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Short mood piece. No romance, no porn, no real contact. Just longing.

Hot August

This is a surprise for all, including Dev. [I would say ‘especially Dev’] I wrote this a long time ago, and intended it to be a longer piece but it came out as a one shot in the end. It’s a very short thing, but sort of a character/descriptive piece. Nothing much. Just thought I’d post it. It was beta’d by Deek actually (getawaydriver) [with a few wee hyphens added by Dev, who just couldn’t ignore the need for ’em] [Hyphens are often a matter of personal choice Miss Dev. Miss Deek did a fine job before you came along :-P You do a fine job now].

Pairing: Spashley
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Thou shalt not steal from SON. I borrowed, but I gave em back. Don’t steal from me either.
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