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Spencer is secretly in love with her best friend, Ashley.


Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 17

Previously: Chapter 16 [U]

Aaaah, the end of a story…

This chapter is dedicated to the woman who makes the magic happen: Dev. She’s my best friend, and I love her. Nuff said.

Rating: A

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Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 16

Previously: Chapter 15 [A]


Rated: U.

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Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 15

Previously: Chapter 14 [AA]

Chapters 15, 16 and 17 were all written from a B+B, in the middle of a vineyard. There may have been champagne at one point. I know there were strawberries. And a three course dinner that I could barely walk after. Oh, and a redhead :)

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Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 14

Previously: Chapter 13 [A]

This will be wrapping up in a few chapters actually. It was never meant to be a terribly long story. So enjoy it while you can.

Rating: AA, for swearing and light sex.

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Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 13

Previously: Chapter 12 [U]

For Fishy (ThisYearsLuv), who lurks and lurks and COMPLAINS, but nonetheless, insists I update. For Fishtosea, since she’s under my bed and I believe may be stealing my socks. In an effort to have matching pairs, I’m updating. And for Peanut because she’s my sister (and a bloody demanding one at that).

Rating: A

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Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 12

Previously: Chapter 11 [X]

A little something for the weekend, but not from the woodshed. I mean, I can’t hear it breathing.

Rating: U.

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Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 11

Previously: Chapter 10 [X]

— This is where the author’s note should go. —

Rating: X. Hot sex alert. NSFW.

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Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 10

Previously: Chapter 9 [A]

A Dev writes: Mea culpa. Sez/Clom has had this one ready for quite a while and I haven’t had time to beta and post it for y’all. It’s all my fault.

Anyway, onwards and upwards.

Rating: X. Hot sex warning. NSFW.

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Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 9

Previously: Chapter 8 [AA]

A little present for the weekend…

Rating: A. Fleeting mention of heterosexual sex.

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Keep Me A Secret: Chapter 8

Previously: Chapter 7 [X]

Sezje asked me to post this for you all as a little New Year’s present.

Rating: AA.

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