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Resistance!Spashley. Not bondage, but the French Resistance during World War II. [Retro, being reposted]

Le Marais, Part 6

Previously: Part 5 [A]

Things get much more heated.

[As a side note, does anyone have what was Chapter 22 of this? I’ve got everything Mel sent us and I’ve got Chapter 23, but it feels like there’s a gap in it. If you have the missing part, can fire it to me @gmail? Thanks, Dev]

Rated: X. NSFW(ish).

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Le Marais, Part 5

Previously: Le Marais, Part 4 [U]

Rated: A, for violence.

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Le Marais, Part 4

Previously: Part 3 [U]

If you want to see an excellent film about women in Occupied France during WWII, I recommend Carve Her Name with Pride.

Rated: U.

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Le Marais, Part 3

Previously: Part 2 [A]

Listen very carefully, I will say this once once. 1940s!Spencer gets more deeply involved with the local French Resistance.

[Sorry for delay in re-posting this. Pressure of work. Word to my BFF-FFJ – Dev]

Rated: U.

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Le Marais, Part 2

Previously: Le Marais, Part 1 [X, NSFW]

Spencer wakes up. Kinda. In France.

Rated A.

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Le Marais, Part 1

Previously: All of Best for Me

A Dev writes: This, as you will all recall, is Resistance!Spashley, set during World War II in France (although not in this first part). The question remains as to whether we can persuade Clom to write the final chapter before I’m finished posting the first 40,000 words.

Rating: X. NSFW. Sex from the very start and sudden vehicular violence.

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