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Written by Clom.

Spencer’s a marine biologist working in Melbourne. Ashley’s in Australia on tour.

[Still in progress]

Coming Up For Air, Chapter 35

Previously: Chapter 34 [U]

I wrote this while sitting on a balcony, overlooking the ocean, having snorkelled and gone fishing. I felt it was a very appropriate place to write some CUFA. I don’t get a lot of holidays, so I thoroughly enjoyed them, even if they only lasted 4 days.

I’m back now. Work beckons. **sigh**

In response to the few people that commented, updates that don’t include my random one-shottage will be concentrated on: CUFA, Point of Impact (because I promised the random angry person) and Inside Skin. Just don’t know when.

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 34

Previously: Chapter 33 [U]

See, as promised.

A short one to sweep up all the problems and then I’ll shift this plot along a little.

Any requests for other fic? Leave it in the comments.

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 33

Previously: Chapter 32 [A]

There’s some vague plot advancement in here somewhere. I think. Anyway, I have a massively important exam on Valentine’s Day, so I wasn’t going to post anything till then. But I got itchy and finished this chapter. If you’re lucky, there’ll be another one before February, but don’t count on it.

This one (while always dedicated to Dev), is for goldflecks. If you haven’t yet read her Rizzles, get your lil’ butt over to and DAMN WELL READ it cos she’s like, fucking awesome.

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 32

Previously: Chapter 31, Coral [X, NSFW]

The Thlot Pickens.

Fish: Bass.
Rated: A.

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 31

Previously: Chapter 30 [A]

Short, sweet and smutty.

Coral. Rated X. NSFW.

For Dev (because she loves Fishy), for Teddy (cos she’s having a rough time), for cbrammer (for giving such good review) and an ANTI-Dedication to Peanut, for finding me predictable :P :P :P

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 30

Previously: Chapter 29 [U]

No fish, just heart attacks.

Rated: A. A wee bit naughty!

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 29

Previously: Chapter 28 [U]

Happy New Year.

Rating: U.

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 28

Previously: Chapter 27 [U]

Merry Christmas everyone.

Rating: U.

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Coming Up For Air, Chapter 27

By the by, the conversation re: Spanish hors d’oeuvres is stolen directly from life. The redhead is generally this hilarious. And apparently thinks of tapas at least 50% of the time.

Fish: Kissing Gourami
Rating: U

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Coming Up For Air: Chapter 26

Previously: Chapter 25: Cone shells [X, NSFW]

For the equal greatest auntie in the world.

Fish: Seahorses.
Rating: A. Flangsty.

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