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This one is Kymen – Kyla/Carmen to the uninitiated – and features only a few fleeting appearances from OFC [Our Favourite Couple]. While not really canon, it would kinda fit after 3A.

Kyla’s feeling sorry for herself because her world is falling apart. She gets comfort and support from the strangest possible source.


Something Borrowed: Chapter 14

Previously: Chapter Thirteen [A]

1) For L. For EVERYTHING. Thank you.
2) For Peanut and her magnifcle fan art
3) For anyone and everyone who read Kymen

and for Dev.

I love my life. I love my wife. And I loves the Boss, too – Dev

Rating: HOT SEX! NC-17. Not safe for.. well, anywhere! Continue reading

Something Borrowed: Chapter 13

Previously: Chapter Twelve [AA]

Oooh, penultimatage!

This one is for gilmar, who gets just a little bit older today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIL!!!

Beta’d by dev while she ran the marathon.

Disclaimers: SON belongs to Thomas Lynch and-N.
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Something Borrowed: Chapter 12

Previously: Chapter Eleven [X, NSFW]

For L, because she makes me giggle. And because she needs all the Kymen her little brain can handle.

Dev, the wonder beta, is so amazing, I’m building her a better cage. With new improved super wheel!

Rating: AA. Kissing and maybe a little groping, although it’s hard to see from this angle. Continue reading

Something Borrowed: Chapter 11

Previously: Chapter Ten [X, NSFW]

Sassy and Wave beat me up until I posted this.

I’m all bruised!

L owns this story. Yes she does.

Devs can sing, Devs can dance, Devs can beta.

Oh, I wanted to add this. People have been discussing the idea of Carmen as a character. Her impossibility of being anything good etc. I admit, the producers and writers have done a pretty good job of making her a two dimensional baddie. But think of this: I’ve made half my Ashleys perfect, and the show certainly doesn’t paint THAT picture. Given what we do with the Spencer/Ashley characters, I hardly think that me giving Carmen a bit of depth and less demonising is a huge issue.

Continue to debate though, I enjoy it.

Rating: Oh, good God, it’s hot. And entirely NSFW. Do not read if you’re underage. Continue reading

Something Borrowed: Chapter 10

Previously: Chapter Nine [X, NSFW]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUBBS! I saved this one for you.

Dev beta’d this. One day, when I figure out how, I’m going to find a way to actually thank her for everything she’s ever done for me. For now, I settle for adoring her. She’s the best PMH a girl could have. (Entirely platonic of course.)

Rating: Hot. White hot. Totally NSFW hot. Adults only. Do not read in a public place. Continue reading

Something Borrowed: Chapter 9

Previously: Chapter Eight [AA]

This one is for two people.

1. Sassy. Because she’s selling her sister’s car to pay for my honeymoon.
2. Payne. Because she needs it more than coffee.

Rating: XXX. So very, very hot. Totally NSFW hot. Don’t read this if you’re underage.

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 8

Previously: Chapter Seven [AA]

Devlishly wonderful. That’s what I am. — Indeed she is!

Well, this is Sunday’s update. I’m just posting it at 1.30 am on Sunday, a little early. No this does not mean i’ll posting again today, just that you get it early :) If you happen to be up this late.

This is for all you highly entertaining people who keep me giggling in the peanut gallery :)

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 7

Previously: Chapter Six [AA]

Sometimes Devs sing…

When you’re down and troubled / And you need a helping hand / And nothing, whoa, nothing is going right. / Close your eyes and think of me / And soon I will be there / To brighten up even your darkest nights.

You just call out my name, / And you know wherever I am / I’ll come running, oh yeah, baby / To see you again. / Winter, spring, summer, or fall, / All you have to do is call / And I’ll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah. / You’ve got a friend.

There was no way I couldn’t leave that little song up there. It was A) incredibly cute and B) Proof of what a wonderful person she is.

This one, This one is totally for Wave Goodbye because we’re swapping updates right now and this is what she asked for. I would like to point out that this only pleases fans of both of us, such as Gilmar, who will encourage this updating frenzy far too vocally. *shrugs* I get an Dubbsdate out of it so I don’t care.

Rating: AA. Hotter kissing! Making out!

* * * * *

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 6

Previously: Chapter Five [A]

For Sassy and Payne’s wedding. Like, a kind of wedding song.

Dev beta’d this. When is she not beta’ing. When she’s lovin’ her missus that’s when.

862 Hours till the Redhead gets here. Yes, I’m counting.

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Something Borrowed: Chapter 5

Previously: Chapter Four [A]

This one is for Dev, cos I love her more than Potatoes. And for Payne because dammit if the girl ain’t entertaining.

Yes, I’m aware Mother Theresa was a nun… but Kyla is a little.. *wiggles hand*

Rating: A. Fluffy and light, like the best soufflé.

Beta’d by Dev for a nickle and a prayer. Continue reading