PGCDIII: Reading and writing

Hey, we have a poll for you! I know people love polls.

So, here’s the thing. I’m thinking of making some changes to the site (I had to upgrade the base template in any case and it’s thrown some things a wee bit off) so I desperately want to know how most people access it so I can figure out which way to go with the design. Don’t worry – I will try to make it look mostly like it does just now for people who mostly view it on their desktop/laptop ‘puter.

[The poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Results here]

I also know that many of you who drop by here are also writers – for your normal work, for school, for fanfic or for blogs – so I was curious about tools, programs, etc you use. I’m on Mac OSX, WinXP, Win7 and iOS, so I stick to the awesomeness of plain text, cos it works across all platforms.

Windows: WriteMonkey (free). A bonus for me is that you don’t need admin privileges to install it. It works from whatever folder you save it to, so you can run it from a USB stick.

Mac: Notational Velocity (also free) for notes and snippets, which syncs via SimpleNote and Dropbox with the free version of the SimpleNote app on my phone. For longer writing, like fics, I use Byword (£7/US$10). For me, it was totally worth the money I paid for it because it’s just a beautiful piece of software that only does what I need it to and nothing more, but I would also recommend FocusWriter (free, Win and OSX) which I used to use before Byword came along.

iPhone: I’ve tried about 20 apps for writing – most of them paid – and have settled on WriteUp. It does everything I could ever want in a text editor.

[It almost goes without saying that I use DropBox to keep everything synced across all my computers and write anything intended for the web in Markdown.]

What else do people use? Does everyone just stick to Word and OpenOffice/LibreOffice?


  1. dev0347
    Posted 5 September 2011 at 4.25pm | Permalink

    PS In case people didn’t notice it on the Twitter, this is the proposed format for the eBook covers:

  2. peanut
    Posted 5 September 2011 at 5.35pm | Permalink

    Hahahahaha! We can now log on via social media account to comment? Cute ^^ I’m even thinking about doing it … But nah XD

  3. dev0347
    Posted 5 September 2011 at 5.37pm | Permalink

    Actually, WordPress introduced the new comment/log-in panel a while ago. I just hadn’t added it to our template. My fault. I thought it would happen automatically. I was wrong!!

  4. Tee452
    Posted 5 September 2011 at 5.58pm | Permalink

    Dev, I use ReadItLater, but generally not for posts here. I tend to drop by the site every day out of habit. So, I never worry about forgetting to read something here, losing a link that (dammit) I wish I could find, etc.

    However, I could see ReadItLater being very handy if my situation were different…for example, if I relied solely on Twitter to alert me to fic updates. I’m sure there are a ton of folks who do this sort of thing. Speak up, y’all.

  5. Tee452
    Posted 5 September 2011 at 6.03pm | Permalink

    PS I’m so clueless about the writing stuff. I use Office for everything–don’t hate me! I’m generally in Excel!

  6. cbrammer
    Posted 5 September 2011 at 8.40pm | Permalink

    I was trying to check out the kindle option that you posted the other day. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. It said to add a certain address to your approved list (which I did). Then it asked me to enter my kindle address. I looked and saw that it said every registered device gets it’s own unique email address, but I couldn’t figure out how to find out where it was. Not to mention that I have changed phones so many times, my settings page says it has like 15 registered devices. I have no idea which entry is correct.

    Also, is it intended to only be a chapter’s worth of content? Or was that just for the test? I would love to have a full length ‘If it Takes Forever’ and ‘Million Acres of Sky’ in my library. Just not an entry for every single chapter, though.

  7. Dev on the iPhone
    Posted 6 September 2011 at 12.08am | Permalink

    I use ePubs via Stanza on my iPhone, so I don’t know too much about how web to Kindle works, I’m afraid. The Readability link is a third-party app that parses our content on-the-fly, but I’m pretty sure it only does one page at a time.

    I am working on ePub versions of the older fics, but I don’t think Kindle reads ePubs, either. Calibre (free, Win and Mac) would convert them for you once they’re released. It has the ability to format for all versions of Kindle. It links directly with your device via USB or over WiFi on Mac. I assume Win version has the same functionality.

    * * * * *

    Edited to add: Although Kindle uses the proprietary .azw file format, it’s just the same as .mobi, which is used on some other readers. I’m happy to create two versions of each eBook – ePub and mobi – but I would only be able to offer support for the ePub versions. I hope that’s okay.

  8. Vert
    Posted 6 September 2011 at 7.44pm | Permalink

    alert! random thoughts ahead!

    I have to congratulate all greeks on earth on their ridiculously gorgeous country. Your islands are shamelessly beautiful and I have proof of that! ;)

    And thanks to the waitress – the hot and obviously gay waitress – in Mykonos I was introduced to the great Ron Pope. He reminded me why I was not planning on staying there.

  9. peanut
    Posted 6 September 2011 at 10.42pm | Permalink

    When I’m rich, I’ll build you a house down there someday :*

  10. dev0347
    Posted 7 September 2011 at 10.28am | Permalink

    I’ve only been to the islands (Rhodes, Corfu, Crete), but I would concur. Rhodes Town, in particular, is just breath-taking.

  11. peanut
    Posted 9 September 2011 at 10.23am | Permalink

    THIS must be heard/seen.

  12. peanut
    Posted 10 September 2011 at 11.21am | Permalink

    “Prop 8 – The Musical” starring Jack Black, John C. Reilly, and many more…
    A star-studded cast turns out for Marc Shaiman’s “Prop 8 – The Musical.”

  13. Tee452
    Posted 10 September 2011 at 3.39pm | Permalink

    Peanut, thank you. Those are great! I saw Alison Janney in that second one and she’s one of my faves.

    And Dev! The other day, you tweeted a link to Jill Bennett’s blog post about labels (which was spot on, by the way) and since then I have done nothing but laugh at everything she and Cathy do! I love them to pieces.

  14. Sacarsoflove73
    Posted 10 September 2011 at 8.52pm | Permalink

    I use my I pad mainly but I have notebook n laptop so anyway u go should be ok with me.

  15. yeahbutno
    Posted 11 September 2011 at 11.25pm | Permalink

    WTF? I feel like an Island in the Stream * winks * at Tee and Chorlton

    huh? huh? and even more WTF huh? ^^^^^^^^

    I only come on here on one of those moveable computers, with keys, like. With a shiny green top on it.

    I write in English and it posts! that’s all I care about. Let’s leave grammar and punctuation aside.

    and wait……..are you calling me a writing monkey!!!!!!!

    and is there an option for writing with a head wand? I would vote that.

    PS I would think the easiest option for the authors should be the most important choice.

    PPS I can get fanfics on my Kindle??????? really! so can I get the interweb on it too? I just thought it was a reading device.

  16. yeahbutno
    Posted 11 September 2011 at 11.27pm | Permalink

    And I forgot to ask, it looks different in here, right?

    new button thingies down there?

  17. chelle5432
    Posted 12 September 2011 at 12.25am | Permalink

    I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but……..what she said. **points**

  18. Tee452
    Posted 13 September 2011 at 1.53am | Permalink

    YBN, don’t be talking about “button thingies down there” in the PG. We keep it clean in here…

    And your response to Dev’s post was everything I expected. Just pure unadulterated cluelessness.

  19. dev0347
    Posted 13 September 2011 at 9.06am | Permalink

    The ‘button thingy’ was implemented by WordPress – it was nothing to do with me!! I don’t have the coding ninja skillz to enable logging in with FB / Twitter.

    And the discussion above was about different kinds of what you probably just call ‘Word’, Yeebs. Other programs exist for creating documents, though.

  20. yeahbutno
    Posted 14 September 2011 at 12.24am | Permalink


    hmn I know Word but I use Excel * stares at Tee* and Powerpoint more.

    there are other thingies, huh!

    * still stares at Teebag*

    PS I see an update

  21. BeSpazzled Luva
    Posted 14 September 2011 at 1.08am | Permalink

    We keep it clean in here…
    *spies mud pit in the corner* Hey, who moved the hammock there?

    I only use Word at home. We use Open Office at work and I hate it. The company as a whole has started using Libre, but our location has not yet.

    Update? Where?

  22. Tee452
    Posted 14 September 2011 at 2.19pm | Permalink

    Why exactly are you *staring* at me, Writing Monkey??

    At work, we are so far behind on updates that google doesn’t support our version of IE anymore. Won’t that make something explode somewhere?

    Luva, did you tell us that you got a job?! **hugs** Did I miss it?

  23. dev0347
    Posted 14 September 2011 at 3.12pm | Permalink

    We have antiquated versions of Microsoft here that even Bill Gates can’t remember releasing.

  24. BeSpazzled Luva
    Posted 15 September 2011 at 1.25am | Permalink

    Did I tell? I don’t know. I’ve been at this place for over a year, but I was just a temp until a little over a month ago. **hugs** are welcome anytime, though! :-)

  25. chelle5432
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 12.39am | Permalink

    Question for Dev: Have you seen the lineup of who could be the new president of Ireland? Is quite comical, really.

  26. dev0347
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 9.03am | Permalink

    Aye, I heard on the radio that Norris is back in. Is that official yet? I wonder if he’s just doing it to prevent that sleekit arse Higgins winning. Surely, he (Norris) can’t expect to win any more? Still, it does seem like the gays are slowly taking over the wee countries – Iceland, Denmark, yourself. There’s a lesbian running to be head of the Tories in Scotland, too (although they’ll never win an election here in my lifetime).

    Obviously, most of the news here is covering the erstwhile Deputy First Minister. I can’t understand how he’s allowed to carry on in his job while he campaigns. I mean, essentially, it’s Nick Clegg wanting to take over Sarkosy’s job.

  27. chelle5432
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 10.08am | Permalink

    Well, I’d vote for Norris before I’d go for Dana or McGuinness. That’s for damn sure!

    Norris was in my workplace about 2 months ago. God you could hear him all over the place everytime he opened his mouth.

  28. chelle5432
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 10.15am | Permalink

    Oh, and no, not official yet. And it is looking tough for him to get the 20 TDs signatures. But, ya never know!

  29. dev0347
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 1.21pm | Permalink

    When do you think Jedward will confirm their candidacy?

  30. chelle5432
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 1.48pm | Permalink


    I swear that is the next step! I really wouldn’t be surprised!!

    Michael Martin stopping any of the 33 Fianna Fàil TD’s from endorsing or supporting any candidates is gonna make it tough for any of them.

  31. yeahbutno
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 5.22pm | Permalink

    wait…..Dana the Eurovision singer is standing for Irish President???????

    is Bono standing as Chief Arsehole?

    and don’t diss the Tories, Dev, they will be letting us get married soon * rolls eyes *….never mind how fecked everything else will be!

  32. chelle5432
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 6.15pm | Permalink

    Bono wouldn’t need to stand Yeebs. He’d just be automatically given that title.

    Yes, All Kinds of Everything Dana!!!

    The one that really takes the mick is Martin McGuinness though. That’s who I want representing me. Someone who likes a bit of criminal activity.

  33. chelle5432
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 6.19pm | Permalink

    Aah, they are going for the local authorities vote now cause there is fat chance of the TD’s vote.

  34. yeahbutno
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 6.25pm | Permalink

    hahahahaha REALLY! Good Lord! Dana! I am sure she has the intelligence and sensibility to get youse out of your economic crisis!!!!!!! is Louis Walsh 1st Minister?

    And between Bono and Sting, I am at a loss as to who to hate the most, both up their own arses.

    and saying nowt at McGuinness as silence, especially in his case, is best.

    * runs off to look at Irish Presidebcy candidates *

  35. yeahbutno
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 6.58pm | Permalink

    * Presidency

  36. chelle5432
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 8.17pm | Permalink

    Bono wins. Tough choice, but that arse thinks he’s God.

  37. dev0347
    Posted 22 September 2011 at 9.20am | Permalink

    Bono is a twunt.

  38. peanut
    Posted 22 September 2011 at 5.05pm | Permalink

    Ok, I’m about to watch X Factor US just because I wanna see how the Americans react to Cheryl being on the judges panel ^^

  39. yeahbutno
    Posted 22 September 2011 at 6.54pm | Permalink

    twunt is kind!

    and Cheryl was sweet and that other one, Nicole, was wtf! Cowell messed up, I wonder why? * coughs *

  40. Dev on the iToy
    Posted 22 September 2011 at 11.51pm | Permalink

    Some people really hate the C-word. I was trying to be thoughtful.

  41. peanut
    Posted 23 September 2011 at 10.49am | Permalink

    Dev, if I want to audiostream a file with wordpress, do I really have to install the plug-in, or is there another way to do it?

  42. tee452
    Posted 18 October 2011 at 11.27pm | Permalink

    This is for Mini.

  43. Posted 19 October 2011 at 4.54pm | Permalink

    Thanks Tee! :)

  44. BeSpazzled Luva
    Posted 22 October 2011 at 2.50am | Permalink

    For Fort, my Otalia buddy, on the off chance that she stops by this weekend:

    If you still want to check it out after all this time, Venice season 1 is being shown for free on their YouTube channel this weekend only. Now that the show is on season 3, season 1 pales in comparison, though. The first season introduces the main characters. That’s pretty much it. They had a lot of kinks to work out back then. They won an Emmy for season 2, due to Nadia (the pretty girl) and Jessie’s alcoholism/domestic abuse scene. Good stuff.

    PS. If you, or anyone else, decide to watch, be prepared for a bad British accent and a “WTF?” moment for epi 2. You’ve been warned. Lol.

  45. BeSpazzled Luva
    Posted 22 October 2011 at 3.01am | Permalink

    Wait, sorry, Nadia’s “hot girl”, not pretty girl. lol

  46. Fort
    Posted 22 October 2011 at 11.45am | Permalink

    Awesome! Thanks spash. Will try S1 this weekend.

    (Also thanks peanut for making sure I saw this.)

  47. Fort
    Posted 22 October 2011 at 12.00pm | Permalink

    Looking at their site. They have S2 on European DVD too.

  48. Fort
    Posted 22 October 2011 at 8.07pm | Permalink

    Spash, dropped you a message on the forum.

  49. BeSpazzled Luva
    Posted 22 October 2011 at 11.21pm | Permalink


  50. Fort
    Posted 23 October 2011 at 2.58pm | Permalink

    Back ‘atcha ;)

  51. tee452
    Posted 25 October 2011 at 11.48pm | Permalink

    Americans, do this:

  52. yeahbutno
    Posted 27 October 2011 at 11.35pm | Permalink

    O_o if only I was. I would. DO IT!

    My main reason for liking the EU is that the swede can stay here. I also like having the Euro as I don’t have a kerfuffle over currency when travelling, except for Sweden that is! We have various bags of SEK all over our house that we constantly forget to take with us.

    Shame the Eurozone is kinda fecked!

  53. missmaclay
    Posted 29 October 2011 at 1.05pm | Permalink

    If this happens, does it mean I’ll need a bloody visa every time I goto the UK?

  54. dev0347
    Posted 31 October 2011 at 10.48am | Permalink

    The collapse of the Euro as a currency does not mean that the borders will go back up. A lot of EU member states are not IN the Eurozone (10/27 states retained their own currency), so any changes are unlikely to change border control laws. My modern European history isn’t that great, but I think the Treaty of Lisbon would need to be repealed in all member states – and possibly the Treaty of Rome, which established the single Europe project back in the ?1950s.

    Also, we cannot eject the Swede from the country*, as CP has the same force in immigration law as marriage. Any legal, recognised marriage, civil partnership or gay marriage (e.g. if you get married in a country, like Canada or the Netherlands which has full marriage equality) to a UK citizen gives you leave to stay in the UK for the rest of your life – even if you end that marriage or CP by legal means**.

    So, no-one’s wife is leaving and no-one’s having to queue at the embassy for a visa.

    * and no-one would ever want to deport the Swede anyway
    ** if you end your legal union by unlawful killing, you get deported at the end of your sentence

  55. missmaclay
    Posted 31 October 2011 at 5.24pm | Permalink

    Great, ta ;).

  56. peanut
    Posted 4 November 2011 at 12.14am | Permalink

    Leaving this here for everybodys entertainment.
    Those two boys at the end are fucking comedy gold!!! XD

  57. peanut
    Posted 9 November 2011 at 9.56pm | Permalink

    *leaves a hug for dev, cause she’s awesome*

  58. dev0347
    Posted 10 November 2011 at 11.53am | Permalink

    Thank you, peanut. I’d hug back, but that would be an unseemly and unScottish display of affection.

  59. chelle5432
    Posted 11 November 2011 at 11.52pm | Permalink

    **runs in**

    **pumps fist**

    **runs back out**

  60. YBN
    Posted 13 November 2011 at 4.22am | Permalink


    give her a hug

    * gives Scottish hug to Nutter*

    go on, Devolicious!

    and you like * pumping that fist* huh Chelle!!!!!

    * runs like the wind *

  61. chelle5432
    Posted 13 November 2011 at 12.11pm | Permalink

    **watches YBN trip herself up**

    **slaps upside the head**

    Also, WTF, do you ever sleep?!?

  62. missmaclay
    Posted 13 November 2011 at 9.12pm | Permalink

    YBN, apparently I need to tell you that I saw people fangirling over Kate Moenning??

  63. YBN
    Posted 14 November 2011 at 7.11pm | Permalink

    were you visiting a blind school, MM?

    and yes,I sleep very well, Chelle, too well it seems, the bruising on my ribs will testify to it. Made from a poking Swedish finger to make me wake and fetch stuff or to entertain someone that is wide awake.

    who then falls asleep, leaving me spark awake. Needless to say, I am doing some weird work hrs!

  64. chelle5432
    Posted 14 November 2011 at 7.54pm | Permalink


    **high 5’s the Swede!**

  65. dev0347
    Posted 15 November 2011 at 9.33am | Permalink

    *runs in wearing a disguise*
    *gives peanut a stealth hug*
    *looks around guiltily*
    *dashes back out*

  66. missmaclay
    Posted 15 November 2011 at 7.15pm | Permalink

    Haha, well I certainly wasn’t fangirling. I was way too busy staring at Gabby.

    But, Kate is nice enough. I won’t ever fancy her, but she’s nice.

  67. chelle5432
    Posted 15 November 2011 at 10.46pm | Permalink



  68. DevOnTheiPhone
    Posted 16 November 2011 at 3.48pm | Permalink

    Clom sent me a kangaroo scrotum. Not a word of a lie.

  69. chelle5432
    Posted 1 December 2011 at 12.43pm | Permalink

    First play of Fairytale of New York on the radio this morning!

    It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiitmas!!!!!!!

  70. chelle5432
    Posted 1 December 2011 at 1.47pm | Permalink

    **adds in s**

  71. peanut
    Posted 2 December 2011 at 12.15am | Permalink

    And I already want it to be over …

  72. iocaste
    Posted 2 December 2011 at 4.46am | Permalink

    I’m doomed..the radios have already start playing “Last Christmas”.
    I hate that song with a passion!

  73. iocaste
    Posted 2 December 2011 at 4.47am | Permalink

    **adds in -ed where needed**

  74. chelle5432
    Posted 3 December 2011 at 1.20pm | Permalink

    Oh, bah humbug, Peanut!

    **sticks santa hat on your head**

    Oooooh! And this is my first time to see the snow this year! Woohoo!

    **builds snowman**

    **smushes snow into Mels face**

  75. tee452
    Posted 4 December 2011 at 8.27pm | Permalink

    Christmas will always be what you make of it. I love Christmas, but my least favorite Christmas song is probably Christmas Shoes, followed by the Little Drummer Boy. And Last Christmas is down there at the bottom too.

    I cannot get those songs stuck in my head. So, I just refuse to hear any of them. Ever. I stopped having to dive for the dial, by turning off the radio and only using my iPod for the last two months of the year.

    I wonder if Mel has ever had snow.

  76. chelle5432
    Posted 5 December 2011 at 7.38pm | Permalink

    Isn’t it strange to see tumbleweed in the snow?
    **watches it get stuck**

    It’s great to have kids around. For me, they are what make Christmas. And just having fun with friends and family, of course.

    I love Christmas!!!

  77. Mel
    Posted 6 December 2011 at 4.52am | Permalink

    **smooshes Chelle’s face in the snow**

    **plops snowball on Tee’s head**

    I HAVE had snow :) In the friggin desert of all places. Well… Palmdale is more a valley. I’ve only seen snow flurries since!

  78. Mel
    Posted 6 December 2011 at 4.57am | Permalink

    *gives iocaste a cute hat*

  79. missmaclay
    Posted 6 December 2011 at 6.05pm | Permalink

    It’s the moooooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeaaaaaar…

  80. dev0347
    Posted 7 December 2011 at 9.52am | Permalink

    ♫ With the kids jingle belling
    And everyone telling
    you to “Be of good cheer”
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year ♫

  81. missmaclay
    Posted 7 December 2011 at 5.45pm | Permalink

    ♫It’s the hap-happiest season of all
    With those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings
    When friends come to call
    It’s the hap-happiest season of all ♫

  82. Posted 11 December 2011 at 9.32pm | Permalink

    Hi! I don’t know if you remember me? I’m the annoying kid who pops in every now and then.

    anyway I just wanted to share something big with you guys. well big for me atleast.

    I’m dating a girl!

    yes you read it right…



  83. tee452
    Posted 12 December 2011 at 9.18pm | Permalink

    Awwww, Mini, that’s so awesome! Very happy for you.

    ….does she have a hot older sister?

  84. Posted 12 December 2011 at 9.36pm | Permalink

    haha nope sadly not. she does have a very gay older brother and the littel brother I don’t know that much about. :D

  85. dev0347
    Posted 13 December 2011 at 5.59pm | Permalink

    Oh!My!God! Awesomest news EVER!

    Go Mini! Go Mini! Go Mini!

  86. Posted 13 December 2011 at 6.42pm | Permalink

    Thanks Mummie D!

    She drew a heart in my notebook today. I’m never throwing that one away. :D
    yeah i know we act like five year olds. :P She actually told her daughters dad today about us and he said: Go for it!

    so YEY! :)

  87. YBN
    Posted 13 December 2011 at 11.52pm | Permalink

    * high 5’s Mini *

    okej, I am going to leave this here as I know most folk that I know online check in here. Wee Scandiwegia checked in last night at 21.52 and dead on 3 kgs, 6lb 6oz, for the non mainland Euros. She takes right after her mamma and “bitty” is her deal!

    My lappie has spaced out and I am guessing I will be offline for a wee while, anywhow, so I thought it better to leave a note here as my gmail is a dream now. And the swede will not be sorting it soon.

    The swede is fine and if anybody claiming to be her comes online to say that I may…….may have passed oot for a wee bit….is a liar!!!! I still made the important part, and believe me folk lie!

    I will catch youse when I can

  88. peanut
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 1.34am | Permalink


  89. peanut
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 1.43am | Permalink

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and Mini has a girlfriend! Well Christmas came a week early for PGers then!!! :3

  90. tee452
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 3.27am | Permalink

    YES! Soooo happy for you both, ybn. Congrats, Mama.

  91. Mel
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 3.30am | Permalink


    Congrats to Yeebs n the Swede!!

    **big hugs**

  92. Mel
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 3.41am | Permalink

    **big hugs for Mini too**

    A girlfriend is not small news either!

    **double high 5s**

  93. kickangel
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 4.10am | Permalink

    I know I have been MIA from here since forever and most people wont even remember me but I had to drop in to leave my congratulations for YBN and the Swede.

    peanut told me the great news and I have been so freaking excited since then that I just randomly start giggling and going on about babies and my sister is looking at me weird.

    **Big Hugs for YBN** may your home and family be blessed with health and happiness. You two are even more my heroes now!

    and **high 5 Mini**

  94. iocaste
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 4.50am | Permalink

    YBN, Mini and kick all in one thread!!! I’m gonna faint! Congrats Mini :) I’m super excited for you. Yeebus!!!! Big hugs for you and the missus! Awwww!!! Babies are cute! Yay!!!

  95. BeSpazzled Luva
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 6.22am | Permalink

    Yeebennnn!!!! *Big hugs* Congrats! Awww! So happy for you!

    PS. So glad everyone else commented first b/c that announcement went right over my head. Lol

  96. chelle5432
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 6.24am | Permalink

    Awwwww, Yeebs. Congratulations! I’m glad all went well and they’re both doing good.

    She certainly wasn’t in a rush was she?!

  97. BeSpazzled Luva
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 6.25am | Permalink


    I love Christmas, but my least favorite Christmas song is probably Christmas Shoes, followed by the Little Drummer Boy. And Last Christmas is down there at the bottom too.

    What are Christmas Shoes and Last Christmas?

    Aaaand off to read fishy! Yay!

  98. Posted 14 December 2011 at 7.46am | Permalink

    Wooohoo! Babies! That is the best thing I have heard in forever!
    Gratulerar YBN! =)

  99. dev0347
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 8.58am | Permalink

    Scandiwegian babies FTW!!

    Well done to Mrs Yeebs, AKA TheSwede for awesomeness. And to YBN for not needing admitted with concussion. (And, yes, I expect a photo when the internets/laptop are fixed)

    PS kickangel, we all remember you
    PPS You don’t know the awesomeness of Wham!’s Last Christmas, spazzles?
    PPS Awww, Mini!!! So adorable.

  100. Clom
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 9.09am | Permalink

    YES!! congratulations!!!

    I demand an email of details!! Obstetrical details!!!

    Wheeeee!!! Baby SwedeButNo!!

  101. iocaste
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 10.18am | Permalink

    maybe it’s YesButSwede! :)

  102. Maxine Lynne
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 5.14pm | Permalink

    Both of us are overjoyed. Its a shame neither of us knit or we would have inundated u and new wiv Bonnets and Bootees.. Congratulations. M&L

  103. dev0347
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 5.24pm | Permalink

    I vote YesButSwede!!

  104. chelle5432
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 8.04pm | Permalink

    Oooooooh! We all know someone who does knit!!!!

  105. Clom
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 9.45pm | Permalink

    I already know yeahbutswedes lil name…

    I just wanna know all the other details!!!

  106. tee452
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 11.41pm | Permalink

    I keep awaiting her presence, Chelle. Her toes are probably frantically knitting booties.

  107. SONiluv
    Posted 14 December 2011 at 11.59pm | Permalink

    I haven’t been here in awhile either but I wanted to say congrats as well to mini and YBN and fam!! Hope everyone is doing well
    p.s. hi kick!

  108. peanut
    Posted 15 December 2011 at 12.19am | Permalink

    Anyone else thinking about bad Rick Perry jokes on how the gays are breeding to destroy Christmas? No? … Just me then … Nevermind.

  109. Fort
    Posted 15 December 2011 at 12.23am | Permalink

    Just popping in to say a massive congratulations to Yeeb and the Swede!

    Wishing you all the best, good health and all that!

  110. Ringo
    Posted 15 December 2011 at 12.46am | Permalink

    YEEBS!!!! *tackle-hug* Congratulations!!!!! Yay Baby YBS!!! I’m so excited for you and the Swede.

  111. Ringo
    Posted 15 December 2011 at 12.49am | Permalink

    Also, fuck that fucker Rick Perry. Fucking ignorant motherfucker.

  112. SONiluv
    Posted 15 December 2011 at 2.18am | Permalink < that makes me giggle

  113. Mel
    Posted 15 December 2011 at 3.01am | Permalink

    Per Tee’s request, please click below.

    **leaves hugs**

  114. Packingforthecrash
    Posted 15 December 2011 at 6.08am | Permalink

    *throws in first pair of knitted diapers*

    Test-ride them!!

  115. peanut
    Posted 15 December 2011 at 9.56pm | Permalink

    I can’t wait till this happens to you guys when baby’s all grown up. Although I’m quite sure YBN is going to hurt herself in some way by doing that happy dance

  116. Clom
    Posted 15 December 2011 at 11.56pm | Permalink

    Hang on a sec… My daughter has a girlfriend????

    And knitted nappies?? Won’t they be horribly uncomfortable??

  117. Posted 16 December 2011 at 9.30pm | Permalink

    I’m well on the way of getting one yes Mommie C! ;)
    and then you will have a bonus granddaughter too. ;)
    Going on a date tomorrow away from schjool and classmates, just the two of us. :)

  118. YBN
    Posted 17 December 2011 at 3.38am | Permalink

    thanks for the lovely comments peeps.REALLY, it makes me so happy. Baby Isabella and the swede are just fine. Except her being demanding, the swede not wee pumpkin, winks. The baby is so calm.

    my lappie is….fecked, it seems, so I am stealing the swedes netbook for now! but will be offline for a bit now……..whilst I train the baby to entertain me!!!!!!!! she defo takes after her mamma, likes to sleep and eat but is the most gorgeous thing ever.

    And that Rick Perry can kiss my ass.
    You too Nutter , hugs.
    Gays gan be good parents.

    now I need to deliver the baby to her mamma. she is starting to shuffle around a wee bit. Probably hungry again!!!!!!

    PS Norks, knitted nappies are not good!!!!! we have gone down the BAD road!!!
    but still somekind of eco nappies. I have done EVERY one so far!!!!!!

  119. peanut
    Posted 17 December 2011 at 3.56am | Permalink

    I’m not going to comment on your ass, cause that would just turn out extremely mean an rude.
    I’ll kiss the baby’s ass instead! (but only after it’s bathed). Since I can’t do that from here though, you go do it for me!

  120. Clom
    Posted 18 December 2011 at 12.22am | Permalink

    **claps hands excitedly**

    I already love Miss Isabella and am gleefully awaiting photos in my email inbox yes?

  121. Clom
    Posted 18 December 2011 at 12.23am | Permalink

    P.S. And a full rundown of the whole shebang cos, you know, it’s my thing.

    Also am available for advice if needed.

  122. chelle5432
    Posted 18 December 2011 at 11.32am | Permalink

    Wait, Yeebs. Did you even try the cloth nappies? Or did you go straight to the “bad” ones?

  123. BG
    Posted 19 December 2011 at 3.58pm | Permalink

    Congrats YBN and the Swede!!! Isabella is a lovely name.

    Woohoo Mini. Enjoy your date!

  124. Dev on the iPhone
    Posted 20 December 2011 at 1.01am | Permalink

    Who is Rick Perry? Should I care?

  125. peanut
    Posted 20 December 2011 at 3.05am | Permalink

    Is that a rhetorical question, dev?

    If not, Rick Perry is this elections “dumb republican of the year” running for president of the USA with campaigns such as this:

  126. dev0347
    Posted 22 December 2011 at 8.01am | Permalink

    Ahh, I’d only heard of Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and the one with the mistresses. Howard Cain, IIRC? In the past, I used to be interested in US politics, but I find it difficult to care since Obama turned out to be just as venal as Bush.

  127. Posted 22 December 2011 at 3.38pm | Permalink

    Thought I would drop in and leave my congrats to YBN and also wish Y’all Happy Holidays.

  128. peanut
    Posted 24 December 2011 at 9.18am | Permalink

    Aww hey, Kimmy! Happy holidays for you too! :)

  129. Clom
    Posted 24 December 2011 at 10.46pm | Permalink

    New PG :)