Ride With Me, Part VI: We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

Previously: Part V – Rocking Ashley’s World [XXX, NSFW]

An editor writes: This is the final part and this is – by far – the porniest thing on this site. To date, anyway. Cliff was never like this, Sezje…

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Rating: PWP. Hot. Adult. XXX-rated. Not safe for anywhere. Genuinely, DO NOT READ IN PUBLIC.

* * * * *

Ride With Me VI: We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

Spencer flicked her sunglasses to her head and watched the brunette sit on the pool lounger next to her.

There was something about the way that the girl was slowly rubbing sun lotion into her incredible tanned skin that made Spencer’s mouth go dry and took some of her breath away.

“Enjoying the view?” Ashley smirked.

Spencer put her sunglasses back on and laid back. Her own black-and-pink bikini showed off her much whiter skin perfectly, not to mention the slight curve of her stomach, her long, slender legs and perfect complexion. “You wish, Davies.”

“Mmm, not saying I’m not.”

“Probably a good thing,” Spencer smiled, staring up at the sky through her tinted lenses. “There’s not a lot to see on this lovely secluded beach.”

“Ah, well that’s the joy of a private lagoon,” Ashley said, lying back on her own lounger, a foot or so away from Spencer. “Nothing to look at but the incredible blue ocean, the cloudless sky, and that lovely bungalow over there.”

“And the incredibly hot woman on the banana lounge next to you.”

“Where?” Ashley sat up. “Hot woman? Where?”

Spencer slapped her arm lightly. “Not doing yourself any favours.”

“Mmm, okay, I’ll grant you that one.” The brunette’s eyes raked up and down the other girl’s relaxed form. “You really are the best sight around here. Not to mention – and have I mentioned? – unbelievably hot in that bikini.”

“You may have said it once or twice.” Spencer’s grin grew wider. “I could stand to hear it again.”

“Oh really?” Ashley sat up. “You’re just pimping for compliments…”

“Not hearing any,” Spencer replied in a sing-song voice.

And then suddenly Ashley wasn’t on her own lounger any more. She was sitting on the side of Spencer’s, and leaning over, her tanned arms on either side of the blonde. “I can make you hear lots of things that will please you.” Ashley grinned. “I can make you SAY lots of things that will show I please you…”

Spencer pulled her sunglasses off and dropped them to the side of the lounger, the dull clatter of them echoing off the concrete. “This is turning out to be a great holiday. Did I thank you for bringing me?” She threaded the fingers of one hand through Ashley’s soft curls.

“Once or twice,” Ashley murmured gently. “But I could stand some more.”

Spencer got off one more smile before her lips melded with Ashley’s. Their lips moved over each other, softly at first, and then more insistently. Ashley shifted her position so that she was lying against Spencer in the chair, propped up on her elbows. Spencer’s hands began roaming over the warm, tanned body on hers.

It was so good this, being with Ashley.

They hadn’t been apart much, since that incredible night they’d rocked each other’s worlds for hours on end. Somehow, the on-again, off-again nature of their relationship had switched pretty much to on again… permanently.

There were very few nights that Spencer wasn’t in Ashley’s bed. Despite most of their days being spent together at work, they were seemingly happy to also spend all night together, frequently making love for hours and hours. Oh God, Spencer’s world had exploded in an amazing amount of sex and warmth and, funnily enough, good company.

Okay, okay, she had feelings for Ashley, strong feelings for her boss that somehow refused to die down. On the other hand, she was fairly sure she was just a regular fuck for Ashley. The brunette didn’t do relationships, didn’t do commitment. They hadn’t talked about the nature of their relationship. In fact, they avoided most serious conversations all together. They could laugh with each other, have fun. They’d gone to the zoo, to museums, had awesome times with each other. They’d also spent countless hours having fast, slow, hot, wet, incredible sex.

Like they were about to now.

Ashley’s tongue was dipping between Spencer’s lips and making the blonde quiver. She knew all the tricks now, exactly how to get the blonde hot and bothered fast. Not that it always made the whole scenario go fast, but, Jesus, she knew what to do.

The way her hot tongue tasted Spencer’s, the way it slid across the blonde’s lips, tantalizing and teasing…

“Oh God,” Spencer whimpered.

Ashley’s form was pushing into her. She wrapped her arms around the brunette and held her close, returning the frantic kiss equally. A slender knee pressed between her own, only parted from her skin by the briefest of swimsuits. She whimpered, grinding up against the pressure and gaining some brief release.

She slid her hands down Ashley’s sides, relishing in the silken feel of the skin under her finger tips.

“Spencer. God.” Ashley’s mouth broke off from her own, trailing hot wet kisses down the blonde’s neck. “I want you. God, how I want you. You make me so hot, so fast.”

Spencer panted. Ashley’s words swirled in her head and she felt their effect down low.

Pushing her knee up until the brunette was straddling it, Spencer’s hands grasped Ashley’s hips and began to rock them. Soon enough, the girl had found a rhythm of her own, grinding on Spencer’s thigh and biting one delicate lower lip between her teeth.

Slowly but surely, her eyes on the girl above her, Spencer slid one hand around until it was against taut abs.

God, Ashley was sexy like this: a little bit abandoned, in thrall, all over Spencer. And, right now, the fact that she was really ALL over Spencer was just adding to the pleasure. The blonde had to feel this now. She slid her hand down and manoeuvred it between swimsuit and skin. Dropping her thigh away to a strangled groan, she let her fingers slide down, replacing the pressure with skillful movements.

“Fuck!” Ashley’s strangled voice cried out. Her hands gripped the lounger’s armrests, pushing herself into her knees. Leaning over the blonde, her hips moved jerkingly to the circular motions that hovered over her clitoris. “Oh fuck yes….”

Spencer dipped lower, to the opening of Ashley’s tight channel. “I want to be inside you,” she whispered in Ashley’s ear, sitting up a little so that they were close. “I want to feel how much I can fill you.”

“Oh yes…” the brunette hissed. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard now!”

Spencer grinned, but complied. She slowly slid two fingers into Ashley’s waiting warmth and let her thumb come up to brush against the swollen nub of nerves at the centre of Ashley’s being.

She thrust, finding a rhythm that suited them both. Lying back again, she used her other hand to keep up pressure on the brunette’s clit. Really, Ashley was doing half the work, riding Spencer’s hand. Spencer added another finger, and loved how the brunette got more frantic, harder and faster although almost less purposeful in her need.

Spencer helped her out, thrusting up and circling, loving Ashley’s strangled cries over her. “That’s it, baby, come for me. God, Ashley, you’re so fucking sexy when you come. I want you to come around my hand, squeeze my fingers as you do it… God, Ash, do it, please…”

Her words were a constant litany, pushing the brunette higher.

And then, with an exultant shout of Spencer’s name, Ashley came apart over her. Shuddering, she collapsed on top of the blonde, twitching. Spencer had to withdraw her fingers quickly, before her wrist broke.

She wrapped her arms around the girl on top of her and kissed an available ear. “God, you’re so sexy when you come.”

Ashley mumbled something unintelligible. Then she propped herself up on her elbows. “You’re good at that… so damn good.”

Spencer grinned and stole a kiss. “I like this holiday.”

“Yeah. Me, too.” The brunette stood up, wincing slightly. She held out a hand to the blonde who was pouting. “Come on, you. Inside.”

“Inside?” Spencer said quizzically. “What…”

“It is SO shower time.”

“Oh,” a slow grin spread, “I can handle shower time.”

They got to the bungalow, and Spencer headed towards the shower with a knowing smile. About halfway there, she found herself walking all alone.


“Right behind you, babe. Just get started without me.”

Spencer rolled her eyes but continued on to the bathroom. It was luxurious, like the rest of the bungalow. When Ashley had told her they were going to Tahiti, Spencer had initially assumed it was for business purposes. When they’d arrived, at their private bungalow that was only attached by a walkway to the main resort, the truth had dawned.

A holiday, just the two of them, alone on a tropical island with nothing to do but swim, sun bathe and… make each other very happy. Spencer hadn’t been able to wipe the grin off her face since they’d arrived.

She entered the bathroom, luxurious as the rest of the cabin, with its spa and incredibly large shower, the shower with the seated recesses that were about to come very much in handy. Spencer’s smile widened.

The spray was warm and welcome. It didn’t do much for the continuing ache between her legs but Ashley should be here soon and then… hopefully, there would be much done about said ache.

And, just on cue, warm hands slid around behind her. Spencer closed her eyes, and moaned when Ashley’s soaped up hands slid across her body. She let the brunette wash her, as the heat rose inside. After some time, her own hands felt the need for some warm, sultry flesh below their finger tips.

Spencer reached behind her, rubbing her fingers along Ashley’s thighs until she reached the strange, new leather strap that wasn’t normally there.

Spencer’s eyes flew open, as her hands explored further. She spun around, looking down.


“What? We’ve used one before.” The brunette moved forward and pressed into Spencer, whose eyes rolled back in her head.

“I don’t,” Spencer gasped, “think it was that big…”

“No, this was a surprise present for you.” Ashley’s mouth dipped down, her tongue darting out to run a line from the crook of Spencer’s shoulder up to behind her ear. “I can take it off if you like.”

“Mmm, play first,” Spencer purred.

Their mouths crashed together, kissing with an intensity that only drove Spencer crazier. She pulled Ashley close, trying to get the rather large appendage to rub in the right spot. But Ashley wasn’t complying, wasn’t helping.

“Fuck, Ashley, please,” the blonde moaned, rubbing her hips forward. “You know what I want…”

“Yeah,” Ashley whispered hotly in her ear. “I know what you want. You want it slow and hard. You want it so deep inside you that all you can feel is me… thrusting… You want it to make you scream.”

“Oh… hell…” Spencer’s hips moved faster, but there was no relief there. She was thinking about begging when Ashley’s hands drifted down to her hips, and, in a move that was 100% surprising, flipped her around.

“I want you to say please…” Ashley whispered. “I love to hear that you want it…”

“Please,” Spencer moaned obligingly. One of Ashley’s hands was around her thigh, tantalisingly playing with the crease of Spencer’s leg, drifting down oh-so-close to her warm wet centre.

It pulled away, leaving Spencer to gasp with frustration before hands drifted to her hips again.

“Put your hands on the wall,” Ashley groaned. “Please.”

Spencer complied. Ashley pulled the blonde’s hips back and then spread her legs. If she hadn’t been so incredibly turned on, Spencer might have considered that this position would have worked well with smutty little police uniforms but all thoughts were banished as she felt the head of the dildo against her. It was thoroughly lubricated. Ashley didn’t want to hurt her, not that Spencer wasn’t wet enough anyway. She could feel Ashley’s hand guiding it, as the incredibly large piece made an incredibly tight fit.

A guttural moan was forced out of her.

“Are you okay?” Ashley asked breathlessly. Spencer loved the concern. Even now, as the brunette was about to fuck her living brains out, she was still caring. She nodded, pushing her hips back and moaning again as the full length of the strap-on made it inside and she felt Ashley’s skin against her ass.

Strong hands gripped her hips, as a small withdrawl was followed by a gentle thrust back inside.

Spencer gasped. Intensity like this, she’d never known.

Slowly, but surely, Ashley began to fuck her. Slow and strong at first but as Spencer’s cries and demands became more vocal, harder and slightly faster.

Spencer’s world was spinning. Her fingers scrambled for purchase on the tile wall as she became less able to stand. Every thrust was driving all she knew about herself and sex way, way into the distance.

“Ashley,” she moaned softly, desperately.

The panting brunette behind her withdrew gently, leaving Spencer feeling oddly bereft and needy. Ashley spun her around.

“Wrap your legs around me…”

“Oh God, Ashley, I’m too heavy.”

Ashley’s hands ran down the slender form in front of her. “You’re not, but it’s okay. You’ll be up against the wall.”

Spencer swallowed and spread her legs. Ashley eased the strap-on back inside her and the blonde’s head rolled back, gasps coming out as the full length thrust slowly inside. Ashley’s strong hands guided her thighs, and somehow she ended up pressed against the tile. The warm water was still cascading down them both, Spencer’s legs wrapped around Ashley’s waist as the brunette began to push in and out again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Spencer moaned.

“Shit,” Ashley said, her head falling forward as she thrust. “Oh God, this is…”

“Uhhhhhh” Spencer was incoherent, her head lolling from side to side. “Oh God… don’t… stop…”

Stop? Hell, no!

Pushing Spencer harder against the wall to support them both, Ashley slid a hand between their undulating bodies and found Spencer’s clitoris. She rubbed, harder and harder, exulting in Spencer’s hoarse cries.

Spencer’s world was closing in fast. She could feel her orgasm approaching at the speed of sound and she had never felt anything like this in her entire life. Never. And she’d fucked Ashley a lot.

She managed one, “Oh GOD!” before it hit.

And through the incredible bliss that washed over her again and again, and the not-so-subtle roaring in her ears, she could hear just one thing.

“Oh, Spencer, fuck, I love you…”

The tremors slowly died as the thrusts got smaller… and they stilled, together.

The appendage slid out, and Spencer’s fingers scrambled to find the catch. She tore off the harness and threw it out of the shower. Their bodies found the floor, Ashley on her knees and Spencer’s legs still wrapped around the brunette’s waist.

“Oh God,” the blonde moaned. “Oh, holy God.”

Ashley’s mouth was on her ear, warm. Small, wet kisses pressed to the side of her head. And those words were still echoing around the bathroom. Spencer’s eyes opened. Oh yeah, she’d heard them.

Ashley had said those amazing, three words. Ashley had said “I love you.”

Did that mean she had to say it too? Jesus, did she even feel it too?

“Ashley,” she whispered softly.


“Take me to the bed.”

Ashley’s eyes grew wide, possibly wider than Spencer had ever seen before. “Again?” she asked, amazement echoing in her voice.

Spencer chuckled. “Maybe when I’m not so half-dead, but, no, I want you to hold me.”


Spencer’s knees wobbled as they stood. Ashley, just full of surprises today, dried the blonde off. Spencer tried to help but was gently shushed away.

They landed on the bed, Spencer still shaking, and Ashley enfolded her in warm arms.

After long moments, which involved gentle stroking of Spencer’s shoulder and Ashley’s abs, Spencer spoke.

“Did you mean it?”

“Mean what?” Ashley pressed another kiss to Spencer’s hairline. God, how the blonde loved this tender Ashley.

“What you said… that you loved me.”

Ashley’s hand stilled. She moved from where she was lying, with Spencer’s head on her shoulder, to prop up on one elbow, looking down at the blonde. Her hand traced a line across Spencer’s lips.

“Yeah, I did.”


“Does that scare you?”

“Not scare.” Spencer laced her fingers through Ashley’s, bringing their hands between their bodies. “Surprises me a little.”

“Well, yeah, me too,” Ashley chuckled. “It’s pretty much a new feeling for me. But, yes, I love you.”


Ashley chuckled again. “Is it that weird?”

“I just… I thought you were playing and…”

Ashley pulled away. “Playing? I spend three months with no-one but you and I was playing?”

Oh shit, the brunette looked angry. “Ashley, no, I didn’t mean…” Spencer reached out to stop the girl from leaving, hauling her back into bed and rolling on top to pin her down. “Don’t be an ass, you know I didn’t mean that.”

“Oh really…” Ashley looked down. “Carlin, you’re totally topping me.”

“Uh-huh… and you love it.”

“I do,” Ashley smirked, the tension filtering away.

“And you love me.”

Ashley stiffened slightly. “I do.”

“I love you too…” Spencer drew a line across Ashley’s jaw. “Just so you know.”

“You’re just saying that…”

“Actually not.” Spencer smiled. “I mean it with every word.”

“Oh,” Ashley grinned, blushed – which Spencer had never seen before – and then pulled Spencer’s head down to move their lips together.

Despite having just had the entire life fucked out of her, after five minutes of long kissing with Ashley, Spencer wanted her again. She probably wouldn’t be able to do much more than vanilla but, Jesus, did she ever want her.

“Spencer,” Ashley gasped as the blonde’s thigh slipped between hers. “Oh, God, honey, I’m so close you have no idea.”

“Already?” Spencer gasped, whimpering as Ashley’s hand found her breast, goading one nipple into full hardness and making it ache.

“God, do you know what you did to me in the shower?” Ashley moaned. “Fucking you like that… it made me so hot, so ready…”

“Oh,” Spencer smiled. “Let me help you with that.”

She began to kiss her way down Ashley’s neck, her hand drifting lower and finding the brunette very wet. “Fuck,” she said against Ashley’s pulse point, biting down slightly. The response was for the girl beneath her to buck and groan.

As Spencer’s lips found a nipple and suckled, Ashley bucked again. “Please, please…”

Spencer smiled and let her lips drift lower, only to stop when Ashley’s hands halted her. “What?”

“Turn around,” Ashley whispered hoarsely.


“Please… Spencer… turn around, I wanna taste you.”

Oh God. “Oh God!” Spencer scrambled, almost falling sideways off Ashley until those strong, strong hands guided her in the right direction. She could smell Ashley’s arousal from here, and it was hard not to respond.

Spencer dipped her head down, Ashley’s legs spreading beneath her. The blonde’s tongue darted out and found Ashley’s hard, wet clitoris. Hips jerked into her. And then her own mirrored the move, as she felt warm breath and then a tongue against her own swollen, tender nub.

It really didn’t take much, they were both so close to the edge but the twin sensations of tongues moving sinuously together was incredible.

Ashley’s hips began to jerk more erratically, and Spencer knew immediately when she was close because the brunette couldn’t keep up and her head fell away. Spencer concentrated on Ashley, which was easier now that she wasn’t being tongued.

Within moments the brunette was gasping and crying out under her ministrations, coming apart with tongue and hands. Spencer moved to get off Ashley, turn around, when hands grasped her hips. A tongue thrust into her, licking deeply, and then sliding forward to rub across her pleasure point. Spencer gasped. Moments later, she too was shuddering her climax. Barely able, she moved around until she was lying the same way as Ashley and collapsed on top.

Together they let their breathing slow.

“Are you okay?” Ashley asked, stroking across Spencer’s brow.

“I think you killed me,” the blonde said softly, burying her head in Ashley’s shoulder. “Oh wow…”

“I think I can handle that. So long as you come back to life.”

Spencer rubbed her hand across Ashley’s abdomen. “Mmm, give me a few hours or so and it’s a deal.”

“I love you,” Ashley whispered again, in to the top of Spencer’s hair.

“Mmm, I love you too,” murmured the blonde sleepily. “I love you, too.”

* * * * *



  1. Sunnymuffins
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    Ohhhh yes.

    Ohhhhhhhhhh yes.

    Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

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    This fic will never get old! Thank you clom!

  3. peanut
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    See! Muff even had an orgasm while reading this chapter!

    Now that is how good smut is written!
    And don’t you dare to regret this fic ever again!!!

  4. Ashley99
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    just great. Can’t wait for part 7 :)

  5. waki
    Posted 1 October 2011 at 3.58pm | Permalink

    I love the smut but I have to admit I like the plot better. It says the end nonetheless I still hope for this to be a longer fic. Thanks

  6. caissa
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    my comment may seem bit (too) late but can you (Clom) please try to extend this fic with a few more chapters? it got itself on my top 5 fics on this site already… :) im so going to read this again.. :)

  7. M
    Posted 24 September 2018 at 4.41am | Permalink

    I think I re-read this about once a year and I still love it. Wish there were more chapters. One of my top 3 favorite characterizations for them.

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