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This one is Kymen – Kyla/Carmen to the uninitiated – and features only a few fleeting appearances from OFC [Our Favourite Couple]. While not really canon, it would kinda fit after 3A.

Kyla’s feeling sorry for herself because her world is falling apart. She gets comfort and support from the strangest possible source.


Something Borrowed: Chapter 4

Previously: Chapter Three [AA]

Believe it or not I do have a new chapter of Inside Skin for you. I DID fast track it. Only Dev doesn’t beta on weekends because she’s busy sexin’ her missus. Now, I have no issues with that whatsoever because what clear thinking person wouldn’t rather be sexin than beta’in! She’ll do it tomorrow and that’ll be soon enough and all you adorable “drink” people *cough*Sophie*cough* out there will just have to live with it.

Sorry Peanut, your chapter is coming I promise. (She wasn’t the drunkard everyone)

Here’s some Kymen (which no one really wants… except maybe L), to tide you over.

Disclaimers: SON is the property of Tommy Lynch and the Mighty N.
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Something Borrowed: Chapter 3

Previously: Chapter Two [A]

I have only one thing to say this morning:

Canadian Jerks

(Profanity Disclaimer: This applies to all Canadians who are Jerks. It does not imply that all Canadians ARE Jerks because they’re not. Some of them are quite lovely and reasonable. This however does not apply to Canadians who work in anything to do with bureaucracy or accounts.)

Rating: AA for fleeting Spashley sex and the correct spelling of pyjamas!

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 2

Previously: Chapter One [U]

Dev’s back so although Jessi had beta’d this, I was too lazy to put changes in so technically it was beta’d by Dev but Jessi gets credit for doing it first even though I didn’t use it cos I’m a lazy sod who should be put out to pasture. Make sense?

Rating: A. Flirty but fun.

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 1


This is just something I couldn’t get out of doing. I tried and tried, but it just happened. This IS South of Nowhere, but it’s not Spashley.


That’s Kyla and Carmen for people who don’t get that. I’m exclusive to my Spencer Ashley pairing in that I won’t pair them with anyone else (at least, anyone else from the show as it stands…). It’s a short story while I write Inside Skin. Nothing too strenuous.

Anyway, as you guys know, some serious shit has been going in my life lately. It’s still going, but you know, I muddle through. There have been some awesome people out there who have really been holding me up (like, all you guys). This whole story is dedicated to L, who has worked her ass off keeping me happy.

And to Jessi who beta’d this for me. She’s also been wonderful to me.

Rating: This chapter U, Story NC17

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