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Written by Clom.

Spencer gets an intriguing job offer which brings her back in contact with her ex, Ashley Davies.

[Retro, Complete]

Circles and Circles: Epilogue, Part 2

Previously: Epilogue, Part 1 [X, Not Safe For Work]

This is the longer version of the post that I inadvertently made the other day. If you haven’t read the porn of part one, on you go.
Rating: U. Fluffy.

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Circles and Circles: Epilogue, Part 1

Previously: Chapter 14 [A]

Ah, hell. I posted the epilogue in the wrong order. This should have appeared first. Sorry about that.

Rated: X. Hot sex. Not safe for work.

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Circles and Circles: Finale

Previously: Chapters 11-13 [A]

This is actually the final chapter. If you’ve read this before, you’re going to be saying to yourself, ‘Hold on, I know for a fact that it doesn’t end there.’ You are correct. There’s an epilogue. I’ll post it in two parts later this week.

Rating: A

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Circles and Circles: Chapters 11-13

Previously: Chapters 9-10 [X. Adult. Not safe for work.]

More retro Spashley.

Rating: A

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Circles and Circles: Chapters 9-10

Previously: Chapters 7-8 [U]

Chapter 9: A leisurely walk ends badly for Spencer
Chapter 10: Frustration can only be contained for so long

Rated: X. Adult. Not safe for work. You have been warned.

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Circles and Circles: Chapters 7-8

Vintage Spashley.

Previously: Chapters 4-6 [U]

Chapter 7: Spencer settles into her new job.
Chapter 8: Everyone hauls off to Ashley’s cabin

Rating: U

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Circles and Circles: Chapters 4-6

Previously: Chapters 1-3 [U]

If I were the author, this is where the Author’s note would go! But, I’m not, so it’s not, and, yeah…

Rating: U

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Circles and Circles: Chapters 1-3

I know I haven’t completed posting Best For Me yet, but I promise that it’s next on my list. This one, however, was the first real multi-part Clomle fic, way back in the day. Here’s hoping it’s new to some of you or old enough that you can enjoy reading it again.

Rating: U.
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