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Another fic challenge quickie, this time in two parts. Spencer’s a photographer, Ashley’s a music star. After ten years apart, they meet in Las Vegas.


eBook: A Little Less Conversation

As I promised before, here’s the first of the eBook versions of the completed fics we have on the site.

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A Little Less Conversation: Part 2

Previously: Part 1 – Viva Las Vegas

Second and final part of some summery, Vegasy, Spashley fluff. Okay, I admit it: it’s summery, Vegasy, porny, Spashley fluff.

Random SON fact: Donna Scott, who played bartender Cat in Season 1, is the wife of the director Tony Scott and was one of the fembots in the original Austin Powers.

And I have been at Red Rock since I wrote this, so I can only urge you once more to go there. It really is something special.

Rating: X. NSFW.

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A Little Less Conversation: Part 1

A little present while I’m on holiday. This is a quick two-parter based on ww’s fic challenge:

  • Ashley and Spencer went out in high school, had a bad breakup and have not talked to each other since.
  • Ashley became a music star and Spencer became a photographer.
  • Spencer fills in for a bud for a last-minute shoot, unaware that it’s for you-know-who.
  • There’s awkwardness, tension, surprise, maybe some anger, and of course, major sparkage which leads to you-know-what.

Part one is rated A.

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