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So far, there’s only one story which relates to the Kyla/Carmen pairing, but it’s a good one. Don’t be put off by the fact it’s not Spashley. It’s definitely worth your attention.

Something Borrowed: Chapter 14

Previously: Chapter Thirteen [A]

1) For L. For EVERYTHING. Thank you.
2) For Peanut and her magnifcle fan art
3) For anyone and everyone who read Kymen

and for Dev.

I love my life. I love my wife. And I loves the Boss, too – Dev

Rating: HOT SEX! NC-17. Not safe for.. well, anywhere! Continue reading

Something Borrowed: Chapter 13

Previously: Chapter Twelve [AA]

Oooh, penultimatage!

This one is for gilmar, who gets just a little bit older today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIL!!!

Beta’d by dev while she ran the marathon.

Disclaimers: SON belongs to Thomas Lynch and-N.
Rating: A. Safe for work and other public places. Continue reading

Something Borrowed: Chapter 12

Previously: Chapter Eleven [X, NSFW]

For L, because she makes me giggle. And because she needs all the Kymen her little brain can handle.

Dev, the wonder beta, is so amazing, I’m building her a better cage. With new improved super wheel!

Rating: AA. Kissing and maybe a little groping, although it’s hard to see from this angle. Continue reading

Something Borrowed: Chapter 11

Previously: Chapter Ten [X, NSFW]

Sassy and Wave beat me up until I posted this.

I’m all bruised!

L owns this story. Yes she does.

Devs can sing, Devs can dance, Devs can beta.

Oh, I wanted to add this. People have been discussing the idea of Carmen as a character. Her impossibility of being anything good etc. I admit, the producers and writers have done a pretty good job of making her a two dimensional baddie. But think of this: I’ve made half my Ashleys perfect, and the show certainly doesn’t paint THAT picture. Given what we do with the Spencer/Ashley characters, I hardly think that me giving Carmen a bit of depth and less demonising is a huge issue.

Continue to debate though, I enjoy it.

Rating: Oh, good God, it’s hot. And entirely NSFW. Do not read if you’re underage. Continue reading

Something Borrowed: Chapter 10

Previously: Chapter Nine [X, NSFW]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUBBS! I saved this one for you.

Dev beta’d this. One day, when I figure out how, I’m going to find a way to actually thank her for everything she’s ever done for me. For now, I settle for adoring her. She’s the best PMH a girl could have. (Entirely platonic of course.)

Rating: Hot. White hot. Totally NSFW hot. Adults only. Do not read in a public place. Continue reading

Something Borrowed: Chapter 9

Previously: Chapter Eight [AA]

This one is for two people.

1. Sassy. Because she’s selling her sister’s car to pay for my honeymoon.
2. Payne. Because she needs it more than coffee.

Rating: XXX. So very, very hot. Totally NSFW hot. Don’t read this if you’re underage.

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 8

Previously: Chapter Seven [AA]

Devlishly wonderful. That’s what I am. — Indeed she is!

Well, this is Sunday’s update. I’m just posting it at 1.30 am on Sunday, a little early. No this does not mean i’ll posting again today, just that you get it early :) If you happen to be up this late.

This is for all you highly entertaining people who keep me giggling in the peanut gallery :)

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 7

Previously: Chapter Six [AA]

Sometimes Devs sing…

When you’re down and troubled / And you need a helping hand / And nothing, whoa, nothing is going right. / Close your eyes and think of me / And soon I will be there / To brighten up even your darkest nights.

You just call out my name, / And you know wherever I am / I’ll come running, oh yeah, baby / To see you again. / Winter, spring, summer, or fall, / All you have to do is call / And I’ll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah. / You’ve got a friend.

There was no way I couldn’t leave that little song up there. It was A) incredibly cute and B) Proof of what a wonderful person she is.

This one, This one is totally for Wave Goodbye because we’re swapping updates right now and this is what she asked for. I would like to point out that this only pleases fans of both of us, such as Gilmar, who will encourage this updating frenzy far too vocally. *shrugs* I get an Dubbsdate out of it so I don’t care.

Rating: AA. Hotter kissing! Making out!

* * * * *

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 6

Previously: Chapter Five [A]

For Sassy and Payne’s wedding. Like, a kind of wedding song.

Dev beta’d this. When is she not beta’ing. When she’s lovin’ her missus that’s when.

862 Hours till the Redhead gets here. Yes, I’m counting.

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 5

Previously: Chapter Four [A]

This one is for Dev, cos I love her more than Potatoes. And for Payne because dammit if the girl ain’t entertaining.

Yes, I’m aware Mother Theresa was a nun… but Kyla is a little.. *wiggles hand*

Rating: A. Fluffy and light, like the best soufflé.

Beta’d by Dev for a nickle and a prayer. Continue reading