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This is predominantly your chance to grab a quick bit of smut. Most are x-rated and NSFW, although a couple are just fluff. You have been warned.

Going My Way

I’m calling this a short one-shot for now, because I don’t know when I’ll add to it, even though I totally know where I want it to go.

Spashley mood piece thing.
Rated U.

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I don’t usually do drabbles, but my idiot best friend landed herself in hospital, and I promised her some bedtime stories, so here we are. I’ll post them as they’re written, and none of them will be long at all.

[Edited to add: By best friend, I mean Clom. I should’ve specified that.]

This one’s rated U. Nothing but a little sweetness.

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Aaaah, this is actually going quite well. I’ve just been shuffling through the songs and if something comes to mind, writing it. I never said it wouldn’t all be angsty!

This one is from Duncan: Three Days Grace – Painkiller

Spashley. Decidedly X-rated. Muchos gracias to Dev, as always, for her wondrous beta skills that make my crapola readable.

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Darker than normal, but lighter than I intended.
Rated AA for adult themes.

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Yesterday Once More, Part 4

Previously: Part 3 [AA]

Final part of this little space opera.
Rated X. NSFW-ish.

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eBook: Reality Bites

Downloadable versions of Reality Bites.

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Yesterday Once More, Part 3

Previously: Part 2 [U]

This really is only a short bit of nonsense. Final part dropping before New Year.

Rated AA.

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Yesterday Once More, Part 2

Previously: Part 1 [U]

More space hijinks. Rated U.

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Yesterday Once More, Part 1

Star Trek Spashley.
Rated U.

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The Morning After

One-shot Spashley froth.
Rated A.

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