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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice, Chapter 5

For Tee, the greatest Excel helper in the world when Dev is not available. And Devje is not always available. Thank you so very much Miss Tee!!

Rating: U.

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Fire and Ice: Chapter 4

Previously: Chapter 3 [U]

Devje’s ‘Ones’ of SVU:
The One-Six: SVU work out of Manhattan’s fictional 16th Precinct, AKA the One-Six.
One Hogan: the District Attorney’s staff – including ADAs – are based at One Hogan Place, which is attached to the Manhattan criminal courts.
OnePP: The top brass of the NYPD – and some high profile divisions, such as the Major Case Squad featured in L&O: Criminal Intent – are based at One Police Plaza, AKA OnePP.
One Drink: the name of the Ho!Yay and Het!Yay threads at Television Without Pity.

Rated: A

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Fire and Ice: Chapter 3

Previously: Chapter 2 [X]

Aaah, the things we can do with ourselves. I’ve had a few requests for this, I’m quite glad some people are reading it :)

And don’t think I didn’t see that creepin’ around on the other site Daughter of Mine. Were you out past your curfew?

Rated: U

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Fire and Ice: Chapter 2

Previously: Chapter 1 [A]

Rating: AA/X. Contains heterosexual sex.

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Fire and Ice: Chapter 1

I felt like writing this. When I feel like writing, I do so. This will be a slightly longer fic, though I can’t decide whether or not it’ll be 10 or 30 chapters. I guess I’ll see how it goes.

Rating: A.

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