Reality Bites, Part III

Previously: Part II [A]

Merry Christmas.

Rated A.

* * * * *

Part III

Ashley had a gig on Friday evening and, for once, Spencer was free to be there. There was no practice, no studying, no team activities. Ashley protested that Spencer should be resting up for her Saturday game, the first of a double-header, but she was not-so-secretly pleased when Spencer insisted on coming along.

Ben’s Bar had a regular schedule of paid gigs, open mic nights and the occasional poetry evening. It wasn’t as much money as she made at the Roadhouse, but it was a much bigger crowd. The current owner, Logan, told her that the regional newspaper often sent someone along to cover the Friday shows; that made Ashley nervous. Spencer, however, had invited a whole crowd of people along, so at least she was sitting at a table of friends, all there to cheer her on. It was, on the face of things, quite a gay group: Ashley and Spencer; Cassie and her ‘roommate’ Allison; Carmen and her latest date, Nancy; Justin and Harry; and Elliot, a friend of Carmen’s who they had met at the art show. There were also others she recognised dotted around the room.

“Hey, calm down,” Harry said, putting a hand on Ashley’s knee to prevent her from bouncing it.

“Ignore her. She gets jiggly when she’s wound up,” Spencer told him, laughing at Ashley’s stress, “and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

Ashley flashed her a flirtatious look. “Oh, I can think of one thing that stops it.”

Spencer blushed furiously while everyone else laughed.

“We don’t need to hear about your sex life!” Justin said.

“It was just a little kiss!” Ashley protested.

“Oh, it was hardly a little kiss,” Spencer replied. It was Ashley’s turn to blush. At least Spencer had thought the kiss memorable, too. That was good to know.

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” their friends began to chant.

Ben’s wasn’t a gay bar, but it was gay-friendly. No-one was going to object.

“What do you think?” Ashley asked, turning to stare openly at the blonde next to her. “Should we give them what they want?” She was not reluctant at all. In fact, she was desperate to comply.

Spencer shrugged. “I guess if it’ll calm you down, it’s almost my duty.” Her smile indicated that she didn’t mind either.

“Quit stalling!” Carrie said, and Spencer rolled her eyes in her direction.

Spencer reached her hand up to cup the back of Ashley’s head, pulling the brunette towards her. The kiss was sloppy and open-mouthed and they were both giggling. It wasn’t enough for Ashley. To the sound of their friends whooping in the background, she shimmied forward to the edge of her wooden chair and settled her hands on Spencer’s knees. Nudging Spencer with her chin, she changed the angle of their contact and slowed the kiss right down, taking time to explore the blonde’s mouth. Spencer responded immediately, moving her free hand up to stroke Ashley’s cheek with her knuckles.

Someone was shouting. Ashley could make out her name being called, but she ignored it. She kept the kiss going, letting it heat up again, their tongues meeting. Eventually, though, she had to stop because someone was tapping her forcefully on the back, and it wasn’t Spencer because she could feel both of Spencer’s hands around her neck.

“What?” she demanded.

“Logan wants you,” Justin replied, looking sheepish. “You’re on in five.”


“You feeling better?” Spencer asked softly, her hand still stroking Ashley’s cheek.



“So, go make me proud.”

“Don’t I always make you proud?” Ashley teased, getting up from her chair and looking around the table for support. Allison was making a vomiting gesture, while Carmen gave her a knowing look.

“You know you do,” Spencer replied. Ashley let herself believe that the statement was honest and not just for their audience. Spencer certainly looked proud. Or possibly her eyes were sparkling for a different reason. Either way, it was all good and she wasn’t even slightly nervous any more.

She went backstage, got her guitar and waited in the wings. As Logan introduced her, she was gratified to receive a pretty decent cheer, even beyond just her friends. Most gratifying of all, though, was the look she got from the girl who stood silently and blew her a simple kiss.

In her own not-so-humble opinion, it was the best set she’d ever performed. Most people in the room were aware that Ashley’s father had been in Purple Venom, so she had put together a set list of a few of her dad’s songs, some familiar standards which she’d rearranged acoustically, and some of her own material. She tried to play to the whole audience, but it was just too easy to lose herself in Spencer’s adoring gaze.

When she finished, she noticed that Spencer had disappeared from their table. She found her again in what was euphemistically called the dressing room, a store room piled high with empty boxes and barrels, and a full-length mirror in one corner. The blonde was sitting on a crate, swinging her legs.

“Hey,” Ashley greeted her.

“Why didn’t you tell me how good you were?”

Ashley propped her guitar against the wall and folded her arms. “You’ve heard me sing before.”

Spencer shook her head. “This was different. You were different.”

“Different how?”

She looked thoughtful. “I don’t know. More something.”

Ashley laughed. “More something? Well, I’ll work on my something then.”

“Involved? Intense?” Spencer clarified.

She shrugged. She knew she had been more involved because Spencer had been there, providing a focal point for her to build her performance around. “It’s different when you perform for a crowd. You’ve only heard me sing for you before.”

“Are you saying you weren’t singing for me tonight?” Spencer’s eyes held a challenge, but the question was softly spoken.


Spencer stood up, her hands clasped behind her back. “Maybe yes or maybe no?”

She grinned. “Maybe.”

Spencer took a step towards her. “Just maybe?”


“Yes, just maybe? Or, yes, you were singing to me?”


Spencer chuckled. “Nice.”


They were standing only a foot apart. It wouldn’t take much for them to be touching. It was what Ashley wanted, and yet she felt intimidated, so she leaned back against the wall behind her, putting extra space between them. Spencer, however, was having none of that: she stepped forward again, right into Ashley’s personal space.

Just as Ashley thought they were going to kiss, Spencer leaned in and hugged her instead. She wrapped her arms around Spencer’s back, holding the blonde to her. She buried her face in Spencer’s neck and nuzzled against the soft skin. She felt Spencer’s hand thread into her hair, cradling the back of her head. It was both soothing and arousing.

She turned her head a little, pressing her lips to Spencer’s skin. She could feel the pulse against her mouth. Spencer was definitely not at rest. Her heart wasn’t racing, but her pulse rate was elevated. That encouraged Ashley to open her mouth and let her tongue taste the skin. She kissed and licked softly. It wasn’t platonic by any means, but it wasn’t so far over that line.

She could feel the softness of Spencer’s breasts against her, and the way Spencer was cradled between her thighs. It was not helping her libido. She’d heard that boys thought of mundane, boring things to keep their excitement under control, so she started to run through her set list in her head. She then tried to think of the guitar chords of each track, but that brought the word ‘fingering’ to her mind, which was a really unhelpful mental image. Instead, she pictured as many politicians as she could remember. It was a short list; she didn’t exactly keep up with current events.

They hadn’t spoken for almost a minute, but she wasn’t about to pull away if Spencer wasn’t. Spencer was still idly stroking the back of her head, but her other hand moved to the small of Ashley’s back, pulling them even closer together. After a final tight squeeze, Spencer stepped back.

“When you have an answer,” she said, “I’d love to hear it.” She turned and left Ashley with her thoughts.

* * *

That weekend, Spencer’s team lost one of their two games. It wasn’t all bad because the second-placed team also lost one, handing them the league title. The on-field celebrations were nothing compared to the party that had been planned for the Sunday evening. Despite her misgivings about the Mean Girls, Ashley agreed to go with Spencer. It was being held at—naturally—Tyra’s sorority. It was a huge, sprawling house and there were probably a couple of hundred people there which suited Ashley as it significantly reduced the chance that she would have to speak to Tyra, Anita or Sloan.

As they arrived, Spencer took Ashley’s hand and said, “I really appreciate you coming. I wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate with you.”

“Of course I want to share in your glory. What kind of person doesn’t support her championship-winning girlfriend?”

Spencer shook her head. “Pennant-winning. The championship game is next week.” She paused. “Will you be there?”

“I’ve pencilled you in.”

They walked up the steps of the sorority house, nodding their hellos to some people drinking out on the lawns.

“Just pencilled?”

“I might get a better offer,” Ashley joked.

Spencer gave her a sceptical look. “A better offer than me?”

“It’s possible.”

“Oh, you think so?”

They swung by a large table which was covered in every possible drink known to man or softball-playing woman.

“Who can say?” Ashley picked up two bottles of beer and opened them, handing one to Spencer.

“I can! I’m your girlfriend and you aren’t ever going to get a better offer than me.”

“Depends what’s involved in this offer. I mean, softball doesn’t interest me at all.”

“Hush your mouth! Especially in present company. There are plenty here who would lynch you for saying such things.”

Ashley shrugged. “I stand by my statement.”

They were walking through the house, looking for somewhere to sit, but it seemed like every spare inch of seating was over-filled by people who were either already drunk or steadily getting there.

“You wanna try outside?” Ashley suggested.


They walked out the back of the house. It was quieter, but still full of people milling about.

“So, what’ll it take for me to persuade you that I’m worth your time?” Spencer asked. It was obvious that she wasn’t taking their conversation entirely seriously, but all of the potential answers that popped into Ashley’s mind were both serious and sexually explicit.

“It’s okay,” she finally answered when she could think of anything clean or appropriate to say, “I already said I’m coming.”

“Yeah, but I still don’t want you to think that I’m forcing you to give up your time.”

Ashley didn’t have to answer because Carrie approached them and, within minutes, she and Spencer were talking animatedly about the big game and what their tactics might be. Ashley sipped at her beer and let them talk. Spotting Carmen on the other side of the back yard, Ashley tapped Spencer on the shoulder and indicated that she was going over to talk to the brunette.

“Aren’t you brave, returning to the scene of the crime?” she said.

“I’m not going to stay away from my friends because of some idiots.” Carmen didn’t look bothered, but then Carmen’s default setting was nonchalant. “Besides, I think there’s safety in numbers now. I’ve got you, Spence, others.”

Ashley followed Carmen’s line of sight to Carrie and Spencer. “Carrie?”

“No, Allison.” A few feet from Spencer, Allison was watching Carrie, a look of deep longing on her face. “I feel bad for her. I don’t think that’s gonna end well.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not convinced that Carrie’s ever going to be interested. I think she’s shy around guys, but not gay.”

“She doesn’t ping your gaydar?”

“Not even slightly. Alison’s off the chart, but Carrie’s just… No, not Carrie.”

Ashley looked between the girls. Allison had joined Spencer and Carrie, but, like Ashley before, wasn’t really talking. The parallels with her own situation were not lost on Ashley. When she had agreed to Spencer’s plan in the first place, it had seemed like a good way to get back at the bullies who had harassed and then beaten up Carmen. She hadn’t expected to end up falling for her best friend and wanting it to be true. Now, she was showing the world her true feelings and having to pretend to Spencer that the truth was a sham.

“What about Spencer?” she asked quietly. She could feel Carmen sizing her up, trying to work out what she was really asking.

“Does your girlfriend ping my gaydar? Is that what you’re seriously asking me?”

“You know what I mean.”

Carmen shook her head. “Nope. I’ve told you before: stop asking me and talk to her.”

“It’s that easy?”

“If a girl looked at me the way she looks at you, I’d be a very happy camper. You two are meant to be. And you both know it. One of you just needs to grow a pair and say something.”

Ashley smiled to herself. “Maybe.”

“There are three weeks of school left, Davies. You’re running out of time.”

Ashley and Spencer both had plans to go back to Los Angeles after the semester ended. Spencer was expecting to move back in with her parents and look for a job. Ashley would be moving into the loft she had bought with her inheritance and hoped to pursue singing full-time. Although no-one as close as they were ever planned on drifting apart, Ashley knew it was a risk. At eighteen, she never would have guessed that she would have lost touch with everyone from high school except Spencer.

“So, where’s Nancy?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Dunno. I’m flying solo tonight.”

“Your date didn’t go well?”

Carmen laughed. “Oh, it went very well.” The implication of the statement was quite obvious.

“But no second date?”

“It wasn’t that kind of date.” Carmen gave her a lascivious wink.

They chatted for a while. Carmen even stayed away from teasing Ashley further about her feelings for Spencer. The fact that she had got to know Carmen—and also Justin and Harry—was one of the many upsides of pretending to be Spencer’s girlfriend. Carmen eventually spotted what she called ‘a likely candidate’ and moved off to talk to her latest target. Ashley remembered when her life was like that. Having Spencer, even only for a while and not for real, made her realise that she wasn’t that person any more.

“Hey, you,” Spencer said from behind her, slipping her arm around Ashley’s waist. “You bored?”

Ashley shook her head. “Never while you’re here.”

Spencer chuckled. “I know I say this a lot, but it is constantly surprising to me how sweet you are when you’re being a girlfriend. I never would’ve suspected it.”

“I haven’t been someone’s girlfriend since, like, junior high, but I don’t think I was that sweet then.” She took a drink of her beer. She wished she could just do what Carmen was always urging her to do and tell Spencer the truth.

“Aiden?” He had been Ashley’s on-again, off-again boyfriend when she met Spencer.

“Yeah. He would definitely not say that I was a good girlfriend.” That was an understatement. She had repeatedly cheated on him and dumped him whenever someone or something more interesting came along. Aiden wouldn’t have been surprised to find out that Ashley was in love with Spencer, however; he had often been jealous of their closeness.

“Well, you are to me.”

Ashley opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a slurred, sneering voice loudly asking, “What in the hell are you doing here?” The question was not directed at Spencer or her; it was directed at Carmen, a few feet away.

“Why? You want seconds, chica?” the brunette replied.

Tyra’s face clouded with anger and she pulled her hand back, clearly intending to launch her drink in Carmen’s direction. Ashley quickly stepped up to her and grabbed her forearm.

“Don’t,” she warned, her tone low and even. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Don’t you dare touch me, bitch!” Tyra shouted. Her chin was jutting out defiantly. Her eyes were narrowed. She was also very, very drunk, and swaying slightly. The drink she intended to throw at Carmen was spilling to the ground. “This is my goddamn house, and I’ll do as I please.”

“No, you won’t,” Spencer said, coming to stand between Tyra and Carmen. “And don’t ever call my girl a bitch.”

Everyone in the garden had stopped whatever they were doing and started watching the scene unfolding. Ashley could see that the party guests in the sorority house were moving towards the doors and windows to see what was happening.

“I’ll call your ho what I damn well please, Carlin. She’s nothing but trash.”

Ashley felt no need to defend herself. She didn’t care what Tyra thought of her, because she didn’t care about anyone’s opinion other than Spencer’s. But Spencer’s eyes flashed with anger, and, for a moment, Ashley suspected that Spencer might let fly with a slap.

“Don’t. Call. Her. Names,” Spencer said.

“Or what?” Tyra tried to pull her hand free from Ashley’s grasp. “And tell her to get her filthy hands off me.”

“Why don’t we talk about what you did with your filthy hands, Tyra?” Carmen asked. “Why don’t you tell all these people watching that you couldn’t wait to get your hands in my pants? That you begged me to let you fuck me?”

“You lying whore!” Tyra said. She kept tugging against Ashley’s hold, desperate to get free.

“Oh, I’m the liar?” Carmen stepped around Spencer, folding her arms over her chest. “You told Mike that I all but raped you, when you were the one who pushed me into that bathroom. You pushed me up against the wall and you took your own clothes off. You shoved my hand inside your bra. You broke the zipper on my jeans, you were so desperate to get a little of this.” She rolled her hips in an exaggerated gesture. Carmen paced back and forth, enjoying being in charge. “And do you remember what you said, Tyra?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Can’t take it when someone’s dishing the dirt on you, huh?” Spencer asked. “What’re you afraid of, Tyra?”

“I’m not afraid of anything. No-one believes this dyke bullshit.”

“Oh, I think they do,” Ashley said. “Just look at them.”

Tyra looked around the crowd for support, but none was forthcoming. They were staring at her—some incredulously, some in revulsion—and murmuring in disapproval. Even Sloan, who was hovering nearby, turned her head away.

“You said that Mike did nothing for you. That you liked fucking girls, not being fucked by boys,” Carmen said. There were some gasps from the on-lookers. Ashley had to tighten her hold on Tyra, as she was trying to wriggle free.

“Shut up.” Tyra’s voice wavered.

“And you promised to give it to me so good, if only I’d let you.” Carmen stopped in front of Tyra. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell them everything,” she said, so quietly that only Ashley heard it. “And I would’ve let you, if your little friends hadn’t busted in on us and spoiled our little playtime.” Carmen reached out and drew a line across Tyra’s cheek with her finger. “And there’s no shame in that. You like girls or you like boys or you like both—no shame. The shame is in lying to yourself and everyone else. The shame is in sending Mike to beat me up because you couldn’t deal.”

The crowd seemed to be drawing in on the four of them. And it was Tyra they were looking at scornfully.

“So why don’t you deal with your own shit, Tyra, and leave me and my friends the hell alone? I get what your problem is with me, but what have Ashley and Spencer ever done to you? You jealous of the fact that they’re happy? Or are you just upset that you never got a shot at Spencer yourself?”

Tyra’s head was down and her shoulders were slumped.

Carmen shook her head. “You know what? You’re right about one thing. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing here, either. I don’t think I wanna party with the likes of you. I can’t even bear to look at you.” Carmen walked away, the crowd parting silently to let her through.

Ashley looked over at Spencer, who nodded in response to her unasked question. Dropping Tyra’s arms, she stepped back and held out her hand. Spencer took it and they walked away together, following in Carmen’s wake.

Some of the people they passed made appreciative comments along the lines of ‘Way to go’, but Ashley didn’t care what they thought. She also didn’t care about the few—and they were very few—who made the usual ‘dyke’ and ‘queer’ jibes. They were mostly Mike’s friends anyway.

“You’re kinda feisty when you put your mind to it,” she said to Spencer, as they stepped back out into the front yard. She saw Carmen waiting for them on the other side of the street and waved at her.

“That’s not even close to me when I’m angry.”

“I wouldn’t like you when you’re angry?” she joked. “Do you go green and rip all your clothes off? Because I’m so up for that. Well, maybe not the green bit, but definitely the naked part.”

“So, what now?” Carmen asked, as they reached her, cutting off any potential answer Spencer might have been contemplating to Ashley’s previous comment.

“I say we go somewhere more friendly, like Ben’s, and have our own party,” Ashley suggested. “What do you think?” she asked Spencer.

“Anywhere that’s not here is fine by me.”

They started walking towards Ben’s, which was only a few blocks away, reliving the triumph of humiliating Tyra in front of her cronies. As they walked, Spencer slipped her arm into the crook of Ashley’s. Ashley squeezed it against her side.

“You gonna tell me what that other thing was about?” she asked Carmen.

“What other thing?” Spencer said.

“Carmen whispered something to Tyra.”

Carmen shrugged. “I dunno if I should tell you. It’s personal.”

“Oh, please, after everything you said out there, you think there’s anything you can add that’s more personal?” Ashley said.


“What do you mean Sloan?” Spencer asked.

It took a moment to sink in with Ashley, and then she laughed, throwing her head back. “You’re serious?” Carmen nodded. “Are we talking—”

“Oh, yeah,” Carmen said, and patted her lower abdomen.


“You know it.”

“Which one?”

“Not the one you’d think.”

“No way!”

Spencer, who was watching and listening to Ashley and Carmen with growing confusion, stopped walking, pulling at Ashley’s arm to make her stop. “Will someone please tell me what we’re talking about?”

Ashley chuckled. “Tyra. Sloan. Sex toys. Specifically Sloan using sex toys on Tyra.”

Spencer’s eyes widened and then she made a disgusted face. “Ewww! That’s just all kinds of wrong.”

“What? Sex toys?” Carmen teased.

Spencer blushed a deep red. “No! Not that. I meant the idea of Tyra and Sloan having sex. Any sex. Separately or together.”

“So, you’re saying that you’re totally fine with sex toys?” Carmen pressed. The grin on her face said that she was enjoying making Spencer uncomfortable.

Ashley threw her arm over Spencer’s shoulders. “Leave my girlfriend alone. You’ve traumatised her enough for one night.” She pulled Spencer into a hug. “It’s okay, baby. You just ignore the nasty midget,” she crooned, making a face at Carmen over Spencer’s shoulder and patting Spencer gently on the back.

Carmen made a fingers-in-throat gesture back, so Ashley flipped her the bird. She wasn’t beneath taking any opportunity, no matter how manufactured, to hold Spencer. The feeling of Spencer’s soft breath against her skin was worth whatever it took.

“I gotta say, you two make a very convincing fake couple.” Carmen smirked at Ashley, goading her. “You’ve even got me believing it sometimes. What’s your secret?”

Ashley scowled. She knew that Carmen was trying to push her in the right direction, but she wanted to tell Spencer in her own time, in her own way.

She reluctantly stepped away from Spencer and nodded her head in the direction of the bar. “So, are we going to get a drink or what?”

* * *

By midnight, many of the people who had been at the party in the sorority house had drifted towards Ben’s. From what Ashley gleaned, Tyra had fled to her bedroom after their confrontation and refused to come back out. It had been difficult for Ashley not to ask if Sloan had, by any remote chance, been the one to ‘comfort’ her friend, but she did not really want to humiliate Tyra further. Getting back at her for what she had done to Carmen and how she had treated Spencer was one thing, but it would be hypocritical to out her relationship with Sloan. Everyone was allowed to have their secrets. If Sloan was Tyra’s, then that was their business.

And there were enough distractions for Ashley to forget all about Tyra and Sloan anyway. Spencer didn’t hold her liquor well at all. From Ashley’s point of view, this was not a bad thing. Drunk Spencer was even more prone to flirting than sober Spencer. When they weren’t drinking, Spencer was sitting on Ashley’s knee, or playing with her hair, or tickling her, or otherwise touching her in some way.

At one point, they were dancing with a group of people to something raucous when Spencer boldly slid her arm around Ashley’s waist, grabbing the waistband of her skirt and using it to force them together. She ground her hips against Ashley in an entirely unmistakeable fashion. Ashley couldn’t trust herself to touch Spencer in return without giving into the voice in her head telling her to make good on all their flirting. Time and again, she pushed Spencer back or danced away from her in what she hoped was a subtle way.

When the music started slowing down, Ashley knew that she couldn’t continue dancing with Spencer. She possessed only so much self-control. Holding Spencer close pushed at the very limits of it.

“You wanna leave?” she asked.

“Sure. What about Carmen?” Spencer looked around the bar for their friend.

“She left about an hour ago.” Despite Carmen’s earlier protestations that Nancy had been a one-time thing, Ashley had noticed the two of them sneaking off.

“Oh. Well, then. Let’s go.”

Ashley retrieved both of their purses and led Spencer outside by the elbow.

“You cold?” They didn’t have jackets, and Spencer was rubbing her arms. “We can get a taxi if you want.”

Spencer shook her head. “It’s not far. I’d rather walk.” She didn’t sound as drunk as she had been before they started dancing.

“Some night, huh?” Ashley said.

“I’m sorry about dragging you to the team party earlier.”

“Don’t be. I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.”

Spencer chuckled. “I don’t think Tyra’s going to bother anyone any more.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

They lapsed into silence, walking alongside each other.

Ashley was thinking about the fact that the reason for their fake relationship had been to confront Tyra and her friends. That had been achieved now, in spectacular fashion. There was really no reason for them to continue pretending to be together. She wondered when Spencer would realise that fact and call it all off.

But Spencer started asking about finals and Ashley was happy for any conversation that wasn’t too personal.

When they stopped in front of Spencer’s dorm, the blonde looked at her quizzically. “You not coming up?”

“Nah, it’s late.” What she meant was that she didn’t trust herself to be alone with Spencer.

“It’s only one.”

“I need my beauty sleep,” she joked weakly.

“No, you don’t.”

She looked up. Spencer didn’t appear to be joking. Her eyes were soft and warm, like her smile. She was also still more drunk than Ashley had thought on their way there. And Ashley wasn’t going to take advantage of a drunk girl, even one as beautiful and inviting as Spencer.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Spencer asked.

“I hope so. Unless you’ve found someone else to have lunch with.”

“There’s no-one else.”

Ashley wondered if Spencer knew the fine line she was walking. Maybe she did and was drunk enough not to care.

“Then you’ll definitely see me tomorrow.” She stared down at her feet, unsure what to do. The normal end to a date, especially when you had walked them home, was to kiss your date goodnight.

Spencer reached her hand out and drew her finger down Ashley’s cheek for a moment, and then cupped it with her palm, tipping Ashley’s face up to meet her gaze. “So…”

Ashley moved closer to Spencer, placing her hand on Spencer’s hip. The silky top Spencer was wearing felt strange and scratchy against her palm. Spencer’s hand against her cheek was warm yet cool at the same time. She bit her top lip nervously. For some reason, this felt different. Maybe it was because both of them knew that no-one else was watching. There were people nearby, and a few had passed them and nodded their hellos as they went into the dorm, but there was no reason for them to kiss, other than it was something that they both wanted to do.

She closed the gap between them slowly, letting Spencer have every opportunity to pull back. She hardly had time to brush their lips together, when she felt Spencer’s hand on the back of her neck, urging her to deepen the kiss. Spinning them around, she moved them from the open doorway, shuffling backwards until her back hit the wall.

Spencer immediately pushed harder into her, forcing her thigh between Ashley’s legs. Because they were both wearing short skirts, the contact was pure skin-on-skin. Ashley moaned into Spencer’s mouth and slipped her hands under Spencer’s top so that she could feel more skin. The feel of Spencer was addictive, and the way Spencer was nibbling on her lower lip was driving her insane with need.

She was so caught up in their kiss, that she hadn’t realised that her hands were moving up and down Spencer’s sides and had brushed the sides of her breasts until the blonde hissed with pleasure and growled, “Yes.”

She stilled her hands, just letting her thumbs move back and forth over the lace of Spencer’s bra. Spencer pulled her head back a little, and Ashley opened her eyes. Spencer was looking at her with purpose. Deliberately, she moved her hand to cover Ashley’s and pushed it further until Ashley could feel the hardness of Spencer’s nipple against her palm.

“Spence,” she whispered. It was meant to be a question, but it sounded like a plea, even to her own ears.

“Shh, baby, I know what I’m doing.”

I don’t, she thought. What she said, though, was, “Come back to my place?”

* * * * *

Next up: Part IV, the finale [X]


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    Once again it’s a fabby update from the Dev! I was starting to worry you’d forgotten about this one, but his update more than makes up for it… Can’t wait to see where you take them next! Oh and a merry christmas to the Dev and Clom *nod nod*

  9. tongue-tied
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    Oh yes! Merry Christmas Dev and Clom, you guys are marvelous! Is it totally selfish and ridiculously unrealistic to want another update as soon as I finish reading one? Seriously, it feels a tad ungrateful to instantly say, “Please sir, I want some more” but… More?

  11. jsparky04
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    Can’t wait for the next chapter…

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