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A chance encounter throws Spencer and Ashley together again, several years after they had last seen each other in college. Set in the present day and features flashbacks, kinda like Lost, only easier to understand and with significantly fewer deaths.

[Finally completed]

If It Takes Forever: Chapter 28

Previously: Chapter 27 – Abrazos Rotos [A]

Last chapter of If It Takes Forever, well, ever.

Rating: A.

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If It Takes Forever: Chapter 27

Previously: Chapter 26 – A Mi Manero [U]

Do not faint. Really, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is an actual update to the longest-ass saga in this site’s history. It is, in fact, the penultimate update. I was hoping to have the ultimate chapter to post today as well, but it’ll be Monday or at least Tuesday of next week now a while. Finally, the end is in sight.

Rating: A

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If It Takes Forever: Chapter 26

Previously: Chapter 25 – Tu novia está loca [A]

So, new chapter [in your face, Packs!]. No Ashley, but more Arthur and Paula. Thank you to anyone who’s still reading this, in spite of my pitiful updating schedule.

Rating: U.

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If It Takes Forever: Chapter 25

Previously: Chapter Twenty-Four: Between Your Legs [X, NSFW]

Can I give a big shout-out to Calgirl for delurking to comment on the last chapter? Thank you to all the recent delurkers, actually, like Takoo’s_cool and chelle5432. It makes my day.

Rating: A. Kissing. Perfectly safe for work or school, I reckon.

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If It Takes Forever: Chapter 24

Previously: Chapter Twenty-Three – Talk to Her [AA]

Just when you think I’ve forgotten all about this old thing, here we are with a new chapter. It features 100% more smut than its first draft. You may thank the Boss who left the following helpful comment:

(needs more smut)

Rating: X. Adult. Too hot for public.

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If It Takes Forever: Chapter 23

Previously: Chapter Twenty-Two: Sisters [X, NSFW]

What timing! I update and our Italian contingent returns. Coincidence? I think not.

Rating: AA, for mild sexual content. Probably best not to read it at work or school, though.

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If It Takes Forever: Chapter 22

Previously: Chapter Twenty-One – Law of Desire [X, Not Safe For Work]

Late, I know, but I’ve been sick as a dog.

The Boss wanted me to add something very specific to this chapter. It didn’t fit in the end, but I’ll work it into a future chapter.

I’m dedicating this chapter to the Boss because I adore her. But I have to mention Yeeben and Sassy, who are like bloodhounds on the scent of an update.

Disclaimer: Tom Lynch. MTV. The-N.
Rating: Hot sex. Not safe for reading in public.

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If It Takes Forever: Chapter 21

Previously: Chapter Twenty – Si c’était à refaire [A]

For Sez, because she’s important and because I promised.

[Sez’s head just ‘sploded.]

Disclaimers: SON belongs to Thomas Lynch and the-N.
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If It Takes Forever: Chapter 20

Previously: Chapter Nineteen – Waking Life [A]

This is the first completely new chapter for this little fella. Never before published elsewhere. And it’s for the Boss – cos I loves me some Sez – and Jen – who came back! – and YBN – who’s just too funny – and seriesaddict – who relentlessly pimps for updates – and everyone else who asked nicely, including – but not limited to – our own MiniSwede.

Remember, kids: nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Our chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and fear.

Disclaimers: SON belongs to Thomas Lynch and the-N.
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If It Takes Forever: Chapter 19

Previously: Chapter Eighteen – A Short Film About Love [A]

Here’s the thing: I ever-so-slightly altered this chapter because, frankly, I just wasn’t happy with it previously. I know was previously published before elsewhere, but, hey, my story, my rules, people. If you want to see the changes I made, you can go read them here (don’t worry, it’s not at the Other Site and you won’t need to register with anything to read it).

Also, is everyone else away on holiday? This place is pretty quiet.

Oh, and this chapter still belongs to seriesaddict, my favourite Italian, who shows better English language skills than many native-born speakers.

Disclaimers: SON belongs to Thomas Lynch and the-N.
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