One Week, Part 2

Previously: Part 1 [U]

More highschool highjinks. Rated: A.

* * * * *


Mass was compulsory, as was wearing school uniform to attend.

With a Herculean effort, and the coaxing of her two roommates, who plied her with water and coffee, Ashley made it on time. As usual, she sat in the back and affected an air of disdain. She pretended to herself that she wasn’t seeking her out, but she scanned the rows until she located Spencer. She was right down the front, her uniform freshly pressed, her hands clasped in front of her as she knelt in prayer.

Father Dennis was his usual eloquent self. She wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but Ashley had a sneaking admiration for the young priest. Like Sister Ruby Theresa, he made a real effort to connect to the girls at their level. And as the sole male figure among a group of impressionable young women, he bore the inevitable crushes with tact and diplomacy.

As soon as the Mass was ended and Father Dennis invited them to go in peace, Ashley bolted out of the church and across the grounds. She headed for her favourite hide-out, a clearing in the woods that very few people ever ventured out to. She only got halfway there when she collapsed to her knees and bent double as all the energy drained out of her. As she so often did on Sunday mornings, she vowed that she was never drinking again.

Forcing herself back onto her feet, she half-walked, half-crawled until she reached her clearing and the tree stump she normally sat on. She knelt in front of it and rested her head on her crossed arms.

Five more sleeps. Like a kid counting down to Christmas, she just had five more nights until she would be able to sleep in her own bed, or stay out all night and sleep in someone else’s bed, if that was what she wanted. A nap against a tree stump would do for the moment, though. She could just shut her eyes and —.

“Here, you need this.”

She looked up through sore, tired eyes at Spencer. She’d changed into her sports kit of navy shorts and a t-shirt with the school crest. Even through hatred and hangover, she could still appreciate that Spencer had beautiful legs and that her t-shirt was just tight enough. She also appreciated that a bottle of sports drink was being offered.

“The glucose will help,” Spencer explained, sitting down on the stump and flipping the sports cap open. “Do you need me to hold it for you?” She was amused.

Ashley snatched it from her hand and grunted. She turned to sit on the ground with her back to the stump, her right shoulder brushing against Spencer’s thigh. She tipped her head back and squeezed the bottle. It was cold and it eased the rawness of her throat.

“I came looking for you last night,” Spencer said. “I tried every bar in town.”

“Never drink ’n town. Get caught.” She was in no state to be forming sentences. For a start, it would take too long and she needed to be drinking more of whatever Spencer had brought her.

“Yeah, Mrs Kochanski told me you and George always go over to some fisherman’s bar up the coast.” Spencer leaned forward, resting her arms on her knees. “I wanted to apologise.”

Ashley tried to look up at Spencer over her shoulder, but the sun was behind them and all she could see was a white light and a vague dark shape. She felt a cool hand being pressed to her forehead. She let her eyes drift shut as Spencer turned her hand over and gently smoothed her matted hair away.

“You’re burning up. Drink your water.” Spencer’s voice was soft, soothing. She waited while Ashley drank some more, continuing to massage her scalp.

After a few moments, she said, “Look, I don’t want you thinking that I hate you or think there’s anything wrong with you or who you are. Not just because we have to work together this week.” She removed her hand and Ashley frowned a little at the loss. “I didn’t think about what I was doing or saying. I, uh, don’t mean yesterday. Well, I do, but not just yesterday. I mean before. I thought it was just a thing we did. I didn’t really think about what it might mean or that it might be insulting. I just wanted you to think that I could give as good as I got.” She made a frustrated sound. “I’m not putting this well.”

“Doing okay,” Ashley mumbled. For all she had hated herself and Spencer only a few hours before, she could tell that the other girl was being sincere. And a big part of her suspected that Spencer probably hadn’t known what she was doing and had just, as she had claimed, been responding to what Ashley had started.

“I’m really, really sorry, Ash. Can we be friends? I’d really like it if we could at least try.”

Her first instinct was to ask why they should bother when they only had to get through five more days before they never had to see each other again, but she heard herself say, “I’d like that, too.”

“I, uh, hate to just leave you here, but I have a game and I really should be getting back. Can we meet later and go over the song?”

Ashley had forgotten about that in the drama of the previous twenty-four hours. She nodded, which only made her headache worse. “I’ll be in bed. Come get me in my room when you’re done.”

“Okay. Cool.” Spencer stood, brushing some stray foliage and bark from her shorts. She reached her hand down and checked Ashley’s temperature again. “You gonna be okay out here?”

“Always am.” Being alone and having to fend for herself was something for which her parents had definitely prepared her.

Spencer started to leave, then added, “You need a girlfriend. Someone to take care of you properly.”

She turned to make some nonchalant reply, but Spencer was already gone.

* * *


Those who were in the school show were given the afternoon off classes to prepare, which involved them all congregating in the hall with Sister Ruby Theresa for a run-through.

Ashley actually felt quite hopeful about her duet with Spencer. After she had napped for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon, they had headed over to the practice rooms in the music department, and had spent about four hours working together. Spencer’s voice was clear and true, and Ashley wondered why she had felt so worried about performing in public. They complemented each other well and the arrangement suited them both.

They were second from last, so they had to sit through choirs, soloists and the school orchestra. Most people were in small groups, chatting away, but they sat together quietly. That was one of the strange things that she’d found about Spencer: there was no need to fill every gap in conversation. It was fine for them to just enjoy being in each other’s presence. And she did actually enjoy that. There was something warmly reassuring about Spencer. Perhaps it was her earnestness or the lip-worrying gesture or her shy way of smiling, as if offering constant affirmation that all was right with the world.

Their run-through went well and Ruby T heaped praise upon them for it. There were no errors, no dropped lyrics. If it had been a reality show audition, Ashley reckoned that they would have been put through to the next round. It still needed a little work, but it was definitely going to be more than good enough.

They sat back down for the final act, which was the main school choir doing a medley of Latinate hymns, starting with Panis Angelicus and ending with Ave Maria. It was hardly to Ashley’s normal taste, but she had to admit that Ruby T had them sounding beautiful.

“Are you doing anything later?” Spencer whispered.

“Hard to believe, but I currently have no plans.”

“You’re not going out?”

“I don’t sneak out to go drinking every night, Spence.”

The other girl hesitated. “Do you, um, want to go for a walk?”

It had been over a hundred degrees in the shade that day and the air had been heavy and thick. Ashley wondered why the hell any human being would choose to go for a walk in that when God had invented both air-conditioning and cars for a perfectly good reason.

“Sure,” she replied.

Even though there was no rule against seniors being outside in the grounds on a school night and no reason for them to hide, they met up after dinner at the library, the most deserted part of the building, especially so late in the school year. Once outside, Spencer broke into a sprint, heading towards the swimming pool. Ashley trotted after her. There was something very wholesome about the way Spencer ran. Like everything else in her life, it seemed to be so effortless for her. Ashley, meanwhile, was almost violently out of breath by the time she caught up.

“Jesus! Enough with the running,” she groaned, grabbing her sides and bending over. Spencer had sat down on the bleachers by the pool and was leaning back, her arms spread wide open and draped over the row behind her.

“Sorry. I forgot that you don’t exercise.”

Ashley flopped down next to her, keeping her head forward while she caught her breath. “I exercise. I just don’t do organised sports.”

Spencer grinned. “Not a team player?”

“Depends what team you mean,” she leered.

As Spencer caught her meaning, she swatted the back of her head with her hand. “Idiot.”

It was only just after seven and the sun was getting low in the sky. Despite her earlier reservations, the temperature was just right, warm but not too hot. Ashley would have liked to stay on the bleachers, but somewhere off to the right, there was the sound of younger voices approaching, no doubt a crowd of freshman looking to cool off in the unheated pool.

“Come on,” she said, indicating her head away from the school.

They walked quickly around the back of the old pool house — long since abandoned and technically out-of-bounds, but a favourite spot for illicit smoking and drinking — and then started off for the tree line. Once out of sight of the school, they slowed their pace. They didn’t discuss their destination, but they were heading towards Ashley’s clearing.

“How’d you learn about my hide-out anyway?” She couldn’t have been the only person who knew the woods well, but she’d never met anyone else out there.

The blonde kicked at a rock on the ground. “Followed you.”


“No, last year sometime. Don’t remember when exactly.”

That was surprising. That would have been at the very height of their ongoing hostilities and Spencer seemed to have done nothing with her information. “Why?”


“Okay.” That hardly answered her question.

“You used to disappear off for hours at a time. I was intrigued. What the hell do you do out there?”

Ashley smiled. “A little songwriting, a little thinking, a little drinking.” She looked sideways at the other girl, trying to gauge how far she could trust her. She figured that Spencer was unlikely to give her up to the Penguin for minor infractions when she was the one who wanted to become friends. “Sometimes, maybe a little socialising.”


“Sometimes, yeah.” It was hard to tell, but Spencer didn’t seem to be judging her, just curious, as she’d said.

“Other times?”

“George comes over to hang out, shoot the shit.”

“You two are really close, huh?”

Ashley nodded. “He’s family.” George was special. He was the brother she’d never had and didn’t known she wanted until he was there. The first time they met, he asked her out on a date. When she told him she was gay, he shrugged and replied that, in that case, they could go out, find some girls and double date instead. They had been inseparable ever since.

“I envy you.”

She stopped dead. “You envy me?”

Spencer turned around and looked at her. “I don’t have any friends like that.” She shrugged. “Most of my friends like me because I’m good at sports or because I’m dating Guy or because we’re on the debate team together or something. I don’t have a proper best friend.”

Ashley couldn’t avoid saying what was uppermost in her mind. “I offered and you turned me down.”

“I know, I know. That was stupid.” She reached out and plucked some leaves from a nearby tree, shredding them and letting them drift away. “I was scared, okay? You’d been in the school five minutes and you saw me.” Her voice dropped. “It felt like you really saw me.”

“Hey, hey.” Ashley reached out, but withdrew her hand, unsure of their boundaries. “It takes one to know one. I’ve had years of practice at hiding myself.”


Ashley started walking again. “Sure. I mean, even you didn’t know I was gay.”

Spencer groaned. “You know, I’m really am sorry about that.”

“I’m not. Girls are awesome,” Ashley joked.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. I meant all the things I —”

“Eh, happens,” Ashley cut her off. “Look, I said some things, you said some things. It’s done.”

“No, what I said to you was unforgivable.”

Ashley chuckled. “And yet I seem to recall accepting your apology so, you know, no biggie.”

Spencer placed her hand on Ashley’s forearm. She clearly had no boundary issues. “No, it is.”

The conversation was getting to a place where Ashley was starting to feel uncomfortable. She wasn’t really big on discussing feelings, especially not her own. She needed to get Spencer to focus on something else. “So, how come the big change of heart anyway? Why do you want to be friends now?”

“I dunno. Because it’s our last week and I don’t want school to end without fixing things.”

“Didn’t seem like it on Friday night.” She was referring to Spencer’s taunting of her from the stage.

The blonde chuckled. “Old habits are hard to break. Look, I’m not going to lie. I probably wouldn’t have done anything if we hadn’t been forced together. But it just made me think that we’d wasted a year-and-a-half hating each other for no good reason. And, I guess I had to accept that it was all my fault. All you did was try to be nice to me and I made your life hell for it.”

Of all the things that Ashley might have expected, a direct admission of guilt wasn’t near the top of the list. “I never hated you,” she said.

“Didn’t seem like it,” Spencer repeated her words.

“Yeah, well, like I said, I’m good at hiding.”

They reached the clearing and wandered over to the large tree stump, sitting next to each other. Spencer looked around.

“So, you bring girls here?” Her tone was incredulous.

Ashley grinned. “They don’t come for the amenities. Besides, I don’t know about where you come from, but there aren’t that many families happy for their daughters to bring home a teenage lesbian for a sleep-over. And most of the girls around here live with their parents. Or their husbands or boyfriends.” If Spencer was shocked by that admission, she didn’t show it. She looked thoughtful and she was doing the lip-chewing thing.

Ashley watched her think. Spencer really was beautiful. She had a strong urge to lean over and tuck her hair away behind her ear. Instead, she pushed her hands under her thighs.

“How do you know?” Spencer finally asked.

“Um, just trust your feelings?” Ashley parried.

The other girl rolled her eyes. “How did you know that you’re gay?”

Ah, the age-old question: when did you first suspect that you weren’t quite right?

“Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but it was always just a part of me. When I was a kid, my Barbies married each other. Ken didn’t get a look-in. When I thought about romantic situations, it was the usual boy-girl stuff, but I was always the one kissing the beautiful girl in my mind.” She breathed deeply. “I’m not saying that it was simple or anything. I had boyfriends, because that’s what you do. And I even had sex with a couple of them, but I knew it wasn’t what I wanted.” She leaned back and stared up at the sky through the trees. The light was fading fast. “When we were doing stuff, they didn’t make me feel half as excited as just a look from a girl I really liked.”

She became aware that Spencer was watching her, and turned her head towards her. They smiled at each other and then laughed. She could see the moment that Spencer’s expression changed as something else occurred to her. The girl would really make a horrible poker player.

“Have you ever with anyone at school?”

“God, no!”

“Why not?”

“You can’t keep a secret like that in a place like that. Someone would see and someone would tell. And the Penguin would eat that shit up and kick my ass right out of school. And if my ass is kicked out of school, I’d have to move home with Christine.”


“My mother.”

Spencer’s brow furrowed. “Why do you call her by her first name?”

“Because if I call her Mom, her boyfriends’ll find out that she has a teenage kid. And then I get shipped off somewhere else again.”

“But you hate it here. Surely you’d want to go somewhere else?”

“I hate the Penguin and I hate the rules, but I have George. Besides, if I finish school, I get my trust fund and then I can be free of Christine forever.”

“So, where are you going to go when you’re free?”

They talked about the future and their plans. Ashley admitted that she really had none, beyond staying somewhere on the East coast. With the money she was due to inherit, she would never need to work if she didn’t want to and she had no real idea what she wanted to do anyway. Spencer laid out her whole plan of Wellesley and then Harvard Med. Her mother was Chief of Surgery at one of LA’s top hospitals and Spencer intended to follow in her footsteps.

They segued into all sort of other things — music, movies, disastrous dates, which girls had crushes on Father Dennis and which preferred Mademoiselle Ardant — and talked until well after it was dark. They started walking back a little before ten o’clock, curfew time.

When they were back in sight of the school, Ashley asked, “Do you wanna split up?”

Spencer stopped and turned to face her. “What do you mean?”

“Your friends…”

“Include you. You don’t want to be seen together?”

“We snuck out to be here. I figured we’d sneak back in.”

“I only suggested we sneak out because, frankly, some of my friends are a total pain in the ass and I couldn’t be bothered with a big scene.” She smiled. “I’m glad we sorted things out between us. And I don’t care who sees that. You wanna hold hands?” She winked.

Ashley laughed. “I thought you only did that with your query-gay boyfriend?”

Spencer covered her face with her hands. “Oh God, I was meant to call him tonight.” She checked her watch. “I’m not gonna have time before curfew.”

“I have a cellphone you can use.”

“The one you keep in your bra?”

“You know about that?”

“You’re really not as stealthy as you think you are.”

“Or you’re more stalker-y than I think.” They were only a hundred yards from the doors. “Last chance. Once I’m tucked up in bed, this phone’s out of your reach.”

“It’s fine. I’ll speak to him tomorrow.”

“Cool.” They had slowed to an almost sedentary pace. “So…”

“So…” Spencer echoed.

“So, we should do this again sometime.”

“Well, we’d better do it soon, seeing as there are only four more days till graduation.”

“Tomorrow?” Ashley offered.

“Yeah. Tomorrow sounds good.”

* * *


Tuesday was a repeat of Monday.

* * *


She woke up looking forward to her day, something that had happened so rarely in her time at Our Lady that it took Ashley some ten minutes to realise what the sensation was. It was happiness and anticipation.

They had no classes. Wednesday afternoons were for sports, and most of the other students were involved in some game or match or meet or whatever they were called, so they had been given the morning off for show practice. And she and Spencer had made plans to meet up for breakfast. Okay, so it was only in the dinner hall, but it was enough for Ashley to be excited about it.

In only four short days, she had become almost as close to Spencer as George. And Ashley prided herself on not letting anyone in, but the other girl was so disarming and unassuming that she couldn’t stop herself. It helped that Spencer was smart and beautiful and funny and self-deprecating and totally standing at the bottom of her bed, her hands on her hips, her legs sadly hidden by the nasty plaid skirts they made them wear, but the uniform otherwise looking exponentially hotter on her than anyone else.

Ashley shot out of bed as she realised that she wasn’t day-dreaming the last bit and that Spencer was actually in front of her.

“You’re late.” A sardonic smile.

“Late?” Scrambling to her feet, she got tangled in the bedsheets and almost fell over. It couldn’t be breakfast time already. She’d set her alarm clock especially early so that she could have more time to make herself extra-presentable.

“It’s 8.15.”

“No shit?” That meant she had been lying in bed thinking about Spencer for almost an hour. It felt like five minutes, max.

“Hurry up or there won’t be any hot food left.”

She grabbed her clothes from the floor and some clean underwear from her bedside locker and hustled towards the en suite. How could she not have noticed her roommates getting dressed and leaving? She peered into the bathroom mirror. Panda eyes and pillow creases weren’t exactly the look she’d been hoping for.

“After I left you last night, I spoke to Guy,” Spencer called through the door. “He’s picking me up after the meet and we’re going to have dinner.”

Ashley rolled her eyes as she shimmied into her underwear. Yeah, what she needed to make her day better was to hear about Love’s Young Celibate Dream and the fact that he was taking her girl — her girl? when did that happen? — out on a date.

“I think the only fair thing is for us to break up and I wanted to tell him to his face.”

She punched the air silently and did a little victory shoulder roll. “Are you okay about that?”

“Yeah. It’s not like it’s been working out.”

“Gonna ask him if he’s gay?” She pulled on her shirt, which looked like she had slept in it.

“No! I am not!”

She slipped her tie around her neck and knotted it. Feeling quite jaunty, she winked at herself in the mirror. “What? Come on, you know you’re dying to know.” She pushed the bathroom door open. “You gots to find out why he won’t seal the deal. I mean, you’re way hot.”

Spencer was sitting on the end of her bed plucking at lint on her skirt. She smiled and shook her head. “Thanks.”

“What for?” Ashley grabbed her make-up bag and started to make herself look marginally better. “It’s the truth. And, you know, mine’s a professional opinion.”


“I dig chicks. Who do you know in this school who’s more qualified to offer an opinion?”

Spencer just shook her head and changed the subject. “You coming to the meet today?”

Ashley brushed her hair and looked at Spencer in the mirror. “Meet?”

“Ash, we’re competing against five other schools. Did you not read the fliers?”

“You’re seriously ask me if I keep up with the school announcements? Are you, like, new here?”

“So, come and support me.” Spencer swung her legs off the end of the bed and stared at her feet. “I’d really like it if there was someone there who was there just for me,” she added softly.

How could she refuse such an offer? “What do I have to do?”

Spencer’s face brightened and she almost leapt off the bed. “You just have to show up at the track at 1pm and find a seat. Oh, and clap wildly, or possibly whoop loudly, whenever you see me.”

Ashley could think of a few other reactions she might have to Spencer in her sports kit. “What exactly do you do, anyway?”

“400m sprint and the 1,600m relay.”

“You run?”

“As is usually suggested by the word sprint,” Spencer deadpanned. She bounced on her heels. “Hurry up, I’m starving and there won’t even be cereal left if we don’t motor.”

“You are almost sickeningly full of pep in the morning, aren’t you?” Ashley finished applying her eyeliner and tossed the applicator back into her bag.

* * *

The morning practice session went well. Their harmonies were tight, as if they’d been singing together for years, and they just seemed to blend together. And the track meet didn’t totally suck. Unaccustomed as she was to being a part of anything, Ashley easily got swept up in the crowd dynamic. She was surprised at how many people were there. The other competing schools had bussed supporters in and it felt like the entire staff and student body of Our Lady were there.

Spencer in her shorts was everything she had expected her to be and more, and well worth Ashley’s time in turning up in the first place. She also proved to be an intelligent runner. While the others in her heat set off at a blistering pace, she ran her own race and kicked before the final curve, easing past all of them to break the tape first. As instructed, Ashley whooped and clapped enthusiastically. Spencer looked for her in the crowd and, when she located her, gave a little mock curtsey. Ashley grinned so hard, her cheeks hurt.

In the final, Spencer used the same tactic, but one of the girls from St Saviour’s Ladies’ College — the stupidest and most pretentious name for a school ever, in Ashley’s humble opinion — had too much for her, and Spencer finished second. Ashley still cheered and hollered. This time, rather than the curtsey, Spencer just gave a little wave.

Our Lady won the relay easily, with Spencer running the final leg. As Ashley took to her feet, she noticed that Guy Hamilton, the sexless wonder, had appeared from nowhere and had run onto the track to sweep Spencer up into his arms. She hugged him back awkwardly, looking over his shoulder at Ashley. She mouthed both ‘thank-you’ and ‘sorry’. Ashley nodded and wandered off, not really caring about the remaining races because they didn’t involve Spencer.

With Spencer on her break-up date, she headed to the boatyard to find George. For some reason, she didn’t tell him anything about Spencer. She didn’t even drink, sticking to soda while George knocked back the beers. They mostly talked about what they were going to do after Ashley had graduated. She still intended to settle somewhere not too far away, possibly Boston. While they were discussing which neighbourhoods she might look into, it did occur to her that Wellesley would be within twenty miles of all of them.

Because she was late, she had to sneak back into school, avoiding the main gate and keeping to the shadows once on campus. She took the fire escape rather than going into the building and climbed in the second-floor window that everyone knew was never locked. All her good work in removing her shoes and tiptoeing up the final flight of stairs was nearly undone when she came across Spencer, who was sitting on the sill of a recessed window at the top of the hallway.

“Holy crap, Spence!” she hissed. “What are you doing here?”

The blonde turned and Ashley could see that she had been crying. Placing her shoes on the floor, she awkwardly put her arm around her shoulders. Physical comfort was not something that she was used to and she didn’t really know what to do. When Spencer’s arms came around her waist and the blonde buried her face in Ashley’s neck, she figured she’d done the right thing.

Ashley made random soothing noises, using her free hand to rub Spencer’s back. If she hadn’t felt the tears against her skin, she would hardly have known that she was crying. She rocked them together, continuing with her rhythmic back rub. The tears eventually stopped, but they didn’t move; in fact, Ashley felt Spencer’s hold tighten. The closeness of Spencer and the feeling of her soft breath and smooth skin against her neck was arousing. She tried breathing deeply and biting the inside of her cheek to stop herself reacting.

Then she stiffened as she felt Spencer’s lips press against her skin. It was probably just an accident. Spencer was moving and her lips just happened to brush her neck.

Okay, maybe not. Licking didn’t happen by accident.

She shut her eyes and clamped her own lips together to prevent herself from moaning. It was the most incredible sensation, just indescribably good. And Spencer wasn’t kidding around. She was nibbling at her pulse point, letting her teeth scrape the column of her neck, and then soothing it with her tongue. Ashley wasn’t even aware that she had moved until she felt her fingers threading through Spencer’s hair. And then Spencer was kissing along her jaw, so she tipped her head back to give her better access.

Within a few seconds, she felt Spencer’s mouth seeking her own and she met it willingly. The kiss was explosive from the start, full of need and aggression. Her hands cupped the back of Spencer’s head and the other girl rose to a standing position, which caused their bodies to slide together. Ashley couldn’t remember ever feeling so consumed by want and she moaned, low and quiet, into Spencer’s mouth as their tongues met.

And then it was over.

Her eyes were still closed and her lips pursed for further kisses when Spencer wrenched herself free and fled down the corridor towards her room.

Her people skills might not have been that great, but she knew that following Spencer was not the answer. She slapped her hand against her forehead and berated herself for her stupidity. She had taken advantage of a crying girl, when she didn’t even know what the reason for her emotional state had been. And, worse, she had let herself care: about Spencer, about Spencer’s feelings; and about how she felt about Spencer.

Life had definitely been easier when they were enemies.

* * * * *

Next up: Part 3 [U]


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  15. Sandra
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    I’m liking this fic. I think spence has feelings for Ash. Why was spence crying? Did something happen with guy?? Did they do it and maybe that’s why she was kissing ash to see if she feel something?

  16. cosmic
    Posted 20 April 2012 at 10.42pm | Permalink

    Ah sweet confusion and not so innocent love. Awesome story. I hope Aiden is not in it lawl.

  17. shxli
    Posted 30 April 2012 at 7.55am | Permalink

    absolutely wonderful story so far. you’ve done a great job in showing how they connect on a different level! and tuesday made me chuckle :)

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