Yesterday Once More, Part 2

Previously: Part 1 [U]

More space hijinks. Rated U.

* * * * *

Star Date 52634.8, Loop 5

Lieutenant Junior Grade Spencer Carlin adjusted her uniform jacket, and reached up to check that the pips at her neck which signified her new rank were still there and still real. She was about to command her first away mission and she was incredibly nervous, even though she had picked her two best friends as her crew. She expected that Commander Tuvok would assign Pablo Baytart, another friend of hers, as their pilot. Despite this, she still wanted to appear calm, professional and prepared, in line with her promoted status. Her crew weren’t due to report to Shuttle Bay 1 until 1700 hours, but she had arrived at 1635. She was always early for her shifts. No-one had ever questioned her fastidiousness.

She was dragged from her introspection by the landing bay doors opening and her Bolian friend grinning at her playfully.

“Sir, Ensign Golwat reporting for duty, sir!” She pulled herself up to stand at full attention.

Patting the Bolian on the shoulder, Spencer told her to stand at ease. As they often did, they gossiped about some of the other crew members and conjectured about who their pilot would be.

A few minutes later, they were joined by Crewman Charlie Quizzlink, their mutual friend. He joined in with the general banter about life on board, complaining mostly about the food. Spencer also outlined the mission briefly to them and then watched in unspoken disapproval as they loaded their gear onto the Delta Flyer.

When the bay doors opened a third time, Spencer’s spine stiffened. She knew immediately that she was about to turn around to find Ensign Ashley Davies and not her friend Pablo.

“Ensign Davies,” she said, extending her hand, “I’m delighted that Commander Tuvok has assigned me such a capable pilot for this mission.”

The brunette frowned. She clearly had not been expecting such a warm greeting. Spencer knew that the Tarkanian had an enigmatic past and was the subject of a lot of ship’s gossip about her personal relationships, but Spencer didn’t want it to appear that such things mattered to her. By all accounts, Ashley Davies was an outstanding pilot and that really was all that was important.

“Uh, hi. Lieutenant Carlin, right?”

“Yes.” Spencer shook her hand firmly, noting that the brunette had very soft skin. She wondered whether she used her replicator rations on some kind of ointment. “Ensign Golwat and Crewman Quizzlink are already on board.” She gave a little half-shrug to acknowledge that she knew it wasn’t protocol for the crew to board before their pilot, but Ensign Davies didn’t seem to mind. She was too busy staring at the Delta Flyer with the sort of look which one usually reserved for a potential mate.

“Have you been in the Flyer before, Lieutenant Carlin?”

“No, I haven’t. And please call me Spencer. We’re going to be together for the next eighteen hours or so and I don’t think we all need to address each other formally the whole time.” Spencer was astounded at herself for even suggesting that they use first names instead of rank. Following the rules—any and all rules—was hardwired into her DNA.

Ensign Davies headed towards the small craft, motioning with her hand for Spencer to enter first. “So, this is going to be one of those easy away missions that won’t last more than eighteen hours then?”

“I certainly hope so,” Spencer said, almost to herself. Already, she had a very bad feeling about their mission and a weird sense of deja vu.

Once they left Voyager, ran through the mission briefing and were following their agreed flight plan, she decided to extend the hand of friendship further to Ensign Davies. There was something about the brunette which intrigued Spencer. She somehow felt she knew things about the girl, when that was impossible. She had never met Ensign Davies formally before, but she felt very familiar in a good way. Perhaps talking to her would reveal why, so she sat down in the co-pilot’s chair and said hello.

“Hi. Is there some kind of problem?” Ensign Davies was busying herself with some strange switches and dials that Spencer had never seen before. For reasons best known to its creator, Lieutenant Tom Paris, the Delta Flyer had been based on some designs from twentieth-century Earth.

She suddenly realised that she hadn’t planned out what she was going to say to Ensign Davies, so she seized upon the first thing she could think of. “Um, no, I was just interested in the Flyer. I’ve never been on board before and it’s definitely different.”

The brunette laughed, a low chuckle that sounded both knowing and very, very adult. “Well, I’d be delighted to talk you through it.”

Spencer listened intently as Ashley explained the various knobs, switches, panels and dials with an intensity that showed just how much the brunette loved being a pilot. It was somehow unexpected for Spencer to find someone else who loved their job as much as she did. At first, she just watched and listened, the easy cadence of the other woman soothing her nerves about commanding her first away mission, but then she started asking questions, prompting the ensign to share small stories about other crafts she had piloted, back when she was in the Maquis.

“Do you mind if I put on some music?” Ashley asked.

“No, I’d like that.”

“Computer, play some Delvok.”

Spencer raised an eyebrow. “You like Delvok?”

“Yes. Why? Are you surprised that the lawless Tarkanian has heard of obscure Vulcan composers?” There was a challenge in the question and Spencer suspected that the girl had faced a lot of people who underestimated her.

“No, I’m just surprised that any non-Vulcan on board apart from me actually likes Delvok.”

“Oh. Well, I find it calming.”

“It’s definitely a lot more pleasant than most Vulcan music.”

Ashley chuckled. “What is it with Vulcans and all those atonal gongs?”

“I think they find them meditative.”

“I find Talaxian brandy meditative, but I wouldn’t want to listen to someone gargling it.”

Spencer laughed. She liked the ensign, and wished they had met before now. Maybe they could be friends. “Do you want a drink or something? I have enough replicator rations to treat you all, in honour of my first command.”

“I’d love a coffee, if you’re sure. I blew through my monthly rations within two days, so I can’t return the favour.”

“That’s okay. I have quite a few left.” Spencer didn’t want to admit that she could probably treat the entire crew of Voyager to coffee and cake with the rations she had stored up. She almost never treated herself to anything. “How do you take it?”

“Hot, black and strong, same way as our fearless leader.” Captain Janeway’s love of coffee was legendary on the ship. Everyone could tell when rationing forced her to go without. It was best to avoid the Captain on those days.

Spencer arranged drinks for herself, Ashley and her two friends, then returned to the console and the co-pilot’s chair. She sipped her own Bajoran tea and looked at the brunette cautiously. “Can I ask you something?”

“It’s not true.” Ashley shook her head.

Spencer was confused. “What’s not true?”

“The rumour about me and the Delaney sisters on the holodeck. It’s what everyone asks. For the record, I’ve done many things, but twins isn’t one of them. And I haven’t had either Delaney sister on their own, which is usually the second question anyone asks.” Ashley’s smile was teasing and her eyes held a keen intelligence behind them. Spencer felt her every comment was being weighted and rated in some way. She also found that she didn’t mind that feeling as much as she might have imagined.

“That wasn’t actually what I was going to say, but, uh, I guess thanks for telling me.”

“Do you have anyone on board?” Ashley asked, seemingly ignoring the fact that Spencer had been trying to ask her something. “I never hear any rumours about you and it’s a small ship to keep secrets on.”

“Um, no. I haven’t been on a date since Deep Space Nine.” Spencer thought of the boy she had been seeing before she was assigned to Voyager. They had been cadets together at the Academy, and they dated mostly because they didn’t know anyone else on DS9. It was neither serious nor physical; although she had dated both men and women in the past, she much preferred women.

“But you must have been asked.”


“Not by the right person, though, eh?” Ashley looked over her shoulder. “Charlie?”

“He’s my friend. That would just be weird.”

“With such a tiny crew, there’s not much room for dating non-friends.”

“No, I guess not.” She wasn’t sure how the conversation had turned to her personal life, but she didn’t feel as shy and reserved as she usually did when such the topic arose. “It’s hard sometimes, knowing you might never have any kind of relationship, but you get used to it.” She wondered why she was admitting this to an almost-stranger.

“Not me. I still hold out hope that I’ll meet the right woman. Maybe on board, maybe on some far-distant planet we haven’t even heard of yet. But I have to believe she’s out there somewhere. I mean, what’s life without hope and passion?”

Spencer widened her eyes. Although she had heard the Delaney Sisters rumour, it hadn’t actually occurred to her that Ashley might exclusively date women.

“So, do you have your eye on someone on board?” Ashley asked.


“Not even a little harmless fantasy now and then? Say Chakotay or Tom Paris? Or maybe the Captain or Seven of Nine?” Ashley again watched her with interest.

“No!” She was shocked that Ashley would suggest something so scandalous about senior officers.

“Aww, come on, at least half the crew must have at least one of them in their top five.”

“They’re commanding officers.”

“And they’re people, too. Attractive people, some of them.”

“Just, no.”

“Commander Tuvok?”


“Megan Delaney?”


“Jenny Delaney?”


“Interesting, more emphatic about Jenny than Megan. Neelix?”

Despite herself, Spencer laughed. “No.” She drank her tea. “Honestly, none of them.”

“But if I keep going, will you tell me when I’m right?”

“I have never thought of any of my commanding officers in that way.”

“So, you’re saying it’s one of the lower decks? Even more interesting.”

Spencer was a serious person who presented herself to others seriously. Few crewmembers ever teased or flirted with her. Ashley was flirting, and she liked it. A lot.

“How about you?” Spencer asked.

“Who have I dated on board or who do I have secret fantasies about?”


“A few shore leave encounters, but no on-board shenanigans. Yet.”


“Hope springs eternal.”


“Many and varied. None of them involving Jenny or Megan Delaney.”

“Captain Janeway?”

Ashley scrunched her face. “No, but I can see the appeal.”

“In what way?” Spencer was intrigued.

“She has a certain presence. Her voice, the aura of command.” Ashley shrugged. “But I prefer blondes.”

“Seven?” The Borg Head of Astrometrics was considered by many to be the most attractive of the crew. Spencer tried to imagine her aloof boss and the woman before her together in a sexual way. The mental picture didn’t seem right to her, although she couldn’t deny that both women were beautiful.

“She’d be in my top five.”

“Who would the other four be?”

Ashley laughed. “Not telling. After all, I have to keep some level of mystery. And, besides, I like to keep a couple of spots open for women I’ve yet to meet.” Spencer laughed along with her.

Later, when they all died on an unnamed rock in a quadrant none of them wanted to be stranded in, Spencer’s last conscious thought was that she wished she had known Ensign Davies better.

Star Date 52634.8, Loop 8

Spencer arched her hand and pressed her fingers to her temples in confusion.

She was about to command her first away mission, and she knew, even before she arrived at the hangar bay, that her friend Golwat would arrive first; Charlie Quizzlink second; and finally Ensign Davies, a woman she knew only by sight and scurrilous reputation. She didn’t know how she knew that, nor could she explain the cold sweat of dread soaking her back and making her uniform even more uncomfortable than usual.

She greeted her crew and the pilot, chatted with them all a little, then prepared for launch. After her in-flight briefing, she made her way over to Ensign Davies, who was engrossed in the various control panels and screens of the Delta Flyer.

“Do you mind if we play some music?” Spencer asked.

“Not at all, It helps me think,” Ashley said.

“Computer, play some Delvok.”

The lyrical sounds of Spencer’s favourite Vulcan composer filled the small cabin. Ensign Davies started to hum along.

“Good choice,” she said. “I like Delvok.”

Spencer furrowed her brow. “Somehow, I think I knew that.”

The other woman turned away from her console and gave Spencer a puzzled look. “You know, I think I knew that you knew that.”

“That’s weird, but I’ve had a strange sense of deja vu since I stepped into the shuttle bay.”

Ashley nodded. “Yeah, like something’s not quite right.”

“Exactly.” She drew her finger along the main console. “You know, I’ve never been on the Delta Flyer before, but none of this feels unfamiliar to me. It’s like I was expecting all these flip switches and old-fashioned panels.”

“Have you been playing one of Lieutenant Paris’s holodeck simulations, maybe? They have a lot of retro stuff just like this, especially the Captain Proton ones.”

Spencer shook her head. “No. I rarely go on the holodecks, and I’ve never tried any of his programmes.” She frowned. “Hold on a minute.”

She went over to speak to Charlie and Golwat, but it didn’t help get to the bottom of anything.

“What did they say?” Ashley asked as Spencer sat down again.

“I don’t get it. Neither of them have experienced any strange feelings at all. They both expected Pablo to be our pilot today and were surprised that it’s you. And they’ve never even heard of Delvok.”

“Okay.” Ashley thought about it for a moment. “I don’t want to be rude or anything, but is it possible we’ve talked before and I just don’t remember it? Like on shore leave or something?”

“I don’t think so.”

The ensign smiled. “Good. I wouldn’t like to think that I’d spent an evening with someone as pretty as you and forgotten all about it. That would be a tragedy.”

Spencer blushed furiously. Other than the Dabo girls on Deep Space 9, who were paid to charm the patrons into drinking and gambling, she couldn’t think when a woman had last flirted with her. Probably back in the Academy, where a very striking Trill classmate had been most persistent for a few weeks.

“So why do you think we feel this way?’ she asked, trying to change the subject.

Ensign Davies’s attention was caught by a flashing light on one of her control panels. “I don’t know, but we can figure it out later. It looks like there’s an ion storm on the planet, so we’re going to have to look at a new flight plan.” She tapped some keys and flipped a few switches. “You might want to see if there are any alternate landing sites. I don’t think I’ll be able to fly too far once we’re in the planet’s atmosphere.”

When they burned up on entering in the planet’s ionosphere, Spencer’s last conscious thought was that Ensign Davies was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

Star Date 52634.8, Loop 10

When Ensign Ashley Davies, their pilot, reported for duty, Spencer was immediately taken with how beautiful the other woman was. She was so thrown by that thought, she forgot all about the sense of foreboding which had distracted her when she entered Shuttle Bay 1.

After the Delta Flyer left Voyager, she ran through her briefing with her friends, Ensign Golwat and Crewman Charlie Quizzlink, but she kept catching herself looking over at their pilot. She wondered whether the rumours about the Delaney sisters were true and if that meant that Ensign Davies was interested in women.

The fact that she was entertaining the possibility of asking Ensign Davies out unsettled her. It wasn’t that the ensign was a woman—if pushed, Spencer would admit that, despite having dated men as well, she was only really interested in women—but that the ensign was not the sort of safe, Starfleet-approved choice she usually dated. She was so unsettled, she found that she couldn’t bring herself to speak to their pilot until it became obvious that their landing was in jeopardy and she needed to make some fairly key command decisions if they were to escape with their lives.

As they smashed into the side of a mountain, Spencer’s last conscious thought was that she should have asked Ensign Davies for a date while she had the chance.

Star Date 52635.1, Loop 12

“Lieutenant, can I speak to you for a moment?” Ensign Davies asked.

Spencer looked up from the schematics she was reviewing and over to the pilot. “Of course. How may I help?”

Ensign Davies jerked her head towards the co-pilot’s seat. Shrugging, Spencer placed her PADD down on the table and walked over to join the other woman. She scanned the familiar switches, panels and dials and smiled. The Delta Flyer was a unique craft, with a tetraburnium hull and an interior modelled on twentieth-century Terran ideas of the future. She felt strangely at home in its co-pilot’s chair.

“What’s the problem?” she asked.

“That’s the thing. There isn’t one yet.”

She smiled. “Well, if there isn’t a problem, Ensign Davies, then how can I help?”

“I don’t know, but we have to wait.” The other woman was perturbed, biting her lip as she scanned the console in front of her.

“Is it one of the readings?”


“Is there a problem with our flight plan?”


Spencer furrowed her brow. “Then I don’t understand.”

“There’s going to be a problem, and I just want you to be here when it happens.”

“Okay.” Although Spencer had been feeling anxious ever since she entered Shuttle Bay 1 earlier that day, she had put it down to first-time nerves. She had never commanded an away mission before. In fact, she’d never even been on an away mission before, and she was keen to make a success of her first outing. She hoped that tension had not worn off on the rest of her crew.

She glanced back over towards Charlie and Golwat, who were chatting away about some holonovel. Both seemed quite relaxed, as they should be less than halfway through a four-hour flight.

Ensign Davies rubbed the back of her neck and let out a sigh of frustration. She shook her head and then turned to face Spencer, dropping her voice low enough not to be overheard. “There’s going to be an ion storm on the planet. I know there’s going to be an ion storm the same way I know that you like Delvok and that you haven’t dated anyone since Deep Space 9 and think that you’ll probably never meet anyone in the Delta Quadrant.”

Spencer’s eyes widened. “Ensign, if you have been looking into my personnel files—”

“No, no. Listen. It’s not that.” She sighed again, searching for an explanation. “I just, I just know things about you that I shouldn’t know. And I don’t know how I know them, but I do. But I promise that I’ve never read your crew record and I’ve not asked around about you. I only found out I’d be piloting this flight about an hour before take-off. I didn’t have time to do any of that.” She shrugged. “I don’t know how to explain it, but I get the feeling that there’s something really bad happening here and I don’t know what to do.”

Spencer pinched the bridge of her nose. Unlike the ensign, she made a point of researching the personnel records of her crew, and she had read that Ensign Davies could be arrogant and disrespectful of authority. Just because she was a beautiful woman didn’t mean that she should get away with being over-familiar with ranking officers.

“I fail to see how making personal comments about me is likely to help anything.”

“How many times have you been on the Flyer?” Ensign Davies asked.

“This is my first time aboard.”

The ensign covered a label with her hand. “What’s under here?”


“Seriously. What’s under my hand?”

“The navigational switches, but I don’t see what that has to do with anything either.”

“How do you know that?”

“Well, I must have reviewed the craft before the mission.” Which sounded both plausible and reasonable, except that she had no memory of doing so. In fact, she had only barely passed mandatory flight training at the Academy, and it had been four years since she had been behind the controls of any space vehicle. She hadn’t even used any of the training simulations on the holodeck, even though it was normally expected of all officers that they requalified in flight training every few years.

“You drink Bajoran tea,” Ensign Davies said. “And I like my coffee?”

“Black and strong, like the Captain.” Again, there was no way that she should know that detail. She blurted out the next thing which occurred to her. “And you haven’t slept with Megan and Jenny Delaney, either.”

Ashley chuckled. “Well, don’t spread that around. I get a lot of free drinks out of being asked that.” She scanned the console again, checking for signs of the ion storm she was expecting. “And, for the record, it would be a crying shame if you never met someone out here. A woman as beautiful as you shouldn’t be alone.”

“Ensign Davies!”

“Please, I think you can call me Ashley.”

“I shall do no such thing.”

“Why not?”

“It’s not appropriate.” Spencer folded her arms, but she was smiling inside from the compliment.

She was immensely flattered that Ensign Davies—Ashley—found her attractive. She thought the brunette quite beautiful herself and, under other circumstances, she would like to ask her out on a date. In fact, she couldn’t stop thinking about how much she wanted to go out on a date with the Ensign, and that astonished her. She didn’t chase. She had never once in her life asked anyone out.

And yet she was staring at Ashley’s mouth, wondering what it would be to kiss her. And then she realised that the mouth was smiling and that the ensign knew she was staring at her. She tried to regain her composure.

“You shouldn’t make inappropriate remarks like that to a ranking officer,” she said.

Ashley shrugged. “Well, first, if I’m right, you probably won’t remember this conversation tomorrow—or the next version of today, or whatever—and, second, I’m not actual Starfleet, so I don’t actually care if I’m stripped of my rank for insubordination.”

“That much is evident from your crew record.”

“So not the point.” Ashley waved her hand dismissively. “The point is that I think we’re trapped in a temporal loop. I know that we’ve done this before. Not me telling you that you’re beautiful, although I really should have told you that already, so apologies if I haven’t, but this journey. I know this journey. You know when you’re a kid and you could find your way to school when you’re half asleep because it’s ingrained in your muscle memory? That’s what this is like for me. I have plotted this course. I have made these turns. My mind and body instinctively know what’s coming up next because I have done this before. And more than once.”

It made no sense at all, and yet Spencer knew that it made complete sense. She did know things about Ashley that she shouldn’t. And she had no doubt that there would be an ion storm because there was always an ion storm. She was also glad that Ensign Davies had not pushed her about her obvious staring.

“What about the others?” she asked.

“I don’t think they know. They’re not even paying attention to what we’re discussing. If they knew, one of them would’ve said something, or they would’ve at least sensed that something’s not quite right.”

Spencer looked over again. Golwat and Charlie were playing a Ferengi card game that Spencer had never understood. They seemed entirely unaware of any atmosphere between their lieutenant and pilot.

“Okay,” she said, “let’s say that I accept what you’re saying, and that we’re stuck in a time loop. Where does that leave us?”

Ashley bit her lip and slumped back in her leather swivel chair. “I honestly don’t know. I’m pretty sure we crash and die every day, though.”

“Oh, well, that’s reassuring.”

“It’s not that bad. Obviously, we must come back, hence the time loop.”

Their conversation was ended abruptly by the flashing which indicated a major ion storm on the planet. Ashley and Spencer stared at the indicator light, and then at each other, then back to the light.

“What now?” Spencer asked.

“I think we turn around, head back to Voyager.” Ashley leaned forward, glancing over at the other crew, who still seemed unaware of anything amiss. “We hail Voyager and say that it’s too dangerous to attempt the mission.”

No matter how nervous Spencer had been in advance of the mission, she had never imagined that it would end with a choice between aborting it entirely or killing her crew. Either way, she was a complete failure in her first day in command. Her career was probably going to end before it even started.

She sighed. “Is that your advice as my pilot?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s your ship. You make the command decisions here.”

Ashley rubbed her forehead in frustration. “Starfleet protocols? Really? That’s what you’re going with here?”

Spencer bristled. “What else to you want me to do?”

“We’re in a situation here. You and me. Ashley and Spencer. We’re more than our ranks. I want to know what Spencer thinks, not Lieutenant Carlin.”

“Those aren’t two different people.”

Ashley looked sad. “Well, in that case, yes, I am the pilot and I’m taking the decision to turn back.” She opened a hailing channel. “Voyager, this is Delta Flyer. Come in, Voyager.” When there was no response, she tried a second time. “Voyager, this is Delta Flyer. Come in, Voyager.” When there was still no response, she turned her head to Spencer. “No response, Lieutenant.”

Spencer tried not to react to the sharp pain of disappointment that they’d gone back from first names to rank, even though she had been the one to discourage anything more. “Try a different channel, and send a subspace message at the same time.”

She slumped back in her seat, watching Ashley unsuccessfully try to communicate with Voyager a few more times.

“I’m turning us around and taking us back to Voyager,” Ashley said. “I’m sure we’ll be able to contact them when we’re closer. You probably want to brief the rest of your crew on that, Lieutenant.”

“Thank you, Ensign.”

Her last thought, as the ship exploded due to an unexpected mechanical failure, was that she really wished that she could have kissed Ensign Davies just once, just to know what that felt like.

* * * * *

Next up: Part 3 [AA]


  1. Slick
    Posted 23 December 2013 at 7.52pm | Permalink

    Is it wrong that I’m loving the random ways in which they die? I mean it should be sad, dead Spashley, but it’s rather hilarious that they either burn up, lose a game of chicken with a mountain or spontaneously blow up. Kudos on that;)

    Anyway, this is still fantastic and I’m enjoying the whole time loop thing. Makes me think of that one Xena episode. Good stuff!

    So yeah, hope you give us more soon.

  2. Jsparky04
    Posted 23 December 2013 at 9.03pm | Permalink

    This is so cool. And different. I, too, love the ending of each loop, Spencer’s last thoughts. Well done, Dev!

  3. cbrammer
    Posted 24 December 2013 at 5.25am | Permalink

    It is sad that I read the first part over and over again thinking “Didn’t I just read this yesterday? Maybe she accidentally posted the same thing twice?” I was apparently stuck in the same loop as those two.

  4. Bannerman!
    Posted 24 December 2013 at 2.20pm | Permalink

    It’s like Groundhog Day In Space! Are they gonna gradually fall in love over the course of their ever-occurring time loop? They eventually return to the ship in a full blown relationship and everyone’s like “But you’ve only been away 18hours!?”

    Maybe, maybe not. Whatever happens, ace as usual Dev! Jx

  5. Jennabot
    Posted 24 December 2013 at 4.43pm | Permalink

    I love Star Trek and I love this. I’m sad that SON fanfic quality and quantity are dwindling..,,

  6. Dovega
    Posted 24 December 2013 at 7.22pm | Permalink

    I know it’s too early but: Merry Christmas! :)

    So it’s like Groundhog Day, I wonder what is causing this, there must be a sci fi explanation I guess. how will they break the cycle now? Thank you for the update.

  7. Duncan
    Posted 25 December 2013 at 6.51am | Permalink

    I too am loving this. And I wonder what the trigger is… I mean. I’m hoping its a but of Spashley action but who knows. I’m seriously just waiting for the screw trying enjoy the last moments of life stuff! Lol. Hope to see more soon

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