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A WayHaught one shot based on a Vine of two Danish Handballers falling into a rather hilarious position.

I own nothing. SyFy US own everything. I just…. repurposed.

My amazing, fantabulous, amazeballs, incredible beta is Devje—may we build a Greekesque temple in her honour.

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A little smutty WayHaught one-shot to ease my way back into writing.


(Dev is my beta for ever and ever and ever, amen)

Rated X. Very NSFW.

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What If

So there was this random idea that I had. In the world of Rookie Blue, what if you could change one thing? Just one thing from the canon story, and head from there.

This first mini-fic is an example: what if Gail was still high when picked up from the hospital by Holly (4.10)?

I’ll be taking prompts for future What Ifs, and also just making them up as I go.

Thank you once again to my dancing Betafish, Devje.

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I Touch Myself

Ooh, The Divinyls! This isn’t anyone’s choice but mine, and it’s Rookie Blue again. But, you know, you might enjoy it.

Thanks as always to my Devja Beta Fish.

Rated X. NSFW.

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Aaaah, this is actually going quite well. I’ve just been shuffling through the songs and if something comes to mind, writing it. I never said it wouldn’t all be angsty!

This one is from Duncan: Three Days Grace – Painkiller

Spashley. Decidedly X-rated. Muchos gracias to Dev, as always, for her wondrous beta skills that make my crapola readable.

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If Only

Okay, this one was as per spikkels8. The pairing is HG/Myka (Warehouse 13) and it’s very short, only 376 words. It has spoilers for Season 5. The song was ‘If Only I’ by Jon McLaughlin.

Also, warning: I didn’t say they were going to be happy. 

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Forward Momentum

I wrote something!!!

I’ve had the worst writer’s block forever now, so this is big for me. I know I have a lot of unfinished Spashley and other stuff, but I managed to write something, and I’m just plain happy about it.
So this is just a 1,000 word drabble from Rookie Blue.

For those interested, it takes place between 5.01 and 5.03.

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Challenge Me

I’m trying to get over this terrible writer’s block that’s crippling me. So I’m going to try to write. What I want to do is write some short drabbles, just to try and get going.

So here’s what I want from you. I want a song you want me to write a fic to. I can’t promise I’ll pick your song, or your pairing, but I’ll think about, listen, and, if I find inspiration, I’ll give it a go.

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Wentworth—AKA Wentworth Prison—Smut PWP One Shot. I’m juggling a hectic job, a renovation, my final exam, finding a job and a pregnant wife. I broke my hibernation with this but I’m back into hibernation now. Catch ya later.

Rated: X. NSFW.

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PGCDVI – Hurricane Sandy

Ok. My birthday was in APRIL. It was definitely time for a new PG.

I’m just wishing all our peeps on the East Coast of North America, all the way through the Midwest, the very best. Don’t let Sandy get you down.

Let us know if you need some cheerin’ up.

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