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Spencer’s first year at college. Ashley is her room mate. There are twists and turns.

[Unfinished; On hiatus]

The Inside Skin – Chapter 8

Kettles. Apparently you don’t have them. Interesting that. You Americans are a strange lot. Thank god for Dev and her beta’ing ways.

Er… who should this one go out to? Well how about ALL of you and a A bag of Dev.

I’m kinda all about the magic of the redhead and Dev today. But I do love me some Spashley fans.


Disclaimers: SON belongs to Thomas Lynch and-N and starts back in a few weeks, or so I understand.
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The Inside Skin – Chapter 7

Dev Dev Dev Dev she’s the best Dev Dev!!! And she beta’d this.

She really is. This one is for Gilmarbeta because… because she’s a very avid reader, and loves Dubbs, and and and she’s from South America and she’s my friend. *nods*

And for my darling bubby (TheRedHead), though she hates Spashley with a passion, it’s just cos the show’s writing makes her teeth hurt and lets face it, we can all claim THAT sometimes.

Disclaimers: SON belongs to Thomas Lynch and-N. Although they don’t DO anything with it.
Rating: Saucy.
WARNING: No sex, but references to heterosexual sex acts which may make you feel a little unwell. (And some mild lesbian makeout). Continue reading

The Inside Skin – Chapter 6

For Peanut and her amazing art works.

Hey Dev, we should totally have a fan art competition. They can have a signed hard copy of a story of their choice. Then I’d have their address… MUAHAHAHAHAH.

You’re evil.

She’s right. Pure evil.

I wanna hear about your love life disasters. Be they dating disasters or break ups or parents catching you mid sex… I wanna hear it all :)

Disclaimers: SON is the property of Tommy Lynch and the Mighty N.

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The Inside Skin – Chapter 5

[SpiderDev, SpiderDev, does whatever a SpiderDev does!]

SS, this is NOT from the blackmail. In fact, I want you to write G-aiden. I dare you. In the comment for this. Full on smut as well. I want the word penis to jump out at me. Go on. I call your bluff. Do IT.

This is in fact because Ashes.Rising said she’d wait forever. The sweet heart.

Disclaimer: SON owned by someone else. Wish they’d give it to me though.
Rating: PG

Beta’d by Dev cos she’s back and FAAAABULOUS! [True] Continue reading

The Inside Skin – Chapter 4

Muahahaha. Loved the confessions.

Tell me something funny people. A joke, a story, a fantastic meme. I don’t care what.

This was beta’d by Freddy in record time. Apparently she’s feeling murderous though.

Disclaimer: Tom Lynch and the N People own SON. I make no money from this. Just looooove.

Rating: PG

(Sorry, I’ve fixed the error, the story is there now)

Jessi It’s your Birthday (2 days ago), Happy Birthday Jessi (2 days ago), Jessi It’s your Birthday (2 days ago), Happy Birthday Jessi (2 days ago).

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The Inside Skin – Chapter 3

Guys, I really, really appreciate all your thoughts and well wishing and support. This is going to be ongoing for… well, it looks positively interminable. I won’t bore you all with the details, just thank you for your patience and give you this update.

Oh, and um, if you please, I’ve thought of another thing for y’all to add to your comments. How about… a confession. I’ll confess this: I actually liked TaTu…

Disclaimer: SON belongs to Tom Lynch and the Confederation of the N peoples. I borrow.

Rating: PG

Beta’d by Freddikins cos she’s COOL like that.

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The Inside Skin – Chapter 2

So, I know I just posted an AN saying that I wasn’t sure what was happening. That’s still true. I won’t be around much and I don’t have a lot of time to write, but this was done and I had a second to post it. Thank you so much for all your thoughts.

I really enjoyed your life stories. (Especially Jo’s). So, I thought I’d ask you guys to help distract me from my life and post something. Uh… um. Ok, do you have any pets. If not, have you ever and if you haven’t, what would you have? There.

Beta’d By Freddikins

Disclaimer: Spashley from South of Nowhere based on the series by Tom Lynch and the N Collaboration. I just borrow.

Rating: PG.

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The Inside Skin – Chapter 1

Aaah, the start of a new story. So Fresh. So much possibility. So much bloody work to do.

Lets see, I have a request for this first chapter, for my loyal commenting fans: I would like to know more about you. So if you’re willing, please tell me a bit about yourself. You know, where you’re from (Country, city if you’re feeling daring, if you put your full address be prepared for Dev and I turning up on your doorstep for free holiday accomodation [and Payne turning up for sex]). Maybe what you do with your days and something we’d find interesting. I dunno, I wanna get to know you guys!

Thanks on this one to: Freddkins (who beta’d it, and is standing in for dev for 3 weeks. Isn’t she fabulous. A little applause please), and Hot4YoMama who’s my advisor on the College stuff, although I will make some things up.

Ok, this story:

Summary: Spencer’s first year at college. Ashley is her room mate. There are twists and turns.

Disclaimer: South of Nowhere is owned by Tom Lynch and the N Network. I use these characters as writing practise and do not make any money from them. Some characters will be my own work. In this chapter: Jo. Jo is named after another famous Fan fic author but I changed her last name so she wouldn’t hit me with a machete.

Rating: Story: G-NC17. This Chapter, purely vanilla G rating.


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