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This is predominantly your chance to grab a quick bit of smut. Most are x-rated and NSFW, although a couple are just fluff. You have been warned.

Anger Management

One-shot Spashley fun. Nothing angsty or porny. Just a little light flirtatious nonsense.

Rated A.

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Five Times, Part 3

Previously: Part 2 [AA]

Finale. Apologies for lateness.
Rated AA.

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Five Times, Part 2

Previously: Five Times, Part 1 [U]

Rated: AA. Heavy petting (but not seat wetting).

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Five Times, Part 1

This started as a companion piece to What the Butler Saw and was meant to be five times that Arthur saw Ashley’s love for Spencer. It became something else, so now it’s five times when Ashley’s heart nearly broke. It’s three parts and not as angsty as that sounds.

First part is rated U.

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eBook: One Week

Downloadable versions of One Week.

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Reality Bites, Part IV

Previously: Part III [A]

Final part

Rated X. NSFW.

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The Speech

As if we would leave you hanging on Scotstralia day.

Here’s a little one-shot to tide you all over. Blame Josie Foster. And possibly Sean Young (bonus points for getting that reference).

Rated X.

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Reality Bites, Part III

Previously: Part II [A]

Merry Christmas.

Rated A.

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eBook: The Reunion

Downloadable versions of The Reunion.

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Reality Bites, Part II

Previously: Part I [A]

Happy St Andrew’s Day.

Rated A.

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