eBook: One Week

Downloadable versions of One Week.

Don’t forget to read the full eBook FAQ and remember that the ePUB version will work for all eReaders on all platforms except Kindle. The Kindle version works with all versions of the Kindle and Kindle apps.

This fic is rated A/AA, mostly safe for work.

ePub cover           Kindle book cover

ePUB version: http://cl.ly/NKOF
Kindle .mobi version: http://cl.ly/NJpG


Want access to the full size versions of the original covers?
No probs. ePUB version | Kindle version

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  1. Posted 9 March 2013 at 6.45pm | Permalink

    Thank you for this! Although it doesn’t answer two very important questions I have about this story: 1) What does Spencer do to get the moral relativism writing assignment punishment, and 2) How does Spencer know George’s mother? I will forever be trying to figure these things out.

  2. Devje
    Posted 15 March 2013 at 2.16pm | Permalink

    1. Coming in after curfew.

    2. She doesn’t know Mrs Kochanski; she goes there looking for Ashley. i appreciate it’s implied, rather than explicit, because it’s told from Ashley’s POV, but Spencer has been interested in Ashley for a long time. She’s followed her to the clearing; she knows where the Kochanskis live.

  3. Angie
    Posted 16 March 2013 at 2.18pm | Permalink

    I never thought I’d get an answer to these, so thanks! I just figured, with Spencer being the poster child for Our Lady, she may have met Mrs Kochanski at a community event where she was a volunteer or something.

    And Spencer’s interest in Ashley is never in doubt. She wouldn’t have built up such a protective wall against her had she been indifferent to or unaffected by Ashely. I just didn’t consider she would go as far as cold calling George’s mom to get closer to her. I don’t know why, but I appreciate her chutzpah just the same. Clearly, it worked in her favour.

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