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In the Velvet Darkness, Chapter 2

Previously: Chapter 1 [U]

In the blackest night, secrets can be shared.
Rated U.

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In the Velvet Darkness, Chapter 1

[SwanQueen] Emma Swan wakes up alone. Completely alone.
6 chapters. Maybe 7.

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On the Outside, Looking Inside

[SwanQueen] Companion piece to First Time Caller. Various residents of Storybrooke find out about the relationship between Regina and Emma.

AU. No reset, no Zelena. Fluff.

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First Time Caller

[SwanQueen] It’s just a regular Sunday lunchtime in Granny’s Diner and everyone’s listening to the radio. No 3.11 reset, no Oz, no second curse, everyone has memories. Total fluff.

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She Wears It Well, Part 2

Previously: Part 1 [A]

Second and final part.
Rated X. NSFW.

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She Wears It Well, Part 1

First of a SwanQueen two-parter. Set post-Neverland, but ignores 3.11 and no reset occurred. [Because, seriously, Dharma Initiative much?] It’s six scenes over the course of just under a year. Three today, three next week.

Rated A.

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Merely This and Nothing More

Hey! Despite the fact that I didn’t remotely mention it on the pending updates post, here’s 7,000 words of SwanQueen PWP. Late Season 1.

Rating: X. NSFW.

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