalpiracy
    Posted 24 December 2008 at 6.27am | Permalink



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