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Aaah. So, I’m not dead. See, here are 5,000 or so words to prove I’m alive. This will disappoint a lot of people because it’s Doccubus.

Jen Gray asked. Then I went and watched Lost Girl and… well, you know… hot girl-on-girl action and all. So yeah, it’s Doccubus. I don’t know if I’ll ever write any more of this particular fandom, but this story wormed its way out on a three-hour drive while I was trying to write something else.

Below the line is a Doccubus explanation for those who want to read but don’t know the fandom AT ALL. For those who do, this takes place sometime in the first few episodes of Season 2. Pre-2.07 at any rate.

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Morning Bells

Naomily one-shot.

Rated X.

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 35

Previously: Chapter 34 [U]

I wrote this while sitting on a balcony, overlooking the ocean, having snorkelled and gone fishing. I felt it was a very appropriate place to write some CUFA. I don’t get a lot of holidays, so I thoroughly enjoyed them, even if they only lasted 4 days.

I’m back now. Work beckons. **sigh**

In response to the few people that commented, updates that don’t include my random one-shottage will be concentrated on: CUFA, Point of Impact (because I promised the random angry person) and Inside Skin. Just don’t know when.

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 34

Previously: Chapter 33 [U]

See, as promised.

A short one to sweep up all the problems and then I’ll shift this plot along a little.

Any requests for other fic? Leave it in the comments.

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Long Time Coming

Aaaah. See, I’m not dead, I was just pretending.

Sadly, the premise for this story is a real conversation that occurred between my friend Mikey and his mother, regarding two children in one of her classes… deary, deary me.

CUFA to follow soon.

Rated: X. NSFW.

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eBook: Toaster Operating Manual

Downloadable versions of Toaster Operating Manual for eReaders and all smartphones.

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eBook: Ride With Me

Downloadable versions of Ride With Me for eReaders and all smartphones.

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PG CDIV – Merry Christmas

Just a short, loving post to wish you all a Merry Christmas, a very safe holiday period and a great 2012.

Joy in the form of babies who poop, and friends who laugh, and all other such joys be with you.

There will be fic in the new year. That is a promise :)

Clom* n Dev

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 33

Previously: Chapter 32 [A]

There’s some vague plot advancement in here somewhere. I think. Anyway, I have a massively important exam on Valentine’s Day, so I wasn’t going to post anything till then. But I got itchy and finished this chapter. If you’re lucky, there’ll be another one before February, but don’t count on it.

This one (while always dedicated to Dev), is for goldflecks. If you haven’t yet read her Rizzles, get your lil’ butt over to and DAMN WELL READ it cos she’s like, fucking awesome.

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eBook: Bound

Downloadable versions of Bound for eReaders and all smartphones.

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