Reality Bites, Part IV

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Rated X. NSFW.

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Part IV

It took them twice as long as it normally would to make the relatively short distance from Spencer’s dorms to Ashley’s house. Although they were trying to rush, it seemed like they could hardly pass a doorway without loitering in it to kiss. Trees and streetlights and anything else that provided some support proved equally attractive stopping places. Opening her front door was difficult because Spencer’s hands were around her waist and her mouth was on her neck.

“Hurry up,” Spencer hissed.

“Believe me, I am so trying and you’re not helping.”

She finally turned the key and they stumbled through the door. Fortunately, Spencer managed to catch her before she fell. Spinning Ashley around, the blonde pushed her up against the wall.

“You gotta thing for this, huh?” Ashley said.

Spencer linked her hands with Ashley’s and raised their arms until they were at full stretch. The action caused her body to move sinuously against Ashley’s.

“No, I have a thing for you.”

Ashley couldn’t remember wanting anyone or anything more than she wanted this with Spencer. That scared the hell out of her. She wasn’t used to having sex with someone she cared about or who really cared about her, much less someone with whom she was in love. After all, she had never been in love before. She was trembling.

Spencer, on the other hand, seemed perfectly calm and serious. “You okay, Ash?”

Ashley wanted to laugh. Less than half an hour before, she had thought that she had to protect Spencer from her drunkenness and now Spencer was the solicitous one. She had no clue as to what to say or do. And then Spencer’s body moved against her again, and suddenly she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Why blur her thinking with talking?

Instead of answering, she leaned her head forward, capturing Spencer’s lips with her own. She didn’t think she could ever get tired of kissing Spencer. Even when it was desperate and uncontrolled, as it was now, there was an underlying tenderness and intimacy. It felt right.

She wanted to touch Spencer, but her arms were pinned above her head. All she could do was try to create some friction by sliding against the taller girl. It was both erotic and frustrating.

“Spence,” she said against the blonde’s mouth.



Spencer nodded and moved away. She held her hand out and Ashley took it. She had never seen a sight more arousing than Spencer Carlin smiling wolfishly at her, offering to lead her to her bedroom.

Once inside, Spencer dropped her hand and bowed her head. For a moment, Ashley feared that she had come to her senses and decided that it was not what she wanted after all. When she looked up again, Ashley’s concerns vanished. Spencer’s hands were at the hem of her top and she started to pull it up slowly, watching Ashley for her reaction. She couldn’t do anything but watch, her mouth falling open as Spencer revealed herself inch-by-inch, then pulled her top over her head and let it fall to the floor. It made her mouth dry and her pulse race.

Wordlessly, she lifted her hands to the neckline of her own top and began loosening the first button. Spencer took two quick steps forward and covered Ashley’s hands with her own.

“Let me,” she whispered shyly.

Ashley nodded and let her hands fall to her sides. In every previous sexual encounter, she had been the one in control. What happened and when had been entirely in her gift. She sensed this would never be the case with Spencer. She was Spencer’s, in every sense. There was something quite freeing in that knowledge.

Spencer was biting her bottom lip in concentration as she worked the buttons of her shirt free. Ashley wanted to kiss her again, but she was also enjoying seeing the raw emotion on Spencer’s face. With each button undone, Spencer raked her fingers over the exposed flesh. Finally, she pushed the shirt from Ashley’s shoulders and moved so that they were once more touching.

As far as Ashley knew, neither of them had been with a woman before, but there was no hesitation in Spencer’s movements. And Ashley’s only hesitation was because of just how much she felt for Spencer. She didn’t want to miss a moment of sensation, let a single detail pass her by. She wanted to burn every second into her mind.

“Spence?” she prompted.

The blonde smiled against her neck. “I’m sure, Ash.”

She loved that Spencer knew her so well that she could read her mind. She wrapped her arms around Spencer and squeezed her tight. Despite her racing hormones, she wanted to hold the girl in her arms, possibly forever.

“Are you sure?” Spencer asked.

Again, she had no words—or, at least, no confidence that her words could do her feelings justice—so she nodded. She was so intent on crushing Spencer to her that she hadn’t felt Spencer’s hands move until she felt the zipper of her skirt being eased down. As her skirt felt to the floor, she laughed, a low, warm chuckle. She thought herself so worldly and, here she was, being seduced by her shy, bookish best friend.

“The wall or the bed?” she teased.

Spencer pulled her head back so that they could see each other’s faces. “Bed.” She pressed a kiss to the tip of Ashley’s nose. “For now.”

“For now, eh?”

Spencer reached behind herself and removed her own skirt. All that was left between them was their underwear. She glanced down at Spencer’s glorious body. She suspected that it was Spencer’s best underwear, or possibly even new underwear, bought for just such an occasion. She really hoped that it had been bought with her in mind.

She lifted her hand to trace along the smooth skin above the lace with her fingertips. She walked backwards, pulling Spencer with her, and sat on the edge of the bed, leaving Spencer standing.

She pressed her lips to Spencer’s rib cage, then turned her head so that her cheek was pressed against the skin there. Either her face was burning up, or Spencer was incredibly warm. It was possibly a little of both. Spencer’s hands moved to cradle her head and the blonde pressed a kiss to the top of her head, which had the effect of pressing her lush breasts against the side of Ashley’s face.

She moaned with pleasure. On instinct, her mouth sought out Spencer’s hard nipple, licking it through the purple lace of her bra. The angle was all wrong to do anything more, but the low hum that Spencer made seemed to indicate that she didn’t mind that. Feeling bold, she reached around Spencer’s back and released the fastening. Spencer rolled her shoulders, helping Ashley to remove the bra altogether.

“You’re so beautiful,” she whispered, to herself almost more than to Spencer. “So, so beautiful.” Spencer started to stoke her head again. “And I love when you do that.”

“This?” Spencer threaded her fingers through Ashley’s hair.


“You’re easy pleased.”

Ashley grinned. “Only with you.”

Spencer nodded. “I see.” She pushed the straps of Ashley’s bra from her shoulders. “So, there’s nothing else you want?”

In her wildest imagination, she would never have expected Spencer to be so bold and in charge. It was the best kind of revelation. This was what she had always wanted sex and intimacy to be, and it never had been before now.

And then Spencer was pushing her backwards and crawling over her in a predatory fashion. Within seconds, their last remaining clothes were hastily removed. Spencer was pressed against her, her slight weight resting on Ashley. She strained upwards and pressed her lips to Spencer’s. Instantly, their gentle teasing vanished and the passion leapt between them.

She let her hands explore every part of Spencer she could reach, tracing lines up her arms and down the curve of her spine. She had never felt skin so soft, so perfectly made for her touch. And the things Spencer was making her feel just by kissing her and moving slowly against her were indescribable.

She bent her knee and Spencer adjusted her position on top of her, spreading her legs wide enough to let Ashley’s thigh find her way between them.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned into Spencer’s mouth, as she felt the hot wetness of Spencer against her skin. Spencer pushed herself up, almost kneeling over Ashley, grinding herself down against Ashley’s thigh. “Fuck.”

Spencer moved her mouth to Ashley’s neck, marking her. Ashley welcomed the feeling of Spencer’s teeth digging into her skin. She moved her hands to the small of Spencer’s back, urging the blonde to move against her thigh. It was so much sensation and not yet enough.

She flipped them over, causing Spencer’s mouth to be pulled from her neck. Spencer smirked up at her and shook her head, flipping them over a second time, pushing them perilously close to the edge of the bed. This time, she forced her knee hard up against the juncture of Ashley’s thighs.

“Stop trying to be in control, Ash,” Spencer warned. “Let me.”

Spencer dipped her head to Ashley’s collarbone, tracing the line of it with her tongue. Not unwillingly, Ashley gave into her happy fate and dropped her head back to the bed as Spencer’s mouth traced its way across her chest, moving to the slopes of her breasts. When Spencer’s tongue traced around her nipple, she threw her head back, straining to keep herself from crying with pleasure. As Spencer had done to her, she cradled Spencer’s head in her hands. She held the blonde in place as she moaned, louder and louder, as Spencer teased her with her mouth and her teeth and her tongue.

She had to see, so she lifted her head enough to be able to see blonde hair spread over her skin, half-shielding Spencer’s beautiful face. Spencer opened her own eyes and grinned against Ashley’s breast, deliberately pulling back enough for Ashley to see her licking at her nipple.

Ashley groaned, “Spencer. Spence.” She didn’t know that she wanted to say, but she felt that Spencer knew everything she was thinking anyway.

Spencer shifted again, kissing lower, working her way across Ashley’s ribs and to her abdomen, dipping her tongue into the hollow of Ashley’s belly button. Spencer was whispering something against her skin, but Ashley couldn’t hear the words. Her legs were parted further by Spencer’s hands on her knees. She bucked off the bed as Spencer trailed her fingertips up her thighs. She was shaking, trembling. The need was singing within her. Her whole body was alive to Spencer’s touch.

And then she felt teeth against her upper thigh. Oh, she liked that Spencer was marking her there. She more than liked the feeling of Spencer’s lips soothing the bruised skin. Spencer’s hands hitched under her hips and she jerked upwards. She felt Spencer’s chuckle against her thigh.

“Tickles,” she gasped.

“Sorry.” Spencer didn’t sound sorry. She sounded self-satisfied. And with every right, Ashley thought.

Spencer’s thumbs found her, parting her lips. Ashley gasped. It was a gentle, yet confident touch. She could feel Spencer’s breath on her. And she could feel how wet she was. She was so aroused, it was almost dripping from her. She had never needed release so much. Equally, she never wanted the feeling to end.

The tip of Spencer’s tongue touched her. Spencer didn’t move right away, just kind of waited, as if testing Ashley’s reactions. Then, Spencer covered her with her mouth and sucked hard, her tongue fluttering against her clit so softly. Right before she lost the ability to form conscious thoughts, Ashley wondered how Spencer could know exactly what she wanted and needed.

As Spencer’s mouth brought her so close, she arched off the bed. She gripped the side of Spencer’s head tightly and felt another chuckle. Only, this time she felt the chuckle vibrate against her, and it was so, so, so good. Spencer was too good. She was never going to last.

She felt Spencer’s fingers drifting lower and then thrusting inside her. It wasn’t tentative or gentle; it was a motion of pure possession. And then Spencer started to move her mouth and fingers in concert, sucking in time to every shallow thrust.

“Fuck, Jesus, Spencer,” she cried out, loud enough that she probably woke half the neighbours in the street. “Jesus.”

She couldn’t hold on any longer. She let the orgasm hit her, riding Spencer’s fingers, thrusting against the hands and mouth which were pleasuring her. The blonde kept on going, making it last and last, until she had to pull at Spencer’s hair to get her to stop.

“Can’t,” she gasped.

Spencer nodded and shifted so that her head was resting on Ashley’s abdomen, kissing her quivering skin gently. She kept her fingers inside her, though, and that was just fine with Ashley. For long moments, they lay there while Ashley’s breathing returned somewhat to normal.

Eventually, she pulled at Spencer’s head again and the blonde looked up at her.

“You’re incredible,” Ashley said. “Come here.”

Spencer eased her fingers from her and did as she was told, moving up Ashley’s body with a degree of shyness that she hadn’t shown earlier. That made Ashley smile. When Spencer was lying full-length against her once more, Ashley wrapped her arms around her and hugged her tight. She tried to put all the love she felt into the touch. She then hooked her legs over Spencer’s hips, crossing her feet at the small of Spencer’s back. It caused them to move together in a way that made them both shudder.

This time, when she rolled them back over towards the middle of her bed, Spencer let her. She raised herself onto her haunches, straddling Spencer’s waist. She looked down at her and rubbed her thumb across Spencer’s bottom lip. The blonde flicked her tongue across the pad of her thumb and then sucked it into her mouth. Ashley’s eyes narrowed with desire once more.

“I want you.”

“You’ve already had me,” Spencer replied, her hands moving to rest against Ashley’s thighs.

Ashley rolled her eyes. “Actually, you had me.”

“I know.”

She shook her head. She couldn’t believe that Spencer Carlin was lying naked beneath her, looking up at her with adoring eyes. She couldn’t believe her luck in finding that the one person who made her complete and realising that she had been right there all along. Life shouldn’t be this good.

She mentally took a deep breath. “I think you’re all I’ve ever wanted,” she admitted.

Spencer lifted her hand to cup Ashley’s cheek in a way that Ashley was beginning to think of as uniquely Spencer. Then she was pulled back down for a kiss that started slow and built by degrees, until Ashley didn’t know where she began and Spencer ended.

* * *

It was Wednesday, so that meant softball practice. It looked like they’d been out there for a while. The team were playing a pick-up game against the alternates and coaches. Spencer was at her usual spot at third base.

Ashley took a seat in the bleachers and waved at her girlfriend. Spencer blew her a kiss, maintaining her stance and keeping one eye on the pitcher’s mound.

“How’s tricks?” a voice behind her asked.

She turned and raised her hand against the sun. Carmen was climbing down over the rows of seats, Allison in tow.

“What’re you two doing here?”

“Thought we’d come and support the team,” Carmen said. “Saw you sneaking in late.”

Ashley noticed the proprietorial hand that Carmen placed on Allison’s back as she ushered her to sit down, but didn’t comment on it.

“Were you hoping to join them in the showers?”

Carmen held her hand to her chest. “I’m affronted. How could you even suggest such a thing?”

Ashley laughed and leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes and enjoying the warmth of the sun on her face. “Just as long as you don’t sneak a peek at my girlfriend.”

“Awww. Would you be jealous?”

Ashley looked out at Spencer running to catch an infield fly. She had a greater appreciation for her athlete’s frame since she had got to experience it in a variety of different poses and locations. She knew just how graceful yet strong that body could be. “Why should I be? She’s already had the best. She wouldn’t even notice you.”

“That right?” Carmen glanced sideways at Allison and then gave Ashley a searching look. Ashley just grinned, knowing that Carmen couldn’t and wouldn’t ask her what she really wanted to in front of the other girl.

She nodded, answering the unspoken question. “You know it.”

Carmen read her demeanour and her tone perfectly, and held her hand out for a low-five. Ashley wiggled her fingers over Carmen’s palm.

“Way to go, Ashley Davies.”

Ashley did a little victory shoulder roll and Carmen chuckled.

“But let me be very clear: no-one gets to see her naked except me,” Ashley said.

“Possessive much?” Carmen shot back.

“She’s mine, if that’s what you mean.” She was definitely comfortable telling others that, even if she hadn’t articulated it to Spencer yet. She leaned forward and looked over to the third girl. “Allison, do you wanna come out for a bite to eat with Spencer, me and this one here after the game?”

Allison shrugged. “I wouldn’t want to intrude on your plans.”

Ashley chuckled. Her later plans certainly didn’t involve anyone other than Spencer—ideally, naked Spencer—but she wasn’t going to admit that. “I’m doing the early set at Ben’s and we were just going to get nachos or something first.”

“Well, if you’re sure it’s okay.”

“We’d be delighted.”

The way Carmen nodded along vociferously led Ashley to believe that she had designs on Allison. Romance must be in the air, or maybe it was something in the water.

They settled in and enjoyed the rest of the game. Ashley watched Spencer making catch after catch. She especially liked the little looks and winks and kisses that Spencer gave her throughout. It made her realise that she had to do something to make Spencer understand how she really felt about her.

They had not quite acknowledged that there had been a change in their relationship. They were still acting as they had been before. Neither had admitted that their pretence had become their reality and neither had indicated that they wanted it continue. On the other hand, Spencer hadn’t said or done anything to indicate that she wanted it to end. In fact, they had been running on sex and no sleep. Ashley was not going to complain about that, but she also didn’t want Spencer to think that their relationship was only about sex.

Spencer was hers, as she was Spencer’s, and she couldn’t risk losing the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Her thoughts consumed her throughout the rest of the game and what she had to do was on her mind as the four of them walked over to Ben’s.

“What’re you thinking about?” Spencer asked, taking Ashley’s hand in her own.

“Nothing much. Just thinking.”

“Does that hurt?” Carmen called out over her shoulder. She and Allison were walking a few feet ahead of them, separate but together.

“Funny, Carmen.”

Spencer shook her head. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

Ashley lifted their joined hands and kissed Spencer’s knuckles. “Honestly, nothing. Just a little pre-show nerves. You know how I get.” She changed the subject. “You looked really good out there today.”

“You’re biased.”

“Maybe, but I still thought you looked f-i-n-e, fine.” Joking was always her fallback position when she wanted to avoid being real.

“And to think I thought you were actually talking about softball.”

“You know I have no interest in softball.”

“So, why do you come to all my games, then?”

Spencer was fishing, and Ashley knew it. She joked, “Hot chicks in short shorts. What’s not to love?”

“Hot chicks, plural?” Spencer laughed.

Ashley looked at her seriously. “I never see anyone but you.”

Spencer stopped walking and pulled Ashley to her. “Better.” She rewarded her with a soft kiss.

“Oh, come on!” Carmen said. “Can you two not leave each other alone for five minutes?”

Ashley smiled at Spencer as she replied, “Have you seen how hot my girlfriend is?”

“Hotter than the other chicks in short shorts?” Spencer asked quietly. Ashley knew that Spencer hadn’t been offended by her teasing, but she also sensed that it was a genuine question.

“I honestly think you are the single most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

Spencer placed her hand on Ashley’s cheek. “I love when you say things like that.”

It was their new code. In the past, they had—as best friends do—thrown ‘I love you’ around casually. Probably because they both realised that saying it would mean something more now, neither had said it since the weekend.

Ashley rubbed her cheek against Spencer’s palm. “And I love when you hold my face like that.”

“And I am seriously going to toss my cookies if you two don’t, for the love of God and all that is holy, quit with this and get moving,” Carmen said. Allison slapped her arm and the two shared a look. “What?”

“Leave them alone,” Allison said. “They’re in love.”

And one of us just has to say it, Ashley thought.

“All right, all right. We’re coming,” she said. She looked at Spencer and gave her a lop-sided grin. “But I’m warning you now, Carmen. I can’t keep my hands off this girl for too long, so you might not want to come with us if we bother you this much.”

“Yeah, and there’s only one thing that calms her pre-show jiggling,” Spencer said.

“Just hurry the fuck on,” Carmen grumbled.

* * *

The crowd in Ben’s wasn’t large, even for a weeknight, and Logan came over to apologise to Ashley because there weren’t enough people there to justify paying an opening act for open mic night. She offered to do it for free anyway. He protested, but she took him aside and persuaded him that not only was she happy to do it, she actively wanted to.

“So, what’s happening?” Spencer asked.

“I’m going on anyway.”

“For free?” Carmen asked.

Ashley smirked at her. “I told him that it was worth it just so Spencer would kiss my nerves away.” She reached out and took Spencer’s hand in hers, lifting it to kiss her knuckles.

“Oh, good God, enough with that!” Carmen said.

“You were warned,” Spencer replied. “Repeatedly.”

“On which note, you’d better start now,” Ashley said. “I’m on in ten.”

“Seriously? You’re going to go at it for ten minutes?” Carmen wailed.

“Seriously? You wouldn’t, if you could?” Ashley said. Carmen shrugged. “Come backstage with me,” she said to Spencer.

“Gladly,” Spencer replied, standing and using their joined hands to pull Ashley to her side.

They were only just out of earshot when Ashley asked, “So you think there’s something going on there?”

“Going on where?”

“Carmen and Allison.”

Spencer shrugged. “It never occurred to me, but I guess maybe. What do you think?”

“I think Carmen is definitely interested. I just hope that Allison’s not using her to make your friend Carrie jealous.”

“Or that Carmen’s just after Allison for sex,” Spencer countered. “Everything else aside, she’s not really known for her long-term relationships.”

“I dunno. She looked serious enough earlier at the ballpark.”


“Really. She was being all chivalrous and stuff—like first date behaviour.” She pushed open the store room door.

As soon as they entered, Spencer grabbed her arm and spun her around. Ashley marvelled as Spencer managed to pull her to her, kick the door shut and start kissing her, all in one fluid motion. She leaned into Spencer, pushing her up against the closed door as her hands found the hem of Spencer’s t-shirt and pulled it from her track pants. She moved her hand to Spencer’s breast, palming it and rubbing her thumb across the hardening nipple. Within seconds, Spencer’s hands were pulling at her belt buckle.

“You think we have time?” Spencer murmured against her mouth.

“For what, Miss Carlin?”

“This,” Spencer moaned.

Ashley stroked Spencer’s nipple more forcefully. “This?” Her other hand slipped inside Spencer’s track pants. As her fingers slid lower, she was intending to ask, ‘Or this?’, but she immediately realised that Spencer was not wearing any underwear. “Sweet holy fuck, Spence.”

“I didn’t have time to go home this morning and there was no clean underwear left in my locker.”

“Hmm.” Ashley well remembered that there had been no time for Spencer to go home that morning; she had still been naked in Ashley’s bed until about five minutes before her first class was due to start.

Spencer grabbed the back of her head and kissed her fiercely, still working to unfasten Ashley’s jeans. Ashley pulled back, ripping her lips from Spencer’s and removing her hands from inside Spencer’s clothing. The blonde was panting hard, her cheeks and chest flushed. She looked at Ashley in confusion, until Ashley moved her hands to Spencer’s hips and started to push the track pants down.

“Ash,” she hissed, “we can’t.”

“Shh.” Ashley dropped swiftly to her knees, pulling Spencer’s pants down her thighs. “We managed in the library, so I can, and you can.”

Spencer didn’t protest a second time. Instead, she reached one hand behind her, grabbing the door handle for some support, and guided the other hand to the back of Ashley’s head, pulling the brunette to her. The way that she spread her legs made Ashley moan with need and want.

Ashley wasted no time in burying her face between her girlfriend’s legs and plunging her tongue as deep inside her as she could. The taste of Spencer was something of which she hoped she would never tire. And Spencer’s little whimpering noises made her feel like some kind of god. While she would have preferred to take her time and tease Spencer repeatedly, time was short, so she had to be quick and effective. Thankfully, even though they had been together only a few days, she already knew a few ways of achieving that.

Using her thumbs, she spread Spencer’s lips apart and traced all around with just the very tip of her tongue. Then she flicked across Spencer’s clitoris a few times, which turned the blonde’s whimpers into moans. Relentlessly, she varied the pace and the intensity of her movements, licking, sucking, flicking and nibbling until Spencer was coming hard, grinding against Ashley’s face frantically.

Ashley stood up, easing Spencer’s track pants up gently and wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist. As much as she loved the sex—and she really, really loved the sex—she especially liked being cradled in Spencer’s arms. She had never enjoyed being held before, but she could wrap herself up in Spencer for hours on end quite happily. She could feel the unspoken love between them in those small touches and comforts. At such moments, she knew that she would do anything to keep Spencer.

Spencer kissed her and chuckled, a low, rumbling sound that made Ashley want her again. “You might wanna wash up a little before you go on.” There was no shame or shyness in the statement. That was one of the most surprising things about Spencer: she was quite unabashed about their nascent sexual relationship.

Ashley kissed Spencer again. “You should go back out. I’d better actually get ready before Logan starts breaking the door down.”

“Well, that’s entirely your fault.” Spencer started rearranging her clothes.

“I’m not the one going commando.”

Spencer gave Ashley a final, breathless kiss. “Nerves okay?”

“Oh, I think so.”

“Then I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

* * *

Ashley took a few deep breaths and looked over to Spencer’s table, where her girlfriend was beaming with pride and, Ashley fancied, satisfaction.

“Hey, there, Ben’s. How’re we all doing tonight?” The crowd cheered and clapped. “I’m Ashley Davies and I’m gonna be your MC for the evening. This means that you have to put up with some songs from me before you get a chance to come up here and do your own thing.” She tuned her guitar as she spoke. “Usually, I do a little of my own stuff and a few covers, but tonight I’m going really old school lounge lizard with a little Rat Pack and some swing.” She adjusted the mic stand. “This is ‘Fly Me to the Moon’.”

When she reached the bridge, she looked straight at Spencer and sang, “You are all I long for, all I worship and adore. In other words, please be true. In other words, I love you.” The song was well-received, but the important thing for Ashley was that Spencer was smiling at her with shining eyes. Ashley winked at her.

“Thank you,” she said. She looked out across the audience. “I’m reliably informed that I do better when my performances have more ‘something’. I’m pretty sure I know what that something is, but we’ll see if Mr George Gershwin can help me find it. This one’s ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’.”

Given that the song had originally been written for a woman to sing about her male lover, Ashley had to change the gender pronouns to fit, but she was hardly the first to do that; Sting had recorded a version on that basis for the film of the same name. The song was having the desired effect on her main audience of one. Spencer was grinning like a fool, while Carmen and Allison were obviously indulging in some good-natured teasing.

Because she didn’t want to alienate the rest of the audience, she threw in a couple of more upbeat numbers—a swing arrangement of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ which Paul Anka had released a few years before and a Latin-inspired ‘Sway’—before finishing up with her final song.

“So, your first act tonight is going to be Paul Gilberto, who describes his style on this little sheet I’ve been given as acoustic funk, which should be interesting.” She turned and smiled at a lanky youth with long, stringy hair and goatee, who was in the wings looking inpatient and unimpressed with her lack of awe. “But before we get to that, this is the last one from me for now.”

She pushed her guitar around so that it was slung over her back. She closed her eyes and started tapping her left foot in 4/4 time to give her the right rhythm. Completely a cappella, she started to sing Cole Porter’s ‘So in Love’. And again she sang it directly to Spencer.

When she finished, she introduced Paul on stage and left him to his two-song spot. She walked with a little trepidation over to her table. It seemed easier to admit her feelings through song in a room full of strangers, rather than face Spencer one-to-one. Carmen and Allison had made themselves scarce, so it was just Spencer waiting for her. The loud and somewhat erratic stylings of Paul Gilberto filled the bar and gave her an opening line.

“I don’t know what I thought acoustic funk might be, but this certainly wasn’t it.”

Spencer was just smiling at her. Close up, Ashley could see that the slight sparkle in her eyes was caused by tears. She just hoped they were the good kind and not the I’m-going-to-break-your-heart-because-I-don’t-feel-the-same-way kind.

She cleared her throat a couple of times and looked around the crowd. Spencer still didn’t say anything, so she picked up her soft drink and took a sip through the tiny little cocktail straws. She placed her drink down again.

She felt Spencer’s hand cup her cheek and turn her face to her.

“That was really beautiful. Thank you.”

Ashley shut her eyes and leaned her cheek into Spencer’s hand. “You’re very welcome.” She turned to kiss Spencer’s palm. “This is harder than I thought.”

“What is? Saying I love you?”

Ashley’s eyes widened. “Yeah, that.”

Spencer lifted her shoulder in a slight shrug. “Doesn’t seem so hard to me. I love you, Ashley.”

“Oh God, I love you, too, Spencer,” she rushed out, pulling Spencer to her and kissing her softly. She kept it soft and slow, bringing her hands up to cradle Spencer’s face. When she finally pulled away, she rested their foreheads together.

“So, are you singing for me, then?” Spencer asked.

“Only for you.”

They kissed again, until Spencer pulled away and said, “I think Paul has finished.”

The crowd was murmuring and Ashley turned to see an awkward-looking young woman standing at the side of the stage waiting to go on.

“Shit! Be right back.”

She sprinted off, leaping up the steps to the stage and grabbing the call sheet of acts. “So, yes, sorry,” she announced, taking the mic and staring down at the sheet. “Apologies, I got a little sidetracked.” A few people who had seen exactly how she had been sidetracked laughed and whooped. “And thank you for that, Paul. Next up, we’ve got someone that you should all be familiar with, as she plays here most weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a warm Ben’s welcome for Daisy Goldstein.”

She approached Spencer ruefully. “Maybe this wasn’t the right place to do this. It made sense in my head earlier.”

Spencer had pulled a chair right up against her own and patted it for Ashley to sit down. “Oh, I don’t know. I think you’re doing just fine.” She tucked a strand of hair behind Ashley’s ear. “In fact, I think I might just keep you.”

Ashley felt the relief flow through her. “Oh, thank God you said that, Spence, because I was really worried that you were thinking this was just a fling or something—I mean, not that I think you’re like that, because you’re obviously not like that—”


“—and I just wanted you to know that I really want this thing we have to be, like, formal or something. I want to be with you all the time. And school’s ending soon and I didn’t want you to think that—”


“—I don’t want us to keep seeing each other once we’re back in LA, because I really want that more than anything and—”


She stopped and looked at Spencer. “What?”

“I love you,” Spencer said simply. “I am in love with you.”


“And, if you’re good, I’ll show you later just how much I love you.” Spencer chuckled. “Hell, even if you’re bad. Maybe especially if you’re bad.”


“And I’m not stupid enough to let you go now that I’ve finally got you after all this time. So, hush, and drink your drink, and just be with me now.”

“You know I’m in love with you, too, right?”

Spencer kissed Ashley’s cheek. “I know, baby.”

Ashley sat back, her hand resting on Spencer’s thigh, Spencer’s arm around her shoulders, and did as she was told. She sipped her drink and basked in her own good fortune.

As she was about to get up to thank Daisy Goldstein and introduce the third act, something Spencer had said resonated with her. “Uh, Spence, what did you mean by ‘after all this time’?”

Spencer gave her a knowing smirk. “I wondered when you’d pick up on that.”

“You going to tell me?”


“Later when?”

“Just later.”

* * *

Le Fin


  1. Gis
    Posted 30 January 2013 at 6.50pm | Permalink

    Beautiful end! And another wonderful story. Thank you for sharing! But, do we get to know what happens later?!

  2. iocaste
    Posted 30 January 2013 at 7.24pm | Permalink


  3. tongue-tied
    Posted 30 January 2013 at 8.30pm | Permalink

    I agree, when is later? Is later now? Superb, the love confession was even better than the smut (and the smut was epic!). Loved it Dev :3

  4. Posted 30 January 2013 at 9.53pm | Permalink

    I’m so happy!! Thanks Dev, I was in a good mood all day knowing this would be waiting for me when I got home! And you never disappoint. *big cheezy grin*

  5. caissa
    Posted 31 January 2013 at 5.29am | Permalink

    Is there a sequel to this?! Maybe in their college or after college days?, I hope there’s more.

  6. Posted 31 January 2013 at 6.23am | Permalink

    Soooo cute! Now I have to go back and read it from the beginning! Love it,

  7. carla
    Posted 31 January 2013 at 11.05am | Permalink

    So cuuuute! I bet that later means from the beginning. lol
    Hope to read more soon :) Please update Let’s Get Married or Point of Impact or Le Marais. haha pls pls pls :)

  8. SmurfyMc
    Posted 13 February 2013 at 1.28pm | Permalink

    How did I miss this for two weeks?!?!! Poor form, Smurfy. Hang your head in shame. And stop talking about yourself in third person!!

    Even though I know you’re amazing, and I expect amazingness from you every time, somehow I’m blown away by everything you write just a little bit more than the time before. This was awesome. And I loved and hated the ending in almost equal measures. Firstly, I love an ending that is not really an ending. And this one was perfect. But secondly, I can see Spencer’s face in my mind promising ‘later’ and I’m all needy and frustrated and desperate for ‘later’ to be now! Damn you Dev!!

    Also thank you so much. You rock.

  9. vaginawig
    Posted 16 October 2014 at 12.29pm | Permalink

    You know, I’ve been reading fanfic for years and writing TLW fanfic for a little over a year. Truthfully, I’ve been growing weary with both sides of the equation, deciding that I should just stop caring about what used to be a thriving community. Finding people who want to share in these fandoms that are getting older by the minute is a daunting task as I’ve learned with my own site. Furthermore, I’m a bit of a snob in what I’ll read, and it limits me in an already limited archive. But you guys have helped me tremendously. Not since I found the athenaeum years ago, have I been this excited about a fanfic site, not even my own. So, while I very rarely leave feedback, though I always crave it, I decided that you’ve more than earned it. I wanted to thank you. You have an excellent collection of very well written fic, and I’m grateful that you’ve shared it and that I’ve found it. Your dialog is fun, the canon impressively believable, and I find myself immersed, albeit for far too short a time. Either way, just thank you. My cynicism has become stifling, and you helped me escape it for a moment.

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