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Spencer’s the mechanic, Ashley’s her customer. Three-part fic challenge fluff.


eBook: Homecoming

Downloadable versions of Homecoming for eReaders and all smartphones.

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Homecoming: Part III

Previously: Homecoming, Part II [X]

Final part. Fluffy and sweet, with a hint of hot sex.

Rated: X. NSFW.

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Homecoming: Part II

Previously: Homecoming, Part I

I didn’t expect this to be a three-parter, but it looks like it is so, uh, sue me.

Rated: X. Really NSFW.

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Homecoming: Part I

Even though Kate completely ignored my NO TXT SPK golden rule (really, capital letters and punctuation are important, people!), I was intrigued by her random AU couples fic challenge. So, mechanic and customer, part one. Part two will be tomorrow or the day after.

Rating: A. Purely for Ashley’s swearing. SFW.
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