In the Velvet Darkness, Chapter 5

Previously: Chapter 4 [A]

They have sex.
Rated X. NSFW.

* * * * *

Sunday Morning

Regina was the first to wake that morning, the sounds of the shower running pulling Emma from sleep.

She stretched on the couch, arching her back, trying to work the kinks out from a night spent thinking about that kiss. It was—Emma didn’t really have words. It was something else, more intimate than she would normally be comfortable with. It had felt like things too big for Emma to say. It also, she knew, meant that she would have to speak to Killian when they to back, because she couldn’t possibly go back to him and keep pretending that what they had was anything near enough. She had assumed before that she wasn’t being fair to him, but she accepted now that she was also cheating herself.

When she heard the water shut off and the bathroom door open, she leaned forward as far as possible so she could see down the hallway. Regina was wrapped in a bath towel, another smaller towel in her hand to dry her hair.

“Morning,” Emma said.

Regina looked up, a smile spreading across her face. There was nothing self-conscious in the way she reached up and ran her fingers through her hair. She was preening, putting herself on show. It was a hell of a show. Emma tilted her head and followed the line of Regina’s legs with her eyes, imagining them around her waist, holding her in place, as Regina ground her wet, slick heat across her abdomen.

“I heated the water so we could both have showers.”

“Uh-huh.” Emma wanted to laugh. A hot shower was not what she needed. She finally lifted her eyes to Regina’s face. The brunette was amused and aroused, Emma could tell, so she stared back shamelessly, because she felt no shame in appreciating that body.

They maintained eye contact for a few moments longer, then Regina nodded towards Emma’s bedroom.

“I should get dressed.”


“What would you like for your breakfast?”

Emma stood, her hands on her hips. “Whatever you want to give me.”

Regina arched an eyebrow, but said nothing else before disappearing into Emma’s room.

Breakfast was mostly silent, each of them staring when they thought the other wasn’t watching, and constantly getting caught. There were soft smiles and eye rolls and the occasional sigh. Once, when Emma reached out for the butter at the same time as Regina, their hands touched for only a moment, and Regina almost pulled hers back, before letting her fingers curl around Emma’s wrist and trailing up the inside of her arm. Neither of them was using words like ‘mistake’ or ‘regret’, which Emma took as good sign. She didn’t regret a damn thing. If she never kissed another human being for the rest of her life, she could still die happy having been kissed by Regina Mills, and she was finding it very difficult to keep the smile from her face.

“Stop grinning,” Regina finally said, as they walked along the path towards the glitch in the barrier. They had transported directly there because there seemed no point in avoiding using magic, especially since it had been having no ill-effects on them beyond the normal slight tiredness. Regina still thought they shouldn’t get too close, though, because magic was always unpredictable.

“I wasn’t aware that I was smiling but if it bothers you, then I can stop.”

“You’re not as cute as you seem to think you are.”

“On the contrary, I am exactly as cute as I think I am. And I’m also exactly as cute as you think I am.”

“My, aren’t we full of ourselves today?” Regina glanced over her shoulder with a look that Emma categorised as somewhere between amusement and exasperation. She was wearing black pants, which didn’t hug her ass nearly as well as jeans did, but it was still a great view, especially because there was an extra something there. Emma would bet an entire year’s salary that Regina was putting a little more sway and swivel into her hips because she knew Emma was watching.

“Probably. Does that bother you too?”

“Nowhere near as much as it used to.”

This was good, Emma thought. Banter was definitely good. And she was about to respond in kind when she noticed something over Regina’s shoulder which stole the words from her and made her jaw actually fall open in surprise. Regina saw the look and swung around to see what Emma was staring at.

“Oh my God,” Emma said, brushing past Regina in her haste to get to the barrier, her hand instinctively reaching out towards it.

“Emma Swan, don’t you dare touch that.” Regina pulled her back by the shoulder, her fingers digging in through the leather of Emma’s jacket.

They stared, dumbfounded. Where previously the barrier had rippled, there was a large rend, as if someone had sliced it with a knife and pulled back the edges. The baseball was gone. Beyond, there was nothing but total darkness, so much blacker than the half-gloom they had adjusted to in their fake surroundings. The complete emptiness on the other side of the barrier was almost hypnotic.

“Baseball,” Regina said.

“What?” Emma half-turned, but Regina was staring at the barrier, her free hand held out in front of Emma, the other still gripping her shoulder.

“We need another baseball.”

“Oh.” Emma’s eyes fluttered half-shut until the required object appeared in her hand. She dropped it into Regina’s open palm, and was surprised when it was passed back to her.

“You know you’re desperate to try,” Regina said. She looked between Emma and the tear in the barrier. “But perhaps we should take a few steps back.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan.” She carefully shuffled backwards, never taking her eyes from the blackness. “Do you sense anything?”


“What’s on the other side?” Emma’s fingers tightened around the ball in her hand.

Regina’s hand fell from her shoulders and she walked closer to the barrier, even as Emma was still backing up.

“Regina,” she warned, fear and anxiety gripping at her.

“It’s okay. I’m not going to do anything stupid.” Regina smirked over her shoulder. “I’m not you.”

Emma let out a nervous laugh, but she still held her breath as she watched Regina peer into the darkness, somehow expecting an arm to shoot out and pull Regina through the gap because she’d watched too many bad horror movies and that was what always happened. But, it didn’t. Regina crinkled her nose and shook her head and then shut her eyes in concentration, but no ghostly hand appeared and nothing changed, although the chirping of crickets seemed louder than ever.

“Nothing,” Regina said, turning away and walking towards Emma.


“Actual nothingness.” Regina moved behind her and leaned in, her voice dropping. “Let’s see your best shot, princess.” She made it sound like a sexual challenge, and Emma felt a shiver of anticipation run up her spine.

She shucked off her jacket, handing it over to Regina to hold, and unbuttoned the cuffs of her button-down, rolling the sleeves up over her elbows. She blew onto the baseball and then rotated it in her hand until her fingers settled in the perfect place on either side of its stitching.

“You might want to back up a bit further.”

“Why? No control of your fastball?”

Emma turned to Regina, giving her a slow once-over. “On the contrary. I have perfect control when I need it.” She chuckled to herself as Regina’s eyes darkened. “The barrier, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about.” Without taking a beat, Emma twisted around, planted her foot and snapped her arm back, and then she was there, in the perfect moment where muscle memory knew that the ball needed released. It hurtled towards the gap and, as it passed through, disappeared completely.

They looked at each other, then to the gap, then back to each other.

“Try again?” Emma asked. Regina nodded.

Another baseball delivered the same results, only this time Emma could feel Regina watching her pitch rather than following the ball, and she squared her shoulders in pride and arrogance when she was done. They probably should be flirting less and concentrating harder on the situation, but Emma didn’t care. She folded her arms over her chest and cocked her head to the side.

“Do you want to watch me do that again?”

Regina raised her eyebrow in challenge. “No, I think I’ve seen enough.” Her eyes trailed over Emma’s folded arms and then up to her face, daring Emma to say something else about her stark appraisal. Regina held out her hand and a shiny red apple appeared, its colour matching perfectly with Regina’s lipstick, which, naturally, made Emma stare at that mouth, and think back on how it had felt pressed to hers. Damn, Regina played to win, and Emma was well and truly—and happily—losing this game.

“Nice.” She nodded in appreciation, both of the apple and the entirely intentional effect it had. “Very nice.”

“Thank you.” Regina walked closer to the barrier and stopped about a yard away. She tossed the apple through with a slow underarm lob. “I don’t think there is another side, in any real sense.”

Emma strolled over to join her, her hands in her back pockets. “Meaning what, exactly?” As she reached her, Regina handed her jacket back. Rather than put it on, Emma slung it over her shoulder.

“We’re in an alternate reality, suspended in nothingness. Everything in here is completely contained. Nothing can go beyond it. Anything which does, or tries to, will simply disappear from this reality.”

Emma reached out again, stopping because she could feel Regina’s disapproving glare without needing to see it. “But it’s going somewhere?”

Regina shook her head. “I don’t know. I don’t think trying it with your hand is the way to find out, though.”

“Maybe in real Storybrooke, there’s a couple of baseballs and an apple in the forest, just beyond the town line.”


“Which means we might be able to walk through this gap and be home.”

“Or we might end up back in the Enchanted Forest. Or, worse, we could be disintegrated completely.” Regina folded her arms over her chest and peered through the gap, as if she might see an apple and a couple of baseballs floating in space.

“Not good.” Emma stuffed her hand back in her pocket to remove the continuing temptation to touch the barrier.

“No, not good.”

Emma stared at the darkness, not knowing what she was looking for, but finally realising that the chirping she had assumed to be crickets was actually the noise of the barrier itself. And that was disconcerting, because now she was thinking of electric fences and millions of volts passing through her arm. Following Regina’s lead, she conjured a third baseball and tossed it gently. For a second or so, while it remained visible, there was a faint scraping, crackling sound as if it was sliding down the barrier, and then, as Regina had said, nothing.

“I wonder what’s caused the big hole.”

“Time passing. The spell starting to unravel. It could be anything.”

Emma inhaled and exhaled deeply. “You don’t think maybe it was us?” Our kiss, she wanted to say. From Regina’s sad and frustrated look in reply, Emma knew she’d heard the real question.

“I hardly think that—”

“No, don’t.” Emma didn’t want to hear Regina rule out the possibility. She was in love with Regina, and she really didn’t want to be told that her love wasn’t enough, because she knew that good and well already. Her love had never been enough for anyone or anything, but she damn well wanted it to be. “I think it’s entirely possible.”

Regina only let the smile reach her eyes for a moment, before she shook her head again. “Emma, you know—”

“No.” She wasn’t going to be talked down. “We should try again.” She stepped forward, reaching out and wrapping her fingers around Regina’s forearm. She pulled Regina towards her, her face softening and her voice dropping as she looked at Regina’s lips. “I mean, it’s worth a try, right?” Regina’s face said no, but her body was arching in towards Emma’s, so Emma put her other arm around Regina’s waist, her hand flat against the small of her back and pulled her tight against her. “It’s in all the fairytales, or so I’m told.”

“We can’t—”

Emma ducked her head and pressed her mouth against Regina’s. Unlike Regina, she was neither soft nor gentle, but harsh and desperate, because that was how she was feeling. The kiss they’d shared the night before had been entirely about tenderness, but Emma didn’t really give a fuck about True Love or soulmates or any of that crap her parents believed in, because she was not of their world. Oh, she wanted all of that for Regina because, despite her façade, Regina did believe in those things; in Emma’s world, though, dreams didn’t come true, and fairies didn’t promise you happy endings, but sometimes you could get what you wanted, if you worked hard at it and were willing to do whatever it took to get there. And she wanted this. She wanted Regina in a way she couldn’t even explain to herself, like a thirst she would never fully slake.

So she kissed her like that was their only truth, her mouth moving aggressively and her tongue coming out immediately to claim possession, her hand digging into Regina’s back. Whatever they were becoming, she was damned if it was going to be taken away from her without a fight. She forced her knee between Regina’s and swallowed the gasp her actions produced, growling at the back of her throat as Regina’s hands wound around her neck, pushing her jacket away and then fisting in her hair as she kissed her back with just as much ferocity.

This was what Emma had imagined they would be together: primal and fierce and Regina’s teeth biting on her bottom lip and her hands scrabbling to get inside Regina’s clothes to feel skin and friction as they moved together and so much need. They were made to fight, against each other and with each other and beside each other and, most importantly, for each other.

She half-opened her eye, looking for a tree or somewhere she could back Regina up, because she was starting to feel like she might keel over, and, moreover, she really wanted to feel Regina harder and tighter against her, and their footing wasn’t great for that. But the nearest tree was twenty feet away. She wished that they weren’t in the middle of the forest, next to the stupid barrier in stupid fake Storybrooke, and then Regina did something with her tongue that erased every conscious thought, and suddenly Emma’s stomach was turning in a way which could mean only one thing, but she couldn’t stop kissing her because it was too good, too perfect. When she allowed herself to pull back, her breath coming shakily in harsh bursts, her chest heaving against Regina’s, she tried to focus.

They were no longer in the forest, but in the middle of her living room, only a few feet from the couch. Before she could even question it, Regina laughed, her hands moving from Emma’s hair to her hips.

“Oh, Emma, Emma, Emma.” She shook her head, grinning.

“What?” She looked around. “I didn’t do this.” Even as she said it, she wasn’t sure that was true.

“No, of course you didn’t.” Regina leaned in, burying her face in Emma’s neck. She kissed and nipped at the skin just below Emma’s ear, as she manoeuvred them in the direction of the couch, getting rid of her own coat on the way, letting it fall to the floor.

“I didn’t.” It was a weak protest which came out as little more than a moan, because Regina’s teeth and tongue were distracting her, and she was trying not to stumble at being shuffled backwards.

“Uh-huh.” Regina placed her hands on Emma’s shoulders and pushed. Emma fell down onto the couch, and Regina clambered after her, her knees straddling Emma’s thighs.

“I di—”

Regina’s hands dropped to the hem of her black v-necked sweater and pulled it over her head, and Emma definitely couldn’t speak, not when there were hands in her hair, pulling her forwards for another kiss. And this time Regina was hard and demanding and, God, how did she even know to kiss like that, because it was incredible. Emma’s hands moved to Regina’s back, exploring the skin and tracing patterns and moving inexorably towards Regina’s sides, fingertips following the line of the black-and-grey lace bra. She’d only been toying with the movement for a few seconds when Regina reached around to grab her wrist, and then placed her hand over Emma’s, guiding it around and—fuck, seriously, this was really happening and not some late-night masturbatory fantasy—pushed Emma’s hand hard against her breast, feeling the nipple against her palm through the lace.

She might not always be the smartest, but Emma could take a hint, so she brought her other hand around and tried to keep kissing Regina as she held both breasts in her palms, kneading and rubbing. Regina’s hands had moved to the couch, either side of Emma’s head, and she was rocking into Emma’s hips. Then, as Emma brushed her thumbs over Regina’s nipples, the brunette broke their kiss, throwing her head back and moaning. Despite the fact that she missed the kissing, Emma couldn’t complain because now she could see what her hands were feeling. She could look and see her hands on Regina’s breasts, and see the pleasure flitting across Regina’s face as she touched her.

If all of this was just because of the spell and it never happened again, she would always have this mental image to fall back on, of this beautiful woman in her lap, eyes half shut, tongue wetting her lips as she mewled with pleasure at Emma’s touch. And she wanted to savour every moment of this, and not rush. With that realisation, she let her head fall forward, her forehead resting just below Regina’s neck, and she tried to even out her own breathing, hoping to pull the need within her under control.

“Are you okay?” Regina asked, sensing the change in the atmosphere between them.

“I, this, I don’t want it to be, you know, like—” She stumbled. “I’m not good with words,” she admitted.

“Do you want to stop?” Regina’s voice was concerned, and her hands moved to the back of Emma’s head, one cradling her skull and the other finding her neck, fingers tracing along her hairline. It had never been a particularly sensitive area for Emma before, but it was Regina’s now, and Emma wanted nothing more than to feel Regina’s hands there every day, because that touch felt like she was special and loved and home.

“No. God, no. Never. No. I just want, I don’t know.” How could she say out loud that she’d done a lot of fucking in her life, but now she found that she wanted to make love? How could she say that when, not ten minutes ago, Regina had been trying to deny that their kiss had been about love?

She inhaled the scent of Regina’s skin, turning her head to place her cheek against her sternum, aware that she was sending mixed signals by voicing her hesitancy while her hands were still on Regina’s breasts.

“Emma, what do you want?” There was no judgement in the question, and Regina’s hands were still moving comfortingly against her scalp.

“Everything.” She groaned at her own inarticulacy, pressing a kiss to Regina’s skin. “Just, yeah, everything.” She pulled back enough to be able to see Regina’s face, try to read her eyes. “What do you want?”

“You. Only you.”

Maybe Emma had been wrong before, about what Regina had been trying to say in the forest, because her eyes looked like love and acceptance and tenderness, and that was pretty overwhelming. She didn’t know if it was the spell or five years of pent-up emotions pulling at her heart, but she felt an extreme tightness in her chest and her breath became ragged.

She smiled, reassuring and easy and full of all the wants she had in that moment, and she giggled a little at the matching grin which appeared on Regina’s face. She dropped her head back down, her mouth finding the valley between Regina’s breasts and she kissed her, soft and open-mouthed, her tongue flicking out to taste the sweet-salty skin. She moaned a little, because she had wanted this for so long, and it was hard to be good and soft and slow, but she needed to map out every pore in case she never had a second chance. She let her mouth move over every bit of exposed skin she could find, testing what combination of lips and teeth and tongue caused Regina to sigh or gasp or tighten the grip on the back of Emma’s neck. She kissed and nuzzled and licked and sucked and nipped for long minutes, her hands moving constantly over soft lace, the pattern scratching lightly against her palms.

“God, I love your tits.” She winced a little, because she hadn’t actually meant to say it out loud. It was hardly the world’s most romantic declaration, but it was as true as anything she could say at that moment, and she looked up at Regina to check she hadn’t offended her.

“You think somehow I don’t know?” Regina looked back down with sheer fondness, not the emotion Emma might have expected given their positions, but the perfect one all the same. “You think I don’t see you staring?”

“You noticed, huh?” Emma grinned, her mouth still moving against the soft flesh of Regina’s breasts, unable to stop with open-mouthed kisses now that she was being given the chance, her hands kneading and pressing and touching, wanting every sensation all at once.

“You are not subtle at all.” Regina’s fingers stroked the back of her neck. “Do you even know how impractical thin silk is in November? In Maine, of all places?

“You wear those for me?” She knitted her brows together because that was impossible. She would have noticed that.

Regina laughed at her obvious confusion. “Oh, Emma. I wear them for that look you get.” She arched her back, wordlessly urging Emma’s mouth to keep moving, and gave a breathy little sigh. Fuck, that was the best noise yet. Emma needed to work out how to get her to make that noise again.

“What look?” She moved her mouth along the lace edge of Regina’s bra.

“That look you get of lust and possession and the utter self-confidence of believing that it’s your God-given right to stare.”

“Mmm?” The lust she knew about, but the rest of it? Did she really look like that?

“You could conquer worlds with that look.”

Emma let her eyes flick upwards again, and Regina was moving, her hips undulating, her bottom lip between her teeth. Beautiful, she was so beautiful. And screw being slow and soft. She dipped her head and captured Regina’s nipple between her teeth, soothing it with her tongue over lace, licking and suckling and running circles around it, memorising the sounds and the movements and the feeling.

“Em-ma.” It was raw, and Regina’s hands were gripping at the back of her neck, nails digging in to urge her closer, closer still, wordlessly asking for more. And Emma was happy to oblige.

She moved to the other breast, her hand moving constantly over its twin, feeling the lace wet where her mouth had been. With her free hand, she reached around Regina’s waist, her fingers trying to find their way to the small of Regina’s back to pull her closer still, but Regina’s pants were in her way. She wished more than anything that she could feel nothing but skin. And, with that thought, it was as if they simply melted away and her fingers were pressed into cool skin, as she heard a chuckle above her.

“And I suppose you didn’t do that, either?”

It took a few seconds for her to comprehend both the words and what she was currently feeling, and she reluctantly pulled her mouth from Regina’s nipple, looking down to see smooth thighs draped over her lap. And, fuck, that scrap of matching lace she was wearing was barely able to be called underwear, but it was the sexiest thing Emma had ever seen. She dropped her hand from Regina’s breast to let her fingertips trace over the olive skin of her thighs in wonder.

“I didn’t. Not consciously.” She gave Regina a bashful smile. “I guess I just kinda wished for it and it happened.”

Then she was really confused, when Regina’s smile fell away and she sat up straighter in Emma’s lap, pulling her body out of reach of Emma’s mouth, and her hands from Emma’s head, and why the hell would she do that? Why would she even think about doing that, when the skin and the neck thing and the touching and the everything?

“A wish spell.” Regina shook her head. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I mean, it’s really the most obvious thing and it should have occurred to me that it’s exactly—”

“Uh, Regina.”

“—what must have caused this. I suppose that Blue or one of those other meddling fairies could have achieved such a thing, although it could have been something that someone—”

“Regina.” Emma looked at the other woman, but she was lost in her thoughts, her lip bitten in concentration and not wanton lust or anything else good.

“—brought with them from the other realm. Of course, this makes matters much, much more compli—”

“Gina!” That stopped her.

“What?” Her eyes flashed with irritation and she placed her hands on her hips. Emma couldn’t help but appreciate the visual of that, which caused her to take a couple of seconds to answer.

“Not that I’m not interested,” she shook her head from side-to-side, “although, actually, I’m honestly not right now, but you’re sitting in my lap wearing nothing but some really hot underwear and fuck-me boots and, you know—” Her words were cut off by Regina placing two fingers against her lips and her first thought was what might happen if she were to suck those fingers into her mouth, but Regina’s eyes were dark, darker than Emma had ever seen them, so maybe not her best plan.

“What did you just call me?”

That voice wasn’t Regina. That voice was totally the Evil Queen and several levels of hot more than Emma’s barely functioning brain could cope with.

“Gina?” She said it tentatively, because that was a name she used only in her head, something she silently thought when her fantasies had that dark head between her legs, licking her in just the right way. In her imagination, she moaned it repeatedly. Loudly, lustily.

Regina removed the fingers from Emma’s lips and placed her hand on the swell of her breast, smoothing her palm over it, until she was cupping it underneath. At first Emma couldn’t really decide where to focus, on the hand or on Regina’s face, because the lust in those eyes and that incredibly sexy grin she had were something else. And then Regina grasped her own nipple between her thumb and forefinger and rolled it teasingly and there wasn’t a chance in holy hell that Emma was taking her eyes from that sight. Thankfully, Regina’s other hand was back on her neck, easing her head forward, and Emma’s whole body was tight and taut, because Regina Mills was playing with her own nipple, right in front of her.

And, no, she wasn’t, was she? Fuck, yes, Regina was actually pulling Emma’s head towards her breast. Fuck, fuck, fuck, so fucking hot.

“Say it again.”

She would have answered more quickly if she hadn’t been completely taken with Regina fingering her nipple right in front of her face, almost close enough for her tongue to be able to reach out and join in.


Then there was a noise which was even better than the breathy little moan Regina had made before. This noise was deep and guttural and Emma didn’t want to hear anything else ever again. It rained down on her as Regina thrust her breast into Emma’s mouth. And Emma’s brain might very well have shorted completely on the sensations of Regina’s nipple between her teeth and Regina’s fingers against her tongue, and she was licking and sucking and flicking even as Regina was pinching and rolling.

She dropped her hands back to Regina’s thighs, stroking and pressing into the flesh. She loved the way Regina’s muscles tensed under her touch, the slight trembling against her fingertips as they scraped backwards and forwards. This was way better than anything she had ever wished for, she thought as she felt Regina’s fingers angle her head better against her breast.

“Whoa. Hey.” She pulled back, Regina’s nipple falling from her mouth.

“What?” Regina’s lips were drawn in a pout, which was both sexy and adorable, especially as she was trying to thrust herself back towards Emma’s hands and mouth.

“Is this, I mean—” Emma shook her head. She really didn’t want to ask, in case the answer was not the right one, but she also didn’t want to have only semi-consensual sex with the woman she actually loved. She breathed deeply, her fingers still moving against Regina’s thighs and, Jesus, they were incredible, so smooth and supple.


“Oh, yeah. Sorry.” She shook her head. “I just wondered if maybe, well, this was, uh, something to do with the spell, because I’d wished for it so hard, so many times, and maybe not really to do with, well, you and me. And I really, you know, want this to be your choice and not something you feel you have to do because of magic or shit.”

“Magic or shit? Very eloquent.” Regina chuckled.

“You know what I mean.” She felt sheepish, embarrassed that she’d broken off from blistering hot sexual activity to talk about feelings and stuff.

“I do.” Regina settled back again, her hands moving to the front of Emma’s shirt, unbuttoning it slowly. “And I appreciate your asking.” She pushed the shirt open and Emma helped out by sitting up enough for it to be pushed off her shoulders. “But thinking is hardly your forte.” Her hands grabbed the bottom of Emma’s tank top and pulled it over her head, dropping it to the floor beside them. “Nice, by the way.”

Emma had worn her best underwear, the only decent matching set she owned. “Thanks.”

“If you had been paying attention earlier, Emma—”

And, really, using the name thing was so unfair. Oh, Christ, and now Regina was removing her own bra, and Emma was going to lose the ability to think entirely if this continued.

“—you’d have realised that this is something I have wanted for quite some time, and nothing to do with some wish of yours.”

Emma just nodded as Regina’s hands found her head again, pulling her closer, this time to actual, naked skin. She let out a moan of lust and contentment as she nuzzled her cheek against Regina’s breast. She felt Regina’s head dip until her mouth was pressed to Emma’s ear, hot breath tickling the fine hairs and making her shiver.

“Now, I wish to feel you inside me,” Regina said. “Do you think you could make that come true?”

In a New York fucking minute.

* * * * *

Next up: Chapter 6 [X]


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