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Challenge Me

I’m trying to get over this terrible writer’s block that’s crippling me. So I’m going to try to write. What I want to do is write some short drabbles, just to try and get going.

So here’s what I want from you. I want a song you want me to write a fic to. I can’t promise I’ll pick your song, or your pairing, but I’ll think about, listen, and, if I find inspiration, I’ll give it a go.

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Advent Calendars [updated daily]

Between us, we’re running 2 advent calendars this year: I’m recommending films and songs; Clom and BLB (aka @DebatingDykes on the Twitter) are recommending Spashley fanfic. I’ll collect them below for all of you who use other social networks. (Or don’t use them at all.)

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PGCDVI – Hurricane Sandy

Ok. My birthday was in APRIL. It was definitely time for a new PG.

I’m just wishing all our peeps on the East Coast of North America, all the way through the Midwest, the very best. Don’t let Sandy get you down.

Let us know if you need some cheerin’ up.

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PGCDV: Happy Birthday, Sezje

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PG CDIV – Merry Christmas

Just a short, loving post to wish you all a Merry Christmas, a very safe holiday period and a great 2012.

Joy in the form of babies who poop, and friends who laugh, and all other such joys be with you.

There will be fic in the new year. That is a promise :)

Clom* n Dev

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Scandiwegian baby joy

Posted yesterday.

YBN, Posted 13 December 2011 at 11.52pm

okej, I am going to leave this here as I know most folk that I know online check in here. Wee Scandiwegia checked in last night at 21.52 and dead on 3 kgs (6lb 6oz).

Feel free to leave Comments / congratulations.

PGCDIII: Reading and writing

Hey, we have a poll for you! I know people love polls.

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PGCDII – Clom’s Maudlin Bloggy Type Post

So, when Dev comes back she’s going to roll her eyes at my soppy, Clom like musings. Serves her right for going away.

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PGCDI: AE Hot 100, 2011

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South of Nowhere movie

Twitter #SouthOfNowhereMovie list:
Features all tweets from Gabrielle Christian, Mandy Musgrave, Nancy-Lee Myatt, Maeve Quinlan, Matt Cohen, Aasha Davis, Chris Hunter, Valery Ortiz, Brooke Vallone and Eileen Boylan.

If you want a #SouthOfNowhereMovie or a new #SouthOfNowhereSeries, you must watch these video promos:
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