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First Time Caller

[SwanQueen] It’s just a regular Sunday lunchtime in Granny’s Diner and everyone’s listening to the radio. No 3.11 reset, no Oz, no second curse, everyone has memories. Total fluff.

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Yesterday Once More, Part 2

Previously: Part 1 [U]

More space hijinks. Rated U.

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Yesterday Once More, Part 1

Star Trek Spashley.
Rated U.

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Five Times, Part 1

This started as a companion piece to What the Butler Saw and was meant to be five times that Arthur saw Ashley’s love for Spencer. It became something else, so now it’s five times when Ashley’s heart nearly broke. It’s three parts and not as angsty as that sounds.

First part is rated U.

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Let’s Get Married, Chapter 7

Previously: Chapter 6 [U]

Look! An update!
Rated U.

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Let’s Get Married, Chapter 6

Previously: Chapter 5 [U]

A little bit more
Rated: U.

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Let’s Get Married, Chapter 5

Previously: Chapter 4 [A]

Update!! [And re-updated and re-edited. Thanks to BLB for pointing out I’d posted the wrong draft. One that was missing a few hundred words!!]

Rated: U. Angsty.

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Let’s Get Married, Chapter 4

Previously: Chapter 3 [U]

Lunch with unexpected visitors. [BTW, Ida Lupino isn’t remotely celebrated enough. She should be.]
Rated: A.

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One Week, Part 3

Previously: Part 2 [U]

May the fourth be with you, as they say. There’s still a concluding Part 4 to come.

Rated U.

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 34

Previously: Chapter 33 [U]

See, as promised.

A short one to sweep up all the problems and then I’ll shift this plot along a little.

Any requests for other fic? Leave it in the comments.

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