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Geeky Spencer admires the glamorous Ashley from afar. When Ashley asks her out, Spencer can hardly believe her luck.

[In progress]

Point Of Impact, Chapter 4

Previously: Chapter 3 [U]

Dedicated to SoHo and Kinors, for coming out of the commenting closet. Thank you guys, it makes my absolute day.

Rated: U.

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Point of Impact, Chapter 3

Previously: Chapter 2 [U]

Update! Guaranteed 93% less angst-y than part 2.

Rated: U.

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Point of Impact, Chapter 2

Previously: Chapter 1 [U]

A few short points on this story:

1. It isn’t long – five, maybe six chapters.
2. There may be no smut. I’m aware that I could possibly alienate my entire readership by announcing that up front but, hell, you may as well know. There may be smut, but right now, it’s not intended.
3. I will be updating other things in the near future, namely CUFA [Fishy! It’s called Fishy – Dev]. There are a few one-shots that should appear soon too (esp. a Rizzles one). Other than that, we’ll see.

Dedicated to

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Point of Impact, Chapter 1

New, short(ish) fic from Clom, who sadly didn’t have time to do an author’s note, despite her all-round awesomeness. And I’m shit at author’s notes for my own fics and even worse at editor’s notes for Clom’s fics, so, uh…

Dedicated to the return of the Nork and to Clom’s brilliance.

Rated: U.

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