First Time, Part 6

Previously: Part 5 [U]

Finishing with a bang.

Rated: X. NSFW.

* * *

Part 6: Past, Present and Future

As soon as the flight attendant announced that it was safe to turn on electronic equipment, Spencer slipped on her expensive noise-cancelling headphones (a present from Ashley, naturally) and selected some classical music, hoping that the low strings would soothe her. In the end, she alternated between silently weeping and staring out of the window at the nothingness of the sky.

True to its reputation, it was raining in Seattle when she landed. It suited her mood, she supposed, but it wasn’t ideal for location shooting. Unable to face speaking to Ashley directly, she sent a text message instead.

One of the perks of having a millionaire best friend was that she had allowed Ashley to take care of the hotel. The per diem that the job offered would have stretched to a decent motel (the kind with flat-screen TVs, free WiFi and hot and cold running drinks in the lobby, not the $27-plus-tax kind), but Ashley had insisted on paying for a little more luxury. Spencer wasn’t surprised at all to find that her room turned out to be a corner suite, bigger than her college apartment, with views over Elliott Bay. A basket of fruit was waiting for her, along with a card that said, Charge anything you like, I’ve got you covered. The gesture set her crying off again and she spent her first night in Seattle sitting on the king-sized bed in the dark, staring out over the water and wondering how she was going to cope with not seeing Ashley every day.

Thankfully, she had a full day of pre-interviews set up and throwing herself into her work helped take her mind off her sadness. She didn’t even have to eat alone, as she had arranged to meet up with the sound tech, Ethan, for dinner. He was a nice guy, funny, with plenty of anecdotes from previous jobs to fill the gaps in conversation when Spencer’s concentration wandered. They sketched out a schedule for the week, based on both Spencer’s background research and the notes Ethan had brought from the producer and the director.

When it came time for them to go their separate ways, she felt shy about letting him know where she was staying, fearing that it would seem ostentatious, but he just gave a low, appreciative whistle. She laughed and told him she had friends in high places.

With plenty of footage to shoot and Ethan’s company to distract her, she found that the week flew by. The late evenings were the most difficult time. With Ashley in New York with Kyla, they texted more than they spoke, but they still talked every day. Ashley was full of information about the wedding preparations and Spencer told Ashley about Ethan and the documentary. They never spoke about anything beyond what had happened to each of them that day, but there were often silences that filled in the gaps in what they weren’t saying. Afterwards, she felt the loss of Ashley’s presence more keenly.

Ethan was heading back to Los Angeles the day before Spencer, so she invited him to her hotel for dinner to mark his last night in town. She hadn’t actually charged any of her meals to room service, so she didn’t feel so guilty about booking a table in the steak house, despite the high prices she’d noted on its menu. When he tried to talk her into going elsewhere so that they could split the meal, she had insisted vehemently that Ashley could afford to treat them both. Ethan had heard enough about Ashley — couched in the broadest possible terms about Spencer’s oldest and closest friend, nothing more — to concede.

They were just finishing up coffees at the end of their lavish meal when the waiter approached with the check. Spencer opened the leather wallet, expecting to sign it to room service, when she noticed that it actually contained a receipt, not a bill.

“Something wrong?” Ethan asked.

“Uh, I don’t -” Her answer died on her lips as she noticed the founder of their feast, Ashley Davies herself, striding towards them.

Ethan looked over his shoulder in the direction of Spencer’s stare. A grin slowly spread over his face. “I take it that’s your friend?” The emphasis he put on the word friend was unmistakable.

“Yeah.” Spencer stood, her cloth napkin falling to the floor as she did so. Ashley looked incredible. She was wearing a dark green dress that ended somewhere at mid-thigh.

“Hi,” Ashley greeted them. “I was in the area and thought I’d drop by.”

“In the area?” Ethan echoed with mild amusement.

“You must be Ethan González?” Ashley extended her hand to the bearded man.

“And you must be Ashley Davies,” he replied, taking her hand and shaking it. “And I must be leaving.”

“Oh, that’s really not -” Spencer began. Ethan stood. They were now all standing around the table, which struck Spencer as odd.

“We can catch up back in LA,” he said.

“Please, don’t feel you have to leave on my account. I thought you were done. I’m sorry.” She was talking to Ethan, but Ashley was looking directly at Spencer.

“Don’t apologise. I should thank you for the meal. It was incredible,” he said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Ashley’s eyes never left Spencer. It wasn’t lost on Ethan, who just smirked at their behaviour. Spencer, meanwhile, was caught between staring back at Ashley and wanting to say something to Ethan, but found that she couldn’t speak.

“Well, I must get back to my hotel and call my wife and kids before it’s past everyone’s bedtime. It was very nice to put a face to the name, Ashley, and thanks again for dinner.” Ethan placed a hand on Ashley’s shoulder and started to move off. “I’ll call you tomorrow from the editing suite, Spencer.”

“Uh-huh.” She sat back down again.

Ashley took the chair vacated by Ethan and flagged a passing waiter. “Could we have another two coffees, a whisky, neat, and a cognac? Thanks.” Turning to Spencer, she said, “I hope I didn’t spoil your evening.”

Spencer slumped in her seat. “Shouldn’t you be in New York?”

“Would you believe me if I said there were no direct flights back to LA?”

“No.” It came out more bluntly than she’d intended. “Why are you here, Ash?”

The brunette toyed with Ethan’s empty coffee cup. “I, uh -” She nodded to herself and exhaled. “I missed you, Spence.”

“That was incredibly rude, interrupting us like that.” Spencer was angry, although she didn’t really know why because she was also flooded with joy at seeing the brunette. She couldn’t believe that Ashley was there.

The waiter appeared with their drinks. Ashley indicated that the whisky was for her and that the order should be added to their check.

“You’re right. I apologise. It was rude of me.” Ashley sipped her whisky. She was obviously waiting for Spencer to speak again.

Spencer noticed the drink in front of her. She picked it up and sniffed. “Brandy?”


She took a mouthful of her fresh coffee and then poured the alcohol into the remaining hot liquid. She stirred it slowly and then carefully tapped the teaspoon against the rim of the cup. She could stall for time every bit as much as Ashley could. She wasn’t the one who had shown up out of the blue, so she had no need to explain herself. She picked up the cup and took a hesitant sip. It wasn’t half bad, although it needed cream. She added some until the cup was dangerously full then very carefully lifted it to her mouth again.

They sat for almost a minute in silent stand-off, Spencer waiting for Ashley to speak and Ashley staring at Spencer’s cup, as if it might speak for both of them.

Finally, Ashley commented, “This went better in my head.” Spencer wasn’t going to make it easy for her, so she just raised an eyebrow and took another sip of her alcohol-laced coffee. “I missed you.”

“So you said already.”

Silence again. Awkwardness settled in the pit of Spencer’s stomach.

“How did shooting go today? Did you and Ethan get that interview you were after?”

“Yes.” She kept it short, trying to maintain her composure.

“Okay, well, I guess I’m the one who came here, so I should be the one to speak.” She drained her whisky and placed it carefully back down on the table. “Not something I’m particularly good at.” She reached across the table and placed her hand over Spencer’s. “I was thinking.”

“Yes?” She was quite pleased with how normal it sounded. She didn’t feel calm. She withdrew her hand from under Ashley’s and placed both hands in her own lap, well out of reach.

Ashley also withdrew, leaning back in her seat. “You should totally be my plus-one for Kyla’s wedding.”

“Can’t get a date?”

Ashley scowled. “As if!” Her face softened. “No. What I mean is that I really want it to be you.”

“I thought it was already kind of understood we’d go together.”

Ashley gave her a pained look. “Not like that. I’m trying to say we should go together-together. Like, real-date-together.”

“What?” A fog was building in Spencer’s mind. Ashley couldn’t possibly be suggesting that they go out on a date. That would be utterly ridiculous.

“A date.”

“Your date for the wedding?” She tried to think what her friend’s ulterior motive was. She couldn’t possibly be so competitive as to want to metaphorically throw Spencer in Cutter’s face. The only other thought she had was that Ashley was looking for a way to stop her from leaving the apartment.

“That’s what I was thinking, yes.” Ashley actually looked nervous, possibly even as nervous as Spencer herself was feeling.

“Um, why?”

“Because I would like to take you on a date?” It was uncertain, hedging.

“You’re not sure?” Spencer felt her best approach was to keep buying for time until she figured out what was actually going on.

“No, no. I’m sure.”

“Is this still about me moving out?”

Ashley stared down at her hands, now clasped tightly together and resting on the table. “Yes and no.” She fidgeted. “It’s not… I’m not…” She shook her head. “I promise you, I was a lot smoother at this in my head. It’s just, you leaving, moving out. You know that I don’t want you to go, but this isn’t about persuading you to stay. You can say yes and still move out. You can say no and still move out, although that’s totally not what I want at all. I mean, I really want you to stay, but I want you to say yes to this date a lot more than I want you to stay and be just my roommate and -” She stopped dead and took a deep breath. “Shit, I am really, really bad at this.”

“You want to take me on a date to your sister’s wedding?” Spencer prompted. Ashley’s speech had imbued her with a sense of total calm and utter confidence. For the first time in their relationship, she felt like she was the one in control. If she was careful, she might get what she’d always wanted and needed. She just had to make sure that it was on her own terms.

“Yes. Yes, I really do.”

“And it’s not about me moving out?”

“No, it’s not.”

“But you don’t want me to move out?”

Ashley allowed herself a relieved smile. “No, I really don’t.”

Spencer nodded slowly and drained the remainder of her cognac-infused coffee. She placed the cup down deliberately as Ashley watched. “Well, all that’s good to know,” she finally said. “And I’ll definitely think about it.”

“You’ll think about it?”

“Yes. And I’m glad you stopped by to ask.” She smiled broadly. “Are you staying nearby?” She reached behind herself to retrieve the purse that was hanging from the back of her chair.

“Am I what?”

“Staying here or somewhere else nearby? Or are you flying back to Los Angeles tonight?” She was gratified to see Ashley dissembling a little in front of her.

“I’m, uh…” It was clear that Ashley had not considered what would happen next.

“Well, the rooms here are fantastic. I can heartily recommend them.” She stood and pushed her chair in to the table. She leaned down and brushed her cheek against Ashley’s, kissing her very gently just by the ear. “We’ll talk more when I’m back in LA. Bye, Ashley.”

She walked away, a knowing grin spreading across her face.

* * *

It was a full ninety minutes later when she heard the knock on her door. If she was honest with herself, she had expected it much sooner.

She got up from the love-seat by the window and walked slowly. She took in the feel of the heavy carpet against her bare feet and the sound of the blood pounding in her ears. She opened the door as casually as she could, pleased that her hand wasn’t trembling.

“Hey,” she whispered.

“You got changed.” Ashley looked down at Spencer’s night attire of sweats and a t-shirt. She was still wearing the green dress and heels that made her taller than Spencer for once.

“I wasn’t sure I was expecting company.” She turned and started walking back towards the window.

“Yes, you were,” Ashley replied, closing the door quietly behind her and kicking her shoes off as she followed.


Ashley sat down on the overstuffed armchair facing the love-seat. “You knew.”

“You want something to drink? The mini-bar’s fully stocked.”

“No, you’re okay.”

Spencer drew her knees up to her chest, hugging them to her. “So, you got a room here?” She allowed her eyes to travel up Ashley’s legs. The brunette had changed one thing, she noted. She was wearing a garter belt and stockings; she hadn’t been earlier.

“Yeah. Nothing like this one, though.” She looked out the window. “That’s a hell of a view.”

“Yes. Yes, it is.” Spencer wasn’t looking at Elliott Bay. For once, the right girl had come calling and it felt real. It felt like they were just starting out.

“Have you thought about my question?”

“Which question is that?”

Ashley shook her head. “No fair. You know which question.”

“Do I?”

Ashley leaned forward in her chair. Spencer felt a twinge of desire as the action forced the dress up a little higher, allowing a glimpse of bare skin above the stocking line. It also gave her a pretty unobstructed view of Ashley’s cleavage and she unconsciously licked her lips.

“My question was, would you do me the honour of being my date to my sister’s wedding?” She smirked. “Or, better yet, would you do me the honour of coming on a date with me tomorrow evening, cos the wedding’s weeks away and I don’t really want to have to wait that long?”

“Well, now, that’s two questions, one of which I haven’t had any chance to consider,” she countered.

“You really need to think about whether you want to date me?” Ashley sounded amused and sceptical.

“My motives and my feelings have never been in any doubt. You, on the other hand, haven’t given any explanation for this apparent change of heart.”

“I guess that’s fair. And you’re right. I do owe you something. Do you remember – well, of course you do. That’s stupid. I mean, you always remember the important things, even if I think I’ve got away with it.” Ashley’s nervous babbling was adorable. “Right, so, here are my three truths and a lie.”

That was actually unexpected. Spencer had assumed that Ashley had decided against ever mentioning that again, knowing that Spencer would never call her on it.

“Actually,” Ashley corrected herself, “let’s go back a step first. Paige.”

“Paige?” She hadn’t thought about her ex-girlfriend in months, probably not since the last time Ashley had mentioned her, in fact.

“Yeah, well, she’s what we were discussing before I chickened out of telling you my three truths, so I guess we start with her. I hated her.”

“I had noticed.”

“I was so jealous. And I mean fiery-hot-passion-of-a-thousand-suns jealous. I wanted to burn the heart right out of her. And I know you thought it was because she was taking you away from me. And it was, but it wasn’t just in the way you assumed.” Ashley’s face was intense as she tried to articulate her thoughts.

Spencer wished that she had fixed a drink. Her mouth was so dry. She got up and went over to the mini-bar as Ashley continued.

“She got to be with you every day. And you looked at her in the way that you used to look at me.” Ashley paused as Spencer held up a can of soda. “The Coke, thanks.” She shook her head. “You looked at her like she was everything and I felt like I was dying inside.”

Spencer returned and handed a can to Ashley. She sat down on the edge of the love-seat and traced the lid of her own soda with her fingers. “I promise you, Ash, I have never looked at anyone the way that I look at you. Never.” That seemed to both please and surprise Ashley.

“Yeah, well, it didn’t feel that way. And it made me realise what I should have known all along. Well, more like what I actually did know all along, but was far too chicken shit to admit to myself because I’m a coward. And I should have told you long before now. I should have told you a million times and I haven’t. And I can’t tell you how sorry I am for that.”

Spencer didn’t want to prompt her, so she popped open the tab of her soda and took a drink.

“Which, I suppose, brings us neatly to my three truths and a lie.” She placed her hands on the arm of the chair and took a steadying breath. “I’ve only fallen in love once and that was when I was sixteen years old.” She paused and stood up. “I am still in love with the same person.” Another pause as she stepped towards Spencer. “I’ve never stopped being in love, not for one second in the last ten years, not even when I’ve gone to really stupid lengths to try and prove I wasn’t.” A final pause as she dropped to her knees on the carpet in front of Spencer and looked straight at her, her face as clear and honest as Spencer had ever seen it. “It’s not you.”

There were so many things she could say, so many accusations she could level: how Ashley had treated her in the past; how Ashley couldn’t just decide that she was now ready for something that Spencer had obviously and cravenly wanted for so long; and how unfair it was of her to do this sort of thing in a major grandstanding way by showing up unannounced. But those behaviours were all part of who Ashley was. And she was still in love with Ashley. Plus, the quiet honesty was an all-new Ashley, one she’d been getting to know in the previous few months since they had moved in together. And Ashley was looking at her with such fear and hope that she couldn’t do anything but ask quietly, “So, which one’s the lie?”

She reached out her hand and cupped Ashley’s cheek, smiling as the brunette shut her eyes and angled her head into the touch. They didn’t need words anyway. Talking had never been their friend. So, she placed her other hand under Ashley’s shoulder and urged her onto the love-seat. She reached down to Ashley’s knee, slowly working her way up until she reached bare skin.

Ashley inhaled sharply at the touch. “You like?”

“I like.” She traced her fingers back and forth over Ashley’s smooth thigh, then flipped open the front clasp of the garter belt. “I like a lot.” She moved to the other leg and repeated the action.

“Does this mean we’re going on a date?” The question was ragged, breathy.

Spencer just gave Ashley a pointed look and leaned forward, touching their foreheads together.

“That’s a yes?”

Spencer didn’t answer. She brushed her lips slowly across Ashley’s, eliciting a small moan. She slid both of her palms up Ashley’s thighs to ascertain something that she already suspected. As she continued to peck and nibble at Ashley’s lips, she let her fingers trail further up until she had her answer. Ashley had no underwear on. She wondered if that had been the case in the steakhouse as well.

Satisfied, Spencer pulled back from the kiss. “You must have been really, really certain that I’d put out before the first date.”

Ashley’s face was panicked. “I, uh, well… I wasn’t… I mean, I really didn’t think that.. Uh..”

Spencer laughed. She loved that she had the power to put Ashley on the back foot so easily. Before Ashley got any more worried, she extended her hand. Pulling her into her arms, she buried her face into Ashley’s neck. “I will.”

Obviously not wanting to be fooled again, Ashley pulled back far enough to look Spencer in the eye. “You will what?”

“I will put out before the first date and I will go on a date with you tomorrow.” She kissed Ashley. “And your sister’s wedding.” This time, she kissed her more slowly. “And any other time you feel like asking.” She started walking backwards, taking Ashley with her. She slipped her hands to the back of Ashley’s thighs and deftly unsnapped the remaining clasps. She pushed the stockings down Ashley’s thighs and the brunette casually kicked them off.

They fell backwards onto the king-sized bed, Spencer under Ashley. For a few moments, they just looked at each other. It wasn’t like anything they had ever shared before. There was none of the guilt or hesitancy of their teenage exploration and none of the desperation of the occasional encounters they had shared since then. They were adults. Truly consenting adults.

Ashley’s hand brushed the hair from Spencer’s forehead. “Just so you know, I have never wanted anything more than this.”

She knew that Ashley was trying to reassure her that she wasn’t being motivated by her innate fear of abandonment, but she didn’t need that reassurance. She already had everything she needed.

“Shh.” She pulled Ashley’s head down and kissed her hard, flipping them over so she was sprawled over the brunette. She ran her hands up Ashley’s thighs, pushing the dress up to her waist.

Breaking the kiss off for a moment, she yanked her t-shirt over her head and tossed it behind her. Underneath her, Ashley wriggled out of her dress. Spencer moaned at the sight of her. She dropped her head to the brunette’s chest, covering the slopes of her breasts with kisses. She felt Ashley’s fingers weaving through her hair until they were clasping the back of her head, digging in.

Spencer wanted to go slow, to make their first time together special and loving and full of emotion, but ten years of pent-up lust didn’t allow for a great deal of finesse. And the fact that Ashley was writhing under her in a way that was pressing her wetness against Spencer’s abdomen wasn’t helping to slow things down.

She licked and nipped her way back up to Ashley’s neck, supporting herself on one hand while trying to force her own sweatpants and underwear off with the other. Ashley helpfully moved her hands to Spencer’s hips and helped push the only remaining layers between them away. Spencer awkwardly kicked her clothes off while she raised herself on both hands. She brought her knees higher, forcing Ashley’s legs further apart, and then settled in between them. She hissed with pleasure at being fully naked against the only woman she’d ever loved.

The only thing Ashley was still wearing was the garter belt, which Spencer trailed her fingers across. She liked that Ashley had worn it for her. She would have to get her to repeat the favour some other time.

They kissed again, straining, open-mouthed. She swept her tongue inside Ashley’s mouth and trailed a path with her palms up Ashley’s sides. Impatiently, she forced a hand between them, cupping Ashley’s breast, grinding the palm of her hand against the already-distended nipple.

The brunette made a strangled noise, a half-grunt that Spencer took as encouragement. She broke off their kiss and shifted so that she could suck the other nipple into her mouth. She nipped and suckled, all the while teasing its mate with the palm of her hand. Ashley tugged at the back of her head to pull her back up to her mouth, but Spencer wasn’t going to be told what to do just yet.

Instead, she slid her mouth to the valley between Ashley’s breasts, bringing her other hand up to replace it. As she fondled and teased with her hands, she kissed a path down over Ashley’s ribs and belly. She paused only to grasp the garter belt briefly between her teeth, letting it snap back against Ashley’s skin.

“Spencer!” The hands at the back of her head tugged upwards again. Spencer ignored it.

She licked her way down from the garter belt, pausing only to rub her thumbs briefly across Ashley’s nipples. She smiled as the action drew another strangled grunt. Spencer decided that she liked that noise a lot. Without ceremony, she bent her head between Ash’s legs and slid her tongue as deep inside the brunette as she could.

“Oh, sweet Christ!” Ashley moaned.

She withdrew her tongue and lapped gently at the copious wetness. She traced her way through Ashley’s folds, exploring with little licks and flicks of her tongue. She moved her hands to Ash’s hips, holding her lover in place as she drew her clitoris inside her mouth. She suckled gently, using only the flat of her tongue to cause any friction.

She was surprised at how close Ashley was already. She could tell from the shuddering and the way her hips were bucking towards her that it wouldn’t take much more. She flicked the point of her tongue hard.


Ashley’s whole body was vibrating, yet taut. Spencer suckled harder, her tongue rolling and flicking until Ashley’s body went totally rigid and she screamed out her orgasm.

“Spence,” she whispered. “Spencer.”

She looked up from between Ashley’s legs and smiled.

“I love you, Spencer Carlin.”

She crawled up Ashley’s body, trying not to lose herself in the glorious sensation of skin-on-skin. She pulled Ashley into the crook of her neck, wrapping her arms around her back.

“I love you, too, Ash.” She pressed a kiss to Ashley’s damp forehead. “I’m sorry. I wanted to be… not quite so fifteen-year-old-boy-on-his-first-date.”

Ashley chuckled, her breath tickling the fine hairs on Spencer’s neck and causing an involuntary shudder of pleasure. “I thought it was damn hot for our first time.”

Spencer tightened her hold. “That was more of a preview, an appetizer.” She began lazily stroking patterns across Ashley’s back. “Let me show you the real thing.”

* * *

“God, that’s impressive.”

“What is?” Spencer came up behind Ashley, who was freshly showered and standing in front of the panoramic windows in a bathrobe. She slipped her arms around the brunette’s waist and pulled her hard back against her.

“Dawn.” Ashley inclined her head back and kissed Spencer’s jaw. “You.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.” They hadn’t slept at all in the seven hours since Ashley had arrived at the hotel room and Spencer could tell that Ashley wanted her again already. She was rotating her hips slowly, grinding her ass back into Spencer. Spencer dipped her mouth to the curve of Ashley’s neck, nibbling lightly as she let her hands slip inside the terry robe. “You’re insatiable,” she giggled.

“It’s been a long time.”

“Since you had sex with a woman?” Spencer was nuzzling her cheek against Ashley’s and was quite surprised when she felt a slap on her thigh.

“Since I had sex, period.”

“Really? How long?”

“A while.”

“How long’s a while?”

Ashley’s shrug indicated her lack of comfort with the topic at hand. “Since before you went to graduate school.”

“Three years?” The idea was almost unbelievable, but Ashley had no reason to lie.

“I only wanted you.”

Spencer turned Ashley around in her arms. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“Because I’d wasted all my chances with you and hurt you too many times already. It wouldn’t have been fair to you. And I was scared. I was more scared than I was at seventeen when I fucked off to Mexico.” She paused. “I just wasn’t brave enough to admit that you’ve always been the one. I think maybe I knew it the second you first kissed me, way back then.”

Ashley broke off and motioned them both over to a nearby couch, sitting down and taking Spencer’s hand in hers.

“Anyway, when I knew you were leaving for New York and there might be a chance that you would never come back, I wanted to tell you that I really did love you as more than just my best friend. Because you’ve always been so much more than just my best friend, Spence. And then I fucked that up because I got all jealous over what’s-her-name. And then you forgave me and then I got all jealous over Paige. And you forgave me again and I fucked up again, not telling you at Kyla’s party. So then I knew I needed to prove to both of us that I was actually good enough for you, that I could be there for you with no expectations. And then I went and broke my stupid leg and you had to be the one who was there for me. Again.”

Spencer squeezed Ashley’s hand. “You know, you really ought to stop trying to protect me from you. How about you leave that job up to me? I’m a big enough girl to protect both of us and you’re clearly not good at it at all.”

“There’s something else.” She looked embarrased.


“I, uh, never,” she looked away, “had sex with a girl before.”

Spencer really didn’t believe that. “You what?”

“It really was always you. I just couldn’t. I mean, I knew I was gay and everything, but I -”

Ashley’s words were cut off by Spencer hauling her onto her lap and kissing her soundly and thoroughly. They kissed for long minutes before Spencer slowed the pace down again.

“You make me so insane, Ashley Davies, but I am so in love with you that I honestly don’t care. And I am really, really honoured that I was there for your first time.” She looked over Ashley’s shoulder thoughtfully. “I wish you’d been mine.”

“Nah. One thing I was right about was that I’d have fucked it up back then.” Ashley grunted. “Okay, worse than I’ve fucked us up so far.” She looped her arms around Spencer’s shoulders and smiled. “The future, Carlin. It’s all about the future and not the past.”

“Okay, then, so now what?”

“Well, we have to get packed and dressed for our flight. Oh, I upgraded you to First with me, by the way. Couldn’t have my hot girlfriend back in steerage, while I’m getting fed champagne and canapes up front.”


“You’re welcome. And then, we’ve got a date tonight, which I need to think about and probably need to make some calls for.”

“You’re gonna have to go some to beat this.”

Ashley grinned. “Yeah, it’s been a pretty good not-date.”

“Pretty good?”

“Awesome. Best ever. Outstanding. Hot. Amazing. Incredible. Life-changing.”

“Better,” Spencer allowed.

“Anyway, interrupting.”

“Sorry.” She wasn’t. She leaned in and started nibbling at Ashley’s neck to prove how un-sorry she was.

“And, then, I was thinking maybe you should get your own place and we should take things slow.”

She was stunned and pulled back to look Ashley in the eye. “Really?”

Ashley burst out laughing. “Don’t be stupid. I was thinking you could move back into the loft, but that you might like to change rooms.”

“You wanna swap rooms with me?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking,” Ashley deadpanned. “I was thinking that, after ten years of foreplay, I’d like to do it just the once and then we could go back to braiding each other’s hair.”

“I seem to recall doing it more than once.” Spencer reached up to Ashley’s shoulders and started pushing her robe off. “Do you need me to remind you?” She brought her hands between them, slipping under the edges of the terry cloth and pushing it open so that Ashley’s naked body was visible once more.

“And I’m the insatiable one?”

“I never pretended I wasn’t.” She leaned forward, intending to kick off their lovemaking again, but felt Ashley’s palm on her forehead, preventing her.


“Are you moving back in?” Ashley was serious.

She slumped back against the couch, letting her hands fall to Ashley’s bare hips. “To be honest, I never really wanted to move out in the first place. I just couldn’t stand being there without being able to have you.”

The brunette grinned. “Well, if I let you have me often and in as many rooms as possible, will you move back in?”

“I’m pretty sure we can work something out.” Spencer pretended to contemplate the idea. “What does this make us anyway? Are you my lover? My best-friend-with-benefits? Girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend. Definitely girlfriend,” Ashley agreed. “But lover and best friend, too, I hope.”

“Definitely.” Spencer looked down at her waist, where Ashley’s hands were starting to untie the belt of her bathrobe. “I thought we had to pack?”


“Later?” She pulled Ashley’s semi-naked body against her own. She wondered if she would ever tire of the feeling. She hoped not.

“I have something I need to do first,” Ashley replied.

“Yeah? What’s that?”


* * *



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    I loved it..It was perfect. The not so smooth Ashley. Spencer making her sweat. Couldn’t have had a better ending. Amazing as always.

  3. LL07
    Posted 27 February 2012 at 11.45pm | Permalink

    Loved this! Thanks!!

  4. Clara
    Posted 28 February 2012 at 12.07am | Permalink

    Yay Dev! New update, with happy happy closure! Thanks!

  5. Clara
    Posted 28 February 2012 at 5.58am | Permalink

    And the three truths and a lie were perfect…

  6. tee452
    Posted 29 February 2012 at 6.13am | Permalink

    It’s fun that Ash went to get all dolled up before going up to Spencer’s room.

    And I love when Spence plays it cool and makes Ashley work for it.

    Ashley gets to go punch Cutter now. So yay!

    Thanks Dev.

  7. dev0347
    Posted 29 February 2012 at 6.34pm | Permalink

    Thank you all for the lovely comments, by the way. They are much appreciated.

  8. cbrammer
    Posted 3 March 2012 at 6.01pm | Permalink

    I really liked how you paid a revisit to the truths and a lie game. That is the type of thing that makes your heart melt when reading. Also, how adorable was Spencer’s response given how obvious the lie was?

    Very sweet ending to this. Glad Ashley was finally able to tell Spencer how she has felt since the beginning.

    Thank you!

  9. tuesboomer
    Posted 3 March 2012 at 7.55pm | Permalink

    Another wonderfully woven tale.
    …always with just the right word at the right time…
    You’re the best.

    **in my best Lucy Van Pelt voice** Does Oz have any other requests…hmmm?

  10. Wicked1
    Posted 5 March 2012 at 12.05pm | Permalink

    Awwwwwwwwww, that’s the way it’s supposed to end. I hope you gave some new stories in the works.

  11. tongue-tied
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    Beautiful dev :3 *applauds majestically* :D

  12. Kirby davies
    Posted 3 May 2014 at 5.15pm | Permalink

    Love it painfully long but awesome story line and i’m with spencer ashley never sleeping with a girl funny
    I can so see mandy and gabby acting this out <3.

  13. Typhaon
    Posted 16 October 2014 at 11.42pm | Permalink

    Just wanted to let you know how much I loved this story. I came across your stories last night and I haven’t been able to stop reading.

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