eBook: Strangers on a Train Platform

Downloadable versions of Strangers on a Train Platform for eReaders and all smartphones.

Don’t forget to read the full eBook FAQ and remember that the ePUB version will work for all eReaders on all platforms except Kindle. The Kindle version works with all versions of the Kindle and Kindle apps.

This fic is cute and fluffy and totes safe for work.

ePub cover           Kindle book cover

ePUB version: http://cl.ly/DsCx
Kindle .mobi version: http://cl.ly/DsJx


Want access to the full size versions of the original covers?
No probs. ePUB version | Kindle version

* * * * *

Disclaimer: These eBooks are for your personal use only. Please feel free to direct your chums and colleagues to this post or to share the links via Twitter, Facebook or your preferred method of social media, but please don’t repost or republish the books themselves somewhere else.

These are provided as-is and we take no responsibility for any real or perceived damage done to your device from use of these awesome freebies of much hotness.


  1. tongue-tied
    Posted 7 August 2012 at 11.07pm | Permalink

    One thing – I swear “Strangers On a Train Platform” isn’t x-rated? While being uber cute and heart-wrenching fluff, I must have fainted and memory-lapsed over the smut if it exists…which if it does then shit I must read :D

  2. Devje
    Posted 13 August 2012 at 7.58am | Permalink

    You are totes right. I have fixed that.

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