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All about the annual Secret Santa draw that we run here.

PGCCCLX: Assignments

16 Dec: Happy Birthday, LAJ

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PGCCCLIX: Firm but…

My father always liked to think that he was firm but fair. I, on the other hand, only care about being firm. This is not a democracy. Everyone who signed up for the annual Secret Santa frivolity – drunk or otherwise – is now stuck with their commitment.

Secret Santa names were drawn by myself and Clom this morning and everyone’s been assigned someone. Sadly, I did not get back here early enough to send all the necessary emails, so it will now have to wait for tomorrow morning.


Number of people who signed up for Secret Santa last year: 21
Number of people who have signed up so far this year: 10
Number of people on both lists: 7 8 9 10 11 [dev, clom, MiniSwede, Guin, BD9, Mel, blue, BLB, yeebs, payne, Platypus McGrinch]
Number of new people so far this year: 3 4 5 [tee, coach, fishtosea, BG, LAJ]
Number of Scrooge McGrinches from last year who are ‘too busy for Christmas’: 14 13 12 11 10 [yeebs, sunnymuffins, payne, sassy, peanut, kick, ringo, dubbs, MM, packs Platypus McGrinch, peanut, EG, BLB, Nodame]

You have one more day to sign up.

PGCCCLVI: Reminder

Stop making lame and crappy excuses and sign up for Secret Santa. Where’s your Christmas spirit, people?

I have extended the sign-up date to Friday. How hard can this be?

Secret Santa 2009

Update [26 Dec 2009]: The date for posting gifts has been extended to the 28th because certain people [naming no names here] were too ‘drink’ to finish theirs today.

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Update [15 Dec 2009]: Assignments are bring sent out. Check your email and read this post.

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