Yesterday Once More, Part 3

Previously: Part 2 [U]

This really is only a short bit of nonsense. Final part dropping before New Year.

Rated AA.

* * * * *

Star Date 52635.1, Loop 16

As soon as Ensign Davies asked to speak to her, and explained that she had a strong sense of deja vu, Lieutenant Spencer Carlin knew that she was not alone in her feelings of deep unease about their mission. They both agreed that they knew things about each other and their journey that they just shouldn’t know. When the instrument panel showed that there was an ion storm on the planet, it confirmed what they already knew: they had lived this day before, probably several times. They made alternate plans for their approach and landing, then started to discuss their options.

“Do you know when you’re aware of it?” Ashley asked.

“I don’t follow.”

“When I sat down at the controls for the pre-flight check, I immediately knew that there was something not quite right. I’m wondering if it’s the same every day. Maybe we can combine notes to work out what the start point is.”

“Ah.” That made sense. Spencer thought for a moment. “When I was adjusting my pips on my uniform in the shuttle bay, I got the definite feeling that I’d done that before.”

“I’m sure you’ve been playing with them since the Captain pinned them on.”

Spencer blushed. “Maybe.” She shrugged. “I meant the nervousness. I knew I’d been nervous about my first command mission before.”

“Right, and you can only have a first command mission once.”

“Exactly.” Spencer chewed her lip thoughtfully. “What if we don’t take off at all? If we don’t pass through the start point of the time loop, maybe none of this will ever happen.”

“Do you think that will work?”

“It’s worth a try. Worst case scenario is that it changes nothing and we just loop around again. At this point, I think we try everything we can think of and see what happens. If we’re systematic about it, maybe we can work out what’s causing the temporal anomaly.”

Ashley nodded. “Makes sense. So, what do we do?”

Spencer thought about it. “Well, I’m always there first, and I already know before any of you arrive that there’s something wrong, maybe I just need to lock the shuttle bay door. If none of you can come in, then the Flyer can’t leave Voyager.”

“Okay, that’s a definite plan.” Ashley frowned. “But how do we communicate that plan to Other You? I mean, I don’t know about you, but this is a gradual thing for me. It’s not like I sat in the chair and it all came flooding back. It’s taken the last two hours for me to come up with this. And we don’t have two hours between you arriving in the shuttle bay and take-off.”

Spencer ducked her head. “Maybe it’s the last thoughts we have which stay in the mind most.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve had this really strong recurring thought since before take-off which I can’t seem to get out of my mind. The only thing I can come up with is that maybe it was my final thought. So, if we both concentrate really hard on just one thing before we die,” she shuddered at the thought of planning for her own death, “then we can pull that single thought through to the next loop.”

“How will we know when to think it?”

“I guess whenever things start going wrong, we need to concentrate hard on not taking off tomorrow.” She smiled. “Or the next version of today, I suppose.”

“What about right now? Do you think we should turn around and head back to Voyager?” Ashley furrowed her brow. “Actually, strike that. I have a very strong feeling that we’ve done that before.”

“That’s weird. I’d already thought about that and ruled it out, although there’s no real reason why that shouldn’t be a good idea.”

“We could hail Voyager.”

“And tell them what? Their nervous Lieutenant Junior Grade has a really bad feeling about her first away mission?”

Ashley laughed. “Nervous Lieutenant and awesome hotshot pilot.”

“You forget that I know a lot of the rumours about you aren’t true. How can I be sure you’re as good a pilot as I’ve heard?”

Ashley leaned back in her chair. “What else do you know about me, Lieutenant?”

Spencer flushed for just a moment, but made a flippant motion with her hand.”That you’re cocky and you disrespect your commanding officers.”

“That’s not it.”

“What’s not it?”

“The way you’re blushing. You’re thinking something else.”

“I’m not.” Spencer turned away.

“Liar.” Ashley said it like a challenge and not an insult.

Spencer shrugged. “I know you haven’t been with either Megan or Jenny Delaney.” It was easier than admitting that she was thinking about kissing her. She had been thinking about kissing her since they came on board.

“Redheads,” Ashley said.

“And you prefer blondes.” The statement was out of her mouth before her conscious brain could stop it.

“Yes. Yes, I do.” Ashley leaned towards her over the console. “Especially ones as beautiful as you.”

“Ensign.” There was no force behind the warning.

Against her better judgement, Spencer let her gaze drift up to meet Ashley’s eyes. They smiled at each other, both acknowledging an attraction that Spencer suspected might have been there in each of their previous time loops.

Ensign Davies was so far from Spencer’s usual buttoned-down type. She had dated both men and women, although she had only ever been intimate with women. And it annoyed her that, even in her own thoughts, she categorised all her relationships in such a sanitised way. Being intimate was much safer language than fucking, after all. And she wanted to fuck Ensign Davies. She wanted to have her naked and wanting on the console between them.


“What?” It was barely a whisper.

“If we get through all of this, would you like to go for a drink?”


Ashley smiled. “A date. Would you like to go out on a date?”

“I don’t date crew members.”

“Fine, I’ll resign my Starfleet commission.”

Spencer gave a startled laugh. “You’ll what?”

Ashley moved closer, her eyes on Spencer’s mouth. “I’ll resign. Do you date dashing and charming civilian pilots?”

“You wouldn’t be able to stay on Voyager if you resign your commission.”

“And that would bother you?”

“You’re a really good pilot.” Flirting with Ashley seemed to be second nature to her.

“And charming and dashing?”

“And arrogant.”

“And you want me to stay on board Voyager.”

Charlie knocked over his drink and swore loudly, breaking the haze that Spencer had allowed herself to be drawn into. Normal Spencer, the one who hid behind rank and protocol, would have used the distraction to move on and change the subject. But they were almost certainly going to die. Again.

“Where?” she asked.

Ashley furrowed her brow. “Where what?”

“Where would we be going for drinks?” She was pleased to see that she had surprised the brunette.

“Wherever you like. You wanna beam over to the space station?” Ashley extended her hand and placed it over Spencer’s. “We could spend our shore leave together.” Her eyes promised more than just a simple date.

There was a good chance that neither of them would ever remember this specific conversation. Although some things made it through the time loop, they were mostly fragments and glimpses.

“I think I’d like that.”

The ensign eased back in her chair, but kept her hand over Spencer’s. “Good. Then let’s try to get the hell out of this time loop so we can make that happen.”

When the ship fell through the crust of the planet, Spencer’s last thought was that it was utterly imperative that she found a way to keep her crew from ever entering the shuttle bay in the first place because she really, really wanted to share her shore leave with Ensign Davies.

Star Date 52635.3, Loop 17

It was with deep sadness that Captain Janeway reported the deaths of Lieutenant Junior Grade Carlin and her crew, Ensigns Golwat and Davies, and Crewman Quizzlink. All four were killed in a freak explosion of a shuttle bay door. Initial investigations pointed to a mechanical malfunction which trapped Lieutenant Carlin inside the hangar. Her crew died trying to free her.

Star Date 52634.8, Loop 18

As soon as she arrived in Shuttle Bay 1, Lieutenant Spencer Carlin had one very clear thought in her mind. She didn’t immediately understand the thought, but it was such a strong impulse that she turned around and left again. She sprinted to the turbolift and headed for Deck 13, finally coming to a halt outside Ensign Ashley Davies’ quarters, where she pressed the door chime.

As the door opened, she was temporarily distracted by the fact that Ensign Davies was wearing her uniform undershorts and tank top. Her arms looked stronger than she expected from such a slight woman. The desire to reach out and trail a finger over a bicep made her mouth go dry. And maybe there were some other parts revealed by the tight garment which deserved manual inspection as well.

“Lieutenant,” the ensign said, not bothering to stand to attention. “Something wrong?”

Spencer held a hand to her forehead and thought about how to begin.

“Everything is wrong.” She entered the quarters, so similar to her own with twin beds against opposite walls. She wondered if the ensign’s bunkmate was Starfleet or Maquis. “Something terrible is going to happen.”

The brunette put her hands on her hips. “You heard I’m gonna be your pilot, huh? Well, I can assure you that I’m much better than Pablo Baytart, so you don’t have to worry. You’ll be safe in my hands, Lieutenant.”

A mental image of Ashley’s hands all over her body flashed through Spencer’s mind, and she had to force herself to concentrate.

“Time loop. We’re caught in a time loop and, if we go on this mission, we’re all going to crash and die on some rock in the middle of nowhere.”

“Your faith in my piloting abilities is duly noted.” The ensign shook her head and walked to her bunk, starting to pack her kit bag for their mission.

“You don’t know what I’m talking about?” Spencer was puzzled. She couldn’t understand why the ensign was looking at her so coldly. As soon as she had arrived in the shuttle bay, she had an overwhelming feeling that she had to get to Ashley and stop their mission from ever happening. As she raced to the ensign’s quarters, other memories came back to her, including the fact that Ashley and she were the only two who were aware of the phenomenon.

“Lieutenant, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“We’re stuck in a time loop. I don’t know how many times we’ve been through it, but it’s roughly the length of our mission—or, at least the flight and landing, so about five hours. Every day, we die and come back again to this very point. I know that you know this. I know that you are in this with me and that, somehow, we are the only two who know what’s happening.” She paced in frustration, trying to access the pieces of memory which were coming back to her.

“You take your coffee hot, black and strong, like the Captain. You like Vulcan composers. You never, ever talk about your life on Turkana IV, which I suspect is because something terrible happened to you there, and, one day, when we have more time, I’d really like to hear about it, if you want to tell me. You don’t care about Starfleet, only about flying, and you are the best instinctive pilot I’ve ever seen. You’re not anywhere near as promiscuous as everyone says and you’ve definitely never slept with the Delaney sisters because they’re redheads and you prefer blondes.”

Ashley was still staring at her as if she had grown a second head. “I don’t know what you think you know, Lieutenant, but the only way you could know all that is by accessing my personal logs, and that is a gross breach of your Starfleet protocols.”

“Seriously?” Spencer was panicking now. “None of this is ringing any bells with you?”

“Look, I can see you’re upset.” The brunette stopped packing and took a step towards Spencer. She modified her tone and body language as if trying to calm a skittish horse. “It’s gonna be okay, Lieutenant. I know this is your first mission, and you’re probably just scared. Is this a nightmare you had?”

“No! You’re not listening.” She shook her head. “Maybe you don’t remember till we’re on board.” She had a vague sense linking Ashley’s memories of the time loop with the controls of the Delta Flyer. That would make sense that it was the familiarity of the ship which would bring a pilot to their senses.

“I don’t remember this time loop thing, you mean?”

“Yes! You’re the only other person who remembers and we made a plan for yesterday, something to do with not taking off, except it went wrong again. Today, I knew that I had to come find you in your quarters and stop you from entering the shuttle bay. It was really, really important that we weren’t in that shuttle bay at all. If we had a little more time, I know it’d all come back to me, just like you’ll start remembering too. Only we’re due to leave in less than fifteen minutes, so we don’t have time.”

“Okay.” The look on Ashley’s face said that she still thought Spencer was more than a little bit crazy.

Groaning, Spencer did something so out of character, she didn’t know where the idea had come from, only that she was desperate and people’s lives depended on her. She lunged forward, placing her hands on Ashley’s cheeks, and pulled the ensign into a kiss. She felt Ashley’s shock, and then her hands on her shoulders, pushing her back.

“Wait!” Ashley said, breathing deeply.

“Did it work? Do you—“

Remember, she was going to say, but the word was swallowed by Ensign Davies pulling her back in for a slower, much more deliberate kiss. It was almost definitely the best kiss Spencer had ever received, from the way Ashley’s barely dressed body pressed and moved against her, to the way her lips and teeth and tongue combined to make Spencer forget her panic and their mortal danger and everything except the arousal coursing through her.

They wound down slowly, neither of them really willing to pull away first. Their hands were exploring each other in random movements, pushing and pulling, uncertain how to communicate their needs any other way. When Ashley pulled back for the last time, she brought her hands up to cup Spencer’s face and she gave her a quick final peck on the lips.

“If we die again today, there’s no way I’m going to my death not having done that properly,” she said.

“You remember?”

“It’s definitely coming back to me.” Ashley smiled. “But, whatever our previous plans were, this is so the new plan. We’re doing this every day from now on.”

Spencer blushed. She was not the sort of woman to whom people said such things, but Ashley’s eyes were full of hope and promise, and she wanted to lean back in and kiss her until they fell back onto the ensign’s bunk.

“We’re going on a date,” she said. “I’m not sure who asked, but I definitely remember agreeing to spend my shore leave with you.”

“I’m pretty sure I asked you,” Ashley said.

“Yeah, but I wanted to ask you before you actually asked me.”

“How could I know that? I’m not a mind reader.”

Spencer thought for a moment, which was difficult with Ashley so close to her that she could feel the heat radiating off her. “I think on each loop, we remember more. Of the previous loops, I mean. That’s gotta be helpful, right?”

Ashley stepped back and reached for her uniform pants, pulling them on. Spencer turned away slightly, the gesture too intimate. Ashley saw it and grinned at her. “You don’t need to look away, Spence. In fact, at some point, I’m hoping you’ll have a chance to see me undress. I’ll even let you help.”

Spence? No-one except her father ever called her that, but it felt right coming from Ashley.

“So, what do you think we do now?” she asked, trying to ease the awkwardness she felt at having made advances towards a member of her crew.

Ashley pulled her uniform jacket on, zipping it up. “We should go report all of this to whoever’s in charge.”

“Harry Kim’s in the big chair today.”

Ashley rolled her eyes. “Just great. Like they couldn’t leave someone competent in charge. It could be worse, I suppose. It could be that dick, Chakotay.”

Spencer’s eyes widened. Chakotay had been one of the leaders of the Maquis and was now the ship’s First Officer. She assumed that his former comrades held him in high esteem. It was something she would have to ask Ashley about later. Maybe on their date. Assuming they found any time for talking at all.

“You’re smiling.” Ashley’s voice was almost a growl, and she was right up in Spencer’s personal space again. “And I know you’re thinking good things about me.” She settled her hands on Spencer’s hips.

She should be more worried about saving herself and her crew from certain death, but Spencer still draped her arms over Ashley’s shoulders. “And how do you know that?”

“I just know.” Ashley moved them until Spencer’s back was against the wall. “Maybe I’ve picked it up on our previous time loops. If only there were some way you could jog both our memories, maybe I’d know for sure.”

Spencer kissed her, tugging on the back of Ashley’s neck to pull her close. If they were going to die again, this was definitely a better way to go than being blown up by a shuttle bay door. They could spare two or three minutes just to feel alive.

While they told Harry Kim everything, and eventually made him believe them, Spencer’s main thought was that she wouldn’t mind dying again if Ashley made good on her promise to kiss her at the start of every time loop. And that was just as well, as no-one saw the Krenim time ship coming until the very second it blasted Voyager entirely out of existence.

Star Date 52634.8, Loop 19

As soon as Ensign Ashley Davies opened the door to her quarters, Spencer grabbed her, moaning at the sight of the brunette in her shorts and tank top, and pushed her inside the room. The door was still swooshing closed as Spencer’s mouth descended on Ashley’s. The brunette resisted in shock for only a few seconds before she started enthusiastically returning the kiss, her hands making their way inside Spencer’s uniform jacket to rest on her lower back.

They kissed for what was probably an indecently long time, given that they were both due in the shuttle bay within twenty minutes and the lives of Voyager’s crew depended upon them.

“So, that didn’t work,” Spencer said, her mouth exploring Ashley’s neck.

Ashley gave a chuckle that was almost a moan. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that. It’s definitely working for me.”

“Yesterday’s plan, I mean.”

“Yeah, I know what you meant.” Ashley’s fingers traced patterns across Spencer’s skin.

“It looks like we can’t stop it from this end. Maybe we have to start working backwards from the planet instead.”

“Mmm.” Ashley tilted her head back further to give Spencer better access. “Are you giving me a hickey?”

“No,” Spencer lied, her teeth moving across the column of Ashley’s neck.

“Lieutenant Carlin!”

“You can have me court-martialled later.”

Ashley half-heartedly pushed Spencer away. “Sadly, we don’t have time for this.”

Spencer nodded, clasping her hands behind her back to prevent her from reaching out again. “No, we don’t.” She smiled. “Although…”

“What?” Ashley pulled on her uniform pants. This time, Spencer stared openly.

“Well, if we die anyway, what does it matter how we spend the next few hours?”

“Are you suggesting that we let hundreds of people die so that we can have sex?” The idea didn’t seem to bother Ashley at all.

“No, I’m saying that the timeline will reset no matter how we spend the next few hours. And who said sex?”

“That’s not what you meant?” Ashley zipped up her jacket and picked up her kit bag.

“Do I seem like the sort of girl to put out before the first date?”

Ashley rubbed her neck with her free hand. “You don’t seem the type to give hickeys, either, so what do I know?”

“I didn’t give you a hickey.” There was a clear bruise developing just below Ashley’s ear.

“Yeah, sure you didn’t. You got a thing for you marking your territory?”

Spencer liked the idea of Ashley being hers more than she probably should. She merely shrugged. “Again, if we make it back, you can have me court-martialled.”

“If we get back here, my plans do not include reporting you to the bridge commander.” Ashley pulled Spencer back towards her, settling her hands on the blonde’s hips.


“Not even slightly.” Ashley leaned in and kissed her slowly and thoroughly. “We’re gonna do a little of this.” She moved her hands under Spencer’s uniform jacket. “And a whole lot of other stuff besides.”

“And I still don’t put out before the first date.”

“I’ll replicate you a meal and wine on the trip home.”

“You have no replicator rations,” Spencer said.

“I was planning on using yours.”

Spencer pressed her lips against the bruise on Ashley’s neck, admiring her handiwork. “You’re going to romance me by making me pay for my own date?”

“If we survive, I promise you I’ll romance the hell out of you, but this whole thing proves that life is precious and there’s not a moment to be wasted.” She pulled back and gave Spencer a quick peck on the lips.

“I might hold you to that, Ensign.”

“I sincerely hope you do, Lieutenant.”

Later, Spencer’s last thoughts as they crash-landed again were that, one, she was looking forward to another day with Ensign Davies and, two, she wanted a chance to follow through on their promise.

Stardate 52635.2, Loop 22

The angle of entry was all wrong, and the cross-winds from the storm were far too strong, buffeting the small craft and pushing it off the course which they needed to maintain to reach their final landing spot.

“This isn’t going to work, is it?” Spencer asked, already knowing Ashley’s answer.


She laughed. “Is this just your way of creating another loop so you can try to get me to put out before the first date?”

“I’m gonna need a lot more than ten or fifteen minutes for our first time, Lieutenant.”

“You’d better believe it, Ensign.” She reached her hand out to squeeze Ashley’s thigh and they grinned at each other for a few moments before Ashley’s piloting instincts kicked in and, despite the futility of her actions, she tried to prevent them from crashing.

“Same time, same place?” Ashley asked.

“Yesterday, today, tomorrow, or as long as it takes.”

She was still grinning flirtatiously at Ashley when the crosswinds ripped the Delta Flyer into a million little pieces.

Star Date 52634.8, Loop 25

Spencer waited on Golwat to join her in the Shuttle Bay. She was about to command her first away mission yet again, and she wasn’t nervous in the slightest. She felt the pips of her rank at her collar with pride and stood at ease with a confidence she had never known before.

But it wasn’t Golwat who came through the shuttle bay doors first: it was Ensign Ashley Davies, who strolled in with a pronounced smirk on her face. She knew. They both knew.

“Lieutenant,” Ashley said.


“I have something I need to talk to you about.”


“Perhaps if we went on board, I could explain it to you in detail.”

Spencer glanced towards the door. Golwat would probably arrive at any moment. Then she saw Ashley walk towards the Flyer, although strut would be the more appropriate term for such a confident swagger, and knew that she didn’t care if they were caught by her friends. She hurried on board, and felt a hand grasp her wrist, pulling her around and up against the bulkhead. Immediately, Ashley’s mouth was on her neck, nibbling and kissing.

“You didn’t show up in my quarters, so I ran here.” It was an accusation. “I never run.”

Spencer pulled Ashley’s head up, her hand tangling in the brunette’s hair. “I’m glad you did.” She brought their mouths together and the kiss was heated immediately. Tongues and teeth clashed as Spencer insinuated her free hand between them, cupping Ashley’s breast through her uniform and grinning at the gasp the action caused.

“Oh my, Lieutenant,” Ashley said, arching her back into the touch.


“Not even slightly.” Ashley pressed her leg in between Spencer’s thighs.

Spencer kissed along Ashley’s jawline towards her ear. “I like this better when you’re in your underwear.”

“You complaining now?”

“Just expressing a preference.”

Ashley pulled their mouths back together. “Noted,” she said before she did something so clever with her tongue that Spencer moaned.

She let herself get caught up in kissing Ashley, pushing against the thigh between her legs and rhythmically massaging Ashley’s breast until they were interrupted.

“Spencer? Lieutenant?” Golwat’s voice rang out in the shuttle bay.

Ashley dropped her head to Spencer’s shoulder, pressing a final kiss to her neck. “We need to make this time loop start earlier.” She stepped back to let Spencer greet her colleague.

“We really do.”

“Spencer?” Golwat repeated.

“Just coming!” she called back, looking Ashley up and down. “Or, you know, we could end it altogether.”

Ashley glanced at the open hatch. “But if it ends,” she shrugged, “then there’s no need to do this everyday.”

“There’s no actual need now. I didn’t see that stopping us.” They had both obviously started this loop with a full recollection of at least the key parts of the previous day. Spencer did, however, take a little pride in the fact that Ashley was bothered by the idea of not having an excuse to kiss her. To Spencer’s mind, no excuse was needed.

“Are we late?” Golwat asked, entering the Flyer with Charlie a few steps behind.

Spencer shared an ironic glance with Ashley and smiled at her Bolian friend. “No, you’re right on time. Ensign Davies here was just showing me around the Delta Flyer.” She had to bite back a grin at the way Ashley arched her eyebrow at her.

“Oh, hey, Ashley,” Charlie said, throwing his kit bag into the back corner. “Good to see you. I heard it was going to be Pablo.”

“He’s ferrying people back and forth from the planet. There are a few Kadi who wanted to see Voyager and aren’t so keen on the transporters. I hope I’m not a disappointment.” She smirked out of the corner of her mouth at Spencer.

“Definitely not a disappointment at all,” Spencer said.

“No, it’s great.” Charlie furrowed his brow, as if suspecting that there was something going on to which he wasn’t privy.

“Right,” Spencer said. “Let’s get the gear stowed and let Ensign Davies run through the pre-flight checks.”

“Sir, yes, sir!” Golwat winked at her. “Sorry, couldn’t resist.”

“As long as everyone remembers who’s in command here, we’ll be fine,” Spencer said, making her way over to the now-familiar co-pilot’s chair. She didn’t see the look which passed between Charlie and Golwat, indicating their confusion at who had stolen their Spencer Carlin and replaced her with this confident, relaxed person.

Ashley leaned over and asked, “Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to keep my hands to myself for the whole flight?”

Spencer trailed a finger across the back of Ashley’s hand. “Who says you have to?”

“What about your friends?”

“If we’re going to die on this planet yet again, I am definitely going to want to kiss you before we do. They’ll deal with it.”

Ashley was staring at her like she had two heads, but being cautious had never brought Spencer happiness. If the universe wanted her to live the same day over and over again, she didn’t want to end it every time with regrets. She leaned across the console and kissed Ashley’s cheek. It was only a short brush of lips on skin, but long enough to catch the attention of Charlie and Golwat, judging by the clattering sound of metal on metal. Spencer looked over her shoulder to see that Charlie had dropped his rock kit on the floor, his mouth open in shock.

“Pick that up and stow it, Charlie,” she ordered. “We can’t have any supplies flying around in case of a bumpy flight.”

“Uh, Lieutenant?” Golwat said.

“Yes, Golwat?” Spencer said, smiling at Ashley, who was blushing bright red and idly rubbing the spot where Spencer habitually left hickeys.

“Is this? Can I ask? Are you, I mean, you and—“

“Are me and the lieutenant an item?” Ashley said, anticipating the blue-faced ensign’s question.

“Yes,” Golwat said.

“I dunno. Are we?” Ashley asked Spencer.

Spencer gave her a shy smile and then turned to Golwat. “Yes. Very much so.”

“Oh, right. I mean, good. That’s, uh. I’m happy for you.” It sounded like a question.

“Thanks, Golwat,” Spencer said. She winked at Ashley, who seemed almost as nonplussed by events as her Bolian engineering officer.

When they smashed into an asteroid in the planet’s orbit, Spencer’s last thought was that she quite liked the idea of Ensign Davies being her girlfriend.

Next up: Part 4 [X, NSFW]


  1. cbrammer
    Posted 26 December 2013 at 10.43pm | Permalink

    This nonsense was pretty much everything. I can’t believe how absolutely entertaining this is. I thought that I might grow tired of the repetitiveness, but you seem to add the right amount of ‘new’ to each loop.

    I love how attracted they are to each other and that there is no resisting the pull that is present between them. So anxious to see if/how they make it out of the loop.

    I also really enjoy the final thought and how it evolves each time.

  2. Posted 27 December 2013 at 3.30am | Permalink

    I am so thoroughly enjoying this fic that I don’t want it to end.

    While I’m sad that the last part is coming up, I can’t wait to find out how they get out of the time loop.

    Well, I assume they will :)

  3. Meech
    Posted 27 December 2013 at 5.40am | Permalink

    I also wondered if I might get tired of the same day being relived time and time again. But as always, you impress. Never have I questioned whether or not I would fully enjoy a story you have to tell, but I have to admit with this one I might have. And never again. Because I love this. Unsurprisingly, your talent exceeds expectation. I wish this would be longer, but quality over quantity and all that.

  4. Posted 27 December 2013 at 7.58am | Permalink

    And right before I passed out, drooling on the desk at work, my last thought was that I couldn’t wait for the next update of this utterly awesome story.

    * * *

    I see what you did there—Dev

  5. Slick
    Posted 27 December 2013 at 11.28am | Permalink

    Aw, this was both cute and hot at the same time. Really enjoyed this update and the image of Ashley in her undies getting the fluff kissed out of her by Spencer every morning. Super duper good stuff;)

    I’m also loving how Spencer is gradually changing with every loop and still find it hilarious how they die in different ways. It’s morbidly entertaining!

    Looking forward to the last part and hope you post it soon.

  6. Gis
    Posted 29 December 2013 at 3.46am | Permalink

    First of all, I hope you had a great Christmas Dev, and that in 2014 you may win the lottery, so you can have time to write lots more of Spashley. :-)
    Love the new story. You got me on Part 2, I kept going back to part one to check and even dared to think you could have made a mistake and posted twice part one!!! :O
    Guess the “Loop…” thingy gave me the clue. Thank you again for making the time to keep this fandon alive, you keep surprising us with fantastic stories. Can’t wait to see how it ends!
    Have a great New Year!!

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