Fic Ratings

When I was younger, the BBFC [British Board of Film Classification] had a very simple rating system:

  • U (Universal)
  • A (Adult, but a child could attend accompanied by an adult)
  • AA (Adult, over 14s only)
  • X (over 18s only)

For our purposes, the only category which is definitely not safe for work (or school or wherever) is the X category. The difference between A and AA could be described as A is probably kissing, while AA is most likely heavy petting.

The BBFC also had an H certificate just for Horror which I find somehow adorable, but we needn’t concern ourselves with that.

Anyway, we’re now going to be using this system to rate all our fics. I’ll also start the process of rolling it back to all previously posted stories.

Eventually, at the bottom of each chapter of a completed fic, you should see a link that says something like Next up: Chapters 11 & 12 [A], so you know what the rating for the next page is before you click on it. After all, we don’t want your workplace or parents to know that you’re a bunch of perverts, do we?

We’re all about the public service.

* * * * *

Bonus EasterEgg goodness

Congratulations! You’re one of only a small handful of people who’ve ever read this page. So, guess what? I’m giving you the secret link to all the x-rated fics: all fics tagged as ‘not safe for work’.