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There’s definitely some smut, although it’s not PWP [Porn Without Plot, for those who don’t know], because there’s 28 pages of ‘plot’. [One-shot]

Silence of the Hams


So, that’s all this is. It’s a birthday one-shot for my buddy Orange. She’s… there are not enough words in the English language to describe Orange. She’s a multitude of them all wrapped up in a little body. So since today is the anniversary of the day her parents had sex nine months previously and then she came shooting out screaming “It’s a waterslide! Hurrah!” I thought I’d give her a present. Orange, babe, this one is TOTALLY for you.

Disclaimer: Contains NC17 Sexual content (pure smut, although it’s not PWP, because there’s 28 pages of Plot). It’s also completely insane. Based on characters owned by Tom Lynch and the N corporation

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