Yesterday Once More, Part 4

Previously: Part 3 [AA]

Final part of this little space opera.
Rated X. NSFW-ish.

* * * * *

Stardate 52635.3, Loop 29

Not only did they land on the planet this time, they actually survived the drop from the surface, coming to rest in a huge cavern with a rocky floor. The Delta Flyer was pretty badly beaten up, but Ashley seemed to think it would be flyable with just a little maintenance. Not willing to take more chances than they needed to, Spencer had ordered everyone off the craft and over to a large, flat rock on the firm ground outside.

“Hold still,” Spencer said, trying not to smile at Ashley’s childish wriggling away from her ministrations.

“What? I’m staying as still as I can.”

“I mean it. There’s no dermal regenerator in this medkit, so you need to let me patch you up or you’ll have a nice scar here for the rest of your life.”

“If we don’t fix the time loop, it won’t matter a damn if I get another scar today.”

“You have other scars? I didn’t notice any,” Spencer said.

Ashley chuckled. “Next time I’m stripped for you, you can do a proper inspection.”

Spencer blushed. “Well, hold still anyway.” She finished cauterising the wound with a tricorder. “Right, you’re all done.”

The brunette lifted a hand and felt along the line on her forehead with her fingertips. “Nice work. You’d make a good field medic.”

“My mother’s a doctor and this is part of basic training anyway.” Space was still a dangerous place, even after two centuries of warp travel, and Starfleet was still a military force, even if its primary mission was peaceful.

“No kiss better?” Ashley waggled her eyebrows.

Spencer rolled her eyes, but leaned forward and brushed her lips across Ashley’s forehead, smoothing the hair away and letting her fingers trace around until she was cupping Ashley’s cheek. “Better now?”

“No proper kiss?”

She laughed. “You’re pushing it now, Ensign.”

“Yeah, but you like that.”

“I do.” Spencer pressed a short, firm kiss to Ashley’s lips. She stood up and put everything back in the medkit. She shook her head at her rapidly deepening feelings for the other woman and walked over to Charlie and Golwat to check on their minor cuts and bruises.

“Hey, Spencer, what do we do now?” Charlie asked. The brash young man could not hide the trepidation in his voice.

She sighed as she sat down next to them. “I honestly don’t know.” She glanced over to Ashley. “We don’t normally make it this far.”

“This far?” Golwat said. “What do you mean?”

Spencer rubbed her forehead with her fingertips. “Okay, this is going to sound weird, but we’ve been caught in a time loop and Ashley and I seem to be the only ones who know about it.” She opened her canteen of water and took a long drink, thinking how best to explain everything. With no real alternative, she decided to go with the truth and spent the next ten minutes telling them everything she knew. Ashley helped out, but they left out the bits where they made out rather than saving the world.

“We die every time?” Charlie asked.

“Yup,” Spencer said.

“And you two are the only ones who remember?” Golwat said.

“Seems like it.” Spencer shrugged. “I suppose maybe there are others on Voyager who remember too, but there’s no way of knowing that.”

“So, what do we do now?” Charlie said.

Ashley answered for both of them. “I wish we knew. We’ve tried stopping it from happening, but maybe we need to let whatever it is just run its course.”

They hadn’t kissed enough today, Spencer thought. In fact, they hadn’t kissed enough in several ‘days’ and she burned with the need to touch Ashley in some way. She was shifting to get a little closer when something in the far end of the cavern distracted her. It was a momentary flicker of light, but it looked like the outline of a person. It reminded her of the holomessages her father would send her from deep space, his translucent image talking directly to her.

She pushed herself from the ground and cautiously approached the spot where she’d seen it. Her tricorder immediately detected chroniton particles, indicating time travel. She gasped.

“What is it?” Ashley scrabbled from the ground to rush to her side, her hand finding the small of Spencer’s back in a reassuring hold as she looked down at the tricorder.

“Chroniton particles,” Spencer said. “I thought I saw someone here. Just for a fraction of a second, but definitely something humanoid in shape.”

“I didn’t see anything.” Ashley reached her free hand out, but Spencer pulled it back.

“Don’t. What if someone’s there?”

Ashley stared at the empty space in front of them. “You think someone is?”

“I don’t know. Something was there.” She looked back down at the tricorder, The readings were dropping, but the faint time signature was still there. She didn’t have time to consider it further, as the voice of the ship’s computer interrupted them all.

‘Warning. Warp nacelle failure in 13.6 seconds.’

“Shit!” Ashley pulled Spencer to her and pressed a firm kiss to her lips. “I think this is our moment, Lieutenant Carlin. My quarters tomorrow?”

Spencer nodded and kissed her back, wrapping her arms around Ashley. Her last thought as the explosion ripped through the cavern was that they were making more time for being together on every loop from now on.

Star Date 52634.8, Loop 30

Spencer sprinted so hard to get to Ashley’s quarters, she was too out of breath to immediately appreciate the sight of Ashley in her shorts and tank top. She held up her hand and bent over, trying to get some air into her burning lungs. When she straightened up, however, she grinned in what she hoped was ill-hidden lust. She took a step forward, but Ashley held up a hand of her own and turned her back to Spencer. Spencer hissed in pleasure as the material of Ashley’s tank was pushed off her shoulder.

The brunette pointed to a round pucker of skin a couple of inches below her shoulder blade. “Blaster. Got caught in the crossfire of a turf war when I was a kid. Barely dinged me.” She turned back around and bent her thigh out. Spencer watched fingers tracing over a faint white line on the creamy skin and shuddered, both from arousal and from the thought that it must have been a pretty serious wound. “Knife. I tried to steal a loaf of bread when I was fourteen. The baker objected.” Her eyes held Spencer’s as she pushed her shorts down over one hip. In the hollow of her pelvis, there was a jagged, red mark. “Cardassians shot my ship out of the sky. Crash landed on a Bajoran moon and came to with the throttle impaled through my hip.” She reached her hand to her forehead and traced where she had been injured on the previous loop. There was nothing to see, not even a bruise. “Crash landed in the Delta Quadrant. No scar because my hot girlfriend fixed it with her medkit.”

Spencer walked over to Ashley and pressed her lips to the spot she had cauterised. “No scar because technically it hasn’t happened yet.”

Ashley’s arms slipped around Spencer’s waist and pulled her flush against her. “That so wasn’t the important part of that last sentence.” She buried her mouth in Spencer’s neck and licked just below her ear.


“Did you miss where I asked you to be my girlfriend?”

Spencer linked her arms behind Ashley’s back. “Actually, what I heard was you assuming that was already the case, even though you haven’t even taken me out on a date yet.”

“Doesn’t all this count as, like, ten or twenty dates already?” Ashley kissed the tip of Spencer’s nose. “And weren’t you the one who kissed me first?”

Spencer laughed and stepped out of Ashley’s hold. “Computer, can I have an alarm set for fifteen minutes?” She removed her uniform jacket and threw it onto Ashley’s bunk next to the rest of Ashley’s uniform and gear. “By the way, who do you share with?”

“Lang, engineering.” Ashley was watching Spencer with a broad grin. “What are we doing for the next fifteen minutes that you need an alarm?”

Spencer shrugged. “I don’t know about you, but I was thinking of making out with my girlfriend on Ensign Lang’s bunk.”

Hours later, as the Delta Flyer was pulverised by a meteor shower which had never shown up on their sensors before, Spencer was staring at the hickey she had left on Ashley’s neck and feeling pretty satisfied with herself for a woman about to die again.

Stardate 52635.3, Loop 33

“What are we waiting for?” Charlie asked, as the four crew members sat on a large flat rock watching what appeared to be nothing more interesting than a cave wall.

“Something. Someone. I honestly wish I knew,” Spencer said. She was openly holding Ashley’s hand, enjoying the feeling of the brunette’s thumb rubbing across the back of her palm.

“Shouldn’t we be repairing the ship?” he replied.

“No point,” Spencer said. They had already explained to Charlie and Golwat, for the fifth loop in a row, everything they knew about the time anomaly and the fact that they still had no idea what to do about it. “I just have a feeling that whatever I saw here is the important thing.” The strange figure hadn’t appeared since the first time she had seen it, but chroniton particles were always present.

“Alien guy is the important thing?” Ashley said, squeezing their linked hands and waggling her eyebrows.

“Alien guy, saving this crew, finally managing to go on a real date with you,” Spencer said.

“In that order?”

Spencer just blushed. She shouldn’t really value a date with Ashley higher than saving her crew and completing her mission, but she did. She hoped Ashley knew that without her having to say it, as she could feel Golwat and Charlie watching them.

She cleared her throat. “Maybe I should take another reading.”

“You’ve taken five already,” Ashley said.

“How’re the nacelles holding up?”

“Whatever goes wrong today, I don’t think it’ll be the nacelles or the engines. The Flyer’s in better shape than any loop I can remember.”

Golwat picked up a pebble and smoothed it between her hands. “We’re really fated to die every day?”

“It’s not so bad,” Spencer said. “You never feel it. Well, I never feel it. It’s just like there’s a flash, and then darkness, and then it’s yesterday again at the same point every time.”

“Which is?” Charlie said.

“About half an hour before take-off. Usually on her way to my quarters,” Ashley replied. Spencer gave her a withering glance, but it was the truth. On the most recent loops she could remember, she was already heading towards Deck 13 when she suddenly realised that was where she was heading and why. She could embarrass Ashley by noting that the pilot never once seemed to be fully dressed when she arrived, but that was one of Spencer’s favourite parts of the time loops, and she didn’t want to risk it changing.

And then she saw it, a bright blue-white light in the shape of a humanoid male.


“I see him,” Ashley said, dropping Spencer’s hand and slowly pushing herself into a standing position. Spencer stayed in a low crouch, edging towards the apparition.

The outline was much clearer than the previous time, and Spencer could tell that it was, indeed, a man. Although she had no idea what species he was, she would have put him in his late fifties or early sixties in Earth years. He had salt-and-pepper hair in a military-style buzz cut, and he was wearing a padded, dark-coloured uniform, although it wasn’t one with which Spencer was familiar. Just as he was taking his full form, his eyes widened.

In the seconds it took for an ever brighter white light to flash across the entire cavern, resetting the time loop again, Spencer could have sworn she heard him say, “Voyager.”

Stardate 52635.2, Loop 35

They arrived there in their best shape yet. In fact, Ashley was able to control the Flyer well enough that they flew in through the cavern’s opening, rather than crashing through its thin ceiling. Once they secured the ship and Ashley was certain of its structural integrity, Spencer commanded Charlie and Golwat to stay on board and use the ship’s sensors to watch for any fluctuations in the levels of chroniton particles within the cavern.

At least, that was what Spencer told them. She could have had them monitor the situation with tricorders from outside the ship, but she wanted some time alone with Ashley. She had a bad feeling which she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

“What’s up?” the other woman asked.

“What do you mean?”

Ashley moved to stand behind Spencer, wrapping her arms around her waist. “I think I know you pretty well by now. You’re doing that thing you do with your lip.”

“What thing?” Spencer leaned back against Ashley, wondering at just how natural it felt to be held by her.

“You worry your lower lip with your teeth when you’re holding something back. It’s kinda hot.” She chuckled. “Actually, it’s really hot.”

“I don’t know. It’s probably nothing.”

“If it were nothing, you wouldn’t be doing the lip thing.”

Spencer laughed and placed her hands over Ashley’s. “I have a bad feeling. Something’s different.”

“Like what? The flight and landing were just like every other day. We got here early. The ship’s fine. Seems just like the last few loops to me.” Ashley dropped her chin to rest on Spencer’s shoulder. “Is it me? I mean, us?”

Spencer shook her head. “You are just as cocky and infuriating and irresistible as every other time, and that’s something I hope never changes.”

“Good. I thought you might be getting bored of me already.”

Spencer rubbed her cheek against Ashley’s and shut her eyes. “There’s not much chance of that happening any time soon.” She wasn’t sure that she would ever get bored of Ashley, but that was a discussion for a different time, seeing as they still hadn’t gone on a date yet. A shiver ran down her spine, causing her to stiffen.

“Did you feel something there?”

Spencer nodded. “I can’t explain it. There’s just something different.”

“Boss!” Charlie shouted. “There’s a massive spike in the readings. And I mean massive.”

Both Spencer and Ashley stood to attention, phasers pulled from their belts and set to stun, watching the space where they expected to see the figure of a man slowly appearing.

Just like every other time, a figure started to appear—slowly, hesitantly, as if the transporter buffer had a glitch in the system—but it wasn’t like the other times. Rather than a single standing man, there were two figures: the familiar stocky man bearing down on a crouched figure beside him. They continued to shimmer with bright blue light, glowing and dimming, never quite forming into solid shapes, before disappearing entirely.

“Well, okay, that was different,” Ashley said after a few seconds.

Golwat appeared from the Flyer, showing Spencer the detail of the exact levels of fluctuations and the underlying spike which didn’t seem to be abating at all. Spencer was still looking at the readings on Golwat’s PADD when Ashley hissed her name and tugged at her uniform jacket. As she turned around, she immediately saw what had caused the reaction. A young man, maybe a few years older than herself, clad in the same navy uniform their previous visitor had worn, was standing a few feet away, his hands clasped behind his back.

“Lieutenant Carlin, might I have a word?”

Spencer was aware of Ashley’s defensive position just in front of her, her phaser aimed at the man, her body positioned to prevent any attack on Spencer.

“Talk away,” she said.

He grimaced. “Alone, if you don’t mind.”

Ashley shook her head, but, for some reason, Spencer did not fear this man who already knew her name, so she tapped Ashley’s shoulder and then reached out to push her weapon down. “It’ll be fine,” she said. “I’ll be right back.” She walked over to the man, who led her to a more secluded part of the cavern.

“I’m about to tell you something which might sound strange.”

“Stranger than living the same day over and over again?” Spencer said, instinctively knowing that he knew more about their situation than they did.

He smiled at her. “So you’re aware of that? We did wonder.”

“We?” She looked over towards her crew, all of whom were watching them with suspicion. Ashley in particular was still poised for an attack, her hand tight around the phaser at her side.

“My name is Lieutenant Juel Ducane and I’m from the twenty-ninth century timeship Relativity. We’ve been monitoring Voyager for some time.” He paused for Spencer’s reaction, but she just shrugged. “Your captain has a propensity for breaking the Temporal Prime Directive and we’re in the job of making sure that she—all of you—don’t pollute the timeline in the Delta Quadrant beyond all known repair. I can tell you, it’s not been an easy job. Voyager and her crew seem to have a knack for finding trouble and placing themselves square in the middle of it.”

“I’m not aware of any such instances.” Spencer folded her arms over her chest. “Captain Janeway would never do anything to risk anyone’s life but her own. She’s the finest leader in Starfleet.”

“And your loyalty is admirable, Lieutenant.” He opened his hands in a shrug. “No-one is criticising here, and the reason you don’t remember any previous incidents is that we have worked very hard to make sure the timeline gets reset so you’re never aware of it. Your captain, however, is probably well aware of what she’s done, just as she will be aware of what she’s doing in your future when it happens time and again.” He shook his head. “The man you saw, the man you’ve seen, is the former captain of my own ship. He and your captain have developed quite the animosity. I can’t go into detail, but he blames Captain Janeway for ruining his life and career, and has sworn vengeance. He has been jumping through time trying to prevent her from taking certain actions which he believes set events in motion.”

“Okay, but I don’t see what that has to do with me and my crew. We’re just lower ranks on a routine mining mission.”

Ducane looked uncomfortable, as if weighing up his options, before continuing. “You have to understand that I am only telling you this because, when the timeline resets, you will not remember that we have had this conversation. He thought that your commanding officer, Seven of Nine, was on this mission, and he was planning to assassinate her.”

“I’m still not getting what you’re saying. How would assassinating Seven of Nine have any effect on Captain Janeway?”

“He was hoping that, without Seven by her side, the Captain would be broken, destroyed, even.” Ducane gave her a hopeful look, almost willing her to understand what he wasn’t quite saying.

Spencer’s eyes widened. “Are you saying that Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine are involved?”

He chuckled. “Not quite yet.”

“Really?” She bit her lip as she tried to think of the times when she had seen the two women together. Perhaps they did lean too closely to each other, she thought. Maybe their eyes did follow each other when they thought no-one was watching. She had always assumed that the Captain’s interest in Seven was that of a mentor, but she could see that there was another reading there.

“Anyway, Braxton, my captain, is back in custody now. It’s not the first time, and it probably won’t be the last. His desire for revenge on Janeway is stronger than our prisons’ ability to hold him, I fear.” He sighed. “Because of the way time travel works, I already know that your crew will encounter him again soon.” He rolled his eyes. “Your future, but my past.”

She allowed herself a snort of amusement. “I was always terrible at understanding temporal mechanics and paradoxes.”

“Actually, it was my worst subject during my training. This career is a surprise to everyone who knows me.”

Spencer’s heart fell as she realised something important. “It’s not just this conversation that I won’t remember, is it? I’m not going to remember any of these loops.” Her heart dropped as she realised everything she was going to lose, and she looked over to Ashley. “I’m not going to remember my time with her.”

“No, you’re not.” He shrugged and stared at his own feet. “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want that. I don’t want her to be another crew member I know only by name.” From the way the brunette was standing, she didn’t doubt for a second that Ashley would be prepared to die for her. And she knew that she would do the same in return. “She’s important to me. This whole thing—” She wasn’t quite sure how to explain that their experiences had changed her. She felt freer, more confident, better. And then Ashley’s mouth turned up just a little, acknowledging that she felt Spencer watching her, and Spencer knew what she was trying to say. “I like who I am with her.”

“And you can still be that person, Lieutenant Carlin.”

“You’ve seen my future.” It wasn’t a question.

“I know all your futures. Janeway’s Voyager is one of the most chronicled crews in Starfleet history. They teach us about you at the Academy, alongside Kirk and Picard.”

“You’re Starfleet?”

He waved his hand. “As good as.”

“So, if you know what happens, then tell me.” She looked between Ducane and Ashley. “Do we make it home? Are we together?”

“I can tell you about other crew members and events which don’t directly involve you, but I can’t tell you anything about yourself or Ensign Davies. Even in my century, resetting timelines is still not an entirely exact science and some personal memories slip through occasionally, especially where there’s a very strong emotional resonance.” He gave a sly smile. “But, you already worked that out, didn’t you?”

She thought about it for a moment. “Your last thought. You can pull your last thought through.”

“I didn’t say that, Lieutenant. But if that were true, then I would most certainly be breaking the Temporal Prime Directive in telling you so.” He rocked on his heels. “And I certainly wouldn’t be able to advise you to make it a good one.”

“I can see how that would be the case, and why you would want to avoid that.” She straightened her shoulders, bringing herself back to attention. What he had given her was more than she had any right to expect, and she would find a way to make it work. “How long do we have?”

“I’ll be resetting the timeline as soon as I transport out of here.”

“And this isn’t just the start of another loop, is it?”

“I can tell you that this is definitely the final loop. The next time you relive this day, you and your crew will make it back to Voyager with your mission complete. And today will become yesterday and tomorrow will be today.” Ducane glanced down at some kind of sensor attached to his wrist. “But time moves for all of us, I’m afraid, and I really must get back to my ship.” He extended his hand, and Spencer shook it firmly. He let his eyes flick over towards Ashley. “I have a good feeling about how things will turn out for you.”

Spencer nodded. “Safe journey, Lieutenant. Maybe we’ll meet again?”

“Even I don’t know my own future, so I hope you’re right. Although only I will remember we’ve met before.”

“Then I look forward to meeting you again for the first time.” They shared a smile at Spencer’s joke.

“You’ve got a minute, and then I really have to get back.”

Spencer didn’t wait: she jogged over to Ashley. The brunette was still scowling, unaware of what had been discussed. As Spencer reached her, she slipped an arm around the brunette’s waist and turned them until she could watch for Ducane transporting.

“There’s not much time, Ash, so I’m going to have to make this quick. No questions or arguing. The Lieutenant over there is from the future and he’s going to reset the timeline for us so that we can complete our mission and continue on with our journey home. Only we’re not going to remember any of this. When it resets, it’ll be just like we’re doing it for the first time. We won’t know each other.” Ashley looked stricken, so Spencer lifted her hand to stroke Ashley’s cheek and tuck her hair behind her ear. “But I want you to try something for me.”

Ashley wrapped her arms around Spencer, burying her face in her neck. “Anything.”

“I’m gonna kiss you now, and all I’m going to think about is how much I want to be with you, because I want that more than anything. More than making this mission a success, more than getting back to the Alpha Quadrant, more than seeing my family again, all I want is to be with you.” She kissed the top of Ashley’s head. “And, if you want to be with me, too, then maybe you could think about that, and maybe that’ll work for us.”

“The last thought again?” Ashley asked, pulling back to smile at Spencer.

“Yeah. It might just work.” She glanced over to Ducane, who was tapping his wrist in an age-old gesture of time ticking away. The irony of running out of time after reliving the same five hours over and over again was not lost on Spencer, who nodded her head to indicate that he could start his transportation sequence.

“I want to be with you, too, Spencer,” Ashley said, nuzzling her lips against Spencer’s. “We’ll make this work.”

As she allowed the kiss to deepen, Spencer thought only of how much she was falling in love with Ashley and wanted to be with her for as long as they had together. She didn’t even notice the burst of white light filling the cavern and resetting the timeline permanently.

Stardate 52636.9, Prime Timeline

If not for their change of pilot from Pablo Baytart to Ensign Ashley Davies, Lieutenant Junior Grade Spencer Carlin would have categorised her first away mission as routine—successful, yes, but still routine. There had been an ion storm above the unnamed planet they were to explore, but Ensign Davies proved to be an excellent pilot and made a textbook landing in an alternate location. They mined the necessary minerals by hand, and collected the plants Neelix wanted. When they took off again, the ion storm had passed. They passed no other craft on their journey home.

And now they were less than ten minutes out from Voyager, only a few minutes beyond the eighteen hours which Spencer had allotted for their mission. The back of the Delta Flyer was stacked high with the minerals they had mined on the planet, enough to keep Voyager’s engines running for another few thousand light years. All crew were accounted for and nothing untoward had happened.


Except for Ensign Davies.

Although Spencer had heard all about the cocky young Tarkanian pilot via ship gossip, they hadn’t spoken before as far as Spencer was aware. She doubted that they had spent more than a few minutes in each other’s company, and probably only at whole-crew events in the Mess. Yet the moment the other woman entered Shuttle Bay 1, Spencer felt the strangest kick of recognition, a warm feeling of belonging in the other woman’s presence. She couldn’t explain it because, frankly, she had never felt that way before and it seemed to entirely defy rational explanation.

She found herself in the co-pilot’s chair during their voyage out, trying to find out all she could about Ensign Ashley Davies. That was strange in itself: Spencer did not chat to colleagues, and she certainly did not open up about herself, but that was exactly what happened. They discovered a shared love for the Vulcan composer, Delvok. Spencer found out that the rumours about Ashley being with Jenny and Megan Delaney were nothing more than wishful thinking among the male crew. And, more baffling, she admitted to the pilot that she preferred to date women rather than men, and that she had all but given up all hope of meeting anyone in the Delta Quadrant.

They talked about things large and small, important and meaningless, and the very strangest thing was how right it all felt. More than that, she felt like everything Ensign Davies told her only confirmed what she already suspected about her. And yet she knew for a fact that she knew nothing about Ashley beyond rumour and the brief crew profile she had surreptitiously scanned on the voyage out.

While she, Charlie and Golwat were mining the galacite on the planet’s surface, all she could think about was that she wanted to finish as quickly as possible so that she could get back to Ashley. When the brunette wandered over from the Delta Flyer to see how they were doing, Spencer all but blushed from head to toe. She craved Ashley’s presence. And when they talked for most of the journey back to Voyager, Spencer could feel herself desperate to touch Ashley in some way—possibly just place her hand over the brunette’s as it rested over the navigational controls.

Now they were so close to being back on Voyager, Spencer was becoming anxious. What if they had only bonded because they were stuck on the Flyer for so many hours together? What if they went back to being only passing acquaintances once they were back on Voyager? She didn’t want that. She wanted time with Ensign Davies, much more time.

She wanted to be with her for as long as they might have together, her mind supplied, even if that was the next seventy years.


“Hmm?” She turned to Ashley. The ensign was biting her lip and looking less confident than at any point in the previous eighteen hours. The confidence was one of the most attractive things about her, and Spencer had already compiled a mental list of all the things she found attractive about Ashley. It was a very long list.

“This might sound kinda weird, but I’ve got some shore leave coming up as soon as we got back and I, uh, wondered if—that is, maybe if you’re interested, and you also had shore leave, and you’re not doing anything else—maybe you’d want to do something together?” The brunette furrowed her brow and continued without pausing, “Because I have this really weird feeling, and I’ve kinda had it all day, even before I knew I’d be your pilot today, that it’s really, really important that I ask you on a date. And I know you don’t really know me and this probably sounds really presumptuous, but you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in any galaxy and I would really, really like to—”

“Yes.” Spencer grinned at the adorable babbling.

“What?” Ashley shook her head.

“Yes, I’d like to go on a date with you. Soon—as soon as possible, in fact.”

“You would?”

“I really would.”

“Oh.” Ashley’s face broke into a grin to match Spencer’s own. “That’s good. That’s, uh, really good. Uh, today?”

“Today sounds good.”

Ashley laughed. “It does.”


“Uh, like give me an hour to get ready, and I’ll pick you up from your quarters?”

Spencer nodded. “I’d like that. A lot.”

Stardate 52637.8, Prime Timeline

Spencer traced a small, puckered piece of skin on Ashley’s bare back and then pressed a kiss to it.

“War wound?”

“I was the innocent bystander in a blaster fight when I was about eleven or twelve.”

Spencer frowned as she licked and nipped along Ashley’s shoulder, rolling over fully so that her naked body was pressed against the other woman’s back. “You know, I just had the strangest feeling that I knew you were going to say that.”

They hadn’t made it on shore leave yet. They hadn’t even made it out of the bed in Spencer’s quarters. Ashley had shown up at the door in her off-duty clothes and, as soon as she had opened her mouth to speak, Spencer had done something entirely out-of-character by grabbing the front of the Ensign’s shirt and pulling her in the door, pushing her against the wall and kissing her hard and fast. Clothes had been ripped out by eager hands, and skin explored with mouths and teeth. In the ten hours since, they had made love several times already, seemingly insatiable, except for short naps in between. It felt like they were making up for lost time, but that made no sense. In fact, little about their situation made sense, but Spencer really didn’t care. She just wanted to stay in bed with Ashley forever.

Ashley chuckled, the sound reverberating between their bodies. “Yeah, and I’m pretty sure that I know you never put out before the first date, although I have no idea how I know that.” She nudged her chin against Spencer’s forehead. “And, all the evidence points to the contrary.”

“Maybe you’re just a special exception.” Spencer’s hands started tracing up and down Ashley’s sides, edging closer to her breasts with each sweep.

“Again, already?”

Spencer sucked on Ashley’s neck. “Maybe.”

“Why do you keep giving me hickeys anyway?”

Spencer lifted her head and turned to look at Ashley’s face on the pillow. “I do, don’t I?” She frowned and looked down at Ashley’s neck, but there was no other mark there than the one she had just made. Yet she acknowledged the truth of the statement: she had marked Ashley before because she wanted everyone in the galaxy to know that Ashley was her property.

She pushed herself up onto her forearms, as Ashley turned underneath her. She hissed in pleasure as she settled on top of her lover again, finding a home in the cradle of the brunette’s hips. The wet heat pressing against her abdomen was a good sign that their conversation wouldn’t last much longer before they abandoned talking altogether in favour of moans and half-shouted curses.

“Why do I feel like I know you so well?” Ashley said, reaching her hand up to stroke Spencer’s cheek.

“No idea. Really explicit sexual fantasies?”

“I don’t know about you, but my sexual fantasies rarely involve conversations about how you like your tea, or what your parents do back in the Alpha Quadrant, but I know both those things.”

“No? What do your sexual fantasies involve then?” Spencer ground her pelvis against Ashley’s, which also caused their upper bodies to rub together in a way which she already knew Ashley would appreciate.

“Whatever it used to be, I promise you that every one I’ll ever have from now on will involve you doing that.”

“Oh, that’s a good answer, Ensign.”

“Hmmm. But, seriously, why do you think it feels like we know each other? I know I feel like I’ve wanted you for a lot longer than just a day.”

Spencer stopped her grinding for a moment, only because she couldn’t keep it up and think at the same time. “I don’t know, but I do know what you mean. I had a really strong urge to be close to you yesterday, like I could hardly bear to be away from you. Maybe we’re just fated to be together?” She shook her head. “Does it matter?”

“Not really.” And then Ashley starting grinding up against Spencer. “And, in any case, we’ve got about seventy years in the Delta Quadrant to figure it out.”

“Seventy years?” Spencer’s heart raced. For all she had felt such a strong, instantaneous pull towards the woman beneath her, she hadn’t really thought too much about what would happen in the future. Just hearing that Ashley planned on sharing that future with her made her feel happier than she could ever possibly have imagined.

“Mmm. And we’re definitely starting every day of those seventy years just like this.”

“You want to start every day for the next seventy years with a sex marathon?”

Ashley grinned up at her. “Well, I don’t know that I can actually promise that, but I’d be happy to give it a try, if you’re willing. What I actually meant was that I wanted to start every day in your arms.” She flushed deeply and looked away, as if embarrassed by the sentimentality of her admission.

Spencer kissed Ashley’s cheek and rolled off her again, gathering the smaller woman in her arms so that they were side-by-side, facing each other. She smiled and rested her forehead against Ashley’s. “You know, that might be the single most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me.”


“And I think I would happily spend every day waking up with you. In fact, I think I would happily relive this day over and over again.” She frowned for a moment, something tugging at the edges of her consciousness, a little warning signal firing somewhere in her brain. She bit her lip as she tried to grasp whatever it was, but she came up blank.

“What?” Ashley nuzzled her nose against Spencer’s. “It looked like I lost you there for a second.”

“Sorry.” She shook her head. “It’s nothing. Just thought I’d remembered something, but it doesn’t matter.”

Ashley rolled them over so that she was straddling Spencer. “So when do you want to go on this actual date of ours?”

Spencer grinned. “We’ve got seventy years. I think it can wait a little while.”

And then she lost herself in Ashley until she wasn’t thinking about anything any more.



  1. Gis
    Posted 30 December 2013 at 1.46am | Permalink

    Loved it! Great ending, funny and touching at the same time. You are so good! Look forward to more of your wonderful stories in 2014. :-)

  2. cbrammer
    Posted 30 December 2013 at 4.14am | Permalink

    Final thought for the win! Super cute short story :) Thank you!

  3. sam
    Posted 30 December 2013 at 11.37am | Permalink

    i love this! it’s amaaaazing! you guys are awesome!

  4. Lyn
    Posted 30 December 2013 at 12.10pm | Permalink

    Hadn’t I commented yet on this story? Shame on me! I absolutely loved it, of course. I mean, there’s not a single fic on here that I don’t like. Can’t wait for you to drop another story, and/or finish up some of the unfinished ones:)
    Just don’t ever stop writing Spashley, okay? You’re not allowed to, you guys are too good at it.
    *Ends ego boosting rant*

  5. Posted 30 December 2013 at 4.43pm | Permalink

    So super duper DUPER good. Just like all of your other stories, I didn’t want it to end. That said, the ending was all sorts of perfect. Well done, Dev.

  6. Bannerman!
    Posted 31 December 2013 at 12.26am | Permalink

    Ahhh, Dev awesomeness. Well played! Very much enjoyed the premise of this, and of course the execution was as brilliant as always. It’s obvious you don’t get much chance to write Spashley – and prob don’t have much motivation to as the years pass – but when you do, it’s always tops. Cheers Dev :) Jx

  7. cosmic
    Posted 4 January 2014 at 7.12am | Permalink

    Oh wow. Thank you for keeping Spashley alive. XD

  8. Dovega
    Posted 8 February 2014 at 8.18am | Permalink

    I’m really sorry for not reviewing this before, I read it during New Year’s and then I went to help my crazy family and afterwards I somehow thought I had already done it.

    I really loved the ending and how they stayed together and they sort of recongnized each other even if they didn’t have their memories anymore, I also loved how protective was Ashley. Adorable.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful fanfics with us, it’s been now a long time since the show has gotten off the air so I love that I still get to read great new stories thanks to your generosity at sharing your talent.

  9. Turtle14
    Posted 30 April 2014 at 9.58pm | Permalink

    Thank you for still writing back Spashley. This story is yet again a wonderful addition to the other stories you have already written. I wish you’ll never grow tired of writing more Spashley fics…Thank you thank you for another great story!

  10. Posted 23 November 2014 at 11.22am | Permalink

    This was a joy to read. Loved everything about it. I would never have thought Star Trek and Spashley but I’m a convert, Oh and kudos for putting in the nod to the Janeway and Seven relationship, I always thought that there was something between them. It’s amazing how good your stories are and all the different flavors of Spashley you write. I’d love to see how the reltionship between lieutenant Carlin and ensign davies would continue from here. Space Spashley should totally have more stories.

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