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Fights: Part II

Previously: Fights, Part I [A]

So this was never intended to be a long story. It was a one shot that got so long it turned into a two shot. It’s kind of my first foray into A/O, so I’m hoping you guys liked it. Especially since there’s more on the way.

Thanks muchly to Dev, greatest beta and fanfic author ever.

The reason I started A/O was cos of an author called aolurker who writes better bloody smut than I do (although kinkier), and can be found at

Rating: X. NSFW. NC-17.

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Fights: Part I

So, after the little poll we took, I decided to go ahead and post this, with Dev’s okay.

Category: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Characters: Alex/Olivia
Rating: A.

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