Save Me From Myself: Steal Me, Ep 6.4

This was Chelle’s Secret Santa request. It was awful easy of me since Dubbs wrote it. She’s been updating Growing Pains and it’s made me pine for this story.

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More beta’d Spashley sex.

Rating: X. Adult. Not safe for work.

* * * * *

Steal Me, Ep 6.4 [by WaveGoodbye]

On some level, Spencer knew that she shouldn’t have done it: she shouldn’t have gone to Ashley’s apartment when she was in such a state. She had been in the worst mood she’d known for months and, despite the brunette being the one person who hadn’t riled her at all in the previous two weeks, Spencer had known that it would inevitably happen. It just wasn’t natural for them to be friendly toward each other.

And it was unthinkable for her to have just grabbed Ashley and kissed her.

She remembered the gasp of surprise that had escaped her as soon as Ashley had pulled her into her arms, when their bodies had collided together and she had felt those soft lips upon her own kiss her back hard.

With each kiss, Spencer had lost herself more and more until she had wondered if she had been more in the moment than Ashley. With each slight brush of their tongues, she had wanted more and had become less tentative until the kisses were so deep and wet that Spencer’s head had been swimming. Her body had responded so quickly and Ashley’s hold on her had gotten tighter, the arms locked around the small of her back drawing her body closer, and before she could do anything silly – like moan inside the brunette’s mouth – she had pulled away.

She had been more confused than ever. Just a couple of weeks previously, she’d kissed the suited woman whom she found more alluring than anybody the reporter had ever met and, yet, suddenly, after two weeks of terrible moods following the superhero walking out on her, she had found herself in Ashley Davies’ apartment, kissing her in a way that she hadn’t kissed anybody in a very long time.

It had been different to the kiss with the Vindicator. It had been almost angry.

But it had also been wrong. She liked the masked woman; she wanted her to get over her inhibitions and just talk to her. They had more in common than merely being attracted to each other. Spencer was fairly certain that she would understand whatever V had to say; after all, her body was going through some serious changes lately, too. The other woman didn’t have to be scared: Spencer was the one who had saved her without a mask.

And then Ashley had stepped forward as if to kiss her again and Spencer had retreated, uncertain. It was wrong. Whatever they had been about to do, it was wrong. So she’d left. She’d literally run away just as the Vindicator had done to her.

Halfway to the elevator, she had stopped, more frustrated than ever. She hadn’t had sex in almost ten months and, after the Vindicator had turned her on and then left in such an abrupt manner, Spencer had been aching for someone to touch her. So when she’d felt Ashley’s soft hand on her wrist, she’d just turned around and kissed her without even thinking. After all, Ashley had been dropping less-than-subtle hints for years that she wanted Spencer, so she had known the musician would kiss her back.

And she had kissed her well, better than she had expected.

Thinking about that, Spencer had turned back in the direction from which she’d just fled. Why should it be wrong? While the blonde did like V, she and Ashley were both single; it wouldn’t be serious; Ashley found her attractive and, Spencer had to admit, the brunette’s body was far from a trainwreck; and, judging by their kiss, it would just be a very good way to release all the frustration in her body, as well as Ashley’s.

So she’d hurried back, almost running, before she could change her mind again, pushed open Ashley’s door, slammed it shut behind her. When she had seen the musician leaning against the wall with her eyes closed, it had been almost too perfect. Her lips had been back against Ashley’s before the woman had the chance to open her eyes.

It had escalated quickly and the mere memory of how good Ashley had made her feel caused the blonde to cross her legs, not wanting to be thinking such erotic thoughts while her editor was standing right in front of her.

“Is everything okay?” Robert asked. “Your face is flushed.”

Spencer stood up and cleared her throat. “I’m fine. It’s just a little warm in here.”

“It’s 8pm, Spencer,” he pointed out.

“Then the heater is probably on too high. I don’t know. I’m fine,” she repeated. “Weren’t you going home?”

He sighed. “Yes. It’s the mother-in-law’s birthday today, so we have reservations at the most over-priced restaurant this side of the city. In fact, I think I’m late.”

She gave him a tight-lipped smile. “Then you’d better get going.”

Robert nodded in agreement before he moved over to his desk and pulled out some flowers sitting in a vase. He’d been given them yesterday by one of the female employees who flirted with him time and time again.

He shook the excess water from them. “Think she’ll like these?”

“Who wouldn’t?”

He barely had time to say goodbye before he ushered them both out of his office without locking the door behind him, not being able to find his keys. Spencer assured him that she’d look for them and he left, hurrying to the elevator which was already waiting for him.

That left just Spencer on that particular floor.

She liked pulling all-nighters at work sometimes. There wasn’t the incessant shrill of the many telephones in the office. There was none of the constant chatter, no waiting for an available photocopier and no fighting for the last cup of coffee. She could even play music softly and actually be able to hear it.

It was just as well that she was alone. She was in no mood for company. In the three days since Ashley had touched her where nobody had touched her in a long time, she’d been quiet, too quiet to make conversation with anybody who had spoken to her, too quiet to return her father’s weekly phone call, and too quiet to apologise to Cameron more than once.

Cameron had accepted her apology but Spencer knew she should do something else to make sure her friend knew she was truly sorry. She decided she’d do it tomorrow, along with the phone call to her father.

* * * * *

Spencer rubbed her tired eyes, wishing she could take out her contact lenses which were irritating her eyes. It was almost one in the morning and she figured she would go home in a couple of hours to get some rest for the following day, which she was not looking forward to. Tedious articles and interviews needed to get done before the deadline. That was part of the reason she was there so late: in the previous couple of weeks, she knew her work had suffered and she wanted to make up for it.

She lifted a bottle of water to her lips and pushed the end of it up so the cool liquid could fall into her mouth.

“So, this is where you’ve been hiding.”

Now the water was coating her chin and the top half of her blouse. Her head shot up in surprise in the direction of the voice; she had not even heard the elevator ding.


She swallowed. She wasn’t ready for the talk she knew they needed to have. They might have had it three nights ago, but, as soon as their heartbeats had returned to normal and Ashley began kissing her again, Spencer had known she had to leave.

So, with a “God, I’m sorry. That shouldn’t have happened… I’m sorry”, she had fled.

“I haven’t been hiding,” she lied as she set the bottle back on the desk and wiped at her top.

Ashley wasn’t convinced. “No?”


“Then where have you been?”


Spencer swallowed nervously once again when Ashley grabbed a chair and rolled it across until it was next to the blonde’s.

“So busy you couldn’t pick up the phone once?” she asked gently.

Seeing the look in the other woman’s eyes caused Spencer to turn away. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like what happened was more than what it was.”

Ashley frowned. “I’m not looking at you like anything.” The journalist didn’t respond. “What do you want me to do, Spencer? You want me to get my wallet out?” she asked, not serious.

Frowning, Spencer turned back to face her. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Then, what? Tell me what you want me to do or say, and I will.”

It was late. It was too late to be having this kind of conversation right now. “I want you to say goodbye and then leave.” Seeing the frustration on Ashley’s face made her sigh. “It’s late, okay? It’s been a really long day and I’ll call you when -”

“Bullshit.” She shrugged when Spencer arched an eyebrow. “You’re not going to call me. All you’re going to do is throw yourself into this.” She picked up some papers off the edge of the journalist’s desk. “All these lame articles.”

“My work isn’t lame,” she insisted. “And I am busy. Unlike some, I don’t get paid to sit around for months on end writing twelve songs.”

They both knew it was stupid to be bickering over work and Ashley chose not to respond to it. “Look, we need to talk. We didn’t share a cab home, Spencer. We had sex.”

“I don’t need reminding. Of course I know that. I just… Things are weird for me now.”

Ashley moved closer. “Because of me?”

Spencer sighed. “Because of everything. I just… I can’t talk about it with you.”

“Then who are you talking about it with?”

“No-one,” the blonde replied honestly.

“That’s real healthy, Spencer.”

Spencer sighed and pushed herself away from the desk. “Don’t talk to me about what’s healthy, okay?” Her head shook gently. “You should go. I’m really not the best person to be around lately.”

And she knew that was all-too-painfully true: she was being terrible to everyone but she couldn’t stop.

The brunette exhaled softly, her eyebrows furrowed in concern. “I can help you.”

“By leaving?”

“By staying.”

Spencer held eye-contact for several seconds until the meaning of the brunette’s offer kicked in. Her eyes widened. “No. That’s… No, Ashley. That can’t happen again.”

“Why not?”

“Because,” the blonde stressed. “It just can’t. I won’t let it.”

Ashley began to smile and Spencer turned around. She couldn’t have Ashley offer something like that and then see her smile at her.

“I’m not stupid, Spencer. I know what happened the other night was just about release for you. And it was for me too, okay? Tonight it can be no strings attached, just really, really good sex.”

“No!” Spencer almost hissed as she turned back to face her. “Oh my God.” Her head shook incredulously. “You can’t just show up at one in the morning and say things like that. Especially when I’m at work.”

Ashley looked around. “No-one’s here…”

Spencer leaned her head to the side and her stare was hard. “No.”

She saw Ashley was about to open her mouth so she marched forward, putting her hands on the other woman’s shoulders. She turned Ashley around and began pushing her toward the elevator. “You need to go.”

Ashley didn’t resist as she was walked back across the office but she did turn back to face her once Spencer had pushed the button to open the elevator. “What’s the big deal? I don’t expect you to miraculously fall in love with me. Sex can be just sex, Spencer.”

The doors opened and Spencer shoved Ashley forward. “No,” she insisted.

Inside the elevator, Ashley turned around. “But -”

“No,” she cut in, just as the doors were closing.

Just to be sure, she waited in front of them for a few moments until she exhaled heavily and crossed the length of the office again. Knowing it was more than likely she wouldn’t get any more work done, Spencer saved everything open on her computer.

She remembered that Robert hadn’t been able to find his keys as he’d left and she entered his office, walking straight over to his desk. Standing in front of it, her fingers traced around the vase which was a quarter-filled with water.

“Is it because you don’t find me attractive enough?” she heard from behind her.

Startled, her hand accidentally knocked the vase off the table, but she easily caught it before it hit the floor. She released a frustrated groan. She was beginning to think she was just a freak. Spencer set the vase back on the desk.

“Ashley, just -” She sighed, her shoulders slumped. What the hell had happened to her body? It caused tears of frustration and fear to fill her eyes. She blinked them back. She couldn’t deal with that yet. She needed to forget.

Turning around, she walked past Ashley and closed the door, then crossed the room again and closed the blinds. She switched on the lamp on her editor’s desk before walking up to Ashley without a word and lifting her hands to her face. Their eyes met for a second before Spencer closed the distance and pressed her lips against the brunette’s.

Quickly, much like the last time, their kisses were anything but soft.

When she knew Ashley wasn’t going to pull away, Spencer released her hold of her face and slid her arms around the other woman’s neck, crossing one arm over the other as she gently tugged Ashley closer so they were chest-to-chest.

Eventually, lips parted beneath the blonde’s and she slanted her head, taking their kisses deeper. Ashley responded in kind and Spencer was walked backward until she felt, as much as heard, her back come into contact with one of the filing cabinets, the sound echoing around the room.

She didn’t care. Ashley kissed her better than anyone had in years.

White teeth snared and tugged back on a full pink lip and Spencer almost moaned when Ashley’s tongue soothed over the offended area. Re-joining their lips, the reporter moved her arms from around Ashley’s neck to her hips, her hands gently holding onto her as her tongue searched the brunette’s mouth.

They kissed over and over, long enough for both of them to have to break apart through sheer need, their lungs burning. Spencer’s tongue ran over her fuller lips and felt her heart thudding in her chest. Her hands crept underneath Ashley’s top, skimming up over her soft, warm skin until they brushed across the material of her bra.

Ashley’s mouth was back on hers again, hot and insistent.

Returning her hard kisses, Spencer dragged her hands back down the musician’s sides until they were resting comfortably on her hips, pulling her closer as her head slanted, her tongue moving over a full, soft lip until access was granted and Ashley’s tongue met hers halfway.

Spencer was gently tugged away from the cabinet as Ashley’s arms moved around to her back, her fingers spread out as she held the blonde against her. Pulling away from her lips, Ashley began trailing hot, wet kisses down Spencer’s throat.

Feeling her eyes roll back, Spencer moaned freely and felt the brunette repeat the action over her pulse point. “Tighter,” she forced out quietly. It was difficult to speak.

The questioning response was whispered against her skin.

She pulled Ashley back up, sealing their lips back together. In between kisses, she was able to mutter. “Your arms.”

Finally understanding her, Ashley broke their lips apart and tightened her tentative hold on her. “Is this okay?” she whispered, her head swimming as the journalist’s mouth was suddenly wreaking havoc on her earlobe.

“It’s fine,” Spencer murmured, her lips, teeth, and tongue quickly busy worrying an earlobe.

Wanting to kiss her, Ashley turned her head and the blonde’s lips reluctantly left her earlobe. Their eyes met and – upon seeing the darkened shade – both leaned back in, their kisses returning to hard.

It wasn’t about anything other than getting off.

After a minute of kissing so fiercely and so much, they broke apart again, this time Ashley’s hands moving down Spencer’s back to grasp the hem of her sweater and pull it upward. Wordlessly, the blonde raised her arms and allowed her top to be removed and dropped to the floor.

She felt Ashley’s hand press against her stomach before it began creeping up toward her chest.

Last time they’d been together, Ashley hadn’t climaxed and she felt that this time it was only fair. Spencer’s hands were pulling the musician’s top over her head before she even realised they’d moved. It was dropped next to her own item of clothing.

Ashley’s mouth was against Spencer’s shoulder, biting the soft skin as she wrapped her arms back around her, holding her just as tightly before, knowing she wasn’t hurting her.

With the top halves of their bodies pressed together and her head resting on Ashley’s left shoulder, Spencer could smell her perfume and, as the brunette carefully bit down on her shoulder, she moaned softly. Ashley smelled good but, God, she felt even better.

She didn’t want to have sex up against a wall or on the rough-textured carpet of the floor and forced her eyes open, looking to the large table in the centre of the room. It was glass and, while it would probably hold, the thought of a shard of glass slicing through her wasn’t a turn-on.

Her heavy-lidded eyes scanned around until they came to a stop at Robert’s desk.

Ashley’s mouth was against her neck while her hand had moved to the blonde’s breast, brushing her thumb across a hardened nipple. “Stop,” she forced out.

The brunette stopped instantly, her arm dropping from Spencer’s back. It took her a second to find her voice. “You want to stop?”

She shook her head and took hold of Ashley’s hand, leading them across the room. The contents sitting atop Mr Adams’ desk were removed and carefully placed onto the floor. In one fluid motion, Spencer turned around and framed Ashley’s face, her lips back against hers.

She was lifted up onto the desk and the brunette stood between her legs, her arms wrapped around her back as she held them together. Spencer’s body was responding quickly to the slight pressure against her centre.

Her bra was removed in record time and, when Ashley’s lips parted from hers and moved down to wrap around a hardened nipple, Spencer moaned.

After generous attention was paid to both of her breasts and she could feel the acute ache at the apex of her legs, Spencer shifted back and tugged on Ashley as she lay down, quickly feeling the musician’s body cover her own.

One of Ashley’s arms was resting next to Spencer’s head, holding the brunt of her weight as she kissed her hard and slow.

Without parting their lips, Spencer slid her arm up and pushed Ashley’s arm from underneath her, causing her to feel the enjoyable sensation of Ashley’s slight weight against her. She wasn’t a china doll; she wouldn’t break. It felt good and she soon felt fingers thread through her own, held above her head.

Hearing the blonde kick her shoes off and fall to the floor made Ashley move her hand off Spencer’s side and release hold of her hand before breaking apart, almost panting. She took a second to catch her breath and felt the woman underneath her raise up, pressing their lips back together.

Ashley gave her an almost chaste kiss before she sat up properly, her hands moving to unfasten the button and drag the zipper of Spencer’s black dress pants down. She grasped each side of the reporter’s hips and she didn’t have to tell Spencer to lift her hips before the material was pulled from her legs and dropped to the floor.

The musician didn’t waste time and got down off the desk and removed her own shoes and pants before climbing back up, covering Spencer’s body with her own.

Ashley’s mouth was suddenly everywhere: teasing, heightening pleasure, and hurting in the best way possible. It was back on hers, their hot skin pressed together and legs tangled as their mouths fused together over and over again in some of the hottest kisses either of them had ever had.

Spencer’s head swam with arousal as Ashley kissed her way down her neck to her chest, raking her nails down the sensitive skin of Spencer’s sides, leaving tracks that burned, making her hotter. She was hotter than she’d been in a long time.

The skin just underneath her ribs was between Ashley’s teeth and she bit down, quickly applying suction with her lips and tongue before she repeated the process. Spencer knew it would leave a mark but she didn’t care; she needed this kind of contact with someone.

Ashley’s hand was suddenly cupping her aching centre and Spencer couldn’t help the long moan that formed deep inside her throat or how her hips instinctively rose up, meeting the pressure.

She was wet. She needed Ashley to touch her properly.

“Take them off,” she whispered.

Ashley didn’t ask her if she was sure. She knew Spencer wouldn’t have asked her if she didn’t want her to. Dipping her fingers underneath the material each side of the blonde’s hips, Ashley pulled her underwear from her body and dropped them to the floor.

She pressed hot, wet kisses against Spencer’s stomach and relished in the feel of the blonde’s hand tightening in her hair as soft moans left her lips.

With her sex throbbing and Ashley’s mouth so close to where she needed it, Spencer tried to push her head down but the musician wouldn’t budge.

“Not today,” she murmured against Spencer’s stomach.

With a hot mouth suddenly sucking and biting just underneath her hip bone, Spencer moaned again, raising her hips in an attempt to alleviate some of the aching pressure. “Touch me,” she whispered.

“I will.”

Ashley did touch her, but not where she needed her to. A warm hand was torturously sliding up and down the inside of her thigh.

“Now,” Spencer almost demanded.

Kissing her way back up Spencer’s body, Ashley stopped at her breasts and drew a firm nipple inside her mouth, her hand against the other.

Feeling more wetness accumulate between her legs, Spencer reached up to Ashley’s hand and pulled it away from her chest.

Registering the contact, the brunette stopped her ministrations and looked up to meet Spencer’s dark eyes before they drifted back shut and her hand was being dragged down soft, taut skin until it was against a hot centre.

Releasing hold of the brunette’s hand, Spencer felt an intense stare and re-opened her eyes, lifting the top half of her body up to rest on her elbows. Looking at Ashley in the dim light radiating from the lamp on the floor, wearing nothing but underwear, with darkened eyes, a flushed face, and swollen lips, Spencer reflected that Ashley’s earlier question as to whether the blonde found her attractive enough to sleep with was one of the most absurd things she’d ever been asked.

The only thing that could have topped it was that, if two weeks ago, someone had asked her if she’d ever sleep with Ashley Davies.

Her thoughts came to an abrupt halt when the pads of Ashley’s index and middle finger slipped inside her slick heat. Her eyes drifted shut, her teeth pressing down into her bottom lip to trap a moan.

Ashley’s slow circles around and across Spencer’s clitoris made the blonde tip her head back, a soft moan escaping her lips. A second later, she heard an echoing moan and pushed her hips into the brunette’s hand.

“Look at me,” Ashley demanded, her voice thicker.

With a thumb alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise motions across her clit, Spencer moaned freely, her eyes firmly shut. She could barely hold herself up. “I can’t.”

Ashley’s movements slowed and she moved her fingers down until they were resting at Spencer’s entrance. “Look at me,” she repeated.

Running her tongue against her dry, swollen lips, Spencer took a second to catch her breath before forcing her head back up and opened her heavy-lidded eyes to look into the brunette’s. Her chest was heaving in anticipation until she felt two long fingers push inside of her and a deep, long moan formed deep in her throat, escaping loudly as her eyes closed and her head tipped back.

Her hips rolled instinctively and it didn’t take long for them to find a cadence that suited them both.

Spencer had never had sex with anyone she wasn’t in a relationship with before. She’d never had sex like this, with someone who she wasn’t committed to.

It was some of the best sex she’d ever had.

She felt Ashley moving up her body while her hand kept up the tempo inside her and she met her lips willingly before laying back down, pulling Ashley with her as their lips moved together in kisses that were hurting her almost-bruised lips.

When Ashley’s thumb slid up and repeatedly brushed against her swollen clit, Spencer broke their kiss, sharply turning her head to gasp. Full lips were quickly back against her own and she moaned keenly inside Ashley’s mouth.

Seconds later, they mutually broke apart for air and Spencer’s head was swimming with arousal and her chest heaved as Ashley’s tongue ran from the base of her throat to her ear. Cursing softly, she felt herself getting tighter and each brush of Ashley’s thumb was becoming more and more pleasurable. She was close.

When her legs parted even further and her heels were pushing against the desk, her leg came into contact with Ashley’s wet centre and Spencer heard the brunette gasp softly, her fingers stilling for a second until Spencer pushed her thigh harder against her, both of their moans soon sounding throughout the room.

The feel of the brunette’s slick heat against her leg pushed her closer to the edge and she rocked her hips into the hand against her, soon feeling strong fingers resume their fast, hard pace.

Ashley’s mouth was back on hers and her head slanted as lips parted, kisses growing deeper.

Feeling her kisses beginning to falter and her walls tighten even further, Ashley gave her one final kiss and moved her head to rest in the crook of Spencer’s neck, the pace of her increasing.

Spencer’s short fingernails were digging into Ashley’s back as she tried to simultaneously draw oxygen into her lungs while being fucked senseless. It was difficult. It was even more difficult when Ashley’s thumb was back against her clit.

All she could hear was her heart thudding and ragged breaths until the skin where her shoulder met her neck was being caressed by a warm tongue, and then everything became hazy. Her breath came out erratically and the cadence of her hips became faster and harder until her body suddenly went rigid. Arching up off the desk into Ashley, Spencer’s moan was long and guttural as her body shook almost violently, her walls contracting around the brunette’s fingers over and over again.

Taking a necessary minute for her body to slacken and to regulate her heartbeat, Spencer didn’t move her arms from their now-loose hold on Ashley’s back. Her tongue moistened her dry lips and, eventually, she angled her neck to try to get the brunette’s attention.

It was clear she wasn’t asleep: her exhaled breaths weren’t nearly even enough.

Spencer’s breath hitched a second later when Ashley removed her fingers from inside her and then finally rested her body on top of hers. She could feel how much the brunette needed release.

Moving her hand across her back, Spencer unclasped Ashley’s bra and the musician lifted her head to look down at her, an almost-questioning look in her eyes until Spencer’s were darting between her lips and her eyes.

“You don’t have to do this,” Ashley told her quietly.

Spencer knew that. She knew she didn’t have to do anything that she was uncomfortable with but the heated toned body on top of hers had driven her crazy with the need to touch it. Moving her hands to the back of Ashley’s neck, she pulled her in for a kiss that began almost lazily, their lips sliding and pressing against each other’s, until the musician moaned softly and she echoed it.

Ashley’s bra and underwear were quickly removed and dropped to the floor before she was suddenly underneath Spencer as their tongues met again in another deep kiss.

Shifting to rest between Ashley’s parted legs, they both moaned, shuddering into each other. The brunette rocked her hips up into Spencer’s and she tipped her head back, an almost-silent moan escaping her lips with her ragged breaths.

Knowing that Ashley was already close from fucking her and, wanting to draw it out as long as possible, the blonde moved back up her body and wrapped her lips around an erect nipple, feeling Ashley arch up into her. The pads of her fingers were brushing the smooth skin beneath a firm breast until it slid up and covered it.

Getting lost in the feel of Ashley’s body, Spencer moaned softly, “God, your body…”

Ashley pulled her back up, joining their lips together in a kiss that was nearly molten.

Feeling Spencer’s knee against her, Ashley couldn’t help but rock against it, feeling herself throb. She broke out of the kiss, breathing out a curse word as the blonde shifted and pressed her thigh firmly against her centre, allowing her to start up a rhythm.

Her lips, teeth, and tongue were worrying the patch of skin above Ashley’s pulse point and she soon felt another rush of wetness against her leg. Kissing over the reddened skin, Spencer began trailing kisses down her body, briefly stopping to brush her tongue inside the dip by Ashley’s collarbone until her hands and mouth were back alternating between breasts and the musician was writhing beneath her, soft moans meeting her ears.

Tracing the defined line of Ashley’s abs with her tongue, the brunette bucked her hips into her.

Moving down from her stomach, Spencer kissed her way down to tanned thighs and bit softly once she reached the sensitive skin on the inside, hearing Ashley’s appreciative moan almost instantaneously.

Being so close to her, Spencer could see and smell how turned on she was and her hand ghosted over the silky surface of her thigh until she slid her fingers inside Ashley and coated her fingers in the hot slickness.

They moved up to Ashley’s clitoris and she moaned almost inaudibly when the woman beneath her let out a strained moan, swearing breathlessly as her hips rocked against her hand.

Loving the repeated sounds of Ashley’s pleasure, Spencer replaced her fingers with her thumb, easily rolling it across and around the swollen nub with the slickness that coated it.

Looking to the brunette’s hands, she could see her fingers were straining against the desk, trying to find purchase on something. Shifting and moving back up her body, Spencer’s thumb faltered slightly in tempo while Ashley’s clutched at her back painfully.

Her head dipped and lips pressed against the skin between the musician’s breasts before her fingers pushed inside Ashley and she couldn’t hold back a moan, however it was overshadowed by the soft gasp and loud moan that was torn from the brunette’s throat.

God, Ashley felt good.

Breaths ragged and hips rhythmically thrusting into Spencer’s hand, she moaned again. “God, Spen-”

Spencer quickly moved up and covered Ashley’s mouth with her own. She didn’t want her moaning her name. Ashley held her face, kissing her over and over until she couldn’t breathe. She felt like Spencer was everywhere.

Running her tongue over her lips, Spencer slid her thumb back up, circling Ashley’s swollen clit each time her fingers moved in and out of her. Hearing a long, quiet moan, she soon felt another rush of wetness and Ashley’s chest heave against hers.

Withdrawing her thumb, she plunged her fingers deeper inside Ashley and curled her fingers toward herself, a sharp inhalation and a loud, guttural moan quickly meeting her ears.

It seemed that fucking Ashley was almost as good as Ashley fucking her.

Fingers moved deeper, hips thrust faster, and their mouth’s found each others, kissing with fervour.

Needing air, Spencer broke apart from her and opened her eyes, looking down to Ashley whose eyes were closed tightly, unsteady breaths expelled from between full-from-kissing lips. She was so hot.

She wanted to make her come, feel her walls contracting around her fingers.

Increasing the pace of her hand and circling Ashley’s clit, she felt her walls tightening within seconds and, if possible, Ashley’s hips were moving even faster, rolling up to meet her hand even harder.

When her fingers were being squeezed tighter than ever, her fingers slowed, pushing into her slower until Spencer felt the tight clutch against her fingers relax and then she increased the speed of her movements once more, promptly feeling Ashley tighten around her again.

Erratic breaths and a string of softly-spoken expletives left Ashley’s mouth and with one final stroke across her clit, her back suddenly arched up into Spencer and a loud moan reverberated around the room as her body shook and she contracted around Spencer’s fingers.

When the aftershocks finished, Spencer carefully removed her fingers from Ashley and, suddenly exhausted, lay down on top of her. The heart beneath her ear was beating faster than her own and she listened to it slow, returning back to normal.

And then she heard it: the turn of an elevator motor.

She pushed the top half of her body up, her head turning to the clock hung on the wall across the room and then her feet hit the floor. “Get up,” she told the brunette.

Ashley opened her eyes, a soft sigh escaping her. “Spencer, you don’t have to freak out.”

She threw Ashley’s underwear to her. “The security guard will be here any second. He can’t see you.”

Wordlessly, they both threw on their clothes and Ashley was placing the things back on Robert’s desk when Spencer kneeled down next to her to help pick up the PC tower.

The elevator pinged and Spencer’s eyes scanned around to make sure everything was in order before she wrapped her fingers around Ashley’s arm and pulled her out of the room. The door was left open a fraction.

Spencer could hear heavy footsteps approaching and hurried to her desk, leaving Ashley behind her as she quickly typed in the password so the screen would come up. After all, it would look strange if she said she’d been working and her computer was in standby mode.

“Miss Carlin?”

Swearing silently, Spencer spun around and was met by one of the security men, Nathan. Her eyes quickly darted to where she’d left Ashley and frowned when she wasn’t there. “Yes?” she responded, turning to look at him.

“Is everything okay?” He looked around suspiciously. “I just got in and Gary said you had a visitor earlier but no-one came back down.”

She hoped her smile looked genuine. “Tell him to get an espresso. My visitor left an hour ago.”

He rolled his eyes. “That dick. Got me all worried for nothing.” Looking around, he spotted the open door on Mr Adams’ office. “Rob didn’t lock up?”

Something caught the corner of her eye and she quickly reached for the set of keys sitting on her desk. “He couldn’t find his keys before he left.” She tossed them over to him. “Can you put them behind the front desk for him?”

Nathan nodded and walked over to secure the door. “Not a problem.” After he checked it was locked, he turned back to her. “Are you sure everything is okay?”

“It will be when I finally get some sleep.” She smiled at him. “I’ll see you soon.”

With a curt nod, he left and Spencer released a breath she wasn’t aware she’d been holding. “Ashley?” she whispered.

Seconds passed until her eyes followed a chair which was being forcibly rolled away from a desk. Turning back, she saw Ashley crawling from beneath it. “You’re almost convincing when you lie, you know.”

Spencer rolled her eyes. “And you’re kind of stuck in here. They think my visitor left an hour ago.” She thought about something. “Where did you find the keys?”

“On the floor by your boss’s desk.”

The reporter saw her almost smiling. “What?”

Ashley walked over to her and only stopped when she was directly in front of her. Her hands reached down to the hem of Spencer’s sweater and tugged gently. “You’re all backward.”

Spencer looked down and sighed. Her top was indeed on back to front.

Quickly fixing it, she thought about how they were going to explain Ashley’s presence back in the lobby and decided she’d just be elusive if questioned.

“I’ll meet you in the lobby,” the brunette told her.

“No, it’s better if we go together.”

“You told Mr Flirtatious your visitor left an hour ago.”

Spencer frowned. “He barely spoke to me.” She held a hand up to the musician who was about to speak. “Whatever. Just do what I ask. Please,” she added.

Nodding, Ashley waited for Spencer to shut down the computer and pick up her bag before they walked to the elevator. Pressing the button for the ground floor, they stood at opposite ends until they were suddenly against each other, kissing hard and fast.

Ashley’s hands were in her hair and Spencer parted her lips even further when she felt the brunette’s tongue sweep across her bottom lip.

If Ashley didn’t speak, she was tolerable.

And then she pushed her away as the elevator doors opened. “You’ll be hearing from my lawyers!”

Genuinely confused, Spencer frowned. “What?”

Nathan and Gary’s eyes widened as a seemingly irate Ashley Davies stormed away from the blonde reporter.

She spun around to face Spencer. “Next time you arrange an interview at this time of night, make sure you come to the right room!” She turned to Nathan. “Do you know how long I was waiting up there while she was supposed to be getting my inside scoop?”

He looked to Spencer for some help. She didn’t give it.

“Too freaking long,” the brunette continued before turning back to Spencer who had walked closer. “Next time you get side-tracked by a Papa John’s pizza, make sure I’m not waiting, capiche?”

Spencer arched an eyebrow, her stare hard. “If you weren’t such a moron, maybe you would have thought to remind me you were there,” she replied.

Ashley rolled her eyes. “Oh, whatever. I’ll see you in court.”

With that, she stormed toward the large doors to leave and Gary rushed over, opening the door for her.

They both turned to look at Spencer and she shrugged. “The pizza was really good.”

* * * * *


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