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written by Clom.

Spencer is married with a daughter, but her life is turned upside-down when she meets the young musician who works with her daughter.

[Retro, complete]

Best For Me, Chapters 46 – End

Previously: Chapters 41-45 [A]

Chapter 46: The One with the Honey-Blonde Hussy
Chapter 47: The One with the Green-Eyed Monster
Chapter 48: The One when No Words are Needed
Chapter 49: The One with the Confrontation
Chapter 50: The One where the Men Make Sense
Chapter 51: The One with the Happy Ending

Rating for these chapters: X. NSFW. Way hot sex.

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Best For Me: Chapters 41-45

Previously: Chapters 36-40 [A]

Chapter 41: The One where Peace Breaks Out
Chapter 42: The One on the Front Step
Chapter 43: The One with the Braxton-Hicks
Chapter 44: The One where Alexander Meets Everyone
Chapter 45: The One with Elly’s Jealousy

Rating for this set of chapters: A.

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Best For Me: Chapters 36-40

Previously: Chapters 31-35 [X. NSFW]

Chapter 36: The One with the Agreement
Chapter 37: The One with Fred
Chapter 38: The One where Ashley Meets the Parents
Chapter 39: The One where Ashley Cooks
Chapter 40: The One with the Scare

Rating for this set of chapters: A. Some emotional trauma.

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Best For Me: Chapters 31-35

Previously: Chapters 26-30 [A]

Chapter 31: The One with the Polar Bear Pyjamas
Chapter 32: The One with the Shower Sex
Chapter 33: The One where Ashley Disappears
Chapter 34: The One with the Tears
Chapter 35: The One with the Confession

Rating for this set of chapters: X. Adult in all sorts of ways. NSFW.

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Best For Me: Chapters 26-30

Previously: Chapters 21-25 [A]

Chapter 26: The One with the Head Wound
Chapter 27: The One where Ashley Does the Right Thing
Chapter 28: The One with the Big Announcement
Chapter 29: The One with the Invitation
Chapter 30: The One with the Brownies

Rating for this set of chapters: A. There’s kissing.

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Best For Me: Chapters 21-25

Previously: Chapters 16-20 [A]

Chapter 21: The One with the Dead Rabbit
Chapter 22: The One where the Realisation Sinks In
Chapter 23: The One where Spencer Tells Grey
Chapter 24: The One at the Supermarket
Chapter 25: The One with the Eavesdropping

Rating for this set of chapters: A. Mild swearing.

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Best For Me: Chapters 16 to 20

Previously: Chapters 11-15 [X, NSFW]

Hey, it’s the return of Dev’s side project! Please go back and familiarise yourself with parts 1 to 15.

The song in chapter 20 is – I think – Kate Miller-Heidke’s Space They Cannot Touch. Why not YouTube it, as I can’t do that from here?

Disclaimers: The-N. Tom Lynch. Yada, yada, yada.
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Best For Me: Chapters 11 to 15

Previously: Chapters 6-10 [A]

Boss, put some author’s notes here when you wake up!
Notes. (I’m an author so it counts – Sez)

Disclaimers: Thomas Lynch and the Raiders of the Lost N own SON. Your very own Dr Sez owns this story. I just work here.
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Best For Me: Chapters 6 to 10

Previously: Chapters 1-5 [U]

This is usually where Clom would write her bit, but she’s off being a good Austra-Canadian and celebrating Canada Day. When I asked her, she said – and I quote – “You can write my AN for me. Use me as a puppet. Shove your hand up my ass and make me talk.” I’ll leave you all to consider that mental image for yourselves, then.

Rating: A. Safe for work. A little bit of kissing. A whole lot of angst.

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Best For Me: Chapters 1 to 5

There was really one clear winner in the ‘Name your favourite story for reposting’ thread. Although there was also a huge write-in vote for Le Marais (of which, more anon, my friends).

So, it is with the greatest of pleasure that I present the first five chapters of Best for Me.

Disclaimers: Thomas Lynch and the Insane MTV Posse own SON. The good doctor owns this story. And I own every season of Murder, She Wrote on DVD. Big up the Jessica Fletcher massive!
Rating: Safe for work.

Soooo… You wanted BFM. This was my first really HUGE story. I mean, I wrote Circles and Circles before this, but this was the first saga I wrote. It was so loved I couldn’t HELP but write LM. So, yeah, thanks guys. I’m chuffed. –> Clom

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