Let’s Get Married, Chapter 8

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Update! 5,000 words+. Now with more than 30% extra smut.
Rating: X. NSFW.

* * * * *

Chapter 8: We are Family

Five weeks after their interviews, Ashley was no nearer asking her wife out on a real date or telling her that she had feelings for her.

She had mentally downgraded her status from being in love — that was way, way too huge to deal with — to the simpler ‘having feelings’ because having feelings was good; it was manageable. She had feelings for all sorts of things and people.

She had strong feelings, for example, about people who used their cellphones in shared enclosed spaces like elevators, in that she believed death was too good for them. She had equally strong feelings about the cherry blintzes from the Russian tea room down the block (they were the best dessert in recorded human history), her sister’s interest in her personal life (it was none of her business) and the genius of Bacharach and David (they were gods).

Fortunately for Ashley, Spencer was busier than ever anyway. Due to cutbacks, the station was short-handed and Spencer had picked up some extra shifts. While Ashley missed Spencer’s company, her absence kept Ashley from having to face how she felt about her.

She wanted Spencer to make the first move. In fact, she wanted Spencer to make all the necessary moves because she didn’t know what those moves should be.

Her skills lay in picking up models at parties or sales assistants in high-end boutiques or random strangers in bars. In those women, the moment where friendliness crossed over into real flirtation could be pinpointed to a look which lingered a fraction too long, a smile which wasn’t really about what was said, or even a simple touch.

But Spencer was so open with everyone. She hugged Anthony the doorman. She blew kisses at the pretzel guy. She maintained eye contact at all times when she was talking to people. She shared her natural warmth with friends and strangers alike.

Ashley might be able to read sexual attraction in a stranger’s body language, but she wouldn’t recognise it in her own wife if it came with a voice-over and subtitles for the hard of understanding.

She threw her pencil across the room in frustration. “Why can’t she just give me a fucking sign?” she asked, dropping her head in her hands.

She damn near gave herself whiplash when the phone rang. She immediately grabbed for it.

“Spencer?” she said. Surely it couldn’t be?

“No, not Spencer. You must be the wife,” a young man said.

“Ashley Davies,” she supplied cautiously.

“I’m Glen Carlin, the brother-in-law.”

“Glen!” He was the last person she was expecting. “Spencer’s not here right now. She’s going to be so pissed that she missed you. Where are you anyway? Can you call back later? She’ll be home in a couple of hours.”

He laughed. “Well, I could drop by later instead, if that’s okay.”

“You’re in New York?”

“Sure am. In fact, I’m with a very beautiful girl who says she knows you.” In the background, Ashley heard a little girl squealing with laughter. “Hold on.”

There was a pause and then Mia said, “Hiya!”

“Hi, Mia,” she said. “Are you having fun with Daddy?”

“Daddy’s eating ice-cream.”

Ashley chuckled. “Well, I hope you’ve got ice-cream, too.”

There was a clattering noise and then she heard Glen telling Mia not to hit the phone off the table and to give it back to Daddy.

“Sorry about that,” Glen said.

“It’s fine. Look, I have an idea. Why don’t you and Mia come over here and surprise Spencer when she comes home?”

“Are you sure? That would be great.”

Ashley looked at the untouched pile of papers on front of her. “It’s fine. I’m only pretending to work anyway. You know where we are?”

“Yeah, of course.”

She realised what a stupid question it was. He was, after all, the one who had called. Only then did it occur to her to check the caller ID. “Hold on, you’re at Chelsea’s apartment? Well, the TV station’s only a few blocks from you. I’ll give you the address and you can catch Spencer there.”

“Why don’t you come meet us and we’ll all surprise her?” Glen suggested.

Ashley laughed. “You looking for back-up in case your little sister shouts at you for never writing or calling?”

“Couldn’t hurt,” he agreed.

* * *

“Oh my God, Glen!”

Spencer spotted the three of them as soon as she exited the building. She rushed over, hugging Glen tightly. “When did you get here? How long are you staying?”

“Four o’clock this morning and I don’t know,” Glen said.

Ashley watched their family reunion while a restless Mia wriggled in her arms. She tickled her to distract her. That seemed to do the trick.

Spencer released Glen and smiled at her and Mia.

“And there’s my favourite girl,” Spencer said, sweeping her hand across Mia’s dark hair and pressing a kiss on the top of the little girl’s head. Spencer looked up at Ashley. “And my other favourite girl.” Ashley felt herself blush. “This is quite the reception committee.”

Ashley shrugged. “I found these two waifs on the street corner and thought they might belong to you,” she said.

“Well,” Spencer said, linking her arm with Glen’s, “I’m not sure about that. I hardly recognise this one at all.”

Glen rolled his eyes. “Please, I was in Thailand and then Haiti. I used my SatPhone privileges to call my daughter.” Glen was a logistics manager for an international medical charity, which Spencer said was a fancy way of saying that he dug ditches and built roads.

They were starting to walk towards the subway station, so Ashley set Mia down, taking the little girl’s hand. Spencer took Mia’s other hand and between them they swung her in the air.

“You sent a postcard from Guam,” Spencer reminded Glen. “They don’t have any phones there?”

He looked offended. “No fair! I was there to negotiate getting supplies from the US Navy. It was work.”

Spencer opened her mouth to reply, but Mia distracted her by saying, “Higher, higher!” and jumping up and down between her and Ashley.

“You want higher, baby girl?” Glen reached down and picked his daughter up, hoisting her onto his shoulders. Mia immediately grabbed onto his hair. “Hey, hey!” he said. “Don’t pull Daddy’s hair so tight.” Naturally, Mia tugged harder, but his only reaction was a small wince. “So, do you ladies want to get something to eat?” he asked. “We’ve only had ice-cream and we’re starving.”

Spencer groaned. “You gave her ice-cream for breakfast?”

“Ice-cream!” Mia sing-songed, obviously thinking that she was being offered it for lunch as well.

“No ice-cream,” Spencer said to the girl. She asked Glen, “How long have you got her for anyway?”

“Chelsea said I could bring her back tomorrow afternoon.”

“She’s letting her sleep over with you in your hotel room?” Spencer asked.

Glen bowed his head and mumbled, “I might have told her that we were staying with you.”

Spencer shook her head fondly at her brother. “Do you even have a hotel room?”

“I figured I’d sort something out.”

“More like you thought I’d take you in out of pity,” Spencer said, tapping the backpack that obviously contained a change of clothes for both father and daughter.

“Or your wife might.” Glen flashed a smile in Ashley’s direction.

Ashley held her hands up. “I’m not getting in the middle of this one.”

“You’re supposed to be my back-up,” Glen protested.

Spencer looked between her brother and her wife. “Are you two ganging up on me?”

“No!” Ashley answered, at the same moment as Glen replied, “Yes!”

Spencer stopped walking and folded her arms over her chest. “Which is it?”

“Whichever one makes you less mad?” Glen guessed. Ashley wisely stayed silent.

Spencer spoke to her niece. “Mia, we’re going to ride the subway train and then you and me are going to have a nice nap together while Daddy and Auntie Ashley clean the apartment and do all the chores and go grocery shopping and cook some dinner for us. How does that sound?”

“Like we’re in the doghouse,” Glen answered, rolling his eyes at Ashley and earning himself a slap on the forearm from Spencer.

* * *

Despite Spencer’s threat to make Ashley and Glen do all the work, the four of them stopped at a deli to buy groceries on their way back to the apartment. Once there, Mia insisted on sleeping in the ‘big bed’, meaning Ashley’s room. Spencer gave Glen a book of bedtime stories that Ashley had bought and left him to get his daughter settled. She then joined Ashley in the kitchen.

“All set?” Ashley asked.

Spencer picked up one of the grocery bags and started emptying its contents onto the counter. “He’ll be lucky to get her down with the amount of sugar he’s crammed into her already.”

Ashley chuckled. “He’s allowed to spoil her. He’s her daddy.”

“And what’s your excuse?”

Ashley smirked. “I’m the fun aunt.”

“What does that make me?” Spencer asked.

“The only responsible adult?” she joked.

Spencer opened the fridge and started putting the salad items into the vegetable rack. “You don’t mind Glen staying, do you?”

“Why should I mind? He’s your brother.”She was surprised by how much she liked Glen. He was funnier than she’d expected, for a start. Before they met, Ashley had written Glen off in her mind as feckless, just like her own father, but Glen obviously adored his daughter. He had confided in Ashley that he was hoping to persuade Chelsea to let him move back in so he could be a full-time Dad and, one day, maybe even a husband.

“You know we’ll have to share,” Spencer said.

“Well, that’s not a problem.” That wasn’t strictly true, in the sense that sleeping in the same bed as Spencer made her anxious about doing or saying the wrong thing.

Spencer added, “Also, he thinks we’re married.”

“Well, we are.” Ashley stopped what she was doing and leaned against the sink. “Wait. He doesn’t know?” She had assumed that Glen knew the truth of their arrangement.

Spencer placed her hands on the counter and looked down at the marble surface. “No, the only one who knows the real truth is Chelsea.”

“And she’s never told him?”

“Not as far as I know, and she would have told me if she had.”

“Well, I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Ashley replied. She looked down at her hands and picked at her fingernails. “Or, you could tell him the truth. It’s your call.”

Spencer sighed. “I don’t know. I thought about it, but I still think we should be on our guard until we hear something from the INS either way.”

Although Spencer’s interview had been more straightforward than Ashley’s, there had been no official word on the outcome. Ashley hadn’t told Spencer the full story about her own time with the odious Eaves, preferring to gloss over the detail in favour of confirming what Spencer had already suspected. As far as Spencer knew, Eaves had merely gone over the familiar ground of the money and the lease. Spencer didn’t know about the conversation regarding Petra or Ashley’s desire to remain married.

“I’ll go with whatever you decide,” Ashley said.

“Let’s stick with it for now. We are, as you say, actually married, so it’s not like that’s a lie.”

No, it really wasn’t, Ashley thought. It wasn’t a lie at all.

Glen reappeared from her bedroom, so Ashley excused herself, claiming that she had to work. She didn’t really intend to do anything, but she knew Spencer would want time to catch up with her brother alone.

She stuck it out until after five o’clock, by which time her stomach was growling with hunger. She went through to the living room to see what was happening and found it empty. The sound of heavy male snoring from Spencer’s room indicated that Glen was asleep. She pushed open her bedroom door. Spencer was lying on top of the covers, her arm thrown across her eyes, the small figure of Mia curled up against her side. Ashley watched them for a few minutes before deciding to start preparing dinner.

She was so engrossed in what she was doing, she didn’t notice Spencer walking through to the kitchen until she was standing close behind her.

“What’re you making?” Spencer murmured as her hand snuck around Ashley to steal a piece of carrot.

“Vegetable lasagne and salad,” Ashley replied. “You know, proper healthy food, not ice-cream.” She also kept her voice low so as not to disturb Glen or Mia.

Spencer yawned. “I was only joking earlier about you doing all the work. What do you need me to do?”

“Nothing really. I’ve got it under control.” She pointed to the sauces which were already cooling on the stove and a lasagne dish lined with the first layer of pasta. “You could prepare the salad, if you like.”

Spencer’s hand slipped through the gap between Ashley’s waist and her arm, trying to steal another morsel of food. This time, Ashley pulled her elbow in, trapping Spencer’s wrist against her.

“I’ll cut your hand off,” she warned teasingly, making a chopping motion in the air with the knife.

She was startled by Spencer’s reply being whispered in her ear. “No, you won’t.”

In getting close enough to whisper, Spencer had leaned in so that her body was pressed against Ashley’s back and her breath was warm against Ashley’s cheek.

At first, neither moved or spoke. They just stood there until Ashley arched her back enough to increase their contact. Spencer’s left hand came to rest on Ashley’s waist. Ashley lifted her arm to free Spencer’s trapped wrist, and Spencer clasped her hands over Ashley’s abdomen, holding her from behind. Silently, she put the knife down and folded her hands over Spencer’s. She tilted her head back as Spencer rested her chin on Ashley’s shoulder.

Ashley breathed in, closing her eyes. If she turned her head, her mouth would be so close to Spencer’s that a kiss would be inevitable.

“Can you two not keep your hands off each other?”

Ashley’s eyes snapped open as Glen’s voice broke the moment. She would have jumped away, but she was held against the counter by the warmth of Spencer’s body, and her wife hadn’t moved. In fact, Spencer’s hold had tightened.

“I’m just stealing a little something,” Spencer drawled.

Ashley wondered if the comment was directed at her or Glen. Possibly both.

“I’ll bet you are,” Glen replied, wandering over in their direction. “And I bet I know what that is.” He sat down on one of the stools at the other counter behind them.

“Carrots,” Ashley said hastily. “She was trying to steal carrots.”

“Uh-huh,” Glen said. “Sure she was.”

Spencer helped herself to another piece of carrot and stepped back, placing a kiss on Ashley’s shoulder as she withdrew.

“Carrot,” she agreed as she popped the piece of vegetable in her mouth.

Still shaken, Ashley picked up the knife and started chopping again. She kept her movements slow and deliberate. Spencer turned around to face Glen and stood next to her, her arm pressed against Ashley’s. It was distracting.

“How was your nap?” Spencer asked.

“I hardly slept, just rested a little.”

Ashley snorted. No-one who snored like that was just resting. She didn’t call him on it, though.

“What’s for dinner?” Glen asked.

“Vegetable lasagne, one of Ashley’s experiments,” Spencer said. Since they’d been living together, Ashley had expanded her cooking repertoire considerably. The béchamel was store-bought, but she’d made the spaghetti sauce herself.

“Should I be worried?”

“I’m an excellent cook!” Ashley said.

“Yes, she is,” Spencer agreed. “I haven’t had food poisoning once.”

Ashley turned her head to scowl at her wife, but Spencer was smiling at her in a way she hadn’t seen before, a softness in her eyes that Ashley hoped she wasn’t imagining. She turned away bashfully, but bumped Spencer’s hip with her own.

“One of you should go wake Mia, rather than just hanging around insulting my cooking,” she said.

“I’ll do it,” Glen said. He pushed off the stool. “Although getting her dressed this morning was no picnic.” Mia was at the point of wanting to dress herself but not being quite able to do it. Her frustration was often humorous, but could also lead to a full-blown toddler tantrum.

“Leave her in her pyjamas,” Spencer suggested. “It’ll make life easier at bath time anyway.”

“Good call, sis.” He headed off towards Ashley’s bedroom.

Ashley lifted the chopping board and tipped the prepared vegetables into a pot of boiling water. She could feel Spencer watching her.

“The salad,” Spencer finally said, grabbing a bag of arugula from the fridge and retrieving the salad bowl from one of the cabinets.

With everyone in the household now awake, Ashley flicked on the digital radio. She found a Spanish-language station which was playing something Cuban that she kind of recognised. It was good cooking music, upbeat but not overly intrusive.

Ashley hummed along, while Spencer started to shake her hips as she prepared the salad. It wasn’t long before Ashley was also dancing on the spot. She turned the burner down to let the vegetables simmer. It seemed natural to hold her hand out to Spencer, who took it and moved with her to the centre of the kitchen floor. It seemed equally natural, and entirely in keeping with the music, to move her hands to Spencer’s hips, just to feel the way they rolled. Spencer rested her forearms on Ashley’s shoulders.

She’d never danced with her wife before. She wasn’t even sure she’d ever seen Spencer dance. She was as assured and graceful at it as she was at everything else. Their eyes met. They both started to close the short distance between them.

“Will nobody think of the children!” Glen exclaimed. “Do you two have no decency?”

Ashley looked over her shoulder to see that Glen had shielded Mia’s eyes with his hands. Mia was, of course, trying to pull her daddy’s fingers away to see what the fuss was. Spencer, meanwhile, just flipped Glen off.

“Spencer Carlin, how dare you!” he said.

Grinning, Ashley turned back to Spencer. “Davies. She’s Spencer Davies now.” She leaned forward and brushed her lips softly against Spencer’s. As she did, she realised that it was the first time she had kissed her wife. Their previous kisses had all been initiated by Spencer.

It wasn’t a long kiss. It was only a few seconds, the lightest of touches, because Ashley had the definite feeling that anything more and she would forget that Glen and Mia were there. She didn’t mind the idea of being naked on the kitchen floor; an audience, she could do without.

As she pulled back and rested her forehead against Spencer’s, she started to chuckle.

“What?” Spencer asked softly, her hands stroking the back of Ashley’s neck.

“I just heard that out loud. Spencer Davies. Like in the Spencer Davis Group.”


“Stevie Winwood’s old band.” Spencer was shaking her head. “Keep On Running? You must know it.”

“Maybe.” Spencer kissed the tip of Ashley’s nose.

“Still here!” Glen announced.

“Feel free to leave any time,” Spencer said.

“You would throw your poor baby niece out on the street?”

Spencer rolled her eyes at Ashley and stepped back reluctantly. At least, it looked reluctant to Ashley, and she was confident for once that she was reading her wife perfectly.

“Mia, do you want to help me set the table?” Spencer asked. She opened a cupboard and took out the dinner plates. “Or do you want to help your Aunt Ashley?”

“Cooking!” Mia said, holding her arms out in Ashley’s direction. Glen brought her over and passed her to Ashley, who danced around the kitchen with her, much to the little girl’s delight.

* * *

After dinner, the four of them watched Beauty and the Beast, the only Disney movie that Ashley could find among their DVDs. Glen and Spencer then shared the joys of bath time while Ashley cleared away their dinner and stacked the dishwasher. By the time they’d got Mia ready for bed, Glen looked even more tired than his daughter. He didn’t take much persuading to turn in early.

Finally alone with her wife, the tense anticipation Ashley often felt around Spencer returned. She sat down on the couch and flicked through the channels while Spencer made them both coffee. When Spencer joined her, she sat right beside her.

“What did you pick?” Spencer asked.

“There’s not much on. Re-runs, the news, a really crappy looking movie on HBO.” She brought up the saved menu on the DVR. “We’ve got some Hitchcock, Columbo, that Dutch thing you like, other movies.”

Spencer chuckled. “It’s Danish, and that’s the remake anyway.”

“Whatever. What do you fancy?”

Spencer leaned back, extending her arm along the back of the couch behind Ashley’s head. “Rear Window.”

Ashley started the movie, forwarding through the preceding commercials, and sat back, picking up her coffee to give her hands something to do.

“I think he might stay this time,” Spencer said.

“Glen? Yeah, he told me earlier that he was hoping to work things out with Chelsea.” She looked at her wife. “Does he have a green card?”

“Why? You gonna marry him next?” Spencer joked.

“No, I think one Carlin’s plenty for anyone.” She didn’t add that she was planning to stay married to the Carlin she was already with.

“He’s a permanent resident,” Spencer confirmed. “He’s employed by a US charity and, believe it or not, he has a Master’s in Civil Engineering.”


“Yeah, I know.” Spencer leaned forward to put her mug down on the table. “He likes you, by the way. He told me I’d picked a good wife.”

Ashley smiled immodestly. “I agree with him.”

“I thought you might.”

“I did okay myself in the wife stakes.”

Spencer laughed. “Just okay?”

Ashley didn’t reply immediately. On screen, Grace Kelly was flirting with an oblivious James Stewart, who was far too interested in his neighbours to pay attention to the beautiful woman in his apartment. Ashley gave Spencer a sly glance. That was a mistake that she didn’t intend to make.

She placed her own mug on the table and then rested her forearms on her knees. She had asked for a sign, and she was pretty sure that she’d be given one. She didn’t believe that everything that had happened was just to persuade Glen of the veracity of their marriage. It all felt real.

Indecision didn’t suit her, she decided.

“The best wife,” she said.

She didn’t have to turn around to feel Spencer’s smile. And then Spencer slipped her hand beneath the back of her shirt and started stroking her back with her fingertips.

“I don’t really feel like a movie,” she added.


“Not really.”

“What then? A board game? Cards? An early night with a good book?” Spencer asked teasingly.

“An early night, yes,” she agreed. Taking a risk, she stood and held her hand out to Spencer. “But no book.”

“No?” Spencer took her hand and pulled herself up to stand in front of Ashley. “What, then?”

Ashley started walking backwards in the direction of her bedroom. “It’s probably better if I show you.”

“Now I’m intrigued.” The way Spencer’s thumb was rubbing against Ashley’s pulse point implied that she knew very well what she meant.

Ashley pulled Spencer inside the bedroom and then spun around, resting against the door. They were an arm’s length apart. She reached her free hand out to cup Spencer’s cheek and urge her towards her.

“I was thinking we could start with this,” she said, pulling Spencer’s head down to her own.

Unlike their earlier short kiss in the kitchen, there was no soft, slow start. The moment that their mouths met, Spencer leaned in hard against Ashley, moaning into her mouth, which allowed Ashley to thrust her tongue between her wife’s lips. Unconsciously, her hands dropped to Spencer’s hips, holding her in place.

As their mouths explored, she slid her hands up Spencer’s sides, pushing her t-shirt up. Spencer pulled back and yanked her top over her head, throwing it in the direction of the bed.

“I like your thinking,” Spencer said, her hands dropping to the buttons of Ashley’s shirt. Ashley helped her, starting at the bottom while Spencer worked from the top. In seconds, her shirt was undone and she shrugged it from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Her gaze dropped to her wife’s breasts. She bent her head forward and kissed along the top lace of Spencer’s bra, nipping and licking at her skin. She slid her mouth down over the lace and sucked Spencer’s nipple into her mouth, holding it firmly between her teeth while her tongue flicked across it. She felt Spencer’s hands grasp her head and pull her back to her mouth.

They stumbled towards the bed, twisting and turning as they tried to shed their remaining clothes without breaking their kiss.

Ashley’s feet got caught in a tangle of jeans and underwear, and she pitched backwards, but Spencer caught her and they landed on the bed together. Spencer grinned down at her and waited while Ashley kicked off her jeans.

Ashley immediately tried to flip them over so that she was on top, but Spencer shook her head and slowly lowered her body so that they were pressed together. At the feel of her wife’s naked body sliding against her own, Ashley moaned loudly.

“Hush,” Spencer murmured. “Glen.”

Ashley placed her hand against Spencer’s breast and squeezed the flesh softly, rubbing her palm against the hard nipple.

When Spencer gasped sharply, Ashley chuckled. “Hush yourself.”

She used the momentary distraction to achieve her original goal of rolling them over, but succeeded only in pitching them both straight off the bed. She landed on the floor on her back. Spencer, who tried to grab onto the bed covers as she fell, landed sprawled on top of her, half-buried under the top sheet.

As soon as she got her wind back, Ashley started to giggle at the ridiculousness of their situation.

“Shh!” she whispered, the laughter starting to overtake her.

“Shhh!” Spencer whispered back, pushing the sheet away and looking around as if someone might have seen them tumble.

The more Ashley tried to stop, the funnier it all seemed, especially as Spencer had joined in and was shaking with laughter of her own. Spencer buried her face in Ashley’s neck to muffle the sound, while Ashley was biting her lip hard in an effort to contain herself. Unconsciously, she wrapped her arms protectively around Spencer, her hands stroking her back.

Just when it seemed that their first attempts at consummating their marriage might end dissolved in hilarity, everything turned completely serious again in an instant as Spencer’s mouth started moving along Ashley’s neck until she reached her ear.

“Shhh,” Spencer said, the feeling of her breath in her ear making Ashley shiver.

Spencer drew her knees up so that she was straddling Ashley’s hips. That made Ashley gasp at the feeling of Spencer’s hot wetness against her abdomen. Grabbing Spencer by the ribs, she lifted her until Spencer’s breasts were in reach of her mouth. She fastened greedily on a nipple, suckling it deep in her mouth and teasing it with her teeth and tongue.

She opened her eyes and looked at Spencer, who had thrown her head back, her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth open, her tongue wetting her lips. Spencer arched her back, pressing herself deeper into Ashley’s mouth.

Ashley switched to the other breast, her hand covering the one her mouth had abandoned. That caused the sexiest little growl deep in the back of Spencer’s throat. Spencer also started to grind against her, seeking some friction.

When she had imagined their first time together — and, lately, she’d been imagining it a lot —she hadn’t pictured a frantic mess on the bedroom floor but she could hardly have pictured a sight more arousing than her wife on all fours writhing against her with abandon.

She reached down with her free hand and slid it between them, her fingers immediately coated with Spencer’s wetness. Spencer raised her hips slightly to give her better access and Ashley parted her lips gently, her fingers sliding either side of Spencer’s clit.

This time, Spencer couldn’t hold back her moan, so Ashley removed her hand from her wife’s breast and covered her mouth. She immediately felt Spencer’s teeth digging into the heel of her hand.

As Spencer raised herself once more, Ashley thrust two fingers inside her, her thumb resting on Spencer’s clit. Although she had to strain her neck to maintain the suckling pressure on Spencer’s nipple, she was determined not to lose contact. Spencer’s teeth bit down harder on her hand as she strained with the effort of staying silent.

Ashley started a pinching motion with her hand, causing her thumb to slide across Spencer’s clit as her fingers rubbed her inner walls. She matched the tempo to that of her mouth against Spencer’s breast.

Spencer’s hips jerked once, twice, three times as she groaned her muffled release and they both collapsed, the weight of Spencer pushing Ashley into the floor.

Ashley wrapped her free arm around Spencer’s waist, but didn’t try to move the hand that was still inside her wife. It occurred to her that it might be uncomfortable for Spencer, but she took a possessive pleasure in feeling Spencer spasming against her fingers as her orgasm subsided.

They remained together like that for a while until Ashley became aware of Spencer’s hands moving up her sides, her fingertips tracing the swell of Ashley’s breast. Spencer lifted herself and Ashley eased her fingers out of her wife carefully.

And then Spencer began kissing an inexorable path down across Ashley’s chest, a straight line down across her chest, abdomen and then her stomach, nipping, kissing, tasting and marking her way. She settled herself in the cradle of Ashley’s hips and then stopped.

Ashley raised her head and looked down at her wife, who had the most self-satisfied and almost evil grin. Spencer lifted a finger to her lips.

“Now remember – hush,” she said.

As Ashley felt the first touch of Spencer’s tongue, tracing a line between her lower lips, parting them gently, she grabbed the sheet that lay crumpled by her head and stuffed it in her mouth.

She had a feeling that being quiet was going to prove impossible.

* * * * *

Next up: Chapter 9, For the bad times [A]


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    I apologise for the long delay. I have about 3,500 words of the next chapter done, so I might split it into two so the first part can be posted sooner.

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